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  1. Thanks! Honestly, While I did enjoy Tales of Hearts R and I have yet to see the end of the story, it's a lengthy RPG and I've also done a lot of grinding in Freedom Wars, so it's nice to have something that's very different from that with a pinch of nostalgia. Then there's also the fact that I still need to get two more games done for the nameless anime event within the next eleven days which might attribute to me picking short games over long ones right now. I'm personally hoping we get PSABR boosted over the weekend because the SP trophies shouldn't take me all that long. I think that after those two Tales of Hearts R is the next game on my list, though. Probably closely followed by relearning MotorStorm RC in order to earn my dishonorable cross save plat.
  2. I finally got Freedom Wars ready to pop. Turns out the hardest thing in the game is actually upgrading a weapon to level 10... The abductor trophies were really easy using level 10 sinners and upgraded weapons. I even got the Dionaea one the first time I encountered one of those. If anyone is trying to finish this game, here's a few tips that I wish I would have known: Getting the perfect weapons is pretty tedious considering there are so many things to keep track of: rarity, late bloomer weapons, modules, elemental modding, incredibly rare upgrade materials needed in high amounts, etc. Despite this try to build a really good weapon as soon as you are code 8. I had no trouble at all getting all of the trophies using a R8 level 8 Exodus 7500 with Ice/Lightning/Will'o elements and a R5 level 5 Ea's knife with Power L and XL modules( very important) for severing only. Read up on weapon upgrading in general, there's lots of easy mistakes to make that are just as easily avoidable. One example: Picking elemental variants over impact variants is a bad idea because every weapon can reach 100 element points using elemental modding but only impact weapons get a boost in impact damage. Manufacture of weapons always costs one resource that is fairly easy to farm and another two that can be bought at the fueling station. Some of the rarest upgrade materials can be bought for entitlement points on level 6 of the citizens promenade. It's much easier farming the entitlement points than the materials themselves, especially when you need to gather Will'o Engines. Retribution 100 Jakarta is incredibly easy and can be farmed for entitlement points probably even as soon as early to mid-game. This is a great way to keep your teammates' gear upgraded as high as possible, making things much easier for you. Make use of Adrenaline+ and Adrenaline when severing Peltatums chain boxes. Not only do they increase your damage, they also increase your severing speed. Make use of combat items in general, even on easier missions. Use items from your Jakarta runs to fuel your factories and make sure to keep them running. Make good use of augmentations, there are a few free ones (cost 0) and others that are invaluable like Last Legs or the Contribution Boosters. I took around 60 hours to beat the game but you can save yourself many wipes and a lot of grinding by following these tips. The MP trophies only take about 1-2 hours and play into farming entitlement points/reducing your sentence since you can just do Jakarta 15 times. There seem to be a couple people online from time to time but I'd highly recommend boosting. I hope this is gonna help someone. Anyways, done with one game and on to another. I think I'm gonna go with Jak 2 next. That should be fairly quick and I'd rather wait until the MP is done in PSABR before I tackle the SP. I'm already at about 40% of the story and I've already gotten past the mission that I raged about in the KYC thread because it was glitched. Worked perfectly fine this time around but the framerate is still atrocious on the Vita.
  3. I completed the story of Freedom Wars and earned many trophies along the way. Right now I only have to grind the materials to create a good weapon complete a few more missions and kill a Peltatum and a Dionaea class abductor without dying. Besides that it's just cleanup left. Courtesy to @DamagingRob for doing the MP with me. Also tried to boost PSABR with @Leenewbe and got a couple trophies but we came to the conclusion that we need two more people in order to complete those trophies in a reasonable time frame. It's mainly because getting matched takes upwards of 10 minutes and when you do get matched 1-3 of the other players will be level 999 and beat the crap out of us... If anyone would like to help out, or needs the PSABR MP trophies themselves, we'd appreciate the help. It shouldn't take that long either. It's pretty easy to get matched together as there aren't many people playing and from there it's just some simple tasks when you're in a controlled group.
