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  1. Looking for someone who hosts a session for Master Trader. I linked my PS4 Minecraft with my Microsoft Account and my Gamertag is apparantly GroundMeteor666.
  2. Thanks for the answer, that all sounds fine to me. Will get the game for sure then.
  3. What do you mean with censored? It's not like the Neptunia games ever had uncensored boobs, "just" lots of ecchi stuff and low amounts of clothing... Or did I miss something important in the past by playing the games on PS4/Vita? Where are my uncensored Noire boobs? Anyway, definitely going to get this game. However, I heard that the game is incredibly laggy/ buggy!? Can a japanese version player comment on this?
  4. I can further confirm: Using OP's seed gets you the Atlantis trophy really easy. Afterwards I sailed around in a boat for maybe half an hour on the various oceans of that seed, then I loaded the tutorial, went into the middle pool and the ocean biome trophy popped. For the cat trophy I created a new world, searched for the first village, checked if there were cats (there were 4), quickly got some fish and then I reloaded befriending the same cat 20 times. Works perfectly easy. The other two trophies (Fruit of the Loom and the Shulker box) are harder to set-up from new seeds, but luckily I had all I needed available in my old save. :-)
  5. As a Nintendo gamer since childhood I can only say: I love this localized title! The game is looking good so far, I‘m very interested.
  6. I dunno what all of you have against a Western studio. I too prefer Japanese games in general, but if Compile Hearts chose Artisan, then I think they know what they are doing.
  7. The new game in the Neptunia series will be developed by Artisan Studios. It will be an 2D title it seems. Not much is known yet, further information will be given in the volume 661 of the Dengeki Playstation on April 26.
  8. Damn, I managed 50:27 for my 100% officer speedrun... so close! Well then, gotta do any% in a second run then. EDIT: 44:31 with any% netted me the last missing ending screen. EDIT2: 51:47 for the 100% beach speedrun resulted in all 4 ending screens in one go. EDIT3: 48:01 for the 100% ninja speedrun gave me only 3 screens again, so a second run is needed again. Got the last any% speedrun screen with 40:26. So overall I needed 5 runs to complete this dlc.
  9. Here are some nice pictures that outline the upcoming DLC plans: I'm really looking forward to these additions (in contrast to most of the users here, according to the previous posts...)! Episode Ardyn, Aranea und Luna are exactly the things I wanted. I really wonder what they're planning to do with Episode Noctis though... the discription sounds kinda like an alternate ending...? I wouldn't really be into that, but we'll see. Up until now SE has constantly amazed me with all their additional content for FFXV. Though I gotta admit that the pricing for the Royal Pack was too high, but I hope they'll do a second season pass for these new DLC's.
  10. I'm in for more DLC, but the trophies are a bit... meh! I already completed the game more than often enough, and now there are 3 more "get all screens" trophies?! That means a least 6 more playthroughs... yay...
  11. Omega seems to be build to use your Armiger Unleased to the fullest, but I also had a lot of problems fighting him. I did it however with this strategy (copied from Reddit): Equip Prompto with the Clever sigil (Talisman of the Clever) and whatever else you have to boost his strength, also equip Noct with Tech Turbocharger. Character switch to Prompto, begin luring Omega down to the lower right side of the battle arena and let the other bros die. Stand in the area with the rubble and building overhang, and you'll notice Omega can't reach you anymore. Get in a comfortable position and start unloading on his Antenna with the SMG. It's very easy to dodge Omega's laser and other long range attacks from this position. When Omega goes Berserk, continue to use the SMG on it's body and eye, and if it turns around while stampeding, launch a Trigger Happy its way for some SERIOUS blindside damage. The fight took around 1.5 hours until I was finished, and the strategy is very cheap, but it was still fun and I still died several times when not dodging his lasers correctly.
  12. Four more DLC Episodes are planned, which will be released in 2018 and early 2019. Episode Ardyn was confimed as the next, nothing is known afterwards, neither have they talked about a second season pass. I too am looking forward to these contents.
  13. I finally managed to win this fight today, on my 10th attempt or so. I am level 75 now this helped me a lot, since the NPC‘s also get a higher level and thus they survived longer. I used the fierce sigil like many suggested (+50% HP +50% defense, martial arts) and I fought very offensive. My stats were 5100 HP, 1300 attack and 900 defense. I also equiped a weapon with vitaga to always quickly heal myself fully. The martial arts also help a lot to get in damage when Ifrit starts his fire cloak and takes less damage due to it (martial arts did 2000 damage, a normal weapon hit only around 500).
  14. Is there some special strategy I‘m missing? I’m level 65 now, I have 1200 attack and 1070 defense, 100% fire resistance, and my best fight was to bring him into his third phase. I died shortly afterwards. As soon as he starts his second phase he‘s barely taking any damage. It seems to be possible to stagger him/ remove his fire cloak, but how?
  15. The chocobo I got to level 99 was a green one. I catched him at level 50, initial level cap was 60. It seems I got lucky, since this was the first chocobo I caught. Btw. I played the comrades quest as Gladio and Prompto last night, with other human players, and it was super easy. And I‘m at 12/13 sigils now. The last one however is extremely difficult to get. I‘m level 57 and I have very decent gear (1700 atk) and managed to get the health of this boss down to half.