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  1. 23 or so wins... 3 in a row at most, Got a set route for crown mountain that almost always works, Hexagon game is always a killer though. Always like the slime climb because it usually cuts the group from 40 people to 6-8 speeds up the game quite a bit.
  2. Hi everybody, don't know if posts like these are common, but I was just wondering what other racing games on PS are good for filling the Driveclub shaped hole in my heart. After doing all the dlc for DC and Bikes as well, I yearn for more but everyone knows Evolution is gone. Anybody got any opinions about Grid (2019), or any other games that would be good replacements? Any and all suggestions would be appreciated!
  3. To all those wondering about this particular trophy, you might have noticed that there seem to be almost no wheel gambits in the game with Huge Success cards. As it happens, there seems to be only about 3 or 4 gambits where you can get Huge Success results on wheels and they are all late game. There is one in the river crossing on the second floor of Judgement, and another if you run away from the Prison Mage encounter on the second floor of The Sun. Another is in the Far North encounter, but if you earn this card's token it is no longer available to you. So right now, it is a bit of a grind to get this, but the Steam version received a patch a few days ago that added a Huge Success card to the wheels on the Field of Fae and Plague encounters, so you might want to wait for this update to hit PS4 to grind this one out. Just thought I'd post this because I figured other people would be wondering about the lack of chances to progress this trophy, good luck everybody.
  4. Lone Survivor for sure, really cool 2-D survival horror, and it's an ultra rare plat that's not even all that hard.
  5. Squishy Vanquisher here, with 7 plats R&C R&C 2 R&C 3 Deadlocked Crack In Time Into The Nexus Reboot
  6. Upgrade this Dank Soul to Legend, got the Dark Souls III plat last week.
  7. South Park: The Stick of Truth is a pretty easy game that you can plat in around a day, plus the game never ceases to amuse.
  8. Likes to display a wide variety of their hard-earned platinum trophies.
  9. God of War I, II, and III plus CoO and GoS so that makes me a Titan, don't know if I'll ever get around to Ascension.
  10. Demon's Souls Dark Souls Dark Souls II (& Scholar of the First Sin) Bloodborne Sign me up for Lord of Cinder!