  4. A lot happened since my last post. I randomly decided to watch Paprika and I think that movie is what got me back into anime after not really feeling like watching anything at all. I finished Highschool DxD New, didn't start BorN yet, though. Overall still as good as the first season and I just love ecchi anime with MCs that are actually into it. Just makes it a million times funnier than the usual tropes. Another thing that makes this anime special is that the story is actually interesting and I'm looking forward to seeing what's gonna happen next. That's pretty rare in ecchi and/or comedy anime. I also finished the second season of Assassination Classroom. Another comedy anime with an interesting story that gets your really invested in the characters. The ending was just perfect and there's now way I could see it being done better than what actually happened. This one is definitely gonna stay in my memory for a while. And finally, as well as most importantly: I've decided to start Made in Abyss, which was a really bad decision in hindsight because I didn't get any sleep that night. And I spent the next day waiting for school to be over so I could watch the final 3 episodes. Then I immediately read the manga starting from the beginning, through the point where the anime stops and then everything until the most recent chapter. And now I feel absolutely empty inside. I just don't have any words to describe this anime. I don't even remember the last time I felt this way about an anime. If it did happen it must have been Shinsekai Yori but I think Made in Abyss managed to snag the spot of my favorite anime from the latter. It's unbelievable how this story managed to incorporate everything I love about anime. It reminds me of Miyazaki movies like Spirited Away with that constant feeling of dread from Puella Magi Madoka Magica along with a stunning artstyle, a world to get lost in, characters to get attached to and an absolutely beautiful soundtrack that I just can't stop listening to, even now. And I think the content that is yet to be seen in the anime is even better. Since there are probably quite a few people in this thread who are more well versed in anime than me, I'd love to get some recommendations on anime with a similar feel to Made in Abyss. The only ones that come to mind, off the top of my head, would be Shinsekai Yori, Madoka Magika and maybe Zankyou no Terror but those are all anime I've already watched. I guess manga/light novel/VN recommendations would be alright with me as well. Nothing major happened in the games department. I let Tales of Hearts rest for a little while and I've started Freedom Wars. I've passed the CODE 3 exam and the story is finally starting to get interesting. This may very well be the game I finish next.
  5. Well, due to my finances I've still got nothing useful to contribute to this thread but I'm sure I'll be able to get another SAO game somewhere in the uncertain depths of the future. Either I missed the thread or this statement is a lie. Unless it's still August in some foreign country or "next" actually refers to the one after the next in that countries language. But you've got until September 23rd before your first statement becomes a lie. Gotta make sure my favorite PSNP event does not go extinct.
  6. Seems like I missed the last event due to my year-long absence from this site. But since it's a Saturday I'm gonna do my best to make up for last year.
  7. So, I took about a month off from pretty much everything else to become a multi-millionaire in WoW, now that the new expansion launched. I also had to downgrade my PC in that time because I finally managed to find out that it was the motherboard all along. Now I've got a (slightly) more modern motherboard along with a severely shittier CPU because sockets, yay. I also might have spent a week or so on anime... Anyways, I did make some progress in Freedom Wars as I just passed my CODE 3 exam and I'd say I would be available for boosting any weekend from now on, regarding this game @DamagingRob and PS All-Stars @Leenewbe. I guess I'll use Freedom Wars for the Japanese birthday, as I feel like completing it, now that I've gotten into it more. Apparently I was just after the CODE 2 exam after I quit and I remember having trouble with the gameplay. I don't know if they massively improved on their tutorials, or if I just got better in gaming since the first time I tried but I'm not having much trouble at all this time around. School is pretty taxing at the moment but I'm trying to get some gaming hours in during my fairly long commute. That's the advantage of portable gaming.
  8. Yeah, an apparently very trusted informant reported that the season would be 24 episodes long. Of course, if the season was only 12 episodes long it would never be enough to catch up but 24 should be enough depending on the pacing and would explain some of the things I mentioned before.
  9. You sure about that? I've only found one of them to be a bit annoying and that's the one the anime is currently showing but I'd still say watching the anime and then continuing with the manga is the best way to go. As for my own progress, I've finished Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon except for the OVA which I will probably watch soon and I must say that i really enjoyed it. It's one of those shows where I love pretty much every single character and the OP and ED are both amazing and perfectly portray the random cute and happy atmosphere of the anime. You've probably seen it before as the anime was very popular back when it aired but here's the OP so you can check it out yourself. As for gaming progress: I'm about 40% done with Jak 2 and I've gotten pretty far into the story of Tales of Hearts R. I'm currently taking a little break from Jak 2 because the Vita port is doing its best to make the already frustrating game even more infuriating. Tales of Hearts, on the other hand, is the polar opposite and pretty damn calming.
