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  1. The servers have been open for many years and the server closure was even extended if i remember correctly. Ample time was given. Given the many factors, the chances are one to a million. You should regularly check the upcoming server closure thread, as server closures are happening more frequently these days.
  2. For me it’s just becoming more apparent who is an actual trophy hunter and who are just plain terrible. I remember the time when 100 platinums was still a big achievement, but now it’s become more of a joke. Play the games you love, because your “profile” says a lot about you.
  3. Any other methods besides downgraded the game? If not then I’ll just wait until it eventually gets patched. Which it won’t.
  4. I’m looking for people who’s keen to do the Flawless Raider trophy. Crota’s End.
  5. It’s down right now lmao.
  6. RIP Sound Shapes, I’d love a sequel as it was a really solid game. If you pretend the deathmode levels never existed. Im glad most of us got to cloud sync before the servers shutdown, but I do regret not doing it earlier when I originally got the plat.
  7. Well restart your console and maybe try again because it just worked for me. I turned on my Vita, went to Sound shapes and it said Network error. Another network error then at the third try it worked. Worked on PS4 first try. I AM SO HAPPY!
  8. Check my trophies :)))
  10. Less than a week left, I hope, I hope.
  11. There was a downtime last time the servers were meant to be shutdown. Hopefully it comes back near the deadline.
  12. When the servers were scheduled to shut down last time in October it did come back during the last very last day. Have you tried recently?
  13. It’ll most likely come back on the last few days.
  14. Thats false as people were able to sync at the start of this month. Last time the servers were scheduled to shut down, the servers ended up returning on the last day. Theres still a chance. Have you synced during the last 7 days??
  15. Spreading awareness and all. People have spoken to PlayStation support and AskPlayStation and they haven’t been any help, even I. The Sound Shapes Twitter is severely inactive, like dead. Santa Monica Studio is the only one that could possibly help but they’re ignoring everything. Its stressful, but alas I keep trying and trying.