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  1. These were the ones I got, and most of them were pretty easy, some of them very. The only ones I got before finishing the campaign were 144 and 149, the rest were done in one sitting.
  2. This seems like it could be potentially amazing for a player like me. I don't play games on release, and if they tackle this by doing timed exclusives, it could mean that after a year has passed, we get a "complete edition" on PS5, for half or quarter of the original price, with all the glitches fixed. 😂 Something similiar to Rise of the Tomb Raider.
  3. I just wanted to report my experience to anyone looking for some material on the plat difficulty. The difficulty began at red series for me, where I spent hours on some tracks, so I didn't really believe I could even finish black series with silver medals, let alone get 200 golds. But once I actually got there, I was so good at the game that I was thinking "is this it?". lol Granted, some tracks gave me a lot of trouble, namely in black valley and black lagoon, but still, for me it was nothing close to what I thought the difficulty would be. For example, 180 took me about 30 minutes from first try to gold. So in short, judging from my experience, however "bad" you are at the game in the first 3/4 of the tracks, just keep trying and you'll for sure get it eventually. I ended up spending around 90 hours to 200 golds, judging by the Uplay tracker.
  4. With Seraphim17's AKUMU guides on YouTube, it really isn't that hard. The only thing you really need to watch for as I remember, is to make sure you have enough resources before you get to certain sections, otherwise you're going to have a very hard time, but even then it's doable.
  5. I've been looking for a Pre-owned old-gen game store with reasonable prices and shipping ever since gamescentre.co.uk closed down two years ago. No luck so far and I doubt we'll ever have something similar again.
  6. It really isn't hard. I also played the game a long time ago and just recently did the 1999 and scavenger hunt trophies. Almost all of the hard parts can be cheesed in some way, so I'd say go for it.
  7. I just platted a game on my Vita after a loong time. After syncing and updating my profile on PSNP I noticed I now have a game with 1 earned trophy that has a missing timestamp. :( 


    Does this mean anything except that I will now forever have an ugly entry on my profile that says "Missing timestamps"? 😭

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    2. ihadalifeb4this


      Congrats on plat!

    3. eigen-space


      Looking at the leaderboards for the one game of mine that has missing time stamps, I'm on the leaderboard.... but not the 100% Club board.

    4. harsly


      @ihadalifeb4this Thanks! :D

      @eigen-space Thanks for the info!

  8. Thank you for your response! I'll definitely keep on going at it, it may be that I just had a bad day. I don't mind spending another year on and off playing this and going for the plat.
  9. I've just spent 4 hours on #125 trying for the gold medal. Is this normal, and is there any point in going forward in hopes for the plat?
  10. I'm looking forward to participating. I still have to find an unpopular and a bad rep game tho. Category Game (With Region/Version) Qualifier EZPZ My Name is Mayo 96.53% Ultra Rare Rogue Legacy 2.94% Platinum-Less Among the Sleep Unpopular DLC Goat Simulator (PS4) "GoatZ" Difficulty Bioshock Infinite (PS4) "Scavenger Hunt" Speed Run Xeodrifter (VITA) "Speedrun" MP That's You! "Friends Without Borders" Peripherals Wonderbook: Walking With Dinosaurs Move, Eye, Wonderbook Bad Rep
  11. My profile is visible again, hopefully on the leaderboards soon as well
  12. This exact same thing just happened to me too, so seeing this posted is a relief. Must be an issue on PSNP's part?
  13. I used a guide from start to finish and I really enjoyed the game a lot. 🙂
  14. It seems that I'm stupid. Apparently I bought the Vita version before the PS4 version existed and now it just says it's "Free" for me Sorry guys. EDIT: I'd appreciate if the mods would delete this thread or at least change the title.