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  1. Update added Plat #113 Friday The 13th Up Next: Plat #114:
  2. Hi all, Long time subscriber but first time poster to the forums.. I bid you all a warm welcome to my Trophy list, but first... About me: Just your everyday American gamer and trophy hunter always doing his best to achieve true 100%... but alas life does indeed sometimes get in the way Ive been gaming since childhood and my first foray into the world of gaming was the old 8-Bit Nintendo... Since I got a PS3 many moons ago ive always been interested and active in achieving and trophy hunting. Now with the PS4 and PS5, I'll continue to hunt. So with out further ado I present: The Trophy List PLATINUMS (113) PSN 100%(68) Games in Inactive Progress at the moment (28) Various trophy % Games with Unobtainable Platinum/Trophies(8) So there it, as always this will be a constant work in progress, not as impressive as some but impressive to me none the less.. Thoughts, comments, feedback are always greatly appreciated
  3. Update added Plat#112 BioShock (True 100%) Up Next: Plat#113 Friday The 13th Plat#114 Godzilla
  4. Update added Plat#111 Wreckfest (PS5 Ver.) Up Next: Plat #112 BiShock (True 100%) Plat#113 Friday The 13th
  5. Update added Plat# 110 Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Up Next: Plat# 111 Wreckfest (PS5 Ver)
  6. Update added Plat#109 Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Up Next: Plat#110 GTA Vice City
  7. Update added Plat#108 Spider-Man: Miles Morales Up Next: Plat#109 Final Fantasy Type-0 HD
  8. Update added CoD:MW3 (100% DLC) PSN 100% Watchmen End is Nigh Part 2 (100%) Up Next: Plat#108 Spider-Man: Miles Morales (PS5 Ver.)
  9. Update added Plat#107 Control (True 100%) Up Next CoD MW 3 (100% DLC) Watchmen: The End is Nigh Part 2 (100% PSN)
  10. Update added Plat #106 Astro's Playroom Up Next Plat#107 Control (True 100%)
  11. Update added Plat #105 Ratchet & Clank 3: Up Your Arsenal Up Next: Plat #106 Astro's Playroom (The first PS5 Plat)
  12. Updated added Plat #104 Prince of Persia: Warrior Within Up Next: Plat #105 Ratchet & Clank 3 : Up Your Arsenal
  13. Update added Plat#102 - Extinction Plat #103 - Resident Evil 7 (True 100%) One hell of a difficult 100%
  14. I appreciate that brother, unfortunately Godzilla is an extreme grind (up there with FFX's Sphere Grind) but eventually ill get back to it
  15. another update added with Plat# 100 - FF7 HD Remake Plat# 101 - Days Gone (True 100%)
  16. and the march to Plat 100 begins.. FF VII Remake seemed like the ideal choice
  17. Sure wish id have been vigilant enough to see this post before I finished my playthrough... alas now I must play another one for this spotty ass trophy...
  18. Thanks so much @BroonSauce72 hopefully me dying while defending Nurnen wont cause me any issues
  19. So Ive made it to Act 4, which is the Shadow Wars portion of the game.. Sieges 1 & 2 no problems Siege 3 I died at which was Nurnen, I retook my fort, moved onto Sergost and defended it. The problem is it still shows my % at 86% in the quest screen and only Stages 1 & 2 completed is there way around this issue? am I glitched out of the Shadow Wars trophy and thus negating me from the platinum? any advice or suggestion would be ideal, as ive scoured the internet for answers and mostly came across people who had the same issues, not sure if I will have to restart the entire game again to complete this or not (God, I hope not)
  20. So I just recently picked this game up, I installed it and when going to play, was notified I needed a WBplay account, I was able to link my PS4 to it but for some reason I cant validate my email address with them.. Ive done some research and it seems like the one online trophy involving Vendetta's may be impossible to get... is anyone else having the same issue and if so what are your suggestions.
  21. By far a fantastic game, I just started its sequel in Shadows of War, and so far just as good as its predecessor
  22. Some Updates being added now
  23. Well ive been at this a few days now, given time with work and everything, and MY GOD... they definitely don't hold back anything on some of these.. Currently have GOLD all the way up to Spider-Man whose Sim Mission is def. proving to be a pain in the ass... Keeping Dum Dum Duggan alive has been the main issue... well keep trying and trying lol that's all that can be done on situations like this.
  24. Been stuck on Diablo 3 for I want to say weeks now, not so much stuck as grinding out Gold pick ups for my final trophy.. My God Blizzard wasn't messing around with this this 5 million pick up trophy...

  25. Ive tried various methods Getting counted out, getting DQd and I just cant seem to get the 58% ive gotten 60-62% this way.. does anyone have a sure fire way or suggestion on how they achieved it?