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  1. So last friday I finally completed the game with all gems, all n. verted gems, all platinum flashback tapes and all n. sanely perfect relics. My time then was 52 hours. The n. sanely perfect relics were surely a pain in the ass in some levels. Obviously, the polar bear levels were pretty difficult, however, my worst level was Crash Landed. It took me over 5 hours spanning over several days to get the n. sanely perfect relic in that level! Funnily, I found the toxic tunnels and cortex castle to be okayish. Toxic tunnels was difficult, but only because of that gem vault. As soon as I had that down, the rest of the level was a cakewalk in my opinion. Then, yesterday, I started with the platinum relics. I had just gotten the triple spin and had to get used to it, as well as to speedrunning the levels in general, and... man, I got really annoyed at first! It took me 3 hours to get the platinum relic in the first level of the game! I was thinking to myself "Maybe I'll not platinum Crash 4 overall... these time trials are just too much for me." Then I got the next 3 platinum relics in around 15min each. Overall though, I think the n.sanely perfect relics are so much nicer than the time trial platinum relics! I just like taking my time...
  2. Congrats to all plat achievers! I have still not even played all levels. But my quest to complete each level with N.Sanely Perfect Relic before moving on to the next level continues successfully! I finished both Bears Repeating and Building Bridges by now and just last night I also finished the N.Sanely Perfect Relic in Rock Blocked. Now I can move on to the next world. 11 levels left I think! ...I am still horrified just thinking about the platinum relic speedruns. But I guess they will be a matter of training, just like the NSP Relics of the polar bear levels.
  3. I am currently working my way through the game. My strategy is to fully clear each level without time-trial (all gems, n.sanely perfect relic, n.verted) before moving on to the next level. I also did every platinum flashback tape level directly after unlocking it. Until now, this strategy worked out really well for me, but the N.Sanely Perfect Relic on "No Dillo Dallying" broke me. Was the first level I really started to hate after the what feels like 100th replay. I moved on for now and went back to my former "clear everything" strategy in the snow world, which worked out fine for now. Overall I'm loving the game. Really good platforming and nice level design!
  4. Started playing this game on September 12th, so around 3 weeks ago. I'm currently at level 39 (and a half), so I should hit level 40 today. I'm having a blast and looking forward to Season 2. Only other trophies missing are Infallible (not bothering with that one atm, I never had I win streak higher than 2) and the 50 shop items, which will come with time.
  5. Thanks! So basically, Minecrafts trophies could be either over or they create a new trophy list. Just wondering, will the new separate trophy list automatically be added to your profile if you have the game, or do you at least have to update the game for it to be added to your list?
  6. Is 128 confirmed to be the maximum amount of trophies for one game? Can't find any good answers by using google. Because, if so, then Minecraft PS4 would have only a single remaining trophy slot now.
  7. Looking for someone who hosts a session for Master Trader. I linked my PS4 Minecraft with my Microsoft Account and my Gamertag is apparantly GroundMeteor666.
  8. Thanks for the answer, that all sounds fine to me. Will get the game for sure then.
  9. What do you mean with censored? It's not like the Neptunia games ever had uncensored boobs, "just" lots of ecchi stuff and low amounts of clothing... Or did I miss something important in the past by playing the games on PS4/Vita? Where are my uncensored Noire boobs? Anyway, definitely going to get this game. However, I heard that the game is incredibly laggy/ buggy!? Can a japanese version player comment on this?
  10. I can further confirm: Using OP's seed gets you the Atlantis trophy really easy. Afterwards I sailed around in a boat for maybe half an hour on the various oceans of that seed, then I loaded the tutorial, went into the middle pool and the ocean biome trophy popped. For the cat trophy I created a new world, searched for the first village, checked if there were cats (there were 4), quickly got some fish and then I reloaded befriending the same cat 20 times. Works perfectly easy. The other two trophies (Fruit of the Loom and the Shulker box) are harder to set-up from new seeds, but luckily I had all I needed available in my old save. :-)
  11. As a Nintendo gamer since childhood I can only say: I love this localized title! The game is looking good so far, I‘m very interested.
  12. I dunno what all of you have against a Western studio. I too prefer Japanese games in general, but if Compile Hearts chose Artisan, then I think they know what they are doing.
  13. The new game in the Neptunia series will be developed by Artisan Studios. It will be an 2D title it seems. Not much is known yet, further information will be given in the volume 661 of the Dengeki Playstation on April 26.
  14. Damn, I managed 50:27 for my 100% officer speedrun... so close! Well then, gotta do any% in a second run then. EDIT: 44:31 with any% netted me the last missing ending screen. EDIT2: 51:47 for the 100% beach speedrun resulted in all 4 ending screens in one go. EDIT3: 48:01 for the 100% ninja speedrun gave me only 3 screens again, so a second run is needed again. Got the last any% speedrun screen with 40:26. So overall I needed 5 runs to complete this dlc.
  15. Here are some nice pictures that outline the upcoming DLC plans: I'm really looking forward to these additions (in contrast to most of the users here, according to the previous posts...)! Episode Ardyn, Aranea und Luna are exactly the things I wanted. I really wonder what they're planning to do with Episode Noctis though... the discription sounds kinda like an alternate ending...? I wouldn't really be into that, but we'll see. Up until now SE has constantly amazed me with all their additional content for FFXV. Though I gotta admit that the pricing for the Royal Pack was too high, but I hope they'll do a second season pass for these new DLC's.