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  1. Game #4.5: Hatoful Boyfriend (PSVita) 1st day Total playtime: about 1 hour Hatoful Boyfriend is a parody of the Otome genre, which usually has a female protagonist follow various male love interests in visual novel style gameplay and there's usually a different ending for each candidate. Now imagine this protagonist is the only human in a world filled with birds. Storywise, you are a female student that visits an all bird high-school and you socialize with your for some reason almost entirely male school mates as the year goes by. I don't really have much to say so far. I've gotten a sort-of ending by now or at least the game calls it an ending but I can still continue playing. Overall it's pretty funny and my favorite character so far is Okosan who is a bit like Hodor in a way because he only makes "Coooo!" noises but somehow everyone understands what he is saying and he's totally in love with pudding. I'm looking forward to the twists that were mentioned by @eigen-space in KYC 777. Never even heard of this game but it sure sounds like something I would enjoy. I gotta make sure to remember this in case I ever have some money to spend.
  2. Game #4: Child of Light (PS3) Final Review Total playtime: about 11 hours Trophies: 20/20 for an S rank Completion: Overall - 65.01% -> 64.12% | -0.89% Current - 63.98% -> 64.12% | +0.14% The good: Story: Despite having some pacing issues caused by the combat in my opinion, the story is an experience and the main focus of the game. I don't know how I feel about it being told as a poem. On the one hand it is a creative idea and has a certain charm, on the other hand it breaks the immersion and lets it seem more like a story being told than an experience being lived. Visuals: Water color art style with much character. A joy to look at. Audio: Emotional overworld music with epic boss battle themes. The OST is just as beautiful as the art, if not even more so. Also kind of makes me want to make more time for piano practice again, I'll make sure to learn a couple of these songs as I get better. I really had trouble deciding on which songs to showcase since they are all brilliant. Setting: I like the light and darkness themes going on, other than that it's a medieval fantasy setting that doesn't just use your standard fantasy creatures but adds some unique species into the mix. Difficulty: There are two difficulty settings. I started out on the higher one and it was definitely challenging. Later on, as I started to avoid combat I was forced to switch to the lower setting which still ended up being pretty hard towards the end with my playstyle. The bad: Gameplay: Traveling across the overworld feels fun and the game nails all of the RPG systems it has to offer. With the focus on combat relying heavily on interrupting your enemies and trying not to get interrupted yourself it feels a lot more tactical than traditional turn based systems. It's fun, so why is this in the bad section? Well, being an RPG, you've gotta grind from time to time in this game and since the combat forces you to pay attention at all times when fighting, a usually mindless activity like grinding a little between boss fights becomes a chore and I found myself skipping most enemies towards the end of the game. I think it would have been a better idea to make more use of the fun overworld gameplay and turn this game into an action RPG instead. Pacing: I felt there was just too much fluff in between exposition for this kind of game, partially caused due to long RPG fights. The ugly: none The first game on my list that wasn't a completely positive surprise. Beautiful art, beautiful music, beautiful story to go with it but in the end I guess my expectations were just too high. Still, I've had to add quite a lot of music to my playlist today. It's been a while since I've played a game with a comparable soundtrack. I'd still recommend the game if you got it on PS+ or at a cheap price, like Journey, this is more a piece of art than it is a game so if you're into these kinds of games it's definitely worth checking out. Since I got done two days early and I've got another PS3 game coming up I'll start up Hatoful Boyfriend as a bonus game tomorrow and play it alongside Port Royal until Friday. That's sure to get me some funny looks on the train tomorrow. Rating: Next game: Hatoful Boyfriend (PSVita) (Bonus 19th to 23rd) and Port Royal 3 (PS3) (21st to 25th) I love the art and the music. I started out liking the combat and even later on I still liked it for boss fights but it got annoying fairly quickly. I kinda like the system but I guess it's complex enough that it stops feeling relaxing like a turn based combat system should be but at the same time fights take way longer than in a non-instanced action combat system. So in the end it feels more like the worse of both worlds instead of the best of both worlds.
