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  1. Above is true. Confirmed.
  2. 20 is a very high number. Might come naturally but can easily be game boosted aswell. The game is absolutely fantastic!
  3. Not confirmed. I used an unlockable character aswell as my friend and it popped for both of us as soon as we had 20 downs.
  4. A number of people claim that aswell. For me and my friend it worked fine. Make sure to play the regular game mode since you cant unlock anything in squad mode.
  5. Join the Discord Server and get your alpja tester role verified.
  6. I thought so. Thanks a lot for the link!
  7. On the topic: You can skip a huge part of apexion with an optional teleport found on the way to iska. Concerning the initial aproach to the cathedral you can use an aspect called grit which you get from the ravager commander bossfight. This aspect reduces damage you take when using a syringe by 40% and increases stability by 100. You can run up the stairs, tank hits while healing and reach the obelisk easily. A lot of people dont apreciate the game or critisize it a lot. Imo it is great. It is a different experience than souls and imo a lot harder. The game forces you to come up with strats to handle the challenges.
  8. Yes i went straight for NG++++ on the cursed as it saves 2 playthroughs. Its doable but you will note that certain curses stacking will change the gameplay dramatically. For example you have to choose between increased enemy speed + attack speed and increased enemy awareness. I stacked the awareness curse which caused the enemies to go full agro from really far away. That was the most challenging part about the cursed.
  9. As all of the DAO DLC got removed from the japanese PS Store there is no way to get the witch hunt trophies. Any chance somebody in here owns the japanese version of the witch hunt DLC and is keen to share? Please message me in PSN: King_Sulzi
  10. Not sure this is relevant anymore. Yes the questlines are missable.
  11. First make sure to install the most recent patch data. That solves all known issues in the game. Depending on your starting class certain armour shrines can be inactive. For example you start with an inate armour upgrade. Some classes have a shrine in the tutorial area instead of one in the main game. You should also be able to further enhance your armour in NG+ (and higher). If you complete the game with an upgrade at IV and move on to NG+ the shrines reset. So you can get V and higher. (Just for safety reasons copy you save file to flash drive or ps+ cloud before moving into NG+)
  12. The game is actually great. Patches fixed the annoying bugs. You have to cope with the game's challenges and mechanics and transitioning from a souls game to IU is harder than you'd think. The game is completely balanced. There was a guy who beat it with melee only and i beat it with the starting pistol and grenades only. (To give you an idea: The highest damage i got from one pistol hit was 70-110. While you can dish out 11k+ with a single sniper shot.)
  13. Pretty late by now but if anyone is interested... Can agree on performance issues like mentioned above on the vita version. Massive lags. Also after the final boss my game crashes in the loading screen. So i cant complete a playthrough. Uninstalling didnt help. Im on digital european version fyi. Id strongly recommend to play this on PS4.
  14. The base game is more like a demo version. Full version has access to ~200 songs.
  15. Thanks for the quick reply! I will be patient.