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  1. So ive basically done everything in this game, crushing play-through, speed run play-through without a single issue or hitch... I'm at 92% platinum and have been using separate save files per play-through... This morning I started my Brutal campaign play-through in an attempt to achieve my 100% plat and I ran into a corrupted save data issue 2xs The first time was through Chapter 5 and the second the end of the hellatious truck chase in Chapter 7... I googled the issue and it seems to be a wide spread issue for several players... I'm curious if anyone here had similar issues.. personally the only solution I can come up with is to attempt to manually save before each and every chapter... Suggestions are greatly appreciated
  2. Ive tried various methods Getting counted out, getting DQd and I just cant seem to get the 58% ive gotten 60-62% this way.. does anyone have a sure fire way or suggestion on how they achieved it?
  3. I don't want to get any trophies for this game if the servers are absolutely dead? Information from fellow trophy hunters would be greatly appreciated
  4. One can never be to careful @Spaz
  5. Well... it seem that ive purchased 6 costumes and yet to have received the trophy ive equipped all 6... anyone else having this issue? ok it appears as though the suit you begin with DOES NOT count towards the Snappy Dresser trophy.. Glad that's cleared up quickly
  6. Ultra RARE Plat Hunter... hats off mate
  7. Hmmm.. ive been doing them on Normal... I was trying to avoid having to do more than two playthroughs... I guess that may be unlikely... be a shame to give up now tho ... ive finished more than half of them including Blade's and Dr. Strange's and those were hella difficult as well
  8. Well ive been at this a few days now, given time with work and everything, and MY GOD... they definitely don't hold back anything on some of these.. Currently have GOLD all the way up to Spider-Man whose Sim Mission is def. proving to be a pain in the ass... Keeping Dum Dum Duggan alive has been the main issue... well keep trying and trying lol that's all that can be done on situations like this.
  9. At least 100 hours more if I'm not mistaken and its very repetitive... I have been meaning to get back to that
  10. Street Fighter X Tekken
  11. Well... if anyone needs the two 3-man Marvel Ultimate Alliance PS4 trophies:


    Ultimate Team Alliance


    add me and hmu.. I know a boosting method that it can be done in an hour... hopefully people still play this as I need them also LOL

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    2. Asentiff


      @kidson2004 Well hopefully that's soon lol

    3. Sergen


      You can get the trophy in less than 5 minutes by leaving and entering the same room 25 different times, they all count as completions of a level when you do that. You can also do it with 4 controllers offline, but I doubt too many people have access to that, I can't help now because I'm nowhere near a PS4. 

    4. Asentiff


      @Sergen Yah that was the exact method I was gonna use... I only have 2 controllers tho so that wont help me out much LOL

  12. Thanks for proving my point troll... have a nice life being an ineffectual nobody whose only here to stir the pot.. LOL loser how pathetic do you have to be to troll the boards on a playstation trophy website.. just to talk shit to people.. LOL FUCKING LOSER... Now stay in them feels for daddy ya little salty bitch... lol you aint shit nor are your replies as this is the last bit of attention you get scrub..
  13. So needless to say that no one is getting the Force is Strong with this one gold trophy, after having hit rank 50 last night after having scoured the internet for solutions and having read countless COUNTLESS people going through the exact same issue after having contacted EA this morning and after receiving an "automated response" I have taken every single step in possibly trying to at least get an answer.. ive come to this conclusion path 1.07 has bugged this trophy FOR EVERYONE it took them 2 months to go from the 1.06 to 1.07 patch... they haven't even addressed the situation other than one comment on one message board... and needless to say "its being looked into" EA doesn't care.. they got what they wanted which was my money... they don't give a single shit about any of us gamers, about any of us people who spent over a 100 hours to plat their shitty game, which if it didn't have STAR WARS slapped on it wouldn't have sold for shit... I'm done with EA games entirely now.. they've officially proven themselves now to be the absolute worst company and do not care about the people they so greedily rob... Id suggest anyone currently playing this game or thinking of purchasing this game to take a real hard long look at how the developers have treated the game playing community They tried fucking us over with Microtransactions nerfed a lot of the fun out of this game with 1.07 patch and now have made it unobtainable for platinum had I know... id have never bought this game.. and I suggest to those of you still lucky enough to not have wasted your time with this.. to buy another game.. DO NOT waste your time with this glitch buggy pos game
  14. @DaivRules Your on a website called PSNtrophies as you talk shit about players who get trophies so my question is why are you here? because so far all you've done here is run your mouth... you don't know me whatsoever.. and yet you make it a point to insitigate and troll.. and you can better your bottom dollar I wont be purchasing another EA game.. does that bother you? apparently so since you've done nothing about it but cry.. on my thread.. about a game you don't even own.. yah you can call me whatever you want.. I made a topic after being disappointed and upset.. AS WOULD ANYONE.. and like clockwork some prick hiding behind the ambiguity of the internet thinks hes gonna be cute and try and throw shade.. LOL at you for being that insecure and pathetic.. I got my plat.. and ive shelved the game.. does that upset you also? your a dumb shit who does nothing but assume.. LOL at the scrub online who is arrogant enough to TELL ME WHAT IM GONNA DO, TO TELL ME MY INTENTIONS.. LMFAO fuck right off ya prick as far as trying to justify your dumb shit.. once again.. your on a website dedicated to trophy hunting.. as you talk shit to people who are communicating with other players going through similar instances and situations, and youre stupid enough to whine about how plats don't mean anything.. your a troll straight up... thanks for letting me know what your about.. What did you bring to the table other than shit talking people.. in the most passive aggressive manner possible.. clearly you wont admit it because your weak and disingenuous dbag.. I will say this tho... I'm glad my topic, any my opinions upset you snowflake.. because I don't give two fucks about you, your opinion or what you think.. now go ahead and prove me right by slithering in here yet again and talking shit to me because I got upset about being glitched out of a trophy.. on a website dedicated for trophy hunting moron PS you don't know what passive aggressive means obviously as I'm straight up telling you to fuck off...
  15. @DaivRules There's absolutely no need to be a condescending jerk off... AT ALL... and you've been one every single time you comment you take my sleight personal or some shit.. DO you work for EA? or Just a loser with nothing better to do than to passively aggressive talk shit with your 15 Plats?
  16. Ok so I deleted the original post and am editing it with this one.. yah its not a bad game and def nowhere the worst one ive ever played.. I simply was mad and pushed into RAGE by Chapter 14-2.. so I apologize to those enthusiasts and fans of the Vania Series... Been a huge fan since I was a kid and have had many different additions from the franchise... in my defense tho.. weve all been there and have been pushed to our limits from a game before.. it happens to the best of us.. and cmon... Chapter 14-2, The Forgotten one on Paladin mode.. shit aint exactly easy ya know lol
  17. It isn't... just made the original OP out of anger and rage... my apologies
  18. Ive been playing Castlevania since the original on NES.. had you actually read the topic and its comments I agreed to all your points Johncnstntn.. I made this topic in the heat of rage.. weve all been ther be it from this game or any game for that matter... like I said I am due the critiscm for so hastily making this post... so ill take that punishment...
  19. Lesson here is to not make topics when a game has you in rage mode... that's my fault.. but I will say this Story wise its impressive visually gorgeous has a great orchestral soundtrack voice acting is great ut fuck man.. the mechanics, fighting sytem.. crap.. utter utter crap of course part of the issue is ive been struggling with the forgotten assclown fight 2 all damn morning on Paladin mode and has me in a rage I take all the warrented criticism
  20. May 4th... still no resolution to the glitch... sad...
  21. Well the 1.09 patch was released today for SW BF2 and lo and behold still no rank 50 fix... LOL this trophy has literally become my Moby Dick now at this point