  3. Game #4: Child of Light (PS3) 1st day Total playtime: about 1 hour Child of Light is an artistic western JRPG about a little princess that one day wakes up in a world inhabited by creatures of darkness and is now trying to find a way to get back to her parents. Since this game is probably rather short and mostly about watching the story unfold, I won't go into more detail than that. An interesting thing to mention is that the story is told as a giant poem and so far all conversations between the protagonist and other creatures of the world have also taken place in the form of rhymes. The gameplay is fairly simple. You control both your character and her glowing firefly companion to solve simple puzzles in a metroidvania-like 2D puzzle platformer world. These puzzles usually just involve pushing around crates to reach certain places, shining light or casting shadows on certain things using your companion and are generally very easy. There are also enemies that can be stunned using your companion and approached in order to initiate the turn-based battle system. It's pretty standard but the time until your and your enemies' turns is displayed as a timeline at the bottom. If you hit them while they are attacking, they are interrupted and the same goes for you. Because of this, one of the main combat mechanics is controlling your companion to slow down an enemy at a time in order to time their attack windows so that you attack them while they are in the middle of an attack and to try and stop them from interrupting you. This can get quite hectic since this is a real time mechanic and you can only slow down one out of up to three enemies for a certain time since the ability has to be recharged over time. Even on the higher difficulty normal enemies were no real problem but the first boss was pretty challenging. Of course, being a JRPG, this game has a level system as well as a skill tree to invest points into but they are pretty simple. The art is beautiful and resembles a world drawn in water colors and the soundtrack also seems pretty good so far. By now I've just beaten the first boss and I definitely like the gameplay and the story so far.
  4. Game #3: Oreshika: Tainted Bloodlines (PSVita) Final Review Total playtime: about 10 hours Trophies: 6/48 for a C rank Completion: Overall - 65.01% -> 63.98% | -1.03% Current - 64.71% -> 63.98% | -0.73% The good: Visuals: Very pretty blend of the usual 3D anime art style, an Okami-like brush-drawn aesthetic for the dungeons and traditional Japanese drawings for interface and enemy sprites. There are also anime-style cutscenes that look pretty neat. Audio: Very traditional Japanese sounding OST that fits in brilliantly with the setting. I generally really love the soundtrack of this game. Setting: Japan in the year 1119 with lots of folklore. Gameplay: While making use of your standard JRPG turn-based battle system, the game spices things up by adding many interesting systems outside of the combat that keep things interesting. Settings: The game lets you choose how much time you intend to spend with the game and provides possible settings to speed up the passage of time while increasing experience gains, which causes them to balance each other out keeps you from getting much stronger than you should be at the time. Multitasking: Since this is the first Vita game in this list that doesn't use up all of your consoles' resources I'll add it as a good point. Finally a game I didn't have to quit each time I wanted to check on my trophies... Kouchin: Our adorable weasel manager and sidekick deserves yet another mention. The bad: Performance: The pretty graphics take their toll and the game feels a bit choppy at times, although with the type of game it is, it doesn't really need extremely smooth fps and it didn't bother me at all when I was playing the game. Nitpicking. Grind: Some people like it, others do not but this game is pretty grindy and some of the trophies look even grindier. I don't mind grinding in most cases but if you do, you're better off playing other games. The ugly: Difficulty: I don't know if the theoretical balancing of the settings above just doesn't cut it but the second boss battle was so easy, the boss didn't even get to attack more than twice. The game is pretty grindy and I feel the faster settings are much more fun in terms of pacing, so I probably wouldn't even play on a different setting if the game was more challenging that way. I wish they had a separate difficulty setting because there is just no challenge here. Pretty much exactly what I expected from the KYC review that I based my purchasing decision on. I must admit that I played this a little longer than I should have because I was very close to beating the second boss and I still had another hour or so of gaming time in train this morning, so since my next game is on PS3 I just played some more Oreshika in train. I did manage to beat the second boss in that timeframe, earning me a final sixth trophy in the process. The fight was a joke, I could have and actually did beat the second boss like eight times in a row when the game forced me to flee from the battle and twelve months of training later the boss didn't stand a chance against me. When you can only challenge a boss once every twelve months, it's very annoying when a game forces you to abandon the fight. Overall, I'd say I'm fairly happy with the game. If it wasn't for the difficulty this would probably be the best game so far but for now I'll leave it at a gold rating which may or may not change in my summary at the end of the month. I'm really looking forward to Child of Light. Rating: Next game: Child of Light (PS3)
