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  1. Working on Platinum #59: The Playroom VR


    Original the plan was to do the Prince of Persia DLC the next days. It changed a little bit. My son (he is 3,5 years old) wanted to play the "Roboter game" on sunday. Since a few weeks he is allowed to play a little bit with the Playstation and his called "Roboter game" is Playroom VR. So we tried it on sunday; i played with the VR Headset, he was the TV player. We played just for fun and it was really fun to do that with him. I also tried to get some trophies from this "session" which i already had in mind. We played for round about an hour and i could earn 9 trophies. Yesterday we continued playing it but just for a short time, cause he gets bored during the time. He wanted to play the Smurfs again ;-)


    I continued playing it alone yesterday night to work on the other trophies. And it worked great, i could do all of the trophies on my own (for some a 2nd controller is needed). I could also do the Toy Wars DLC trophies on my own, which was really not easy

    I have now only 2 trophies left (the last two ghost house levels). Therefore i need help from my wife tonight. These ones are nearly impossible alone, cause the TV player has to tell the VR player where the ghosts are hiding. To switch always between VR headset and TV is too difficult in this case and the time limit is too less. This works with the Sheriff minigame, but not with this one.

    So it should be just a matter of some minutes tonight, before i will have Platinum #59 and my first VR one.

    I own the game since October 2016. I did some trophies but then i left it. I am happy now that the Trophy clean up works so well.


    And in the meanwhile it´s always a very cool feeling to come back to VR sometimes. I had major issues with motion sickness at the beginning (October 2016) but in the meanwhile it´s just fun playing VR from time to time.


    Regarding Playroom VR -> there are some nice mini games, where you really can feel what VR can do with you. It´s a sweet, little title to introduce the VR possibilities and it works. I also like the Robots and it´s just sweet playing it. It´s also a free to play title, so everyone with a VR headset should definitely have a look at it.


    The trophy set is nice and can be beaten by every trophy hunter. Just for some less trophies a 2nd "player" is needed, most of them can be done alone. As bonus it´s also a very rare Platinum, which doesn´t reflect the difficulty of it (most of the very rare Platinums are much harder).

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    2. BabySnake1902


      Ah okay. Yeah most of the mini games are designed for at least 2 players and for some it´s really impossible to get the trophies on your own.

    3. dermarx


      Yes, like you said above, it is very difficult to finish the Ghostbuster Mission alone and I had a hard time doing the Sheriff Mission alone as well.

    4. BabySnake1902


      Yeah i can confirm it was a little bit Tricky to switch between the Headset and the TV in time During The Sheriff Mini game... 


  2. Prince of Persia Trophy Clean up

    Platinum #57


    Could finally complete the main game saturday night. On friday and saturday i was able to collect all the remaining light seeds in the open world. I was really happy if i saw the 1000 on the screen. I have to say that i liked the game much more than it was 9 years ago, as i played it for the first time. Maybe it´s cause my expectations changed. In 2008 i was a little bit disappointed, cause it´s so different from the Prince of Persia trilogy, which i like very much. But now i knew what i have to expect and i really enjoyed playing it.


    If you go for all the light seeds you will come into a great flow. All the light seeds in one level are very well positioned. If you know where you have to go you can play around 10 minutes in one flow with jumping, climbing and so on without a break.

    If you are in that flow you will notice that this really makes fun.

    I could collect 98% of the light seeds on my own, just for a few ones i had to look for a video guide cause i didn´t exactly know how i can get there. But in total you can get all of them on your own if you look around carefully and after collecting all light seeds in one level you will develop a feeling where you have to go.

    There are also a few (a handful) of puzzles in the game, which are not very hard (as usual), but it´s loosen the game.

    The other major part in the game are the fights against the 4 bosses. You have to beat everyone of them 6 times.

    The fights are well animated but not very difficult. This part of the game is really easy cause it´s not possible to die. It makes fun at the beginning, but by and by it becomes boring. There are as good as no other enemies and just 4 enemies during the whole game is really less. I was always happy if i could defeat a boss and then the 45 light seeds in the level were visible. Collecting all was then the fun part of the game.

    After collecting the 1000 light seeds in the open world i went to the temple and saved. Then i installed Patch 1.01, which resets all your background stats in the game (play time and saves from Elika). The speed run trophy i already got on my first attempt in 2008. So i just needed it for the "be gentle with her" trophy, which is the hardest one in the whole game if you do it legit.

    I expect that Elika saves me around 500 times. If you have to do it less then 100 times on the legit way it definitely will be a lot of trial and error and loading old saves. Especially if you collect all the light seeds it´s really a hard trophy.

    Normally you have to split it into two runs -> first to get the trophy for the Speedrun and the less than 100 saves trophy. The 2nd one then for all the light seeds.


