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  1. That’s alright then put way to much effort into my trophies (not as impressive as most)to be classed a cheat
  2. The game has been fixed now if I remember correctly it will just come while playing normally may take a few attempts tho
  3. This is exactly what my co op partner was doing just couldn’t quite pull it off welldone on been able to get it and hopefully I can finally platinum this game 😊😊
  4. I shoulda had it 4 months a go but this trophies wouldn’t pop id say it’s very easy just a few of the mini game trophies are annoying
  5. Thanks for telling me got the platinum now
  6. Cool might have a look
  7. 15 hrs of gameplay (assuming that what it meant in the message) is insane considering I’ve been at for over 120hrs sounds like exactly how my coop partner was doing it just never happened if this was done in share play makes it more impressive as I tried it on normal missions and it made it twice as hard IMO good job
  8. Yeah looks that way had an inbox on psn would love to know how it’s done
  9. Yeah I know that but some people said that double hooks also counted towards the 500
  10. I ended up getting it for the platinum didn’t take as long as I thought it would
  11. So does double hooks count towards the total or do they have to be fully sacrificed
  12. Anyone know how these are meant to be achieved played every game multiple times for lots of fun and can’t seem to make any player go bust for bad guy im assuming there glitched
  13. It’s sticky bounce in the coop
  14. xD3fianTxSouLx_mprn
  15. Add me xD3fianTxSouLx only just remembering how to play lol