  5. Game #3: Oreshika: Tainted Bloodlines (PSVita) 3rd day Total playtime: about 8 hours By now, I'm really glad I decided to play on one of the shorter settings since the game already feels pretty grindy as there's less of a focus on story progression and a larger focus on time management and improving your clan with each new generation of members. You are forced to either lose or retreat from the second boss battle so, since you can only challenge the boss of a dungeon on the date of an annual festival, I'm currently waiting for the year to pass after getting what I needed to try again a month later. Thanks to that I'm pretty sure that I'm overleveled enough by now to completely obliterate the boss as the only meaningful way to pass time is to grind in the dungeons. Don't get me wrong, though. I really like the game so far but I wish it was a bit harder. Besides that I'm happy with the way the game keeps you busy using many mechanical systems that are unusual for your default JRPG but still not complex enough to be confusing. If you really don't know what you're doing you can always ask your weasel sidekick Kouchin. She's got a handy guide for pretty much every mechanic in the game to be accessed whenever you may need them. The only thing that seemed strange so far was that, despite the game saying the people of my clan live for 2 years, everyone who passed away so far did so at the age of 18 months. It might be because they start getting weaker with age and the game mentioned that even healthy clan members can die at low constitution values and I've been taking them out to fight at that age, making it harder to manage their constitution so I guess my poor management might have killed them.
  6. Game #3: Oreshika: Tainted Bloodlines (PSVita) 1st day Total playtime: about 2 hours and 30 minutes The story of Oreshika: Tainted Bloodlines begins as one day in 1119 in Kyouto, former capital of Japan, the four instruments of the gods suddenly vanish. As a result disasters plague the capital and divine festivals can no longer be held without the instruments. To appease the gods, the emperor has the clan that was supposed to protect them sacrificed. That just happens to be your clan. After the sacrifice one of the god descends from heaven in order to give you the gift of life again because he didn‘t agree with the choice of the emperor, or maybe he was just bored, you know how gods are... anyways, turns out that you’ve not only been killed but also cursed so that everyone in your bloodline can only live for two years and the only way for you to procreate is with other cursed clan members or gods. Turns out that the latter is actually pretty easy because you can get devotion by killing demons and then there are some gods that are cheaper than others. Gameplay wise, it’s a standard turn based JRPG. The dungeons so far seem pretty similar to those of Persona 4. There’s many dungeons comprised of multiple floors with varying enemies. Enemies are shown walking around in the dungeon and you have to walk into them to engage them. If you walk into their back, you get to attack first, if they walk into your back they get to attack first. You fight with three of your clan members that can have many different classes that use different equipment and attack in a different way. There are classes that can hit every enemy in the front row, some that can hit an enemy and the one behind it, some that can only target a single enemy and some that can hit them all but don’t deal that much damage. Since your clan members only live for two years there are some heavy time based mechanics, time passes in dungeons and while in battle, as well as for certain actions in your town. There are different events based on time, including the only way to fight story bosses: a demon festival that spawns a portal in a dungeon which you have to find and enter within that month in order to fight the boss. So far I’ve fought the first boss and it turned out to be surprisingly easy, especially because a normal demon almost killed me in one hit before I got there. Besides that there’s also some management aspects like upgrading weapon shops, holding the ceremony required to make some new clan members as well as travelling to the territory of other clans to buy equipment, adopt some of their member into your clan, or make love with their gods. Apparently you can also attack them and try to take over their clan but I didn’t try that yet. With all these activities getting between you and the dungeons, it’s good that you have a little weasel assistant called Kouchin (that turns into a little weasel girl when you’re in the town, for some reason) to plan these for you, should you choose to task her with that. She can also help out in battle from time to time