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  1. No, since it is not required according to the guide...
  2. I have encountered an annoying bug which prevents me in completing the 3rd challenge (OWN EVERY WEAPON AVAILABLE IN THE STORES) I have purchased everything and it isn't working. Anyone had the same issue?
  3. Trophy Hunter syndrome i guess...
  4. We're screwed...
  5. Same ! No way i'm gonna pay 30 euros for the season pass even though i'm a 100% completionist, its a waste of money IMO...
  6. Equip it directly from the challenge tomb (Menu). Worked for me...
  7. God the nostalgia... 😭😭😭
  8. 100% Doomed 😆
  9. As my 2500th eheh
  10. Best Tomb Raider IMO
  11. Trophies are quite fun...
  12. Got them all 100% except the ones on the vita which i don't have...