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  1. Can anybody confirm that it doesn't work anymore? I want to start BF:H on Ps3 and self-boost it. If it doesn't work anymore, i think i won't be going for it.
  2. Well obviously i know that, i'm so sorry that i still wanted to give you guys a heads up.
  3. It is officialy the 15th of december in Germany, but so far so good. The Servers still work and hopefully continue to work for a couple more hours.
  4. Just checked both regions and they are still playable online. Its 1:35 am in Germany 10.12.2021
  5. Hello everybody. I wanna buy all 3 regions of the game. I already got a EU and RU copy of the game but not NA. What does the cover and CD look like? Thanks in advance.
  6. The last character i have left for literally ages now and i can't find this t-shirt anywhere. Where did you guys find the t-shirt? In which mode did you get it? Solo, Duos or Quads? Thanks in advance.
  7. Noooooo! Not my favorite game! I loved playing it so much back in the day and i still do! That was my first Ps3 game. Playing online was so much fun!
  8. I'm almost done with all 4 Versions of this game. I didn't had any problems with this trophy on the non-vr EU, NA Version and the NA VR Version but somehow in the EU VR Version i can't seem to get there. I've played this game all the way through 2 times already and i still didn't managed to get this damn trophy, so be aware of it when you wanna start it. I'm playing on Ps4 Slim. Quick Edit: I fixed it by deleting my savefile and played it one more time from start to finish and i got to the camera with no problem.
  9. God damn i've played it years ago. What Game do i have to buy to play this DLC? Ps3 and Vita wont have this DLC, right? So standard Ps4 version or Ps4 Playstation hits?
  10. Servers are officially down. You cant search for a match anymore.
  11. Servers are officially down. You cant search for a match anymore.
  12. Servers are still up (8:40pm German time)
  13. Servers are still up (8:40pm German time)
  14. Still works as of right now (5:44 pm german time)