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  1. Spec Ops: The Line, can't stress this enough, this game is a masterpiece.
  2. 50 hours sounds great, was gonna replay vanilla to make it my 75th plat (found a cheap steelbook copy) but since i pre-ordered Scramble i'm just gonna do that as my 75th.
  3. May he rest in peace.
  4. I would cry if this was real, but amazon leaks aren't that trustworthy.
  5. This looks promising.
  6. Hey, add me to The Great Seal, I've done all of the dancing games and P4G! Planning on doing P5 and P5R, but got my hands full atm.
  7. Looks pretty easy.
  8. The Last of US Part 2, going through it right now, and im looking foward to get the plat.
  9. At the moment i have: The Last of Us Part II Mafia 3 Bloodborne The Evil Within Resident Evil Revelations 2 Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition Resident Evil REmake Resident Evil 0 Most of these are unstarted, and im not really sure when to start most of them.
  10. There you go.
  11. On ps4, you make your ps4 as the primary ps4 on the new account, so when you download it and swap to your main account, you have access to the license of the game. Just noticed the ridiculous amount of times i said ps4, lmao.
  12. On vita you need to do the swap trick, on ps3 and ps4 you can just make another account, download the game, and play it on the main account.
  13. Completionist Reach 100% completion Shadow of The Tomb Raider really surprised me in it's gameplay and it's storytelling, really wasn't expecting it. Now I just need to beat the game on Deadly Obsession and the plat is mine.
  14. #54 - God Of War 3 Remastered Never had the chance to play this gem in the ps3, finally did it.
  15. MGS 3: Snake eater. Had this one on the backlog for "some time", this year i finally decided to come back to trophy hunting, and with it the idea of replaying one of my favorite games of all time came up. So i replyed it once more and finally got it.