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  1. Read the trophy is boostable. Anyone understand how? I get the general concept i guess. But wouldn't mind getting a step by step in case i take that route
  2. This is a pointless debate as opinion is subjective, but going on that logic EVERY game has to be "good" to get that hundie? Maybe i have just been gaming for longer than you. Maybe you have never heard of games like Damnation or didn't know that Hannah Montana has a game? Either way i added it to my list. Wanted to get plat. So i did, it has nothing to do with the fact its not good. Working on my completion. Personally i stand with the fact that game is garbage. That is all.
  3. Lol. That was pretty good. Good laugh from that, got plat awhile back. But you roasted my ass lol sure showed me
  4. I can understand that, people play what they want. That makes sense, its not my list so i don't really care 1 way or the other what games you play. And i havent cared about leaberboard stuff for about 4 years at this point so if you want to VNs to move up on the LB? Do it, you want to play UR games? Feel free. Long and short, its your money and your time your spending. So play whatever you want.
  5. Its not about playing anything and everything since i have 1000 less plats but 600 more UR trophies. Not to say all of those came from OP 2hard4U games. But youd have to be pretty moronic to think that TOP and BEST aren't synonymous with each other in this context. Again for people that are overly sensitive it was 50/50 picking fun and constructive criticism
  6. Personally couldnt give a fuck about Leaderboard or gender honestly. Gender has nothing to do with gaming other then attention seeking for the sake of it. I dont consider myself a gamer boi. im just a goon that plays vidya games. To be honest i dont think being a so called "Girl gamer" is near a out of place thing any more. No one cares. People act like its a big deal and thats what makes it a big deal. Quick side bar, shade throwing. Never heard of this diddi89 person. but All them plats and only 300 UR trophies? can you really say your the best when your biggest piece of the pie comes from games that are more then likely made for kids or Weebs? [VNs] Like if i have 1500000 trophies but 1499000 are at 90% earned rate globally am i really the best? or do i just have a lot of disposable income and time on my hands? Aint trying to start nothing. just personal opinion.
  7. id bring Juliet starlight from Lolipop chainsaw. cuz shes hott.
  8. True dog. PSNP guide is poopbutt and written with nothing but lies when it comes to coop
  9. Think you NEED gold. Might be wrong though. The way this game handles DLC is beyond stupid.
  10. Can i be your friend? coolest person on this site lol
  11. Not that its super important or anything, but isnt it a rule or something that you cant get flagged for 1 trophy or something since trophies glitch?
  12. Dont remember the exact instance because it was 6 years ago lol. but can say for sure the game was pretty damn glitchy. and i guess i cheated on all these other games? So you must be right lol.
  13. Yeah my bad on the wording dog. I meant BT aka scrub butt dood above. Had a save. which we (mostly him) made OP for guys to join for trophies. But either way do whateves.
  14. killerJAZZ420 Terraria My friend has/had a trophy save. It didnt have every trophy set up but a lot of them lol.
  15. I can see this being cool and bad in a few ways. 1.If they are gonna keep adding DLC its a good way to get "a" hundie and move on rather then reDL the game like its Killing Floor 2 every 2 months. 2.Games decent so its cool to come back and play more. 3.Its free? DLC might be becuase i bought the gold edition or whatever but its free for me so cool. Cons 1.A lot to play, might have a backlog like 99% of gamers out there. 2.Its gonna be pretty dumb to see a Hitman 2 on my list thats only DLC lol Long and short. Be perpared for more DLC to following so be sure you dont regret playing it if you do. And if you think you will, then just skip it.