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  1. i got the plat last summer, and i jumped into the game lately just to play MyTeam for fun. The market right now is a mess....i've gotten bits of 4k+ for selling simple gold cards (20' current roster, or whatever its called. Compared with the fact that there is simply too few cards being sold overall due to lack of active players, makes this platinum practically impossible. If you could earn 1000 out of those 1400 through playing single player modes, i would say go for it. Otherwise....just drop it. And trust me, buying GOAT packs won't change that situation at all...just play the game if you enjoy it, but don't get your hopes up.
  2. Well, speaking from my own experience... I started collecting trophies over a decade ago. I can honestly say, it consumed a good portion of my 20s. Over the years i have noticed i needed to take breaks from trophy hunting. Sometimes it just several days, somethimes it was weeks. And with each passing years, those breaks became both longer and more frequemt. Right now, i'm 32 and i still go for trophies, but to a much lesser extend then just a few years ago. Don't know how old you guys are, but i guess what I'm trying to say is that, that obsesion goes away in time
  3. Taking on a full time job/non gaming telated hobby/ girlfriend can help
  4. i tried directly copying your link, but you seem to be from the US, and i'm from europe, so i cannot start the download of the game. when i try to download the delta patch from 1.09 myself, the only thing it gives me is a .pkg file that i cannot seem to be able to open on my widnows pc. Please help NEVERMIND, i found the solution, thanks to @RohanMoonkish
  5. december 31st 2021
  6. Hi guys, luckily i read this thread recently and since i do wanna play this game eventually i checked my sonsole and the version i have i 1.09. Does this mean that if i turn off acess to internet on my console, i will be able to attain this plat without any problems?
  7. don't mean to sound cruel, but at 2100 cards, you are not even 50% there (when thinking about MT required to buy cards)...
  8. Is it possible?....Technically yes Is it worth it? ....Absolutely NO
  9. maybe card-wise...but when talking about mt required to complete everything,you will be half way through when you reach about 2500 card approximately
  10. i feel your pain my friend. but this is what trophy hunting should be. i hope you don't mind me going over your trophy list a bit...with the exception of rayman, every platinum you have is laughable, so it's only natural that you have no idea what true effort really means. Stay strong and i hope you get this trophy in the end
  11. depends on whether you are willing to commit the better part of your day for the next 2 months....
  12. i don't think this is good advice. Number of cards in flux is decreasing with each passing day. If you are ever to get this trophy, you need to get it within the next month.
  13. in my opinion, with every passing day, there will be fewer and fewer players in 2k20, thus dropping the amount of cards in circulation. And since there will always be demand for HC cards, i see no reason for their price to ever get lower than it already is. this is basic supply & demand.
  14. guys, it's a hell of a grind either way... i suppose several of you could note down in excel or something which cards you all have, but i doubt that between all of you, you have enough for a full - 2900 unique cards collection. it's a long shot, but it could work with a lot of commitment and good will. But still, even you sync up when you sell your cards on the market to each other, there are two things to consider: even with a buy now price of 500k, you will still need a lot of money to buy all those cards that are absent from your collection, and more importantly, you will need to accept that someone outside your group could snipe those cards. So, it's far from easy... there is still ways to earn money from the AH. just accept the fact that you cannot have one filter that will work forever. You will need to observe the market, and adjust your strategy accordingly. Yes, there are fewer cards on the market now, than there were several months ago, but you will always be able to buy most of them. This will however require you spending significant amount of time on the AH. Personally, i spent roughly 120-150h just on sniping in the past two months...Is that a crazy amount of time? well.....just depends on how badly you want this platinum...
  15. first thing that comes to mind is to equip the corner specialist badge, go to corners and always call for a screen. in most cases you will be left wide open because of the dumb AI. or just start a new build with this trophy in mind. It's nearly impossible to get all mycareer trophies with a single build.