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  1. Please be real and if so no multiplayer 😍
  2. not really, no
  3. I don't mean to offend anyone that personally relates to the story, and but if I'm completely honest, this game was very bad in almost every way imaginable. the "story" is extremely shallow, cringy and barely a story really, it's basically just a one page monologue stretched through half an hour the environment is terrible, has 0 atmospheric value and adds nothing to the story the music is painfully mediocre the trophies are awful shall I go on IMO, only buy this if you're in it for the trophies alone.
  4. What a complete fucking shitshow lmao Honestly, hunting trophies by quantity hasn't meant shit for a while now, but this takes things to a whole new level. I'll probably auto-pop some trophies anyway when I eventually get my PS5, mmmm number go up EDIT: Also, I find it hilarous how people with <50% completion are complaining and holding out on playing new games on PS4 cause they don't want incomplete lists on their profiles when they start them on PS5 😂
  5. I love these types of sales, mostly because I'm a trophy whore, but also because "Garbage" trophy lists ≠ garbage games. I've played quite a few short and easy games that ended up being very fun and well made, but sure, many were bad as well.
  6. That could be the case, but on one occasion I slept through an entire season and it still wasn't built. Maybe the time varies depending on other events or something, idunno, in any case thanks and I'm glad I got it too, saved me about 10-15 hours of more playtime, although now that I'm done I do miss the game. 😄 This is probably self evident, but when sleeping, set the alarm clock to 1-2PM. This way, you'll sleep for 12 hours instead of the regular time, and also your son wont take some seconds of your time every morning to mention how he watered the crops or fed the animals. 🙂
  7. Dr. Hardy and Cody give you the sickles. But it takes a long time for Hardy to give it to you. I had to give him gifts far after he started turning his head towards me. This is stated in the guide on this site though, you should check it out.
  8. UPDATE: I reloaded the save again, ordered the MIlking Room and waited inside till morning for Takakura to come. He opened the Orders and said "Nothing today". After that the order was gone from the Form. Seems strange that there is no mention whatsoever about this glitch anywhere online. Beware. UPDATE 2: It suddenly worked! I tried again and again, while sleeping away to get to the end of the game. I tried again in the next chapters individually, didn't work. Then, on the last chapter, on Spring 1, I bought the extension for one final time. I honestly forgot about it, and then after going to sleep a few times: The Milking Room is complete! I'm so relieved, although I can't offer any advice apart from keep trying, if this somehow happens to you as well.
  9. Hello all, I'm currently in winter, chapter 3, and I have all trophies except Diligent Digger and Construction Worker (obviously apart from the story related trophies). The problem I'm encountering is: - I've constructed every building except Milking Room (60,000G) - When I paid 60,000G to get my Milking Room constructed, it never got finished Usually when something is under construction, it shows up in the Order Form until it is completed, but in my case, the "construction phase" is gone from the Order Form the very next day, and the extension is never built. I've tried playing for a few more days after, in case that it's just a visual glitch in the Order Form, but Takakura never comes to tell me that my Milking Room is finished. When I go to the Order Form now and try to purchase a new extension, it says You have already constructed all the buildings. It also doesn't show up in my diary under Assets (not even "???????", which is normally displayed when you don't yet own something). It's like the Milking Room never existed. The circumstances which led to this were the following: - I had around 30,000G, so I sold EVERYTHING I owned, including all of the animals (chickens and ducks included), and including all of my equipment, so that I could buy the Milking Room - I slept a few days straight without leaving my house at all, in anticipation of the Milking Room being built I thought maybe the problem was that I didn't have any cows, or that I hadn't left the house and Takakura couldn't inform me that it was built so it was somehow "skipped". So I reloaded a save where I still had one of my cows. I did everything again, except this time I didn't sell all of the equipment (I kept the cheap, basic ones), and I obviously kept the one cow I had. When I piled up 60,000G, I bought the extension, went to sleep, next day there was no trace of it again. I then played for another 7 in-game days, in hopes that it would magically show up, but to no avail. So I guess this means I'll have to do a second partial playthrough just for this trophy. Has anyone encountered a similar issue? Also as a public notice, please be sure to keep back up saves, because there are a lot of potential issues in this game which could cost you many hours of playtime. I was careful and kept backups before major events, but this still somehow didn't help me lol.
  10. These were the ones I got, and most of them were pretty easy, some of them very. The only ones I got before finishing the campaign were 144 and 149, the rest were done in one sitting.
  11. This seems like it could be potentially amazing for a player like me. I don't play games on release, and if they tackle this by doing timed exclusives, it could mean that after a year has passed, we get a "complete edition" on PS5, for half or quarter of the original price, with all the glitches fixed. 😂 Something similiar to Rise of the Tomb Raider.
  12. I just wanted to report my experience to anyone looking for some material on the plat difficulty. The difficulty began at red series for me, where I spent hours on some tracks, so I didn't really believe I could even finish black series with silver medals, let alone get 200 golds. But once I actually got there, I was so good at the game that I was thinking "is this it?". lol Granted, some tracks gave me a lot of trouble, namely in black valley and black lagoon, but still, for me it was nothing close to what I thought the difficulty would be. For example, 180 took me about 30 minutes from first try to gold. So in short, judging from my experience, however "bad" you are at the game in the first 3/4 of the tracks, just keep trying and you'll for sure get it eventually. I ended up spending around 90 hours to 200 golds, judging by the Uplay tracker.
  13. With Seraphim17's AKUMU guides on YouTube, it really isn't that hard. The only thing you really need to watch for as I remember, is to make sure you have enough resources before you get to certain sections, otherwise you're going to have a very hard time, but even then it's doable.
  14. I've been looking for a Pre-owned old-gen game store with reasonable prices and shipping ever since gamescentre.co.uk closed down two years ago. No luck so far and I doubt we'll ever have something similar again.
  15. It really isn't hard. I also played the game a long time ago and just recently did the 1999 and scavenger hunt trophies. Almost all of the hard parts can be cheesed in some way, so I'd say go for it.