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  1. I didn't see that, thanks for pointing it out.
  2. I'm sure I counted four kills, I put the video on Youtube see what you think.
  3. Whilst defending on Route 66 as Junkrat I used my RIP-tire whilst in Overtime getting 4 kills with it but the 'Roadkill' Trophy didn't pop. Any idea why it this might have happened? Video: Overwatch | Overtime RIP-Tire
  4. I have a spare Smite Closed Alpha Key, none of my friends wanted it (their lose) so whoever wants it just take it. MT44-FRNB-HLAR And to however does redeem it if you do take it could reply saying you took it so people don't waste their time trying to redeem a code that doesn't work. Enjoy
  5. Looking for some new fiends to play: Advance Warfare [Exo Zombies and Multiplayer], Minecraft, GTA 5, Borderlands: The Handsome Collection My PSN ID is UnrealVoodoo, and I have a mic.