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  1. Hey i was going for AND still champion... and Ahead of the pack trophies but they didnt unlock tried it like 3 times then i deleted the save not the data and tried again but they disnt unlock anyone experiencing this problem?
  2. i see a lot of people have it but in old threads it says it misses 1 collectible
  3. So i tried boosting but always couldnt join so decided to do this myself whats the fastest mode and way?
  4. hi guys i wanted to know if i can install the 1.03 patch because my save is patch 1.03 but i lost data so its resset to 1 and i uploaded the save data from online storage but i cant play unless i install the patch but i want to use the god mode glitch what can i do?
  5. Hey slatyie i got my game but saddenly i got removed from psnprofiles so if u want to see that i have the game u can check my psn from a playstation and i can't get at least trophy even with a guide the game is hard if u die u repeat from the first mission :/
  6. Thank god no extra effort
  7. Hey guys i was going for bounty hunter trophy where u need to complete all roland missions i finished the game and i was reading a guide it says that we can call him from phone but there isnt any contacts in the phone
  8. Yes he appears sometimes and soemtimes not
  9. Okay slatyie our goal is ti try new games and give our opinion aboutt it?if it is i got binding of isaac i dont know what the game is all about i cant even get 1 trophy with or without a guide its very hard and not a gd game jts the worst game i have ever played i hope you guys have fun with ur games its not even worth a dollar and seriously the guy who assigned me the game how did u love it
  10. i am having problems with this trophy i always lose at 40 anyone who have this trophy can help me?
  11. I hid the game ages ago i have 15 plats if u seee my psn on psn i unhid the game and i updated but its still 14 plats on psnprofiles any soultion u can see it from ur playstation
  12. I am downloading binding of isaac now
  13. Thnx it worked
  14. I unhid it then updated my psn profiles but still doesnt appear I will try
  15. Binding of isaac is 9/10 and 100 hours on .org damn
  16. No the other account version is free for ps + so i need ti buy ps + fir my account wich i cant because my account is usa region and i live in lebanon But thats okay its only 15$
  17. Oh my god i played this game when it was free on ps+ i hated it on my other account now i have to buy it again and play it Anw i hope i get a better game next round i think slatyie is doing more events like that right?
  18. I cant call him What should i do? Is this a bug? Please help me guys I will download the patch maybe it works
  19. Slatyie i have a question if my game is assassins creed 4 for ps3 can i get the ps4 version instead because they sare the same trophy list I hope someone list mafia 2
  20. Waiting to see the point system