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  1. Yeah, i reported it as a bug. Let´s see what happens. Got a few other arcs to finish which i won´t be doing know.
  2. I just finished the "Trampfine Arc" on PS5 and the trophy did not pop
  3. Nice Video, but i can´t remove the Big Garage at 3:14. I can sell it but it´s still there, so L3 is "Turn on shed lights" and i have not found a way to pick up the toy. PS5, btw.
  4. I did on the digital Version 1.020.000 of FS22 on my PS5.
  5. If you use the Pöttinger Impress 125FC PRO Baler from Modhub it seems to work. At least it´s counting up the percentage on the PS5. Edit: It worked. 40 wrapped bales in one session. Remember to mow and wrap your own gras.
  6. No trophy for finishing Act 1, hiring a Desert Mercenary, socketing a gem. No online play possible. All on PS5.
  7. Your player is set on Legend? If you change anything the setting goes to Custom. That might not work.
  8. Still works on TPC Boston. Just check your score on your scorecard is at least par, better under, on the holes you sink. I had 6 holes with a birdie on my player and 5 par. 7 under with teammate. Doesn´t matter if the other team is under as long as your team wins. I did sink a birdie on the 18th just to make sure.
  9. Finally i got German Legend. I installed the game new, just the three included routes, no DLC and started with a fresh in-game profile. Trophy popped almost instant when i finished the last service on Rapid Transit. Maybe a secure way to do it, but i don´t really know.
  10. Rapid Transit. A friend of mine did it 2 weeks before me. Got Mile Muncher now. Will try New Yorker on NEC and German Legend on MSB, thanks.
  11. I got it with the ICE 3 on SKA after driving 1000 kilometers
  12. FWIW, i got Swekia´s challenge trophy before Steve´s. I missed Steve´s the first time, carried on playing and got a new challenge (Star) from him.
  13. You get a challenge with a star in the right corner of the item pic. Do that 100% and the trophy should pop.
  14. RT: German Legend trophy didn´t pop after about 90 hours of driving. Any advice apart from starting new with a new profile and shortcutting it? I still need GWE: Mile Muncher and New Yorker and they are both about 1/3 finished each on my actual profile.
  15. Answer from support. Don´t really know what to think about it. So generic. Thanks for your feedback and sorry for the trouble! We are aware of the problems you encounter with the game and working hard on providing a fix as soon as possible. Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for your understanding! Kind regards,