by casting support spells. So far I’m really liking the soundtrack as well as the art style which take some heavy influence of traditional Japanese music and artwork. Interestingly enough, the art style manages to combine the default 3D anime character models as you tend to see in most of these kinds of games with an Okami-like 3D brush drawn style for the dungeons as well as a cutout Japanese traditional artworks for the enemies in battles which are animated and remind me a bit of Paper Mario. Sounds like a weird combination but works really well together. Another thing I really like about this game is that they don't just let you pick a difficulty, they let you pick the pace of the game entirely. For example there's an option that grants you a lot more rewards for battles but in return, months will also be much shorter, leading to less grinding. The game lets you change this at any time and even specifies an estimated completion time. I've never seen a game do this before but I really love the idea because it lets you tailor the game to the way you like to play it and, while other RPGs might tell you to go grind 10 hours, this game gives you the option to do less than that, if you don't feel like it. By shortening the months, it also provides an entirely different challenge than stronger enemies would pose, as your characters only have very limited time to live. There's a whole lot more for me to talk about but I'm dragging this out too much again. Obviously, since I bought this game based on a KYC review, I knew what I was getting into but I'm enjoying this at least as much as I was thinking I'd be, if not more. Also, since I've spent my entire train commute writing this out I'm wondering, do you guys prefer long and detailed reviews, or should I rather write ones that are short and on point? I totally went and spent more time than I was planning to on this review, so I'm just curious.
  7. Finally, after a skipped day 3 update, a whole bunch of catching up on reading reviews as well as running out of likes somewhere in the middle, all caused by a week filled with exams, I'm right in time to write my final review for The Bridge. Game #2: The Bridge (PSVita/PS3) Final Review Total playtime: about 8 hours Trophies: 19/20 for an A rank (saving last one for PSVita's 5th anniversary event) Completion: Overall - 65.01% -> 64.71% | -0.30% Current - 64.59% -> 64.71% | +0.12% The good: Visuals: Pencil-drawn look that plays with black and white color schemes and gives actual gameplay meanings to those color schemes. Looks gorgeous when in motion. Setting: A world based on surreal art. Impossible shapes look amazing and provide an interesting way to make puzzles more challenging. Trophies: Trophies for completing each chapter, trophies that provide new and creative challenges to otherwise easy levels (for example causing little to no noise in a level called Library) and some miscellaneous stuff as well as collectibles that don't feel like a chore to collect as they are usually placed in such a way that requires you to play the game in an unusual way. Difficulty: The game gradually gets harder as you progress through the levels and new concepts start off easy and get harder with time as well. Overall the game feels entertainingly challenging but not frustrating except for a couple levels that took me a while to figure out. Variety: Each chapter introduces new concepts and even the four mirrored chapters switch things up with entirely new puzzles within a mirrored version of a previous level. Even in the mirrored chapters there are still new gameplay elements being introduced and pretty much all of them find some use in later levels and are never completely dropped, making for an experience that never gets boring. Length: When I was starting out, I though I'd have to put this in the bad section but the game has held up longer than I thought it would and the four mirrored worlds are actually new content, instead of a cheap reuse of levels. The game probably could have used another world or two but I feel satisfied with what I got. The bad: Performance: The game feels quite choppy, even on the PS3. I'm pretty sure the gravitational indicators that were removed from the Vita version were mostly due to performance reasons. The performance is likely much better on the PS4. Vita port: A bit choppy and the removal of some lanterns or other means of discerning the gravitational pull of different objects makes some levels harder but nowhere near impossible. While it isn't the best port it is still miles ahead of the Jak ports and generally fun to play. Things do tend to get hard to see in larger levels as the whole level has to be on the screen in some cases but I never had any trouble making out important details, it just looses a bit of charm when it's that small. No multitasking: The game takes up all of the Vita's resources, thus you need to save and quit the game before updating your trophies, using your alarm clock or using any other feature of the Vita. Not a huge deal but still annoying. Crashes: Usually this is a definite fit for the ugly category but I've only experienced two crashes and the game only seems to crash after having finished a level and due to the