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  1. Helllll no
  2. I have been playing a lot lately and only seen it once early on, when I couldn't enter. I still have lots to do so I am not overly worried, but going to make sure I keep 100 coins on me from now on.
  3. #76 Bloodborne Well it only took me 4 years 🙄 Had a hard time finishing the chalice dungeons years ago, decided to re download and jump back in recently. I am so glad that I did, discovered the community is very much alive and very helpful. Bought dlc immediately after I got my platinum because I forgot how amazing the world of Bloodborne is. Now that I have the 100% I have been returning the favor to other hunters who need a helping hand, brilliant game.
  4. Absolutely, Ioved this game so much, would love to see what improvements could potentially be made.
  5. #69 Uncharted 2: Among Thieves Remastered Had a blast getting this one which is no surprise, naughty dog is just so awesome 👌
  6. #68 Uncharted: Drake's Fortune Remastered After hearing Uncharted 4 is coming our way for ps+ I decided now is a great time to tackle the collection, one down.
  7. #67 God of War Ah what a great game, from slaying trolls to canoeing through gorgeous water ways with Atreus, I loved every minute.
  8. #66 BioShock 2 Still one of my favorite shooters of all time, amazing atmosphere and so many different ways to play. The bee swarm was my favorite plasmid to use on ps3 and that did not change this time around. Love putting the fountain of youth tonic on, then standing in water and having unlimited swarms of bees, makes Adam gathers very easy. Guess you could call my big daddy, the bumbler...
  9. No cabinet so I'll go by rarest, sports game beast
  10. inFamous, dusted off my ps3 last summer to clean it up. Thought I had it downloaded but wasn't there and could not find it on the store to re download, plus the disc drive is broke
  11. #65 Bioshock Remastered What an amazing game, but you all know that. The end cut scene was so satisfying
  12. Ya thought I read something about it popping when you go in menu and listen to it, but nothing. Oh well, round 2 it is.
  13. Losing my mind here. Double checked I have found all audio logs, no trophy, anyone else have issues with this?
  14. Nioh for sureee
  15. Bloodborne, such an awesome game I fully planned on getting the Plat. For life reasons I didn't have much time to play for a while. Now it seems like a daunting task to go back.