    The final fight was no problem, but after the fight there are 3 jump and run sections where i "died" around 30 times. At the beginning it was not clear for me what to do there (i couldn´t remember this section from my 1. playthrough 9 years ago) and then i was too slow or made mistakes. This was a little bit annoying at the end, cause such a section never appeared before in the game and it was a little bit different from the rest.

    After that section you just have to stand and do nothing for one minute for the "Precious time" trophy.

    At the end i got the 1001 light seed (you will get it automatically), which unlocked the "Light seeds master" trophy.

    And after the credits also the last remaining one popped "Be gentle with her". Thanks to the Glitch!


    So at 2:04 a.m. sunday morning the platinum finally popped. You are very welcome, Platinum #57!!!


    I started my clean up on 03.12.17, finished on 09.12.17. I started with 62% But had to start from the beginning on.

    In average i played 2,5 to 3 hours every day. So i would say 15 - 20 hours are needed for Platinum (if you do it with the Glitch at the end.)

    There are only two trophies which could be a little bit tricky: "sword master" and "combo specialist". But normally it shouldn´t be a problem for an experienced player. For "Sword master" you have to learn a 14hit combo and for "combo specialist" you have to perform all 63 combos in the game. If you do this with a checklist it will definitely pop sooner or later.

    The rest shouldn´t be a problem, the collection of all light seeds is not hard. If you really miss one or the other, there are good video guides on the known channels.

    In total i would rate the difficulty with a 3/10 (with the glitch). Without it at least a 4/10, rather more.


    This week i will go through the DLC. I am curious, cause it won´t be that easy i think. I also expect at least two playthroughs.

    Really interested how it will work. I plan to do all the collectibles and the save less than 20 times trophy in the first run, in the 2nd one i will go for the speedrun. That´s my plan for the moment, so let´s see.





  3. Will again Work on prince of persia tonight. The Last two days i Really had fun while playing it. I am Motivated to Do all The Light Seeds Without guide, just have 336 left to Reach the 1000 in the Open World. If everything works according my Plan  i should have the platinum Tomorrow night. Next Week i will Work than on the dlc Trophies

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    2. skateak
    3. BabySnake1902


      Yeah the one from 2008.this has Nothing to Do with The PS2 Trilogy, which are also available for the ps3. 

    4. Lorajet


      Got it.  I have The Sands of Time and The Two Thrones

  4. Prince of Persia Trophy Clean Up - Continuation


    Yesterday i had a little bit more time than expected. Could play at least 3 hours. I started with 196 light seeds and as i turned off my PlayStation i have roughly 375. So i could activate the 3rd plate before the temple. Now i need 540 light seeds to activate the last plate. Then it´s possible to reach all the 1000 light seeds in the open world.


    During yesterdays session i noticed why i didn´t like this game that much like the PoP trilogy on PS2 did. It´s really just a platforming game with 4 bosses in between which you have to fight off 6 times. Collecting all the light seeds gets boring during some time, i was travelling around between some areas yesterday. I just completed 2 of them, in many others i could reach just the half of the light seeds within my first visit, cause the needed special power from Elika is missing so far.

    The graphic style and the animations are still great. Can´t believe it´s roughly a 10 year old game, but the gameplay is marginal some time. In the later levels it´s not always clear where and how to go to get all the light seeds. You have to stand and think a little bit, then try to continue your route.


    I could definitely understand the decision why it´s not possible to die in this game (every time you are going to die Elika saves you and you start at the last Plattform). If you have to go back every time you make a mistake (this will happen often), it will become annoying to collect all the light seeds. Also the trophy "Be gentle with her", where you need to be saved less than 100 times from Elika would be hard work without the known Methode. Would mean save and reloading hundred of times (at least in my case). So i am happy i can bypass this


    I could also earn at least one bronze trophy: the Titanic View trophy. Was just reaching an special place in the world, which was absolutely clear as soon as i saw it. It was just some meters away from a boss fight, so it´s one of these trophies i think for myself: Why i didn´t get this trophy before.


    So i think i could do better yesterday, but i wasted time with travelling around the areas and searching. Hopefully i can get the 540 light seeds tonight, then i could reach every remaining one. I think i will do the remaining 460 with a video guide, just to save time. There are good videos on YouTube for every single level. And it´s easy to track. There are 20 levels with 45 light seeds and 4 levels with 25 (the final boss levels) -> 1000 in total. I should get the 1001 one then in or after the final battle. The game also track the progress in each level, so this shouldn´t be a problem.


    I am just a little bit afraid, cause there is a known glitch, where you can get only 998 or 999 light seeds. Hopefully i am not affected of this. I will see it probably end of the week.


