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  1. So I have been playing for over an hour. The winning first game and loosing first game popped no problem. I won a game with a 7-0 and trophy didn't pop ? I won 3 in a row and it didn't pop. Even used a second controller to see if that help. I even just lost 0-7 to a level 2 AI and nothing seems to be popping. Doesn't help that it's a pretty bad game but any tips for this ? I'm currently playing on a PS5.
  2. would really like to get back to this game.. its the first time i have known of DLC being broken (in regards of trophies) since its come out?
  3. Im actually done with the game now trophy wise but generally still enjoying it. kinda annoying i have only recently seen this as i already got 4 friends to play if anyone wants to receive the rewards just send me a psn friend request and message
  4. Hello I often view posts on here but rarely post but yours really did resonate with me as i had a very similar situation I actually changed my profile quite a few years back now, i felt my overall % to completion was pretty rubbish and i hated looking at my stats, i also hated having a number at the end of my old username (before PlayStation letting you change username) and like yourself i was feeling depressed and other such stuff. As many people have said, the only people who really care, is you. if you think that is good reason to start over then i would recommend it. You should 100% do what you think will make gaming more fun or help with your mood, As some people have also said that it can be quite fun to start over, for me i personally loved seeing that 100% completion of every game i was playing at the time. it was only the early days of having this account that i was starting to doubt should i go back to my old one or not. as with most things. time heals or makes things easier to live with so after so many years now i wouldn't consider now going back to my old account. Would be great to know what you decide Hope it helps with your mood etc
  5. Really considering giving this a go this holiday period . With all the updates and everything that has come out now. Is the time for the platinum roughly the same or can it be done faster due to updates etc ?
  6. Hey people This is more a question for people who played the original and now the remastered.Overall what music did you prefer? I love the fact you can switch between the original and the remastered in the game with ease but for me personally 90% of the music i prefer the original.. Its not that i disliked any of the new stuff i just think most of the older stuff just sounded way better.. but maybe i'm clouded by nostalgia? There was one piece which when your in the crystal forest the remastered is Really good! but my worse piece of remastered music was the Thanatos fight music but i think i was hyping it up in my head too much before i got to it so maybe it was doomed to fail in my eyes.. just generally very interested in what people overall thought of the music
  7. In total i had around 30+ crashes .. Oddly for me when farming the orbs at the end, it would normally crash after i received a new orb then when i would exit the room..... Crash! Honestly think i would have given up on the game if not for the amazing Auto save.Its the best bit about the remaster for me personally lol but easily one of my top 10 games of all time so loved a reason to play it again
  8. either Yakuza 0 or Nier: Automata.. Great Year for games but i properly say that every year
  9. Hi all and forgive me already if this topic has come up before.. Looking to get a new controller has I've had 3 PS4 controllers now (to be honest i think they have been all first gen PS4 controllers) last one i brought was the anniversary ps4 controller and they are just starting to squeak and just getting worn out. Anyway i have found myself going back to games like Overwatch and i'm finding with characters like Genji i could be doing alot better So i have been looking at the scuf controllers and other such other *pro* controllers. i just wanted some feedback from people who actually use these controllers and are they really worth the money. i was looking at the SCUF Infinity 4PS PRO Custom Controller originally because its the same shape etc as the normal controllers and I've always preferred the PlayStation controllers as i have grown up with them but i didn't want to completely dismay the SCUF IMPACT Custom Controller. I know controllers aren't going to completely change how i obtain Platinum's etc but it might even help a little as time has become more of an issue for me now as i have recently had a child (cant wait to get her into gaming!) Anyway yeah so just some opinions really and il say thanks in advance now for any reply !
  10. i honestly dont think i could have done the DLC trophies without Spotify. Any of the tracks i was really struggling i was putting some Epic scores on (The Dunkirk Film score highly recommend lol) and it just helped me focus. The supernova trophy was harder than i was expecting and personally enjoyed some of the challenging races / tracks.. There was a overtake one that sticks in my mind which just totally seemed unfair and it even had weapons on..
  11. damn was about to ask this question myself but was hoping for a different answer lol
  12. So got the platinum last night. I was trying to do the pirate lords without the docking / reloading if no pirate lords were spawning. it just takes far too long so i gave in (even tho this method still takes awhile) i actually got the pirate lords trophy before killing the 1000 ships and 2500 smaller ships. In-game time was about 65 hours but i think about 10 hours of that was me just sitting in a system waiting for events to change Overall actually a good game but the pirate lord trophy spawn rate is a bit all over the place.
  13. well after 3 or 4 extra quest resets i finally got another epic quest. so you are able to obtain another epic quest at the same time of having one in your quest log. hope this helps some people in the future
  14. im with you that doom was surprisingly easy to Platinum (great game btw!) Lords of the fallen come to mind for me. mainly as i had friends at the time saying its just like dark souls / demon souls just a little more arcade-y. ended up for me being alot easier than tho games. Oh and black ops 3, just the game has some grindy stuff to do
  15. I tend to play a couple of games which are going to be *quicker* platinum's or easier than normal (these can be any game from something i want to play or something from free PSPlus) then i tend to throw in a game that's gonna take a long time or something thats got a high difficulty rating (games which i generally want to play) Problem with my back catalogue is I've got so many long games. *dragon age, fallout metal gear etc* at this rate i cant see myself ever getting the time doing them all and i still cant help myself buying games.. secretly i want to be taken ill from work for like a broken leg etc so id have PLENTY of time make a dent in my collection lol