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  1. Thank little baby Jesus, we don't have to primer as well.
  2. The boar like to go all abstract when you get near them after they die. They then ricochet off everything on the island, eventually bouncing across the ocean and finally into the abyss. This will prevent or make it extremely difficult to get the Two of Each trophy. Also, depending on the island seed you play on, some items required for trophies won't spawn. Found this one out the hard way.
  3. Just had my first game crash today. Happened after building my raft and trying to sail back to my original island. I’ve also noticed a random drift of the crosshair to the left at times. Sometimes slow and sometimes quite fast.
  4. Update: After day 250 or so and 90% of the world explored, the game started crashing every 30-40 mins. I get about 10 transitions or saves and then it crashes on the next save. Can barely play it and I think it might be the fact that I have so much meat harvested and laying around my farm. Unfortunately no way to get rid of items in game without consuming it and I just can’t eat all of this. Think the stats show I have 3000 lbs of food either cooked or raw laying on the ground. Skills at 5 and need to figure out which map icons I’m missing as the map locations all have check marks but no cartography trophy. 150 days left to hit 500.
  5. The only freezing I’ve had in the game is when I’m in the NW section of the Pleasant Valley map. It freezes consistently when I’m near the fishing hut and the rope by Signal Hill.
  6. Videos seem to be marked Private so no one can see them.
  7. I just beat The Annihilator with the DLC weapon...Between. It shows Fire and Lightning damage, however I was given a blue weapon drop. Sucks. So this trophy must require a main game lightning weapon only. Upgraded heirloom on NG+ for my next try.
  8. I wish you could turn off the sister when playing solo. She steals at least 20% of my kills! 😜
  9. I started a new save just to get those three locked out trophies. It worked and then I switched back to my main play-through. I believe the coop trophy might only pop for the host of the game.
  10. PSA...I started with the trial version so I could play with my friends buddy pass. We completed a couple missions and trophy requirements but only he received the trophies (as I expected since I was ultimately playing on a demo version). However, I expected the trophies to pop once I purchased the game, which I did that same night. The game is awesome...However, I did not receive any of the trophies I had earned and it appears they are currently locked out for me. The coop, first mission, and even the 250 loot trophies will not unlock for me now, since the game assumes I've already earned them.
  11. Just got it last night. Used the FMW Roadster with slicks and pretty much every tuner upgrade. 60% increase in hp and torque. 58 sec time.
  12. I heard that you have to tune a vehicle to achieve it.
  13. If I recall correctly, Dangerous Golf had a trophy for breaking the 4th wall. No Flipping! Bounce the ball off the 4th Wall and successfully Putt into the Hole
  14. The trophy unlocked for me, but not until I started another Free Play event.