    1. ferginator88


      What needs to be fixed with level 50?

    2. Asentiff


      When you hit rank 50 (which is 170hrs worth of gameplay btw) your supposed to get the trophy called (Theforce is strong with this one) its majorly bugged and a lot of people are having issues with it.. its all I need for my 53rd Plat.. as I ve done the work for it already

    3. ferginator88


      Holy crap. That is some garbage....

  22. So a new update has been released... the 1.09 patch.. I'm going to play 1 round and see if anything happens.. I'm not holding my breath though.. as it seems like this isn't the PATCH weve all been waiting for.. so lets see I guess and still nothing.... well heres to hoping that whatever April patch they have fixes the issue because the 1.09 patch does not...
  23. Heres to being drunk on Sake on a Friday night... Namaste my good peeps

  24. Ok while I understand it may seem foolish to some to seem some so aggressive in response to what has occurred. Specillay for those of us that have spent the time in the trenches to achieve what we assumed was achieavable.. Basically this, you buy a game, you play a game for whatever reason (I would assume on a website such as this were all trophy hunters) You would assume a AAA company like EA and DICE who have been around the block for years would be a little more receptive and thourough when it comes to these type of things.. I for one spent 170 hours of my life subscribed to a goal,..a goal in which I met the specified requirements that were described in front of me.. to think that gamers wouldn't be upset after spending time and skill in order to achieve something as ardous and grindful as reaching the max rank.. Its not too much to expect certain gamers to be upset let alone angry in response... hell I was.. not as much now as life moves on,,, do I want my EARNED plat, Yes I do. I worked for it, met the requirements, therefore DESERVE what I have earned.. you can spin it any which way here, but we the gamers are the one suffering, Casual gamers could care less, those of us who dedicated time and effort see it differently. Spend 170 hours and achieve no perscribed trophy and you tell me how youd feel... I'm not trying to bitch at people here, but some need to understand what went into achieving this task... and it was long and ardous ask the group of us that have been screwed out of this.. and for a plat.. its double the effect..
  25. So I've been playing Ratchet and Clank for the first time (yah I know.. I'm always late to the party)

    so far all I've played is the first one, fun game, easy trophies... though.. this hoverboard shit.. makes me realize how shit I was and still am at Tony Hawk esq games

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    2. Spaz


      @Asentiff@PooPDeePie How bad were the challenges?

    3. Asentiff


      @Spaz as long as you be sure to make sure you actually stay vigilant with them as you do them.. their are a few that were a pain in the ass.. and as long as you make sure you do them before you clear every territory specifically convoys then your golden


      Unstoppable and Unbeatable come to mind as far as challenges that are a pain in the ass


       honestly its a great game.. its a bit long tho takes about 75-90 hrs to plat

    4. PooPooBlast


      Yea what asentiff said. There are two challenges that he listed to make sure you clear as early as possible otherwise it's near impossible to do after you're done. Also a good strategy is to loot the entire area before moving on till you get a tick for completing that area. I did that and no glitches occurred