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    Hi! I'm only starting trophy hunting now , if u want to give me any tips feel free to do it! :3

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  1. sleeping dogs (and i already platinum'd ps all stars )
  2. Dragon Ball Xenoverse
  3. it's awesome (edit: super awesomeeeee *-*)
  4. Ding! Sleepless! Get to level 40 -Borderlands
  5. Resident Evil 5 One Trophy Bugged On Me :c
  6. Heavy rain ^^
  7. Thx man ^^ didin't saw
  8. Where?
  9. Did you try to sync the trophies yet?
  10. Got it right now ^^
  11. no specific lenght :v np about time i understand the work u guys have ^^
  12. could you make a signature please? :v if u can i would be apreciated Render: http://orig04.devian...iox-d6def1e.png Text: My PSN Name And This Quote: ''Are you crying? It's only the rain. But the rain already stopped. Devils never cry.'' This font if possible:
  13. Quintino & Sandro Silva - Aftermath *-*
  14. ocarina of time and majoras mask *-*