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  1. Update added Plat#112 BioShock (True 100%) Up Next: Plat#113 Friday The 13th Plat#114 Godzilla
  2. Update added Plat#111 Wreckfest (PS5 Ver.) Up Next: Plat #112 BiShock (True 100%) Plat#113 Friday The 13th
  3. Update added Plat# 110 Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Up Next: Plat# 111 Wreckfest (PS5 Ver)
  4. Update added Plat#109 Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Up Next: Plat#110 GTA Vice City
  5. Update added Plat#108 Spider-Man: Miles Morales Up Next: Plat#109 Final Fantasy Type-0 HD
  6. Update added CoD:MW3 (100% DLC) PSN 100% Watchmen End is Nigh Part 2 (100%) Up Next: Plat#108 Spider-Man: Miles Morales (PS5 Ver.)
  7. Update added Plat#107 Control (True 100%) Up Next CoD MW 3 (100% DLC) Watchmen: The End is Nigh Part 2 (100% PSN)
  8. Update added Plat #106 Astro's Playroom Up Next Plat#107 Control (True 100%)
  9. Update added Plat #105 Ratchet & Clank 3: Up Your Arsenal Up Next: Plat #106 Astro's Playroom (The first PS5 Plat)
  10. Updated added Plat #104 Prince of Persia: Warrior Within Up Next: Plat #105 Ratchet & Clank 3 : Up Your Arsenal
  11. Update added Plat#102 - Extinction Plat #103 - Resident Evil 7 (True 100%) One hell of a difficult 100%
  12. I appreciate that brother, unfortunately Godzilla is an extreme grind (up there with FFX's Sphere Grind) but eventually ill get back to it
  13. another update added with Plat# 100 - FF7 HD Remake Plat# 101 - Days Gone (True 100%)
  14. and the march to Plat 100 begins.. FF VII Remake seemed like the ideal choice
  15. Sure wish id have been vigilant enough to see this post before I finished my playthrough... alas now I must play another one for this spotty ass trophy...