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  1. Quantum Conundrum. Easily one of the best PSN titles in history.
  2. Completion is bad because the game is bad all there is to it.
  3. if your talking just trophies based REs id start go with Zero 1 REmake operation Raccoon city 2 REmake code Veronica X 4 5 6 7 mixing in the rail shooters here and there if you want to. dont care for them personally, they are pretty decent though. REV 1 and 2 are pretty later i guess and Umbrella corp isnt very good and is basically nonexistent so good luck on that 1
  4. Think i meet 2 of these then? DR2 actually aint that bad, just get your route and times marked out and youll get it ezpz. Want to say when i went back for it i got it first try on PS3 atleast. And as for UC3 DLC. Yeah im a pyscho lol. wasnt really worth the like 400 hours me and my dood put in to it. As for pyscho stuff? probably say something like any mugen souls plat as those game as hot garbage.
  5. Would you happen to remember your plat time? trying to convince my goons to run it with me, and trying to have all the infos for them doods.
  6. Is this vita only? Or could ps4 doods get in on this action?
  7. Quantum Conundrum (PS4) Samurai Warriors 5
  8. Anyone know whats up with new Iconoclast list? LR maybe?

  9. Anyone elses trophy profile saying your settings are private when they arent? if so any fixes?

     Just randomly started saying it.

    1. MidnightDragon


      Double check your privacy settings. Also, try this if that doesn't work.



    2. killerJAZZ420


      it was a PSNP issue. i changed zero settings on my PS4 and randomly a few hours later it started working again.

  10. To be honest perfect is what you make of it. hard vs easy, long vs fast etc..... That can mean so much or so little. Theres really no point in thinking anyone list is better then the next or even making a thread about it. All in all if it aint yours why "really" care about it. i can understand admiring and appreciating hard work and whatnot. Just not something to get hung up on. Every trophy list in the world needs work. Thats the point to them, theres always a new game or another game i should say. If you feel like you have peaked you aint really doing it right.
  11. While it is scrubby to have Day 1 DLC on a game that's been delayed 3 times? Might be a good sign on its release and progress. Unless it's just shitty business tactics, or could be to cover the grounds and money to make up for lack of capital. Who knows
  12. alright but ive seen better, decent games but high completion doesnt mean perfect. put some hard plats on there then well talk.
  13. lol Just as an fyi with your method of typing, i.e. phone paragraphing, had you followed and typed a simple/clear step by step guide to doing it i probably wouldn't have lost my money and people would have a better understanding of your directions. Not to say you HAVE to do it that way, just simpler and easier to follow rather then whole essays of spelling errors and misuse of punctuation. Either way im sure people can be/will be/are grateful for your tips into getting the pets and stuff just might want to be a little smarter about something like this in the future. And just to touch on it. The game did STEAL my pet, no way around that whether or not you think so. I spent money, and i dont have the thing i spent money on. There for it was stolen, thats just the fact of it. Thats beside the point though.
  14. Dont think he was doubting you. Just maybe your manner of typing isnt very logical from a sentence standpoint. A lot of run on and beating a dead horse. Either way Word to the wise, it might be smarter to not pay for anything as the game just stole a paid pet from me. Bought a pet>uploaded my save>opened pet>not what i wanted>redownloaded save>pet gone/dont have a crate to open. Not sure its common for this or not, just warning people. In simpliest terms sony just stole a buck from me.