frequent auto saves I didn't lose a single second of progress. The ugly: Glitched trophy: There's a collectible trophy that can glitch if you switch systems in between collecting all seven of the collectibles. Thankfully this didn't happen to me but I found quite a few complaints on the forums. Yet another positive surprise. At first I thought this would be a platformer with some puzzle elements, now I think it's more of a cross between a physics based puzzle game, a platformer and that game where you have to balance a steel ball through a labyrinth filled with holes. Maybe even throw in some Portal as well, sure doesn't hurt. I really loved the art style of the game. I wish I could say the same about the soundtrack but there's only a single song that might fit in well with the general feel of the game but it just isn't even worth linking to. Same goes for the story. The game tries to go for a story but it's just a handful of text bubbles, even though what's there of the story does seem intriguing. In the end you'll likely catch more of a story while playing Darks Souls than you do playing this game. Another thing I like is how the game kept introducing new gameplay elements, a favorite of mine is giving you two separate characters that you control at the same time but you have to collect keys and enter doors with both characters at the same time. This makes for some really finicky puzzles when you're fiddling with positioning, especially when one of your characters has reversed gravity. All in all, this was a short but fun puzzle game and I'd definitely recommend it if you're into these kinds of games (more the puzzling than the platforming). I'd also recommend to play the game on PS3/4 because it just feels a bit smoother on there than on the Vita version but the Vita version is definitely a viable choice. Just make sure you don't switch systems before finishing the trophy for the collectibles as there seems to be a glitch that prevents the trophy from popping if you collect the collectibles on different systems. Rating: Next game: Oreshika: Tainted Bloodlines (PSVita) Yeah, pretty much that but in 2D and black and white. I personally really like it and I think it's definitely worth more than a dollar. Here's a screenshot of one of the levels. These plates with impossible triangles on them let you switch sides and your gravitational attraction.
  8. Game #2: The Bridge (PSVita) 1st day Total playtime: about 1 hour and 15 minutes So far The Bridge is a fun puzzle game with platforming elements, as I'd call it, with an artistic black and white artstyle that actually looks a lot better inside the game than in the little banner because of the beautiful way everything is animated. The game seems pretty short as I've already almost managed to finish the games four main stages during my short time in transit today. There are however mirrored versions of these stages that are said to be much harder than the normal ones, so I may or may not get some more 2064: ROM playtime depending on how well I do with this game. The game is separated into multiple stages consisting of multiple puzzles each. The goal is to reach a door that can be locked by one or multiple keys and/or pressure plates. To accomplish this, you can walk either to the left or right at a snail's pace, or tilt the level itself by pressing and . By doing so you can collect the keys needed to unlock the door but there's also hazards in the game, which are big wrecking ball-like spheres which instantly kill you when you run into them. Luckily they are completely in your control as they are controlled by gravity and gravity is controlled by you. These balls can also be used to trigger pressure plates. Later stages introduced vortexes which suck in any object that gets too close, including the player, and prevents them from moving. In some cases they can be turned off using a pressure plate (or on their own) but that's rare. Usually you'll have to press in order to rewind time Prince of Persia style in order to escape once you or an important object gets caught within one of these. A more complex mechanic introduces black and white versions of each object which obey different gravitational rules and can only be interacted with if the player has the same color. In all of these levels there are certain spots where you can flip upside down, changing your color and reversing gravity for you. Stage four adds objects that have their own gravitational rules that can be controlled separately if you move your character into a little box. Sounds pretty complicated but it works pretty well and I think the game does a good job of making you figure out how each new mechanic works at the first level of each stage. These levels, by the way, look a bit like this: So they end up working really well with the artstyle and add an additional layer of difficulty by making you think outside the box. The start of the game was pretty easy but the game gradually gets more difficult. At the point where I'm at right now (level 4-5) it feels very satisfying to complete a level but it's nowhere near an impossible feat. Overall, I'm having a lot of fun with this game, although I feel like it's gonna be a bit too short for my taste.
