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  1. Hello, i would like to know whats the name of the game is that includes the dlc. Is it the Zombie of the year edition? Sorry but i can't find decent information about it, thanks in advance!
  2. I'm happy that i found this post otherwise i would've bought it right now because it just costs 1,99€ in the german store
  3. Calm down, cross save, nothing else
  4. 1.84 is just to remove the online feature that's it
  5. I just booted up my vita and i'm able to update it to 1.84
  6. Nope still nothing
  7. Alright i've sent Sony an E-mail couple hours ago, Mojang Support has an E-mail now too Edit: i got an E-mail back from Sony to rebuild my database and format my memory card, which of course did nothing, got an E-mail back from Mojang they've sent me a link to download the Minecraft Launcher Java Edition smfh man 😑
  8. is there an email that i can write to?
  9. I got the same problem just about now. I deleted all my saves and the game itself (for the passing time trophy) but now i dont get any updates, its stuck on 1.00. i dont play via pstv dont even own it. I tried reistalling the game and so on wifi is working fine and all other games work too
  10. I can't start the Sprint Season nor can I invite my friends, what can i do to get it to work? Thanks in advance
  11. I've tried to join a MP game or create a MP Game last night (16-17 hours ago) and i guess it is down now forever
  12. this wont work i've already tried it, collected all notes without any updates and i didnt get the perfect explorer trophy so dont even bother trying it definitely gonna try WaddyWDS method!
  13. Got mine after the 54th match
  14. Hi, has anybody this problem too? I purchased a sealed copy of the gold edition and redeemed the season pass months ago but i can't download DLC 2, it costs 11,99€ which is total BS because the second dlc is also included in the season pass
  15. There's a sale right now in the EU/German Store for the fullgame and tomorrow drops the fourth Episode so i'm definitely gonna get it now