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  1. ***SPOILERS*** So I made sure I finished every trophy first before starting the final mission. The Grumpuses are invincible in the last battle if you've taken care of all their side missions (I even had all of them completely transformed too). After the final battle w/ includes Wambus and Triffany, I turn around to notice Wambus "stuck" - he's just standing under the entrance to his farm. I never see him get on the ship. However, he is on the beach and is the first of the grumpuses I approach as I walk down the beach, so he's still accounted for. The trophy never popped for me though and my trophy stats for the game look pretty odd because of that (seeing as it should have been an automatic trophy at that point). I haven't looked yet but can I reload/replay this mission? I was so upset last night - not to mention how long and drawn out the cutscenes are...
  2. Thanks all - I'm going to give it another go then!
  3. Yikes - easy. I ran through the Mt. Vernon level multiple times while counting the few points I might have missed each time. Best score I've registered is 105 but I can only figure on 113 points if I ran it perfectly, so I guess my count is off. I imagine the purp dance has to be perfect too? The shake move doesn't seem to register that consistently and has been ending my streaks.
  4. It is honestly just luck really. I probably played 200 times before I got it. I think had the best games when I would carom my shots off the very edge of the left wall. It can work on either left or right end.
  5. I've been known to have sarcasm fly right over my head...
  6. Its been out since last summer. Just the western release is in question
  7. I imported the game last year. The main screen has been updated now to countdown to the new date (now says something like 440 days away, which is kind of crazy, since the game originally released in Japan "only" 365 or so days before the Olympics kicked off). They've added the four new sports that they promised to, but, yeah, really fun Olympics game that may not see an actual Western release if the Olympics are ultimately cancelled.
  8. Coupled with a good diet, you can get nice results pretty fast with BoxVR. I've been at it a week, playing 30-40 min sessions in the morning and evening with already noticeable results. I do agree, the sweaty helmet stuff isn't fun, I do have a headband, but that doesn't keep sweat entirely out. It gets a full wipedown every time I'm done.
  9. I eventually got it a few days in playing 30-min sessions. I've gotten multiple 500 streaks with my highest being 800. If you find it really difficult to do, you could just go ahead an cobble together a custom 30 min session off of the playlists and selecting "easy". It'll probably be a slower go to get to 500 within the workout, since their will be fewer cues to hit.
  10. I've made this game a part of my fitness regime as well, and its a big help. I've been going 30-40 min sessions in the morning and evening and can tell the difference in already a week. I noticed I got 100% on one of the 30-min sessions, even though I'm more than sure I didn't actually hit every cue - but perhaps it rounds up to 100% if you're really close? I did get a perfect 100% on a 7-min session. I'll go back and 100% the final two 2-min sessions I have to see if the Punch Pro trophy pops for me now. I'm fairly confident I can get 5-more of the 7-to-9 minute variety.
  11. On the top 10 overall for Binary Dash, only one person has gotten over 500,000 (about 570,000). That is 430,000 away from the 1,000,000 for the trophy. I don't see that even if you had a perfect game could you actually get anything remotely close to 1,000,000 - so this may be technically impossible. Some of the scores this game asks you to do are beyond challenging, while a few have some pretty attainable ones. Not a game for completists...
  12. Curious if the places are based somewhat on real locations? I've seen a lot of it takes place on Easter Island/Rapa Nui...are there any direct references to that or do they have fantasy names? (Mostly curious because I've been to Easter Island and have always wanted to play a VR game based there). Sounds like a good buy either way...PS+ discount this first week helps.
  13. Its possible they patched that shooting gallery one - since I've used two guns and it splits the score over two different games lol. I almost feel like bringing the rifle over from the other one just for fun...
