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    Your butt
  1. My dick is so big, it can turn off the sun! But then it's too cold, so i make another sun! DOUBLE SUN POWERRRRR

  2. A new Danganronpa! SHOOT DEM MONOKUMAS!!

    1. JaM


      *pew* *pew* *pew*

  3. I also feel sorry for the kid, doesn't matter if he lost something in the virtual or real world; fact is: the kid is sad, and THIS is what pisses me off. For everyone who thinks 'he learned his lesson', of course people shouldn't trust any strangers, but still he's just a god damn kid, we all did stupid things in the past, don't we? It's also sad to see that the internet is still full of assholes, ignorants, trolls etc. I might message this guy later on PSN. We don't need these stupid comments here, but at least show some pride, boy.
  4. A new laptop! I'm really happy about it
  5. I don't know.... :3
  6. Black and dark green combination!
  7. I WOULD GIVE YOU A 1+ WITH STAR BTT My favourite number is zer0!
  9. That's good to hear! Nobody likes sadness.. I'm feeling AWESOME today
  10. Tea! Lovely, lovely tea ...
  11. Well, that's a nice deal. Thanks for sharing!
  12. Lovin' it!!
  13. Sushi!
  14. Every game makes me lazy more and more, ha. I also grew up with games like Super Mario, Pokemon, The Legend of Zelda etc i would be a totally different person if i growed up without these games; a frickin' boring person i guess. Characters? I don't think that there are any characters in videogames who changed my personality directly.