  10. Game #5: Tales of Hearts R (PSVita) Final Review Total playtime: about 29 hours (according to ingame timer) Trophies: 8/40 for a D rank Completion: Overall - 61.94% -> 60.27% | -1.67% Current - 61.36% -> 60.27% | -1.09% Story: I've played this game for nearly 30 hours now and, after looking up a guide to see how far I've come, I realized that I was done with roughly 70% of the story. A 40 hour story is pretty great, even for an RPG and, while some parts felt drawn out too much, the overall experience so far has been to my liking. The story has a much larger scope than I anticipated and proved to be much less predictable than I thought in the beginning. It revolves around an old fairy tale in the world of the game, which is told to the player at the start of the game and is known by most people in the world of the game. The shattering of Kohaku's Spiria core, her emotions, as I mentioned in my first post turned out to be only the start of a much bigger adventure, which I can't really describe any better without spoiling the story too much. I still stand by my point that the story is very creative and very different to most other games I've played. I can't speak for the Tales of franchise though, as this is my first and only game of the franchise. While I didn't like the majority of characters, most of them developed enough during the course of the story to make them likable. Some of the more important side characters are only seen for a very short time and you're supposed to feel a certain way when something happens to them, be it good or bad. I think that's one of the flaws in storytelling of this game that don't really work out in it's favor, taking away from the overall experience of the story. In contrast to that, there were some storytelling aspects in the game that really turned out great, so it's a constant mix of great and not-so-great aspects. The translation and naming were quite weird. Most characters have names related to gems, there's literally the whole Crystal Gems in there if anyone's watching SU. This actually starts making sense in a story sense but before I found out about that, I found it quite weird to fight Peridot, talk to Garnet, then fight Amethyst, learn the tragic fate of Pe(a)rl and her daughter Lapis and so on. Also for some reason the MC is called Kor Meteor despite obviously being referred to as Shingu Meteorite in all voice lines. Was it really necessary to change the dudes name in the translation? In the end, this game has a stellar story held back by sometimes lacking storytelling and unappealing characters, turning a story idea that's easily worth a platinum rating into an overall gold rating for the story compartment. Gameplay: Not much has changed since my first post. Mostly Kingdom Hearts-like combat in instanced random encounters with some added elements like guarding and counters, an added emphasis on combos and the aforementioned tactical customization of party members' AI. The battle system can be changed to Auto, allowing the game to play itself basically, Semi Auto, where you control your party leader and the other 3 party member fight on their own and, while I haven't tried it there is also a manual mode, which I presume let's you control each member individually or something like that. For the most part normal enemies are pushovers while some bosses can get really difficult if you don't make use of the game mechanics. For example team members that know healing spells won't really heal themselves and others if you don't specify it in the tactics menu, so when you don't pay attention to such things and alter your tactics in response to that, you might have trouble keeping up with boss damage. Visuals: You immediately notice that the game was originally a NDS game, as the introductory cutscene has the DS aspect ratio. This is understandable and not all that annoying as the quality of the 2D animated cutscenes is great. They are far and few between, though. The ingame graphics look great for a Vita game, all interfaces look like they were made for the Vita and the game overall leaves no clues to its origin besides the aspect ratio of the animated cutscenes. The character designs are great but nothing special. Audio: I've got very mixed feelings concerning the soundtrack of this game. The battle theme feels alright at best but that might be personal preference. Besides that there has been nothing really memorable either. There was a really great variation of the battle theme in an area called the Twilight Forest, which really saddened me as it's a really short area and I like that battle theme much more than the usual one despite the two fairly similar. So in the spoiler are the usual battle theme, which is alright, followed by the one that is for whatever reason only played in that damn forest, which is my favorite in the game so far. I've also included one of my alltime favorite battle themes from Atelier Ayesha. You can never have too much music. Difficulty: There are three difficulty options available from the start, easy, normal and hard. I always played on normal after getting my ass kicked in hard but found normal to be pretty easy. There are two additional difficulties on which you need to fight the final boss for trophies. Besides that there is not much difficulty in the game. The gameplay is easy to pick up and not that hard to master and if you're struggling you can let the game fight by itself using auto combat. Grind: This is a JRPG, of course there's grinding to be had and it's part of the fun. The trophy guide advises to grind in NG+ as you can buy modifiers that significantly shorten the time needed to get all characters to level 200. There's a cooking skill grind that is supposed to be the worst in grind in the game but I'm already at level 55 out of 99, so it can't be that bad, right? There are also collectibles to collect and some miscellaneous trophies that shouldn't be too hard to get during the leveling, so overall it doesn't seem that bad. Still, it seems like half of the playtime on my way to the plat will be spent either grinding or preparing for said grind. Value/€: Another great game to pick up on a sale, as the game regularly gets discounted below 