    Remaining main game trophies:


    M A S T E R (Platinum)

    Sword Master (Perform 14 hits in one combo)                                                                done 26.11.17

    Improviser (Use the environment against an enemy)                                                      done 27.11.17

    In Harmony (500 Coop Jumps)                                                                                       done 26.11.17

    Sinking of new Depths (Find the lowest point in the world)                                             done 26.11.17

    Be gentle with her (Elika saves you fewer than 100 times in the whole game)             

    Light seeds accumulator (collect 800 light seeds)                                     

    Light seeds protector (collect 900 light seeds)                                         

    Light seeds master (collect 1001 light seeds)                                                            

    Assassins view (find the assassins view)                                                                        done 28.11.17

    Titanic view (find the titanic view)

    Precious time (take one minute to think)

    Combo specialist (find every combo in the game)                                                           done 27.11.17

    1. Spaz


      I have this game installed and ready to go. How would you rate this in terms of length and difficulty?

    2. BabySnake1902


      It´s not really difficult. A little bit tricky can be the Sword Master and Combo Specialist trophy, but i took a look at your profile. It definitely won´t be a problem for you. The rest is easy, just a little bit time consuming (it depends how fast you are with the 1001 light seeds). I would say 12to15 hours to Platinum and difficulty 3 / 10

  5. Continuation Trophy Clean up Prince of Persia:


    Cause Platinum can be reached in a comfortable time for me and i felt like playing a Jump ´n´ Run game next, it was the decision to work on it next


    As i could minimize my remaining games with obtainable online trophies to 5 (PS3: Modern Warfare 2, Far Cry 2, GTA V, PS4: Phantom Pain, Killzone: Shadow Fall) i am working now on my single player games. To get as close as possible to 100% completion is my target. As family father and husband i have to be good organized to get how far as i am as trophy Hunter and i still like it to get more and more 100% games.


    To compare the hard trophies in my clean up i fill up my profile with some easy and fast Platinums. But some of these games i wouldn´t play if trophies don´t exist and i am really happy, cause there were some special experiences i could go through.

    Didn´t know about it, just saw it that these are games with high average completion rate (Blackwood Crossing, The Bunker, The Telltale Games just for example).


    Back to Prince of Persia:

    I started with 62% trophy completion

    Played in 2009

    I started my clean up on 26.11.17 (means play the whole game again, cause all my save games from this game were corrupted + additional the whole DLC)

    Target to complete game on 100% -> latest end of week 49

    After studying the trophy guides and my open trophies


    Sword Master (Perform 14 hits in one combo)                                                                done 26.11.17

    Improviser (Use the environment against an enemy)                                                      done 27.11.17

    In Harmony (500 Coop Jumps)                                                                                       done 26.11.17

    Sinking of new Depths (Find the lowest point in the world)                                             done 26.11.17

    Be gentle with her (Elika saves you fewer than 100 times in the whole game)

    Light seeds accumulator (collect 800 light seeds)

    Light seeds protector (collect 900 light seeds)

    Light seeds master (collect 1001 light seeds)

    Assassins view (find the assassins view)

    Titanic view (find the titanic view)

    Precious time (take one minute to think)

    Combo specialist (find every combo in the game)                                                           done 27.11.17


    + all 10 DLC trophies


    it was clear to make a plan to sort out the "Platinum Crasher" trophies as soon as possible (which were Sword Master and Combo Specialist for me). The plan for the trophy "be gentle with her" is to use the glitch (play before the final boss without the patch 1.01, then install the patch, so the relevant data for this trophy are reset. Then you have 99 attempts to finish the end boss. So easy going.

    The legit Methode would be to save very often and to reload again and again. I prefer the fastest method and if it´s possible, why i shouldn´t use it. 


    So i started a new game again on 26.11.17. I could sort out "Sword Master" already in my first session, which was a surprise for me, cause i am definitely not the best in games which requires to do long combos. The preferred combo buttons were:

     Square Square Square Triangle Square Triangle Cross Triangle Square Triangle Circle Cross Triangle Square

    I tried to learn the combo and then tried to put the buttons at the right moment. As i got to the first boss (The Hunter) i could do it after some unsuccessful attempts.

    After that I farmed the 500 coop jumps with Elika. Just jumping around and pushing Triangle for 500 times. Took around 15 to 20 minutes and 2nd trophy popped. The last one for this session was the trophy "Sinking of new depths". The lowest point of the game is near the temple. Easy going if you know where it is.


    Yesterday on 27.11.17 i could get the "Combo specialist" trophy and also Improviser, which i mentioned in my previous post.