  9. Game #1: 2064: Read Only Memories (PSVita) Final Review Total playtime: about 14 hours (guesstimate) Trophies: 24/65 for an A rank Completion: Overall - 65.01% -> 64.59% | -0.42% Current - 65.01% -> 64.59% | -0.42% The good: Visuals: Pixely indie look with much love and attention to detail. Looks great on the Vita. Audio: Very fitting futuristic OST. Much variety between character voices and overall above-average performance except for some stragglers. Great sound design. Story: Gripping mystery about a kidnapped programmer and his latest project: a completely sentient robot. Story gets deeper throughout the game and great pacing makes it very enjoyable Setting: Cyberpunk but not as extreme as some other examples of the genre. Constant references to our time and explanations of the progress since then make the world believable and immersive. Generally not as dark and overpopulated as other cyberpunk worlds but still a world with its own share of troubles. Characters: Lots of different personalities that grew on me over the time. They Have a disposition towards you that changes based on your actions and seems to have consequences on later parts of the story. Replayability: With three dialog options for nearly every choice in the game along with very different character reactions and multiple solutions to puzzles, there's room for at least two fun playthroughs, if not a third one. I personally can't wait to see how a second playthrough will unfold since other parts of the story rely on the outcome of previous puzzle solutions. Trophies: A healthy mix between trophies for random things in the game that are not too far fetched, ending trophies, trophies for different puzzle solutions and the occasional minigame. Trophies unlock very regularly as opposed to early or late into the game, giving a constant feel of progress. The bad: Load times: Little to no loading while playing, huge loading times when entering the menu in order to save. Difficulty: Puzzles are usually very easy to solve and generally not very lengthy and complex. There are bad endings but these rarely ever happen and put you right before the moment you got it, resulting in no impact at all. I wish the puzzles were a bit more demanding but at least some solutions to dialog puzzles are a bit more difficult to get than the actual point and click puzzles. No multitasking: The game takes up all of the Vita's resources, thus you need to save and quit the game before updating your trophies, using your alarm clock or using any other feature of the Vita. Not a huge deal but still annoying. The ugly: Crashes: So far the game only crashed once for me and I only lost an hour or so of progress but since there's a trophy that requires you to beat the game without dying or loading, this could easily cost you half a dozen hours of progress. Generally, I think crashes are one of the worst possible things to happen during a playthrough and are a surefire way to ruin your fun. Text skipping: For one or two normal playthroughs it's not a big deal but in conjunction with the trophy mentioned above, having text skip at a speed where you can still manage to read it drags out further runs of the game and since you're taking longer to finish the game, there's more chances for the game to crash during that time. I must say, I really enjoyed this a lot more than I would have thought I would. I really like the setting and the characters as well as the way this game makes you think about what you say to characters. Some conversations with Turing made me realize that it would actually be pretty hard to communicate with a fully sentient robot since there's just so many assumptions drilled into our heads that end up clouding our judgement. Thinks like ownership or making use of the functions that such a robot provides create a sort of conflict between what seems right and what is actually right. For example when a stranger asks you about that robot and you reply that it's yours, it might seriously disappoint your sentient little friend. I also really like the story and I'm sad I didn't make it past chapter 4 during my time with the game. Luckily, I'm playing this on my Vita, so I'll likely get some more playtime during my PS3 slots but I'll definitely finish this game up after the event. Overall this game has been a very positive surprise. Rating: Next game: The Bridge (PSVita/PS3)
  10. Hmm, then that's either a PS4 exclusive "feature" or the result of a patch because I'm completely sure I didn't have a shadow when playing this on the Vita back when it was on PSPlus. I might give it another try in that case because that's gonna make the game much more forgiving. I had a lot of trouble when I played it because I just never could tell what tile I'm on once I'm in the air.
