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  1. True dog. PSNP guide is poopbutt and written with nothing but lies when it comes to coop
  2. Think you NEED gold. Might be wrong though. The way this game handles DLC is beyond stupid.
  3. Can i be your friend? coolest person on this site lol
  4. Not that its super important or anything, but isnt it a rule or something that you cant get flagged for 1 trophy or something since trophies glitch?
  5. Dont remember the exact instance because it was 6 years ago lol. but can say for sure the game was pretty damn glitchy. and i guess i cheated on all these other games? So you must be right lol.
  6. Yeah my bad on the wording dog. I meant BT aka scrub butt dood above. Had a save. which we (mostly him) made OP for guys to join for trophies. But either way do whateves.
  7. killerJAZZ420 Terraria My friend has/had a trophy save. It didnt have every trophy set up but a lot of them lol.
  8. I can see this being cool and bad in a few ways. 1.If they are gonna keep adding DLC its a good way to get "a" hundie and move on rather then reDL the game like its Killing Floor 2 every 2 months. 2.Games decent so its cool to come back and play more. 3.Its free? DLC might be becuase i bought the gold edition or whatever but its free for me so cool. Cons 1.A lot to play, might have a backlog like 99% of gamers out there. 2.Its gonna be pretty dumb to see a Hitman 2 on my list thats only DLC lol Long and short. Be perpared for more DLC to following so be sure you dont regret playing it if you do. And if you think you will, then just skip it.
  9. Ive been waiting for Metal Wolf Chaos for 15 years. Its finally time to show how "Great" America is lol. As for all these scrubs that dont know true patriotism, Whats better then a Armored Core where you play as the president?
  10. Thinking about starting EDF 4.1 soon, any pros out there looking to hurt their backs for a bit till im stacked enough to carry my own wieght?

  11. Quantum Conundrum. Easily one of the best PSN titles in history.
  12. Completion is bad because the game is bad all there is to it.
  13. if your talking just trophies based REs id start go with Zero 1 REmake operation Raccoon city 2 REmake code Veronica X 4 5 6 7 mixing in the rail shooters here and there if you want to. dont care for them personally, they are pretty decent though. REV 1 and 2 are pretty later i guess and Umbrella corp isnt very good and is basically nonexistent so good luck on that 1
  14. Think i meet 2 of these then? DR2 actually aint that bad, just get your route and times marked out and youll get it ezpz. Want to say when i went back for it i got it first try on PS3 atleast. And as for UC3 DLC. Yeah im a pyscho lol. wasnt really worth the like 400 hours me and my dood put in to it. As for pyscho stuff? probably say something like any mugen souls plat as those game as hot garbage.
  15. Would you happen to remember your plat time? trying to convince my goons to run it with me, and trying to have all the infos for them doods.