    Improviser is also an easy trophy, many people got it automatically cause it happen during their normal playing. I missed it in 2009 as i didn´t care about trophies. Yesterday i was going for it in a boss fight, where it´s possible and it worked without any problems


    So i am happy that i already sorted out these two Platinum Crasher trophies ("Sword Master" and "Combo Specialist")


    As it will be again late night before i can continue playing, there are only 2-3 hours of playtime today, as usual at weekdays. So the next days i will continuing with the Story until i activated all 4 special plates in front of the temple. Then it´s possible to earn all of the 1000 light seeds in the open world. Hopefully there is no Bug (there is one in place where the game only counts 999 light seeds instead of 1000). Also "Be gentle with her" and "Precious time" can´t be get before the end. So during the next days i will working on the completion of the light seeds and during that i should also earn "Titanic view" and "Assassins view".


    At the moment i am happy how it´s going, Platinum by end of the week should be doable.

    Let´s see how far i can get tonight. A report will follow


  6. Gaming Report, 27.11.17.

    Prince of Persia, 2008

    Target: Platinum #57 + 100%


    Target completed yesterday. Got the trophy Combo Specialist in Prince of Persia. It was the 3rd fight against the alchemist where i could do it. I did the trophy with a combo checklist (63 combos in total). After completing the first run, trophy didn´t pop. So i started again at the top of the list. Yesterday it popped after i nearly completed my 2. run. As it seems it was a long 5 button combo i was doing wrong the first time. I was really happy if the trophy popped after the fight.

    Some people report major issues with this trophy. They are mentioning they did all combos but the trophy didn´t pop. I don´t think it´s a buggy trophy, i am pretty sure if it´s not popping at least one combo was not correct performed. It´s hard to discover the one which is missing, but if you go through the whole combos step by step you will get it sooner or later. You have enough boss fights to do it. Especially on the later ones, where the bosses heal themselves, many combos can performed in just one fight. So be patient and keep going through your checklist. I promise you it will pop.

  7. I try to get the "Combo Specialist" trophy from Prince of Persia as next one. This one seems a little bit tricky, hopefully it will pop already tonight! At the moment this trophy is my platinum preventer

  8. I am not just liking it, i love it ;-) Thx again Dragon Archon!
  9. Thx for all your replies and proposals. In the meanwhile we could beat the Smurfs 2 twice and for sure plat it. My son is playing it alone now and i am looking for the next game i want to do with him. Due your proposals i have some things in mind, thx for that. At the moment i tend to mojtaba´s proposal -> Dead Space, lol;-)
  10. W O W!!!!! What a great one, i saw it and loved it from the beginning on. Thank you very much therefore. This really means a lot to me. I already add it to my profile as cover photo. I like that "The Boss" and "Vamp" are next to the Snakes. They are my two favourite boss characters from the whole serial. So it´s really perfect. Thx a lot for your effort and your creativity
  11. The proposals from Dav9834 and Dragon ARchon for the MGS cover photo are very good. I am sure you can make something cool with the informations you have. Really appreciate the work you do, it´s really, really great you offer to create a cover photo. Thanks a lot therefore!
  12. Hi again. I Thought a little bit about it. Cool Would be if Big Boss and solid Snake could be in the middle. Then in the left side the Main bosses from MGS and MGS 2, on the right side from MGS 3 and 4. MGS Bosses: Revolver ocelot, cyborg Ninja, psycho mantis, sniper wolf, Vulkan Raven, metal gear Rex and liquid ocelot MGS 2 bosses: Olga gurlukovich, Fortune, fatman, Vamp, metal gear Ray, solidus snake MGS 3 bosses: ocelot, the pain, the fear, the end, the fury, the sorrow, volgin, shagohod and the boss MGS 4 bosses : laughing octopus, raging Raven, crying Wolf, Vamp, metal gear Ray, screaming mantis, liquid ocelot This are really Many, but if its Too Many maybe its possible to Pick out some of these. The pucture Should Represent Which bosses solid Snake and big Boss defeated During their history....
  13. Thx for replying so fast. I will Give You a proposal later on
  14. Hey guys. I would really appreciate a photo cover from the Metal Gear Solid serial. In the middle there should be the Big Boss, beside him all other important characters from this game serial. Below there should be the Quote: "I'm no hero. Never was. Never will be." In the background there should be anything from Metal Gear Solid 3. I trust in your experiences. I would be so happy if some of the artists can do this for me. If you need further informations just message me
  15. Hi all, thx for your answers, comments and tips. I really appreciate it. And i am happy that it seems to be not bad for his growth if he already plays videogames. I am really surprised that many of you started gaming in early ages. My first game was Super Mario on the NES. I was 6 or 7 years old (it was Christmas 1987 or 1988 where i got the NES with the game), so i was a little bit older. To create a Telltale game for kids is really a great idea. Unfortunately i am not a developer.... I would create such a game!