  14. Incredible dude! Thanks for sharing this - I've noticed your name on some of the leaderboards. Any other "cheats" with those prizes? I'm still having a hard time getting anything more than 2800 on the shooting gallery - not sure where to find those other 4000 points. The others just seem difficult - bowling is unforgiveable, so many great shots don't knock the pins I think they should... It makes some sense that maybe using the prizes for some of these is key
  15. Honestly this is the perfect game for almost every type of gamer and every type of skill set. I'm terrible at attaining 100%/plats - mostly because I like to try out too many games and don't have enough time/patience with the games I do play more, but I love this site anyway because its fun to follow other's progress as well as my own. I'm going after a plat in this one because its just such a good game and relatively attainable without being an absolute chore or grind (sans maybe a few of the challenge levels).
  16. Nice research! Well then I guess we might say we can move the question from being technically possible to being humanly possible... One thing with trophies like these is I'd like to know if the developers tested out the scores on their own before setting the trophy qualifications. I decided to tweet the developers on this one yesterday but had yet to receive a reply.
  17. I collect PSVR physical so my guess is one of these is the planned EU physical release and the other the NA store version. Might fit on the cutesy horror spectrum from the little I've seen (think Yomawari or Bendy), at least the graphics style seems to lean that way.
  18. Don't know how many eyes will see this post on a title that is so very obscure, but I feel the need to rant a little... I can usually describe many gaming experiences pretty straightforwardly. A game can be fun, engaging, maybe a bit of a slog - but has some redeeming qualities, or just plain boring/uninteresting. Tadeo Jones is a whole different beast... I actually got the game since I collect European/Aussie/Indian releases that don't get released in the States. I also love platformers, so I was excited to be one of the few in my country to get to play this once I finally tracked down a place that would ship it over. For those that don't know, Tadeo Jones is a Spanish cartoon character who is a direct take on Indiana Jones. The game has English/Spanish options, there is no voice acting, just text. The game has so many weird things wrong with it from a game flow perspective... 1) There are four "worlds", each of the first three worlds have 4-5 levels. Each level has 2 levels within it (confused?). The last world has six "sub-worlds" the first four sub-worlds have 4-5 levels with 2 levels apiece. The last two sub-worlds have 9 and 17 levels, respectively, with, again, 2 levels apiece. So the last sub-world of the game has essentially 34 levels, more levels than the first three worlds combined. 2) Each world and sub-world (ten in total) are based on some jungle/pyramid/dungeon theme, the theme repeats - and I mean REPEATS - throughout every single level of every world. It was like this was created with some basic level creation tool. Over and over almost every level is the same, the same enemies spawn the same way, do the same exact actions, the same obstacles appear, until you're finally done with that world's levels and you finally get a change of scenery in which you get to do the same stuff with a different background. It's one thing to complain about repetition or lack of inspiration in games, but I literally can't tell the difference at all from level to level here except when I'm switching worlds or when I was defeating one of the bosses midway through the game (through some lame quicktime scenario). Each level can take anywhere from 2-5 minutes to blast through, but because it feels like the same level over and over, it might as well be forever. There is absolutely no challenge, just shoddy controls that might trip you up here and there. 3) There is supposedly some reason to be running through these jungles/pyramids/dungeons. but the story is told so poorly I couldn't comprehend why I kept running through these places over and over. The "story" is show in storyboards between each world, but it is presented with no real introduction of the characters and why they are teaming up/running into each other or doing any of this at all. One storyboard might say "I am catching a flight to Cusco" and the next will say "And there is the Professor in Cusco" and the next will say "On to find the treasure, but (bad guy name) is on the move" and the next will say something like "Yay, we got what we needed". It's that banal... 4) ...Somewhere halfway through the game I defeat a nemesis named Kopponen, who apparently is after this treasure I guess. Except he all of a sudden appears in the storyboards again later with no explanation or surprise. I thought we foiled him... 5) There are a ton of coins littered throughout all these short little uninspired levels. Once you collect 1000 (and you will by default, since many of them are put right where you'd be jumping/moving/sliding, etc) you'll unlock a trophy. You'll probably nab the trophy somewhere during the third world. There are still 60+ mini-levels to go without any reason for picking up a solitary coin. There is no in-game reward for picking up coins, only the trophy. 