  11. I think since I'm going on a 5-day cycle it might make sense to change up my review schedule by having my initial thoughts on day one, an update on day 3 and a final review on day 5, which will likely be much shorter than my reviews from KYC 777 and more like a summary of my overall thoughts on the game because I won't have the time to spend hours writing each review this time around. Game #1: 2064: Read Only Memories (PSVita) 3rd day Total playtime: about 12 hours (by now basically just a rough estimate since I've had trouble keeping my time for this game) I'm now done with chapter 3 now and I must say that I'm really enjoying the story so far. I'm excited to finally solve the the mystery of Hayden's disappearance and I really love the way the attitude of characters changes towards you depending on how you treat them. It's also very interesting to watch the interactions between Turing and the other characters. Another thing I like is that at one point you have two leads and can choose which of those to follow first. I think this makes the game feel a little less linear even though it really doesn't change much since you're doing both routes anyways. Thus far I've managed to finally find some bad aspects to point out about the game. I've been noticing very long load times when opening the menu (for example in order to save) or when trying to start the arcade minigame that's required to beat for a trophy. Since the game does crash from time to time (happened once to me already) and the game doesn't auto-save you'll want to save often and the load time makes me want to save less often than what is ideal. I've also had some issues with he minigame since it's actually pretty hard to reach and beat the final boss and the game seems to drop butten inputs sometimes, which leads to a broken multiplier and a couple more wasted minutes of my life in a failed attempt, since the boss only spawns after a certain score has been reached. In the end it might look like you should be able to fight the boss but your score is off due to dropped input and that's it, very frustrating. The crash made me find out about my major gripe with the game. The speed at which you can skip text is gonna make further playthroughs for trophies, especially the Iron ROM trophy where you have to beat the game in one sitting without dying or loading saves, a nightmare. Skipping text takes almost as long as it takes me to read the text and since the game is prone to crash, there's much more time than necessary for this to happen and new tries are gonna take much longer than necessary thanks to this. Overall, these are the only bad things I've managed to find about this game and they're mostly just annoying when it comes to trophy hunting, so I'm just nitpicking. Also, since I'm playing the Vita version of the game, some of these issues might not exist on the PS4 version. In the end, I'm still having a great time and I'm very glad to have put this game on my list. I was wondering why you'd have to download a 13GB patch to play a fairly old game because I remembered playing the Syberia games on PC a decade ago but I guess I forgot that it wasn't a trilogy back then. It's sad to hear that it's a bit of a letdown since I'm pretty sure I liked the first two games. I sure had trouble not taking all of the cat joke options but I wanted to have my nice guy playthrough the first time around. But I can't wait to see some of the reactions when I go for the jerk playthrough. I can imagine the carnage. Hmm, must be a bug because I don't recall Majid doing robot noises. As Turing says, all ROMs look either cute or like lifeless machines in order to make sure they are well out of the uncanny valley. So no robots that look like humans in this game. My biggest problem with the game was that it's nearly impossible to guess where exactly your character is at the moment, due to the lack of a drop shadow below your character. That made it incredibly hard to get through some parts of the game and many of the mistakes felt like I was doing the right thing but something was wrong with the game. Overall I can't believe you actually managed to get almost all of the trophies in just about 15 hours, that's not bad at all. I don't know if I'll ever get back to the game, there's just too many annoying trophies. Wow, I can't believe this game is so short. I thought they'd at least put some content into their weird spinoff. I wanted to give this game a try one day, mostly because I love both R&C and tower defense, but I think if it's this short I'd probably only get it if it was an upcoming Plus game. Anything else would just feel like a waste of money to me...
