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  1. Got mine after the 54th match
  2. Hi, has anybody this problem too? I purchased a sealed copy of the gold edition and redeemed the season pass months ago but i can't download DLC 2, it costs 11,99€ which is total BS because the second dlc is also included in the season pass
  3. There's a sale right now in the EU/German Store for the fullgame and tomorrow drops the fourth Episode so i'm definitely gonna get it now
  4. Hi, so i dont know why but i think i just dont make any progress at all anymore, i'm playing trials rising for a while now currently level 119, 6/9 stadiums done and a lot of quest/secret quests/levels done in general and now i think i'm stuck, i cant unlock more stadiums nore sponsors, any help with this? Thanks in advance.
  5. Skate 2 DJ Hero DJ Hero 2
  6. Could you help me please?
  7. Yes you can see the trophies on ps3 so far but not on ps4 or ps vita
  8. It just happened to me and i'm really PISSED! No trophy no worm - NOTHING!
  9. I thought i just risk it and try if it saves all secrets when you saved yourself with select but i can confirm it only saves when it autosaves and or you complete the level otherwise you have to collect them all again from the beginning of the level and or the last autosave from the level you're in right now. But all secrets are like spread all over the level until almost at the end or actually at the end of the level so you just have to play through every level again for all secrets.
  10. Well i never saw it anywhere saying that so i just thought i would help some other people and share my experience.
  11. I used Frontline with Lucky Crit, Vicious and Determination. 9mm sap PAP'ed, 1911 PAP'ed and N74 ST Grenades. i used Jack in the boxes when he was running towards the middle to refill his health, threw it got my 1911 out shot the statues and once he laid down i immediatly activated Frontline and shot he's head once he gets up again quickly get out and always shot his head i would recommend using atleast Kugelblitz (double tap) so it will get way easier and faster. I didnt use any consumables.
  12. I just did it with a friend of mine on the newest patch 1.19, we did the first 2 maps/chapters in a row in a custom match on patch 1.18 and turned off our ps4's. Stopped playing for a couple days and just did the last map/chapter couple minutes ago and we unlocked the trophy! (Escape from each chapter without using any blitz) So i can confirm 100% you can get the trophy even if you quit (or turn off your ps4) once you didnt use any blitz on the first 2 maps/chapters!
  13. You can still get all freeskate challenges trophies and rank trophies but you need to keep your track by writing it down because its very glitchy but it saves even if it says unable to retrieve your profile i can confirm 100% it works and saves everything because i'm finishing it on xbox right now! Skate 3 works everything the only thing thats doesnt work on skate 2 is to up or download a spot
  14. Its absolutely NOT a horrible platinum. I loved playing it on ps3. I started with the ps3 first and i did everything solo with no boosting at all. The only thing i boosted was the ninja defuses and thats it. The only advice i can give anyone who starts now, think about the 10 k kills you have to do.if you even want to do it because that takes a long time. Dedication is the key and fun ofcourse. Just play normally and have fun dont think about (or too much) about the trophies first.
  15. Never, i love to play on the ps3