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  1. finally got around to downloading this months PS plus games. Deus ex is showing as £24.99 instead of free. Anyone else?

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    2. madbuk


      It's a mistake and Sony are working on fixing it

    3. ihadalifeb4this


      I already got it, but friend has same problem  with Deus Ex.

    4. DamagingRob


      Store having all kinds of issues lately. :/ 

  2. Between overwatch, Player Unknown's Battlegrounds, illness and a new job. It's going terribly haha
  3. Everyone knows that it's not matches, titles or wrestlers that are important; it's giving McMahons screen time! . Just subbed. Going to delve in
  4. God I love Nakamura so much It's 999 yen a month, so like £7 I think. I might try it for a month to have a look. I'm hoping it's going to be more like NXT rather than raw/smackdown; more wrasslin', less talking.
  5. Heyo, So I'm a bit of a wrestling fan and I'm looking to expand outside of WWE. TNA isn't...what I'm looking for but I just found out a Japanese promotion has a service similar(i think) to WWE network and I was thinking of signing up. I'm not familar with the promotion, like, I know a lot of big people made themselves there, but I've not watched it. Any one have any recommendations for/against?
  6. After 2 weeks of waiting my new xbox one pad is finally here! I can move right again! Side note; hermes are garbage

  7. I think MMO's that are already big will be fine. WoW and FF14 aren't going anywhere anytime soon. I think it's less accessable to new MMO's, and it's harder for the smaller MMO's to grow. MMO's aren't really a niche thing anymore, so they need to be made easier for mass appeal. I've only really played FF14 for any length of time, but because it's easy to get in to it didn't put me off. If it was like what I hear WoW use to be, a sort of 'hardcore needed' mentality I would have bailed.
  8. Busy week but thought I'd stop in to wish everyone an amazing new year :)

  9. [PUBG] Argg, two people away from my first chicken dinner, so tense lol

  10. Been watching some pro over watch streams when learning how to play Winston, it seems to help a little so far! I don't know if I'm having a lucky day but I usually play games with music/youtube/podcasts when playing, but I stuck some headphones in and listened to just the game and I seem to be doing a little better.
  11. Nice month for PS4, both look great. Psycho pass looks good as well, everything else I could take or leave but yeah, pretty good month
  12. First day after the Christmas break and I'm sick again :( 

  13. Another vote for the second one here; the first seems a little long, like you said.
  14. At the moment I am looking to get better at Killer Instinct and Overwatch, and I've got Battlefield 1 and PUBG on the way. I'm a bit gun shy after previous BF games, I always travel for ages to get to the action and then just get blown away. Poor showing on my part haha I think the thing with aim assist is I sort of 'drag' the reticle to what I'm about to shoot while starting to aim down sights, aiming for the throat/upper chest but auto aim corrects it slightly and throws it off. Thinking about trying to take it off see how that goes. I'd like to start making use of longer range weapons as well. I have issues trusting my aim so I tend to rely on shotguns/smgs/melee weapons as a cushion but when I want or need to use something else I struggle. No idea how I can get better at that, just practice and be garbage for a while I guess haha. Will def try and do some more competitive stuff though. *looks at overwatch silver rating in shame*
  15. Heyo, combination of illness, new job and christmas means I've been away for a while. All good now though ^_^

    1. Lorajet


      Good to hear and welcome back! 🙂

    2. Froopy the Cowbear

      Froopy the Cowbear

      Glad to hear you're all good :) How's the new job treating you?

    3. TheLiamK


      Thanks both :) Rough couple weeks lol. New job is good thanks, Froopy just getting used to everything and settling in :)