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  1. Most likely no, because at launch there are not that many great games that justify spending 400/500$ on a brand new system, while I still have lots of game I want to complete on my PS4. Probably gonna wait for a PS5 Slim just like I did with my PS4 Slim.
  2. That is a lie, just tried today and I don't have access to the multiplayer component.
  3. I would go for Skyrim, that game is amazing, the world is so interesting and there just so much stuff to do, wish I could play it for the first time again!
  4. Just found the glitch, it really is possible to do all the trophies in a row, thanks for the tip!
  5. Thanks for the help. Do trophies stack tho? Like, I play HARD+ mode and I get all the ones behind? Even the "not" new game plus.
  6. Currently trying to get the Last Of Us Remastered platinum. Singleplayer trophies are not that bad but I think Im gonna hate the multiplayer mode, but I really want this plat before TLOU2 releases.
  7. Hello guys. So I just finished the game yesterday and I have some questions. I have finished the game in Normal mode. Next I'm gonna have to do it on Survivor mode and final Step is Survivor+ mode. My question is, my weapon and Joel upgrades will continue on the "normal" Survivor mode, or they will only appear on the NewGame+ modes?
  9. Currently finishing Naruto UNS4, done with all the S battles, only the easy (but time consuming) trophys remain. Then I will do the Spyro 3 one and Im done the Spyro Trilogy.
  10. ^ The Last of Us Remastered
  11. Need help boosting Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 on PS3. If anyone is interested add me! PSN: dany4k_93