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  1. i cant rate any user created levels anymore, whatever i do the levels do not load at all
  2. you cant rate any user created levels anymore i just tested it and it wont let it load the level at all
  3. I just tested it you can still upload a level and get the trophy, but you cant rate any other levels which makes this game (for me) and anyone else unplatinumable, i'm fucking pissed i haven't found anything about it this anywhere so be aware of this
  4. I can confirm searching for "10 million" has a nice park where you get all three trophies
  5. Hello, i would like to know whats the name of the game is that includes the dlc. Is it the Zombie of the year edition? Sorry but i can't find decent information about it, thanks in advance!
  6. I'm happy that i found this post otherwise i would've bought it right now because it just costs 1,99€ in the german store
  7. Calm down, cross save, nothing else
  8. 1.84 is just to remove the online feature that's it
  9. I just booted up my vita and i'm able to update it to 1.84
  10. Nope still nothing
  11. Alright i've sent Sony an E-mail couple hours ago, Mojang Support has an E-mail now too Edit: i got an E-mail back from Sony to rebuild my database and format my memory card, which of course did nothing, got an E-mail back from Mojang they've sent me a link to download the Minecraft Launcher Java Edition smfh man 😑
  12. is there an email that i can write to?
  13. I got the same problem just about now. I deleted all my saves and the game itself (for the passing time trophy) but now i dont get any updates, its stuck on 1.00. i dont play via pstv dont even own it. I tried reistalling the game and so on wifi is working fine and all other games work too
  14. I can't start the Sprint Season nor can I invite my friends, what can i do to get it to work? Thanks in advance
  15. I've tried to join a MP game or create a MP Game last night (16-17 hours ago) and i guess it is down now forever