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  1. I think you can do the shared mech with 2 pilots and both people get the trophies. I'm looking at the controls now and you can have a mech with 4 pilots too but I imagine that'd be hard to control as each person would take control of 1 limb (each shoulder button is linked to 1 limb). Edit: looks like somebody mentioned it already, sorry
  2. Both games? I only see 1 weekly trophy for Rally.
  3. I had tried it before and just tried it again to verify -- it doesn't if I quit to title. You did it from the home area right? I know you get members for unofficial, I just wanted to be as efficient as possible. I would recommend to spread your rounds around when grinding by giving a priority to the official rounds from the top rank down and avoiding the unofficial whenever possible. I started doing this too late at 72/120 when I was done with most of the game and now I'll have to play more than intended.
  4. Is there any way to reshuffle the current tournament rounds in Rank 7? I have 75/200 NPCs in gallery with 111/120 tourneys done and game loves to give me both unofficial or 18 hole ones. Restarting game doesn't work as it's already saved, and triangle only shuffles the players, so the way I've been doing it is by playing the easiest official round on Rank 1 which shuffles the round type as well, but I'll go well over 130 this way. Edit: So I figured out that you can accomplish that by restarting the game from the Tournament Select screen. If you trigger a save by doing other things like quitting a match or doing other activities then it'll be that same tournament and player list even if you restart. Good luck everyone.
  5. Wow, what a turn of events. I wish they announced it sooner to save a lot of people a lot of stress but better late than never, especially for this game. I only wish the DLC gets relisted too but I'll likely start this game now either way. Thanks for the update!
  6. Watch out, that person seems like the type to say "relax/calm down bro" after stirring the pot. They always make it about the person instead of the issue. There's a time to be a contrarian but being a corporate apologist for a company which gave 3 weeks notice for 3 games combined is ridiculous on the back of the argument that everybody who had an issue with the way GG handled this knew about the game, and bought it, since its release and years ago. Never mind it just got included and introduced to a much wider crowd on Plus Extra just 6 weeks prior to their deadline notice. On another note, I refused to give GG any money for these anti-consumer shenanigans. They can keep their overpriced DLC which they apparently never put on sale and those trophies.
  7. It's probably the air support drone that you have to scroll right to disable when creating warzone, I missed it at first too because it's kinda hidden.
  8. I just sent them a nice DM on Be nice about it, keep it concise and respectful and request an extension. Talk about how you'll be willing to buy the DLC and how they'd be missing out on sales, and how all the new people who got exposure to the series through the newly released Plus revamp barely got any time to try the games out. Power in numbers guys, let's go!
  9. Dang that sucks, mine is the PS+ version lol. I didn't have an issue back in 2017 when I played it though and this issue now was before I even redownloaded it so fingers crossed. Others here must be playing the digital as well. It's all good, if it doesn't work, I at least upgraded the 8GB card to 16GB.
  10. Thought the game was pretty overrated when I played the SP a few years ago but wanted to finish it (still regret not going for Resistance 2's 10k kills back in the day), so I booted up the Vita after ages, bought the botzone before it gets delisted on PSTV and immediately had multiple issues with my memory card which basically died when I was trying to make room to redownload this game. Tried multiple things including safe mode reformatting but it's RIP. I had to order a new card (from the closest reputable seller) and hope it comes within 3 days. What a poor UI system and a hassle this MP turned out to be and I hope they extend it to honor the 90 days just out of good faith.
  11. Almost 300 games played and this has never happened before. I entered the 2nd floor of Elliot's Programming in Chapter 4 Slums, saw the save icon and PS5 immediately shut down. Restarted, repaired and got the notification about saved data being removed due to corruption (first time I ever saw this notification). Last save is 2 hrs ago but nothing shows up under Select Save in game menu. My PS5 has auto-shutdown between 5-10 times playing other games but it never resulted in save corruption. It took me 3.5 real life hours to get there while multitasking, enjoying the scenery and eating once, and ~1 hour of that was for the Zurk chase trophy which I don't need to do again, so it'll be much quicker a 2nd time around, but having to redo it still sucks and another reason why I don't play games at launch anymore -- let them iron out the bugs. So that's my advice, either back up regularly or just wait.
  12. @dieselmanchild HU, Complete Edition is on sale for a couple more hrs for $4.49.
  13. Lol that's where I stopped playing almost 3 yrs ago -- 6, 9 and 10 were my last remaining Perfect runs. Should've kept playing then because jumping straight into DC06 today was humbling to say the least. I'll have to go back and play some of the main game to reacquaint myself to the mechanics.
  14. Yes, some of the main reasons I'll never do another playthrough or care about getting the Platinum, it doesn't deserve it. Huge stepdown in all departments (except graphical fidelity obviously) including story, narrative and structural flow and execution.
  15. Same, I remember trying it a couple yrs ago and think DLC wasn't accessible but would like to know if anything changed to be sure as well. My PS3 laser has been dead for ages and I can't be bothered to swap the module again with 2 newer gens.