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  1. I dont know you. Tom is awesome. Raid is somehow even more awesome. Its got Mechanized half tracks in it
  2. Might be a sign of bad things, or maybe a one off. But i have done a contract with no negatives and so did my 2 hires. Unfortunately no ping in the corner. Hopefully others have better luck with it.
  3. I would just recommend, get Aya to Voga then spam triangle top stun people and do the cool kill or whatever its called. I did basically all floors in Voga just making up the blood needed to sustain, and that was without even using the bloodstain ring. Then when you get to the no damage stage in question, just spam xtasy move with Aya and dodge. The timing on dodging is crazy forgiving and even if you dont predict you can still no damage dodge. OBV you have the trophies so this doesnt help YOU per say. Just putting in my 2 sense. It seemed more daunting then it actually was.
  4. WIthout having Winds of magic even installed yet. Can you explain why you NEED 4 for weave? is it just easier with 4 or are 4 people required?
  5. After reading this thread im still confused. Does the GE come with all 3 trophy related DLC or no? Found it on Amazon for 23 but it only mentions treasure island DLC which doesnt seem to have trophies.
  6. lol was thinking the same thing. quick match, join at wave 14, get trophy. lul meme face how would they know?
  7. Im pretty sure the rate goes up maybe depending on how often you modify maybe, or maybe your average KI. feel like my cost climb over my journey to 105+ like every 10ish it cost 10 more.
  8. So instead of goons arguing and saying using the exploit is cheap Is it still a thing? Looking to carry some goobers.
  9. had a similar issue where me and my bud pushed it and immediately of eliminated instead of it saying qualified. Game has its flaw for sure. But its alright. atleast you didnt get screwed by stupid mob mentality on slime climb on your 4 win streak and get knocked just shy of infallible like some people.
  10. Not that your big brain comment warrants a rebuttal, but i never said i was bad and that's why the game is crap.I win far more then i lose, and more then likely hold the top spot on mine and the other time. So its not a matter of my disliking it because im not some "GG u scrub" 1337 gamer like yourself. And as for the its ok because its in beta. Does it really make sense to charge for a beta? and unfinished game? Is the game ever gonna leave beta? think about the 100 other "early access, beta" games. people like you are the reason thats ok. But glad to see your alright with a unfinished game being a premium cost. how very progressive of you. The game is covered in errors and fuck ups. you can just search random funny problems with net coding and hit detection. 😂 you dickhead.
  11. It might be hard to win as the game is trash. And/or all of the above listed things.
  12. Read the trophy is boostable. Anyone understand how? I get the general concept i guess. But wouldn't mind getting a step by step in case i take that route
  13. This is a pointless debate as opinion is subjective, but going on that logic EVERY game has to be "good" to get that hundie? Maybe i have just been gaming for longer than you. Maybe you have never heard of games like Damnation or didn't know that Hannah Montana has a game? Either way i added it to my list. Wanted to get plat. So i did, it has nothing to do with the fact its not good. Working on my completion. Personally i stand with the fact that game is garbage. That is all.
  14. Lol. That was pretty good. Good laugh from that, got plat awhile back. But you roasted my ass lol sure showed me
  15. I can understand that, people play what they want. That makes sense, its not my list so i don't really care 1 way or the other what games you play. And i havent cared about leaberboard stuff for about 4 years at this point so if you want to VNs to move up on the LB? Do it, you want to play UR games? Feel free. Long and short, its your money and your time your spending. So play whatever you want.