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  1. i need lvl 70 legendary necklace and two rings for my last trophy if someone would be kind to borrow them to me just for the trophy id be very thankfull. cheers PSNID: dac_22_ac
  2. is exclusive only for a few months not forever.
  3. because i received a ps3?
  4. Tomb Raider
  5. i can sync my ps3 trophies but when to post them on facebook it says problems in the server.
  6. workin' on Enslaved: Odissey of the west and DragonBall Ultimate Tenkaichi.
  7. Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood
  8. Burnout Collection (including PSP burnout) DBZ Collection Spyro Collection Crash Bandicoot Collection Tony Hawk Collection
  9. and the last day 50+ days loogin anddd no trophy!
  10. and the last day 50+ days loogin anddd no trophy!
  11. The last movie I watched was Exodus, still waiting for having that 2:30h of my life back
  12. hello mates! i like this game but i don't have move commands, so someone could just enlighten me if they are really required to play the game? Because i saw 2 covers one says move compatible others says move required. thanks
  13. I would like to make a suggestion. When we search for a game with the information of platforms it could be played, it also would help a lot to add if they're only in online version or as a physical version as well. It would help to people who wants the game to search the fastest and cheaper way to buy it and helping other users with trophies. oh and add a forum part to people of witch country to talk about trade games and stuff should be cool as well. Just a thought! Cumpliments