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  1. Am I the only one to be so desapointed for the trophy list of that DLC ?
  2. Hello guys ! I did it ! I just replay the entire episode as a guest for unlock the trophy and connect me for get to my account. Thanks for you help !!
  3. I doing that to.. I really restar with all possibility and always , Nothing.........
  4. I remade the chaptre and taking all the pictures but not yet... I looking on the internet and i'm alone in the world to have this problem.... I have all the pictures on my diary and always Nothing.. I play on-line and off-line.. I restart the entire game but Nothing...............
  5. Hello ! I text here because i have a probleme with a trophy. The trophy is "taking all picture of the 4th episode". I take all the picture of the game (like you can see on my trophy) but that don't appear and block my platinium. I already delte my save for rebegining but i can't have this damn trophy. Any solution ? Sorry for my bad English!