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  1. Doing last 2 c sides in celeste, then i ll be choosing next plat. It s a hard decision tho :v
  2. Me. If that rumor is true imma kill someone And that someone might be me. Additionaly i couldn't care less for diablo as i ve always thought 3rd one to be medium at best
  3. Its 82 and 83 on xone and pc. Seems Like that one 40 score ruined the meta for PS4 version
  4. I think it s 615 or 726
  5. Nonary Games Danganronpa 1+2 Persona 4 golden I can say that those games made it worth buying vita (i would never play a VN game on pc)
  6. Silent hill 2. I promised my little sister we would play it, but it s kind of hard to get retail.
  7. I was so damn close of buying Titan souls. I m glad i decided to get steins;gate instead. Overall it s pretty decent month for me, always wanted to see how good This war of mine was.
  8. Please add as Champion of the Gods. Just platted God of war 2 today and completed the set ^ ^
  9. Well i managed to buy Wolfenstein: The Old Blood on sale and i m seriously thinking about picking Valkyrie Chronicles
  10. Try to get god of wat plat. It s easy and that game is a real national treasure
  11. Go for the Tales from the bordelands. It s my second fav telltale game.
  12. Danganronpa definitely. Monokuma is love, Monokuma is live.
  13. Since you asked so nicely i dare you to plat Arkham Knight. I hated the plot there but it still was an enjoyable game.
  14. OMG free stuff. Sign me in ^ ^