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  1. That's what frustrated me about it in 2011 but it was like 33% for me. Wish there was a button input to execute the roll instead. I got the game free and thought it just okay, expected and wanted more loops and crazy tracks like Trackmania but most are just normal/ mundane for a game of this setup with ships and the setting. Might go back and actually give it a solid try on PS3 now but probably not.
  2. Besides some low res textures (not a bug or glitch) and some game design issues like Death being able to climb on invisible walls for a bit before slipping down, the only serious issue I've had so far is 1 crash in 12 hours. I turned the damage indicators off in the beginning as suggested by many, playing on Pro with Boost Mode ON and running game through Extended USB 3.0 Storage. Great game so far, turned out to be far better than expected.
  3. I'm sick of this multiple playthrough design philosophy through locked or DLC difficulties, and easy AAA exclusive Platinums. Either include that trophy from the beginning with difficulty unlocked and every trophy attainable within 1 playthrough for those who want the challenge and minimal time investment, or don't add them at all like God of War did (a game which I would mind a 2nd playthrough far less than Days Gone because after you know the story/ mystery of DG, a lot of the missions will seem like a slog. Not to mention the forced walking segments and the most exciting gameplay, the hordes, not introduced until late and being mostly optional).
  4. Update: Got it. My 42/ 42 was in Level 12 in a similar space off to the left side right after the bonus crystal. The entry I was missing was Vokh Negotiator which is the 2nd entry now under Enemies. Still 42 versus 43 mentioned in posts and guides. ------- Everybody here and elsewhere is saying 43 but my Progress shows 41/ 42 total. Don't know what's up, only thing I can think is that I'm playing on physical edition which wasn't out at the time of those posts. I've gone through the levels without the bonus crystals again and found nothing up till 45 (somebody above mentioned that was the last one with it). I assumed those bonus levels wouldn't have a data pack too but can anyone verify? I don't understand how I've gotten every other trophy and perfected all levels without finding this last one. Hope it isn't a glitch. These are my codex entries too. If anyone can cross-reference with theirs, that could help narrow me down: Races: Human, Jintinda, Vokh Allies: Lt. Kai Tana, Hjun Ralan III Location: Station 705 Altranda Ice Moons of Rokunia Tiracas Paroika Prime Earth Enemies: Vokh Despoiler V. Firebolt Turrets Mines Shrike Psyllid General Glaive V. Pacifier V. Guard V. Messenger Chalcid V. Mediator V. Ambassador V. Persecutor Empress Equipment: Quarp Jet Pulse Cannon Quarp Drive Cybernetic Binding Explosive Rekenium Palm Cannon Three Way Pulse Cannon Pulse Bombs Rekenium Rifle Quarp Shield Quarp Jet Telepod Projectile Telepod 3 Way Palm Cannon Ultra Laser Prologue and Scenes should be fully populated since I beat the game. Thanks.
  5. Almost bought the game at $2 but thanks to this thread, not going to support such negative practices of artificial game lengthening through server based event decisions in the hands of no other than EA.
  6. Bend Studio needs to fix all the bugs and incorporate some feedback features before thinking about DLC. It's a good game and it could be great if they did those things.
  7. I got the Platinum for RDR2, and it was never to this degree. I only saw the same random encounter NPC twice, only because I didn't engage the interaction the first time. In Days Gone, these interactions are in a row, and these NPCs are being rescued from different areas, and you're sending them to the same first camp over and over again. It should be like a gathering of clones at that place by now but it isn't. I'm not expecting the same as RDR2 either because Rockstar's budget, resources and dev team size was huge in comparison and that's just one thing out of many, which I won't go into now. Some things this game does better, like the multi-tiered weapon and crafting wheel, no picking up each individual item if they're close together, the map, the ease of accessing submenu with 4 directional swipe, no menu clunkiness and HDR. One thing for sure though: this game would've been much more amazing if it had released in Sept. (original release date before 2 delays) before RDR2. .
  8. I'm at the end of the first Cascades area. I've rescued around 7 survivors in different encounters and 6 of them have been the same guy in the beanie with the same dialogue. Really poor immersion. At least make these special NPCs different. Some aspects of this game are really poorly done.
  9. Did you not enjoy the DLC or do you mean from a space perspective and how they've been releasing for 7 months? I've been thinking of getting the Season Pass but not sure. Are they enjoyable single player?
  10. You guys think they'll release a Complete Edition like Rise (I know the circumstances) or are they going the Season Pass route like Ubi and AC? I like all my DLC on disc.
  11. Yes. I still have some dignity and don't care about padding numbers with nonsense. This company enticed/ suckered trophy hunting communities shamelessly with their game design and that shame carries over if you indulged in it.
  12. Opposite problems, if only we could gift our ability to each other lol. I've played this around 10 times and only once did I not get W1 - L2 intentionally - W3. That's good, I only need 250 gear and Eat DiRT. I'm gonna buy the cheapest too, have enough credits sitting around for nothing.
  13. I got the 2 'Win by 3 switches or more' on my first try but the 12 Titan takendowns (my last one too) is ridiculous. Dumb too because you have to lose a round on purpose to even stand a chance. Do you guys restart the event or keep going to unlock other trophies such as the gear one since this is the 2nd event in the series? Edit 1: Some of the worst luck - getting checked out with nobody touching me because of the janky mechanics and being crushed by freaking motorcycles 😂. Got 11/12 with 15 secs left but no one around. I might have to do co-op just for this one because I'm sick of this game and the amateur hour design such as inability to skip wreckcam and 3 second countdown, and not being able to restart event during either. At least put a Pause Menu in there but nope. Then that lengthy post-event menu that you can't skip, with a whole dedicated screen for Daily Challenge even if you've completed it. Hard to believe the whole team and testers were okay with these idiotic choices during all of development. Edit 2: First MP match - winning team 3 mins in and network error. No surprise here. Now I see why this game came to Plus.
  14. Wish it had a Platinum too. It's disheartening to see short and/ or easy titles get the Platinum but not long and/ or harder quality ones because, let's face it, it does result in more sales and exposure, especially from communities such as this. Playing through Iconoclasts right now; same deal, no Platinum but great game. Also, long enough at 25 hrs estimate with one hard trophy. Others I wish had a Platinum: Soma, Momodora: Reverie Under the Moonlight, Song of the Deep, I Am Alive, Tokyo Jungle, Castlevania LoS: Mirror of Fate, Quantum Conundrum, Hitman 2 to name a few.
  15. If Hard Mode is unlocked from the beginning, as it should be for all games (I hate the trend of forcing multiple playthroughs when some people can do it on the first), I wish I waited to play this since I just got plat in October. Sigh. The gameplay was not good enough to force this bullshit trophy this late. I personally liked AMFP more but SOMA bested this whole collection by a wide margin.