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  1. I understand but banning someone from PSN forever still very outrages , they should first restrict your account at that game like not let you log in for a period of time after that if you repeat the violation they should ban you from playing THAT GAME online, banning you from PSN forever!!! WTF
  2. are they talking about trophy Boosting !! this is ridiculous. if true everyone should be banned by now cause literally everyone I know have anticipated at least once in trophy boosting including me
  3. so lets say you kicked someone for no reason , why does that deserve a ban from PSN forever !! this is way over the top. zero tolerance.
  4. who said that I only have the right to kick people out if they misbehave!! show me something official not speculations, one of the reason that feature exist was to chose whom you want to play with for whatever reason. kicking people out because I want to play with my friends only now consider abuse! what next ? not replying to messages !
  5. you dont have to be nice or anything what the hell!!! if they dont want you to kick people out then they should remove that option and get on with it , what the point of having feature you cant use??
  6. but how is that illegal!!! you have the right to kick people out of your session ( THAT WHY THIS OPTION IS EXIST IN THE FIRST PLACE) wtf is going on??
  7. hahaha nice
  8. what! wait a second, the people at Tau couldn't get to Omicron because there was a loss in the signal so the climber was off, there is a staff girl at Omicron I believe her name was Harper tried many time to contact Tau on radio but failed, and then as soon as you descend the stairs of the climber you could find the same voice message that she sent from the radio station at Omicron with Starsky or whatever his name!!! I tell you the truth The story is really interesting but sometimes it gets so complicated that nearly lost me after saying this I think the writer needs to be more famous to pull such an intricate story.
  9. Alright I finished the game and it was so cool but the ending wasn't really that heartbreaking like lets say (Life Is Strange), the puzzles weren't hard except for one with the computer that connected with the fake ARK at Theta, that puzzle took me 2 hours using pencil and paper to solve and that wasn't fun AT ALL, <Spoiler ahead> ..... I killed myself at Omicron, killed Lindall at Tau and decided not to destroy the WAU, wonder what would happen if I choose the opposite? so before I rap it up did I miss anything interesting?
  10. I wrote a long response confessing how much I like the game but its got deleted after I pressed Enter WTF!!!!! I am now at Theta, I restored the signal at the lower level of the facility, I am enjoying every second of the game, thank you for arguing me to give another try but if you asked me I think the first task to search for the Tracker was the reason for many to pass, after that everything kinda straightforward if you pay enough attention to the details around you, t answer your question Mome is the name that my family used to call me when I was a baby its very close from my real name (Monte) and ( Alsadi) is the name of my Clan, I regret not using My real name instead but its okay who cares its just a name right!
  11. I am now somewhere after the first building under the ocean and my impression is that the game borrowed a lot from Alien Isolation although the later has some gameplay mechanics, also throwing things to distract the monesters doesn’t work if the sound is not very close to him which is a little bit weird cause if I wanted to use it as they intended then I would risk being caught immediately which makes this method useless so I kept the monsters near me and sneaked behind him whatever I need to go somewhere , also the movement of the monester is not random cause he will take the same route every time I reload the scene although I didn’t test it completely , To be a little positive I loved the Atmosphere it really strikes your consensus very hard and there is deep story going on but I am still at the beginning , btw love your name 😉
  12. I just start playing it , first searched for the drug for 45 Minutes!!, now I really want to delete the game but you encouraged me to give it another try.
  13. Great , just to let you know , I have old saves before every Palace, I used the money exploit and gained more than 5M,
  14. Man I invested more than 150H and i missed the confidents trophy and the one that asked you to have all persona in the game 😢 , I would be lying if I said I am ready to give it another 50H but for someone who platted it 5 times maybe be there is a way that could help me without playing the whole game again 😨😨 why they have to make the Plat so hard to get ? it wasn’t a good journey for me cause I kept checking my Ipad every minute to make sure that everything is okay and I didn’t miss anything , in the end I liked the game but it left me so frustrated to think about trophies .