10€, which this game is absolutely worth in my opinion. Overall: As my first Tales of game, I think this was a really nice experience. This might be the first game out of the bunch that I will platinum as it's just the type of game that takes its time and I'm just not dome with it yet. Now that I've played a Tales of game, I'm pretty curious to know how the franchise works. Is it like Final Fantasy, where you always have the same concepts in not the same but a similar world, so in this case people having Spirias and weapons called Somas to tap into those Spirias and so on like the Final Fantasy games have their aeons and chocobos, or is there a different connection between the games? Overview: Here are all the games I've played for the event ordered from worst to best: Lost Planet 3 (PS3): Something really didn't resonate well with me in that game, but I'm sure other people might enjoy it more than me thus this got a silver rating instead of a bronze rating... I will probably eventually finish the story but I don't think I'll ever bother boosting the dead MP. Jak 2 (PSVita): (from ) This frustrating mess of a Vita port was fun at many times but made me furious at others. The first rating was for the game in general but I decided to go with a very generous rating of the Vita version here, as that's the one I played. If you get this, get it on PS3 as the Vita port is horrible. The game itself is great but sadly dragged down by a lack of checkpoints and difficulty spikes. I'll probably platinum this game with lots of breaks in between to vent my frustration. MotorStorm RC (PS3): (from ) This was fun while it lasted and was a very positive surprise. I went ahead and upped the rating as I enjoyed my time with the game in retrospect. I'll be getting the platinum here as well, as I'm already very close to getting it. Catherine (PS3): A hectic puzzler with a great and mysterious story. Sure worth checking out. I definitely finish the story and get some of the miscellaneous trophies but I don't think I'll be able to plat this game because of its enormous difficulty. Tales of Hearts R (PSVita): Yet another JRPG to show that the Vita does indeed have great games. Going for the plat. Jak 3 (PS3): While I still prefer the first Jak and Daxter game, the Precursor Legacy, this is a great game and I enjoyed it a lot. Already earned the platinum trophy so I'm done with this one. In the end this was a really great event, and while I'm still 3 pages of reviews behind, I've already found quite a few interesting games that I didn't know about so I thank all of you for your great reviews and @Hemiak for organizing the event and still letting me join kinda late. I'll be looking forward to the next event even though I may be unable to participate for a multitude of reasons. Depending on how things turn out, I may not even have 5 unstarted games to boot for the next KYC event because of my broken PS3 and I'm not sure if I can afford a replacement or new games any time soon. I might also just don't have any time because of school.
  11. Game #5: Tales of Hearts R (PSVita) 1st day Total playtime: about 5 hours (6 hours and 50 minutes according to ingame timer) I'm glad I picked this up. The game has pretty much all you standard RPG features but they all have weird names. It's like the game has it's own little language and while I'm still getting used to it, if you know your RPGs it's still fairly easy to navigate the menus. An example for this stuff would be skills that are called Artes, special weapons called Somas, which are also where you invest you skill points as they represent the emotions of the character and strengthening emotions also means strengthening the Soma of the character. Sounds complicated but feels fairly natural. The story is pretty interesting so far. It's no final fantasy story but to outline it without spending half an hour explaining special terms, basically you accidentally shatter the emotions of a girl named Kohaku after trying to help her by basically entering her soul through your Soma ability because she's been cursed by a witch, so now you're traveling the world with her and her brother in order to find all her different emotions which have entered the soul of people who were unfortunate enough to be hit by fragments themselves. It seems like that witch will be the main antagonist and the surrounding world is a fairly default RPG world but I love the idea of all of that Somatic soul curing stuff and trying to find Kohaku's emotions is a novel reason to set out on an adventure in my opinion. The novelty kind of reminds me a little of Suikoden Tierkreis but I feel like the story won't take any turns as dramatic or dark as that game. The characters are not that likable but I feel like they're starting to grow on me. The battle system is pretty hard to describe but it's somewhere along the lines of Kingdom Hearts but with instanced fights instead of fighting in the open world. Due to this it actually feels fairly close to the old school RPGs I love so much but still manages to be its own thing. I really love the tactical features. You can completely customize the way your party members fight by giving them a list of priorities. For example, you could tell your Healer to heal himself using an item if his HP gets below X%, heal others using an Arte if their HP is below X%, attack the closest enemy using a certain Arte if a certain criteria is met, and so on. There's lots of customization in there and you can buy new modifiers and criteria from stores along your journey. I also kinda like the cooking system that basically lets you cook and eat a meal of your choosing after every battle giving special effects for coming battles like filling up some of your health, or TP (needed to use Artes), increasing you physical defense by 10% and other little quirks like those. Depending on the person who cooks it, the effect might be better or worse as every character has foods they love and hate to cook. Another aspect I really like about the game is that there's a mechanic that makes your party members bond with one another and these increasing relationships make your characters stronger, kind of like the Persona franchise but less prominent.
