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  1. Well the 1.09 patch was released today for SW BF2 and lo and behold still no rank 50 fix... LOL this trophy has literally become my Moby Dick now at this point

    1. ferginator88


      What needs to be fixed with level 50?

    2. Asentiff


      When you hit rank 50 (which is 170hrs worth of gameplay btw) your supposed to get the trophy called (Theforce is strong with this one) its majorly bugged and a lot of people are having issues with it.. its all I need for my 53rd Plat.. as I ve done the work for it already

    3. ferginator88


      Holy crap. That is some garbage....

  2. So a new update has been released... the 1.09 patch.. I'm going to play 1 round and see if anything happens.. I'm not holding my breath though.. as it seems like this isn't the PATCH weve all been waiting for.. so lets see I guess and still nothing.... well heres to hoping that whatever April patch they have fixes the issue because the 1.09 patch does not...
  3. Heres to being drunk on Sake on a Friday night... Namaste my good peeps

  4. Ok while I understand it may seem foolish to some to seem some so aggressive in response to what has occurred. Specillay for those of us that have spent the time in the trenches to achieve what we assumed was achieavable.. Basically this, you buy a game, you play a game for whatever reason (I would assume on a website such as this were all trophy hunters) You would assume a AAA company like EA and DICE who have been around the block for years would be a little more receptive and thourough when it comes to these type of things.. I for one spent 170 hours of my life subscribed to a goal,..a goal in which I met the specified requirements that were described in front of me.. to think that gamers wouldn't be upset after spending time and skill in order to achieve something as ardous and grindful as reaching the max rank.. Its not too much to expect certain gamers to be upset let alone angry in response... hell I was.. not as much now as life moves on,,, do I want my EARNED plat, Yes I do. I worked for it, met the requirements, therefore DESERVE what I have earned.. you can spin it any which way here, but we the gamers are the one suffering, Casual gamers could care less, those of us who dedicated time and effort see it differently. Spend 170 hours and achieve no perscribed trophy and you tell me how youd feel... I'm not trying to bitch at people here, but some need to understand what went into achieving this task... and it was long and ardous ask the group of us that have been screwed out of this.. and for a plat.. its double the effect..
  5. So I've been playing Ratchet and Clank for the first time (yah I know.. I'm always late to the party)

    so far all I've played is the first one, fun game, easy trophies... though.. this hoverboard shit.. makes me realize how shit I was and still am at Tony Hawk esq games

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    2. Spaz


      @Asentiff@PooPDeePie How bad were the challenges?

    3. Asentiff


      @Spaz as long as you be sure to make sure you actually stay vigilant with them as you do them.. their are a few that were a pain in the ass.. and as long as you make sure you do them before you clear every territory specifically convoys then your golden


      Unstoppable and Unbeatable come to mind as far as challenges that are a pain in the ass


       honestly its a great game.. its a bit long tho takes about 75-90 hrs to plat

    4. PooPooBlast


      Yea what asentiff said. There are two challenges that he listed to make sure you clear as early as possible otherwise it's near impossible to do after you're done. Also a good strategy is to loot the entire area before moving on till you get a tick for completing that area. I did that and no glitches occurred

  6. I seriously hate EA games and DICE

    1. DARKB1KE


      How serious are you

    2. DaivRules


      So serious he made a thread AND a status!

    3. Asentiff


      With the fire of a thousand suns

  7. Just to let anyone and everyone know the 1.08 patch DOES NOT FIX THE RANK 50 TROPHY GLITCH its basically rubber banded the dodge button thus breaking it and reintroducing the microtransaction system.. as far as I could tell loot crates were taken away...
  8. Yup didn't work for me either... LMFAO this is passed the point now of even fucking redic. DIce and EA... ultimate trash companies and they both have sealed their fate with me... and they STILL cant get this bullshit resolved..
  9. I'm downloading the patch as I type this.. soon as it finished ill check before I head to work
  10. Funny putting a boost group together.. having the date up for 4 days

    having 4 active members of the community join

    and then come day of the boost

    nobody responds or shows up  LOL

    priceless smh

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    2. Fing3rButt3r3


      Its' like having a date and drinking tons of fruit juice for a week so you get that massive tasty load and then bringing all your special condoms but its a no show....

    3. The High Ground

      The High Ground

      "Your special condoms" mate get out 

    4. DARKB1KE


      Love it. 

  11. @vikrantmehta7 I hope so man.. as that's next week than ill be looking for my rank 50 and plat than..
  12. yah don't worry @enaysoft they def wont be getting a single cent from me ever again..
  13. My bad... I didn't know
  14. I need all three VS mode trophies and it would be greatly appreciated if anyone would care to boost it with me... shouldn't take long and should be easy to do send me a psn friend request Asentiff and lemme know you want to VS boost for Godzilla or reply here within... thanks
  15. Well your 2 trophies off from Destiny 2 tho I don't know what that entails