6) The game gets really glitchy in the fifth sub-world of the fourth world (read: second to last world in the game). So remember how I said there are 2 levels per level? Well from the main screen you can select to replay levels that you've unlocked, in this particular world there are 9 levels (18 mini-levels). On the level select screen you can select from any one of the nine to replay if you wish and it will start you at the first mini-level of that level. However, the game got confused between what was a level and a mini-level towards the end of that world, and while just playing through, it was suddenly showing that I had been completing Level 11, 12, 13, etc... At some points my character would just stop moving/responding, even though the game was still running fine otherwise. I would pause and reload level 9 (the supposed last level of the world) and it eventually made it through (congratulating me that I finished level 14). I still have the 17 levels of the final world ahead of me, and I hope I don't have to deal with any more of that. 7) The music would actually be pretty nice and epic for this Pitfall-esque style platformer if they didn't loop it every 10 seconds. Play it on mute... It is apparently a fairly easy game to complete, but I do understand the dropoff in getting those final two trophies for beating the game (on PSN the trophy % for completing the second to last world to completing the game goes from 38% to 9%) just because the game is already so mindnumbing after the first three worlds (30 or so mini-levels) then you're introduced to about 90 mini-levels in the final world and you have no more patience for it. It's funny, because it's one of the most stupidly easy games I've played, but it's almost unplayable because of that... So, anyway, a word of warning for the very few souls who might stumble here and be curious about this game. Seeing as there is no english-language review anywhere I could see, I thought this post might be helpful enough for those digging around.
  19. I know its a recent release but judging on the Tadeo Jones PSV game from over a year ago, I don't see a lot of people picking this up, even if they even know about it. Apparently this game was developed/distributed/marketed only in Spain. I was trying to import the retail copy (somebody jacked up the price on ebay for copies shipped from Spain) with no success. won't ship it. I finally decided to create an PSN Spain account (the game is listed under its Spanish name in the PSN Spain store). I used to get the Spanish PSN codes. It's 39.99 Euro. Needless to say I overspent on curiosity here, but I do enjoy platformers. I also get a kick of the "wtf" messages from my PSN friends. Anyway, as for the game itself, its entirely in English, I couldn't even find a way to set a Spanish language on it. Voices are in American English of all things. Its a pretty easy 100% by the looks of it, but I had to take a break since the game is frustrating to play, you'll die needlessly and often because of very shoddy, slippery controls (jumping, in particular, is quite unpredictable). Anyway, for those interested, is the way to go for Tadeo Jones for Vita (I'm awaiting my copy) and for this one, well, create a Spanish PSN account. Adios, Amigos!
  20. I thought this would be a vaporware title much like Road Rage is looking to be...
  21. Essentially every Plat is rewarded upon completing the rest of a particular title's trophy list, but I was wondering if any games had trophies that pop because of the player obtaining another trophy (like, say, a trophy for obtaining half the trophies, etc...). On a related note - I don't think there are any plat trophies that require extra work to obtain outside of completing the trophy list?
  22. Only 18 owners on here, but game looks like it could be a real grind at best, impossibly difficult or broken achievements at worst... Got a physical copy waiting to come to me still. It is available on PSN worldwide I believe...
  23. Oops - yeah, I was thinking specific only to PS4
  24. Ooh wow, $30 for this one...Really wanted to play it but can't get myself to pay $30 for a digital release...
  25. I know this game has only been out a few weeks (and only in EU regions until N.A. release on 1/24), but my goodness, not only is this game unbelievably difficult (Arcade racing A.I. on steroids) but nobody plays it online, so rounding out the very steep online trophy requirements is going to take a very dedicated group of grinders many days to accomplish and I'd wager nobody is just going to tally those online trophies by accident (I've yet to get into one online match yet, and have spent 5-10 minutes waiting in the lobby multiple times). I think I picked a bad game to start improving my completion %, wooieee...