  12. Bonusgame #1: Jak 2 (PSVita) Final Review Total playtime: about 10 hours (5 hours and 30 minutes according to ingame timer) Trophies: 17/41 for a B rank Completion: Overall - 61.94% ->60.92% | -1.02% Current - 61.36% -> 60.92% | -0.44% Story: While the scope of this story is not as huge and important as the saving the world theme of the third game's story, the story of this game is just as good. The game starts off with Jak and his team heading through the mysterious precursor portal they found in game one. They arrive in the dystopian Haven city under the oppressive rule of baron Praxis, a terrible ruler who would do anything to keep his reign over the city, only to be greeted by a group of soldiers who arrest Jak. Two years later Daxter breaks Jak, who was used as a scientific experiment and was injected with dark eco, a dangerous substance that turned Daxter into the ottsel he is now, out of the laboratory where he is held. Through his abuse Jak has gained uncontrollable dark eco powers which transform his body into a twisted form whenever he collects enough dark eco to trigger this effect. Together with Daxter he now tries to get his revenge on baron Praxis, who subjected him to this torture in order to make Jak a weapon to use against the Metalheads, vicious but intelligent creatures that threaten the safety of the city. On his revenge trip Jak will learn about the nature of the world behind the portal while helping an underground organization with the goal to find the true ruler of Haven city and dethrone Praxis. Gameplay: The gameplay is a lot less varied than that of the third game but it still has enough variation to keep the experience from getting stale. While you won't be racing or playing weird minigames as often as in Jak 3, the GTA style story missions have you visit enough different areas and do enough different tasks to be entertaining. This can also be taken as a good aspect, since you spend more time with platforming and fighting than miscellaneous things that don't really fit the genre of the game. The weapons are a clear downgrade from the third game but that is to be anticipated, as features like these usually get more interesting in later entries of a franchise, especially since this is the first game that introduces firearms. They are just the basic versions of the four weapons that I listed in my Jak 3 review and you unlock them surprisingly late in the game. Besides that there are still a few races and race-like missions in the game. Sadly, getting around in Haven city is really annoying and the story missions regularly send you from one end of the city to the other, only to drive right back where you came from to do the task the mission-giver told you to do. All in all, the gameplay is not bad at all but leaves some things to be wished for that will mostly be addressed in the sequel. Visuals: There is only one big area to traverse, Haven city. The city is, however, split into many different sections with a very different atmosphere to each of them. You have slums ranging from wooden hut constructions on a lake to dirt houses, a sort of industrial district, a large park, a very posh looking rich district and more. Other than that, there are many smaller areas outside of the city, which are visited multiple times throughout the story. These all look fairly unique. The quality of the graphics seems as the third part, even though there is much more going on because the streets are still crowded in citizens and soldiers. Audio: I like the soundtrack of this game even better than that of Jak 3. It's great at setting the right atmosphere and all the details of environmental noises and soldiers really make it stand out. This track plays while you're traversing Haven city. You'll be hearing it a lot in this game and that's pretty great in my opinion, because it perfectly betrays the dark atmosphere of the oppressed city. Coupled with all the random snippets of soldier transmissions that you hear wherever you go, this really makes for a great atmosphere. There's even an adjusted version of this theme that plays whenever you get in a hover car. That version feels faster and it's a pretty cool effect. Difficulty: I was tempted to give this one a platinum, mostly because it's so incredibly infuriating, but the game actually isn't that difficult. While it is quite a bit harder than Jak 3 in terms of pure difficulty, what makes the game feel so god damn difficult are two things: a lack of checkpoints in the worst situations and random difficulty spikes that feel like walls. The game tends to give you checkpoints in places where you can easily recover in a minute or two if you rush it, then there's missions that have you escort someone for five to ten minutes without any checkpoints at all. Dying at the last minute is just the most frustrating feeling in those situations. If one of those checkpointless missions then turns out to be one of those random difficulty spikes you're in for one hell of a world of fun. The side missions also seem harder than those in Jak 3, so good luck if you're in for the platinum trophy and you don't want to use the orb glitch. Grind: No grinds except for the orb glitch and metal head skull gems if you cheated the story trophies using the debug mode but that's your fault for cheating if you choose to do so. So far it seems that you can get the 510 required gems or at least very close to that number while doing the story missions without any additional