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  1. But going into developer mode is ok? You dont even have to play the games. There were a different code of ethics 10 years ago. Nobody told you what was right or wrong you did whatever you felt was right. Many people feel boosting is wrong, I dont but there are people that do. Save file exploits were farther than I wanted to go but not everyone. I used that because that is what happened. I'm sorry if you see it as an excuse but it is the truth. My conscience is clear.
  2. I refuse to hide my trophies. I trophy hunt for my own purposes and all of my trophies are legitimate. I would rather be removed from the leaderboards than hide them. You have to ask yourself what good are the leaderboards if legitimate players are removed without cause. 10 years ago it was perfectly acceptable to use someone's save file which is why I was pointing it out back them. Regardless of me saying that I did not use a save file to unlock my trophies.
  3. That's all good and everything but share play is allowed and letting someone sitting on your couch play on your profile is no different. In the end it doesnt really matter to me. I know every trophy on my profile is legit. The burden of proof should not be on me to prove that. The time stamps state that and I am stating that. If it is that I am banned from the leaderboards for what is clearly a badly written post from 10 years ago that's unfortunate but I'll move on.
  4. Sorry, I edited that for you. I can see how that came off wrong. I just said that is an option if you want to go that route. My roommate played the lower difficulties for me. You will see from my time stamps that is the case.
  5. Half_Sober Call of Duty Classic Too fast? I have like 24 hours between the time I earned the veteran trophy and the other 2 difficulty trophies (it's only a 5 or 6 hour campaign). The only thing I admitted to was letting my roommate play on the lower difficulties and use my save. I really dont think that's against the terms. Must have been flagged by a Bruins fan. Don't be salty
  6. I just got 100% on the game. There are conflicting accounts on weather you can do it on silver or not. I can 100% confirm for the completionist trophy they must be all be done on gold difficulty. I'm not sure where the sliver rumor started. Perhaps on an earlier patch it was possble? I really dont know.
  7. What I was meaning is it would have to be patched to a point where the dlc works but not to the point where an update glitched it and he would have to play offline. Say for instance he hasn't played since January. Hes running on a patch that allows him to play the dlc and just plays offline instead of going online and being forced to update to a patch that glitches the trophy. Looking at his profile it seems very unlikely that he would go out of his way to do this. He doesnt seem like that big of a trophy hunter
  8. I guess it's possible he was on a prior version and played offline to get it. Was just hoping maybe it was fixed. I'm waiting to start till it is.
  9. Someone earned it on Sept. 8th. It doesnt appear to be hacked looking at their other trophies. Is it obtainable again?
  10. I dont understand why people get so worked up over the leaderboards. Easy game, hard game, what difference does it make. If you can live with looking at a game on your profile forever then who is anyone else to judge. You'll never find Hannah Montana on my profile because I dont want to look at it on my profile, but I wont judge anyone that's got it. I have several of these easy double plat games because when you buy them on sale with the rewards program for plats and golds they more than pay for themselves. I'll be honest, the leaderboards are the furthest from my mind, I'll take the free money.