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  1. I played Yakuza 0 on PC and then bought Kiwami 1 and 2, the Remastered Collection and Yakuza 6 for PS4. I have been playing them in order and now I'm on Yakuza 5 and I'm having lots of fun! The taxi missions are awesome! How cool would be if we could get a "Tokyo Taxi Simulator" game with a big city like Tokyo mapped in detail. A man can dream haha.
  2. #32 Fallout 3 Difficulty:5/10 Time Spent: 60h Dusted off my PS3 and got this platinum before playing Fallout 4 and I'm glad I did. Still continues to be a great RPG that is plagued with a few issues that remove a bit of enjoyment, like the save file size issue. Managing your saves is essential, keep a lot of them on a USB drive in case something goes bad like it happened in one of mine. The game itself is really good, the map is a joy to explore and all the vaults are amazing to discover and try to understand all the story behind them. Definitely recommended even with all this issues!
  3. Just got it from Amazon! Finishing the FO3 plat and then I will go to this one.
  4. Nah I'm just doing the base game, enough punishment 😂
  5. My save is at 7.9mb and it's starting to get real slow. I really have to rush If I want to do the plat without starting another save.
  6. #31 Star Wars Battlefront II Difficulty:4/10 Time Spent: 50h
  7. My collection is so small I'm ashamed to post it compared to what people here have but here it goes: The rest of the games I have are all digital!
  8. Greatest of Great Deliverers Obtained all Death Stranding trophies. Finally got the plat for one of my favorite games of the past generation!
  9. Marvel's Spider-Man Remastered doesn't require grinding and it's a pretty enjoyable game!
  10. Greatest of Great Deliverers Obtained all Death Stranding trophies. Got the plat last night, what an amazing game, trully a masterpiece!
  11. I don't have any tradeable cars but I have items, if someone needs the item trophy I'm sure we can work something out, really need this trophy.
  12. This method did not work for me
  13. Final Fantasy X, not like skill but I don't have the patience to grind all that time just to get the sphere grid trophies 😬
  14. Here goes my top 10: The Last of Us Part II God of War Ghost of Tsushima Bloodborne Uncharted 4 Horizon Zero Dawn Death Stranding Detroit Become Human Marvel's Spider-Man Persona 5
  15. I had one for like 2 years, then got a gaming PC and started working so I have a lot less time to play and decided to sell it. Also the prices on the games are way too high don't drop as much compared to PS4 or PC titles.