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  1. I decided 2020 is the year I shore up started games and difficult plats...

    atm working on Demons Souls.. difficult for sure but worth it as the gameplay mechanics and storyline are fantastic

  2. Been thinking of starting Final Fantasy X HD.. I hear those Sphere Grids are one massive long grind

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    2. skateak


      I didn't think it was too bad. When I got to the grinding part, I used remote play on my Vita and watched TV.

    3. Asentiff


      I'll probably listen to music or watch Vudu on my phone when I get to that point,, atm I am def enjoying the game

    4. skateak


      That would be your best bet. I might be in the minority but the only thing I didn't like about the game was Blitzball.

  3. Terminator Resistance.. Plat #85 on deck... something easy after RE2 HD... lol my anxiety needs a break after that one... 

  4. Absolutely loving RE 2 HD remake... shall be a fun plat

  5. Star Wars Battlefront is one of the absolute WORST games I have the displeasure of playing recently..

    just one long unfun grind... this will be the VERY LAST ONLINE game I will deal with... Just not fun to me, and tbh has never really been to me....


    Give me a good SP story and I'm all on board MMO Shooters like CoD, Battlefield, Battlefront all the same, all unfun grinds, all require nearly impossible measures to plat... my 2 cents

  6. Well, hopefully they've fixed those issues lol and I honestly didn't even notice the game art... it does have a creepy atmosphere from the gameplay footage, plus I'm a sucker for BW stuff, even tho I detested most of the films... odd I know LOL
  7. The min I saw that you had a dog as a companion, my initial thought was that very thing... Collectible trophies don't bother me as much as long MP grindy ones, so we shall see how this goes
  8. Lets hope this is better then the films lol... also the old school PC games were fantastic so heres hoping
  9. I can confirm you don't need a WBplay pass as I got the Vendetta trophy without pretty decent game, a bit mundane but if you like Middle Earth properties then a sure winner
  10. Just started playing Shadows of Mordor GOTY Edition...

    Mundane... but fun so far...

  11. So I just recently picked this game up, I installed it and when going to play, was notified I needed a WBplay account, I was able to link my PS4 to it but for some reason I cant validate my email address with them.. Ive done some research and it seems like the one online trophy involving Vendetta's may be impossible to get... is anyone else having the same issue and if so what are your suggestions.
  12. One can never be to careful @Spaz
  13. I don't want to get any trophies for this game if the servers are absolutely dead? Information from fellow trophy hunters would be greatly appreciated
  14. Ive tried various methods Getting counted out, getting DQd and I just cant seem to get the 58% ive gotten 60-62% this way.. does anyone have a sure fire way or suggestion on how they achieved it?
  15. Well... it seem that ive purchased 6 costumes and yet to have received the trophy ive equipped all 6... anyone else having this issue? ok it appears as though the suit you begin with DOES NOT count towards the Snappy Dresser trophy.. Glad that's cleared up quickly