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  1. It's a VR game, why would you want to use the 3 click method?
  2. Just finished DO in NG+ and got the platinum. I almost gave up a couple times, but actually turned out to be pretty easy overall. Just very tense in some parts knowing you go all the way back if you die, kinda like you're playing Bloodborne/Souls game. I actually fought through most of the battles with gunplay and spammed all four herbs (one of which let's you see enemies through walls if you have the skill, very useful towards the end). Cenote was actually pretty easy, except I died at the start of the platforming section after the water wheels for the stupidest reason! The cutscene ends with Lara running towards the screen, so I naturally continued to do that as soon as I regained control. Of course, I run the wrong way right into the enemies LOL. Only part that gave me a bit of trouble was the Porvenir Oil Field, as there are three stealth/combat sections in a row followed by the platforming section running from the helicopter, which I died on for waiting too long on a ledge. Final boss was easy and I did it on my first try, just remember to conserve your ammo for that fight.
  3. Got this for $8 on Black Friday weekend and I loved it solely for the single player campaign. I might play a few multiplayer matches to get a few of the easy trophies.
  4. Ni no Kuni. I wanted to love that game more than I actually did.
  5. Actually, there are settings in the options menu where you can change to have the turning smooth instead of the "pie chart" default setting. However, it made me MORE sick, and I immediately saw why the pie chart setting is the default.
  6. Definitely a dumb "game," but I loved the sense of humor. Since most of us hunt trophies because it's fun, $1 for 2 platinums in under 2 hours was a blast. Best dollar I've spent in a long time.
  7. My rarest trophy is the Sports Champions platinum at 0.67%. I was shocked to find that it was that rare, because I thought it was pretty easy and fun. Probably because it involves some physical activity...
  8. Vita for me. To me, it's a little superfluous to turn on my entertainment center to stare at static images and text. Plus, I think VNs are more suited for handhelds as if you were on your couch reading a book. I also want to collect physical Vita games as long as they are still being made. Who knows how much longer they will make them especially with companies releasing physical PS4 copies, but no Vita.
  9. Yeah, that guide looks hard to read, not worth the effort to try to decipher haha. I just finished my first ending and I'll wait until someone makes a more simplified guide.
  10. I played the PSP version back in the day and they definitely are not the same game. I'm playing this game on PS4 for the first time, and the PSP game was definitely a sequel as it had a full story mode, character loyalty and progression, and deeper customization. This game seems much lighter in comparison, but still just as fun. Also seems more difficult than the PSP game, as the rallies are VERY long and you have to really have control of the court to win. The CPU almost never screws up.
  11. Persona 4 Arena considering only 0.48% of people have it!
  12. Hehe, thanks and no problem. I wanted to be first person to platinum this game, but I saw that the platinum had a .3% achievement on my PS4 (not updated yet on this site) so I didn't quite make it. I'm not sure on getting those Kuzo scenes, but I would get them if you come across them as you play as they were easy to find. I remember level 4 had two of those scenes. I'm 90% sure that you DON'T need those to unlock everything, just to complete all objectives in both the time attack and body count arenas.
  13. Finally unlocked it and got my platinum! Problem was that I was locked into enemies while doing this. You must NOT use the Right Stick to put the controller symbols over the enemies heads for this to work. Also, no missable trophies as there is a level select and the skill based trophies can also be done in the arena.
  14. I've done this countless times and have disarmed more than 5 enemies in a row for good measure, but this trophy will still not unlock. To be clear, I'm unarmed and am pressing R1 to disarm the enemy and kill them. I've done this in the arena and in the regular game, with and without cheats activated, but to no avail. If you're reading this and have already unlocked it, could you outline how you unlocked it? It's my last one for platinum!