  12. Game #1: 2064: Read Only Memories (PSVita) 1st day Total playtime: about 3 hours So, I've never heard of this game until I saw it on PSPlus and when I put it on my list I didn't even have a real look at the genre or anything, so I'm glad to see it's something I like. I also don't know about any controversies that surround the game nor do I care about that stuff. I'm more concerned with the game itself and its ability to entertain me and less with positive or negative messages regarding whatever topic the world is concerned about at the moment. Since @Kassandra did a great job at describing the setting as well as the start of the story, so I'll mostly just write about my experience with the game so far. When I booted up the game I instantly fell in love with the music and the way the title screen was unfolding. It even has one of those clips that play when you let the game sit on the title screen for a while, which turns out to be the same one that plays when you start a new game. Kind of makes me feel nostalgic. Anyways, the art is looks absolutely great on the Vita but I can imagine that it wouldn't look as great on a large TV. Overall, you can really tell that a lot of love went into this game. The art, the OST, the way that everything you can interact with has at least two different outcomes for each interaction that is possible with that object with some actually having many more outcomes. The game also has that quirky point and click humor going for it. For example there's spoiled milk in your fridge that is utterly useless but you can still use it on pretty much every object in the game to get some funny lines. Since I'm at the start of chapter two, I can say that I like the story so far and I kinda had to tear myself away from the game because it is very easy to just keep going as the game is paced pretty well so far. I guess you can tell that the devs support LGBT pretty seriously since the only things so far that seemed unusual were the use of neutral pronouns for some characters in the game, which rarely happens and the fact that a cat lady (as in lady genetically modified to look like a cat) got seriously offended when I offered her my spoiled milk. Apparently she was more offended by the idea of me making a cat joke than you know, being offered disgusting spoiled milk. Anyways, overall I'm very pleased with the game and I'm looking forward to finishing it. Have fun with that game. I really enjoyed playing it besides the harder trophies for the remix bosses as well as the 15 death run. I would probably not have platted the game if a friend of mine didn't bet 10€ that I wouldn't be able to get the plat. In the end the most difficult thing was remixed Alexander. I took ages to beat him but the other bosses were pretty manageable IMO. I'd also recommend beating the remix bosses before attempting the 15 death run as you'll get some serious practice that way, making the normal versions seem like child's play. Also, the 15 death trophy is cheesable, so if you end up stuck on that trophy, you can grind it out. It's to this day the plat I'm the most proud of despite only being my second rarest plat after SAO:HF.
  13. Wow, I just realized I was pretty lazy in keeping track of my backlog and I didn't add a couple of PSPlus games back then. Turns out I got Child of Light in my last month of PSPlus and must have thought the game wasn't crossbuy. I just had to switch out Master Reboot for this game as it's one I've been looking to play since I got my Vita in 2014. Now I'm really looking forward to November. @voodoo_eyes Just mentioning you, so you know I edited my list again. Sorry for the inconvenience. Yeah you're right, I didn't think it was gonna be this short but I'll keep it in that slot anyways. It's a slot where I'll have very little time to game and if I end up beating the game I'll probably just add a bonus game or go back to one of my previous games.
  14. Alright, so I think I'm gonna go with six games for five days each now as I'd like to add Burly Men At Sea to my list and I don't feel like replacing anything. I don't think I'm getting another trophy today, so my completion at the start should be 65.01% (which is about 3% higher than my starting percentage of KYC 777, I'm recovering! ) 2064: Read Only Memories (PSVita) The Bridge (PSVita/PS3) Oreshika: Tainted Bloodlines (PSVita) Port Royale 3 (PS3) Child of Light (PS3) Burly Men At Sea (PSVita) That's my list for now. If nothing major happens I should probably end up playing my games in this order. I'm always willing to switch them around some more in case @Kassandra or someone else decides to go with Burly Men At Sea and wants to play it in synch with me.
  15. @Dav9834, can I still edit my submission? I was under a lot of pressure so I just chose the first thing that came to mind, I've made up my mind during the day. Edit: Just went ahead and changed it, if it's too late just take the old one. Still added timestamp to the old one, though.