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  1. the collectibels are not the problem, in my opinion make a Log missable is a real struggel. I never saw that room with Log 35 because i paused the game after the 3 boss and after the restart the "New Cycle" beginns without that One room which spawns only once. I read somewhere the room spwans after Act 3, this is my one and only hope at the moment, otherwise i won't finish the game.
  2. This is such a bulls*** i'm also missing thie scout log but i refuse to replay the whole game. I would do it but not in a RNG based game, my rng luck is always nearly 0 so i wait for a patch. I always try to check as much as possible, this Log spawns after Act 1 in the first Room of Biom 4 right? So my problem, after i reached this Biom i did a break, an shut down my console so the time i startet the run was like a "New Cycle" and the room never showed up. Because i won't miss an Audiolog in the middel of such a Room. This is so incredible stupid i won't honor this with another Run.
  3. Thanks for all the tips i killed nearly every enemy and cleared every single room (exept a few) but the amount of money some of you get is really crazy, i guess i would have nearly 1 Mio at the end without spending any. But now for sure i have not to spend some so i will start the speedrun and after that everything should be fine if i'm lucky enough i will have 1.5 mio after that run. should be enough. I will make a little plan, i have absoluty no idea how you have done that. I found the Teddy as well the Lipstick, combined every possible Treasure, cleared every room and killed nearly every enemy. I only bought the Create Plans (for bombs, ammo etc) the bigger case's and some weapon upgrades (no parts, just more damage) and at the end i had 700k (factory) there i bought the new Shotgun so maybe i'm just really unlucky with the enemy drops? No idea really. But nevermind, i will get it in the next runs
  4. @Cloudbahamut oh thats sound great. i finished my first playthrough yesterday (Hardcore) Now i'm thinking about a second cleanup Run on Easy and then the Speedrun ink. Village of Shadows. I thought aboubt to Save 1 Run (Combine Easy Run with 3h, 4 Heals and Knife Only) but i just have something like 400-500k Lei because i bought a Lot of things (Shotgun at the End) I read that the Max Upgrade for the Stake will cost 2.1 Million Lei......soooooo any tips? i thought to start with the granat launcer and collect money during the Village of Shadow run and switch during the run.
  5. Yeah, it was my first Roguelike (Roguelite said someone to me bc you keep some things) but maybe i will continue such games like Hades. The wrong weapon in the wrong room and bam, your dead thats true, but with good reactions and a view for upcoming enemy attacks the dodge etc is easy. My last run was like 2h40min from the Biom 4 --> Final Boss so yeah, a save would be great in the middel if something happens but i did't miss the feature, i knew it and started a run with enough time and stopped after a dead if i had to go in 1 hour or so.
  6. So i finished the Story Yesterday (Killed the Final Boss), now i "just" have to collect everything. Now i'm really interested in you'r experience within the game? I don't think it was soooooo hard, i would say 5,5/10. I died at the start a few times until i get the gameplay, then the first boss killed me once. After that it was a chill, second biom first try with boss. It was close and i felt to death with the new gadget Third Biom also First try, boss wasn't that hard. Same with 4, but i died in the First room of Biom 5 because of the Rocket Launchers, there where like 20 flying idiots lol. Yesterday the new start from Biom 4, i fought myself to the end of 5 and BAM no Boss but a new level In this Biom there was One big encounter before the new gadget, this one was pretty though but i managed it and so went to the Final Boss that was also not so Hard. Ok to be honest i was out of heals (with L1) and skipped the Golden Door Room (with the Star on it) in Biom 6 because of the Hard Rooms i was before the Final Boss and i don't want to ruin this run Due to that i missed the Achieve "Weapon Proficiency level 30" because i was at 29,80 at the end So in the End, i visited Biom (3,5 and 6) only once until the Endgame, not so much of Trial and Error as i thougt and hoped. But i love the game 😁
  7. Intressting Thread, so i didn't finish because its sucks: Killzone Shadow Falls Thief GTA 5 (yeah should be great but wasnt as good as i hoped for) Dishonored MGSV Crash 4 (i love the original but this one......)
  8. i heard some rumor that the big Vampire Lady is chasing you? If this is true i hope not to long..... after Jack, Mr.X and Nemesis im tired of always the same mechanic....always feels like the Developer wants to create a stressfull feeling and if the have no idea they let them follow us^^ And the statement from Capcom that Resi 7 was too scary? Ohhh there is a different version out there i don't know? So Resi 8 should be more balanced?! That means a crap end area with a lot of shooting bull*? Don't get me wrong, i'm really looking forward to Resi 8 but Capcom should do something.
  9. Looks like a pretty easy Plat. But highly depends on the Difficulty runs? So do i have to play through the hardest mode without any Infinity weapons etc? (like in Old times) Could i collect everything on easy and use it in the higher modes? (Won't do it just wanna know ) Or will it just be as easy like in Resident Evil 3? (The Inferno trophy was easier than my first playthrough on Hardcore^^) Looking forward to the mercenaries mode, maybe a challenge, would be great. Should arrive today or maybe tomorrow 🤗
  10. Finished this yesterday on Inferno, had just the regular 2 Coins and man, his attacks can be a pain sometimes But after a few tries i managed it, just the Minimalist and Save it for Later! run to do, i will do both in one due to Assissted mode (never played that till now )
  11. Sorry to hear that, checkt reddit and this is a known bug but Ubisoft regrets till today to fix it, i would just wait a few months, maybe they will do. Honestly thats the reason i did an Manual Save before every territory and completet it 100% (within the Story in it) so everything is complete and i did'nt have to go back again. I would recommend that to everyone who are still playing and completing
  12. seems like yes. yeah im also Happy i died 4 times to in dies Level before but nothing happend, i think its important that its Lava, Rocks, Zombies and Fire (in this order)
  13. it worked
  14. How did you do that? Did you start a complete new game (with the erease of the game data and save data) or just repeat the level normally with your endgame Save?
  15. So i tried now everything, still nothing no answer from the development team on twitter, no solution worked, and i'm frustrated i guess they won't patch it in the future so it will remain with 98% in my trophylist.