grinding. I already have more than 250 at around 40% progress in the story. Value/€: Pretty much the same as with Jak 3. Get it as part of the trilogy and enjoy all three games for a great price. While this game is probably the least fun to play out of the three it's still a great game and worth the money you pay for it. Overall: Oh boy... I wish this game had more checkpoints. This game had so much potential to be the best in the series but it's just a frustrating mess at times. Outside of these times it is still a great game that tries to tell an interesting story but for now I've got enough. That's in part due to the enormous heat where I'm at as well as a glitched mission, in which a kid you're supposed to protect should get into a car that you then drive to a given destination. What happens is that that damn kid takes his goddamn time walking there at the pace of someone without legs, crawling on their hands, and then he just does not get into the car. Just stands there while the goddamn guards attack us both. Since Google can't come up with anything either I'm gonna take a break from this game now and pick it up again at a later time. Also, if you want to get any of these games, especially if you want the second or the third Jak game, do yourself a favor and don't even consider getting the Vita version. The port of the first game is choppy, the port of the second game is borderline unplayable with likely less than 10 FPS at certain parts like boss fights and between 20 and 30 FPS the rest of the time. A game this hard becomes a true nightmare if it's played at such a bad performance. Then there's the button mapping for L2 and R2. Especially in the second game the dark eco form is an important tactical asset and can only rarely be used. I've yet to use it once at the right time because I keep hitting L2 accidentally because of my finger placement and not only wasting it but also alarming the whole city to come after me in the process. The third game seems to be alright but I've heard many rumors about terrible vehicle controls because the Vita's analog sticks just don't work as intended for this game. I think if I played it on PS3 it would have been much more enjoyable as the Vita port is just terrible for all three games but it's the worst for this game. This gold rating goes to the PS3 version of the game and doesn't incorporate the issues of the Vita port. The Vita port itself would probably get somewhere between bronze and silver in my ratings, just because of all of these faults ruining the fun and increasing the difficulty of an already hard game. Anyways, I'm really looking forward to Tales of Hearts R tomorrow. I could really use some some good old RPG relaxation just about now.
  13. After my long hiatus, I tried to adjust my list to my new situation. No PS Plus subscription along with a probably broken PS3 Blu Ray laser have narrowed my game collection down quite a bit. I will probably try cleaning the laser soon-ish as kind of a last resort, after all it might just be dirty and not broken after all, but as it stands right now I'm kind of running out of games to play. I guess for now I'll try finishing up some of the games I can still play and see what the future has coming for me.
  14. Game #4: Jak 3 (PS3) Final Review Total playtime: about 18 hours (13 hours and 30 minutes according to ingame timer) Trophies: 47/47 for an S rank Completion: Overall - 61.94% ->61.36% | -0.58% Current - 60.66% -> 61.36% | +0.70% Story: So the story was actually more prevalent than I remembered it to be. It is told through GTA like story missions that unlock in sets of a couple at a time, which you can choose the order you want to do them in in order to unlock the next batch of missions, with a couple linear strings of missions every now and then. This entry probably has the most dramatic story as it is the climax to the original Jak trilogy, the first one revolving around Daxter, the second around Jak and the third basically around the fate of the world they inhabit. The story sets off with Jak being banished from Haven city after the events of the second game. He is left out in the desert to die but gets found by Damas, leader of Spargus city, a desert city of exiles like Jak. He has to prove his worth to Damas in order to become a citizen of Spargus. In the meantime the revolutionary team in Haven is trying to get back into contact with Jak in order to get him to help them in their battle on two different fronts. While the story of this game is fairly serious, Daxter's comedy keeps the game lighthearted. Gameplay: To even get close do describing the gameplay one could say this game is a 3D platformer meets GTA meets racing game meets minigame collection. The base gameplay is that of a 3D platformer with added guns. The story is told in GTA style missions and there's even little minimap icons corresponding to each mission-giver. Then there's a bunch of different race variations within story and bonus missions. Besides races, these missions can also be minigames reaching from gun courses to Pacman. While the controls felt clunky at the beginning, after getting used to them over the course of a couple hours, they now feel good and responsive. The same goes for the combat. While I had trouble initially, it got a lot better when I unlocked more guns to play with. Especially the eco powers unlocked very early into the game helped out a lot with combat and some of the later weapon variations were very fun to use. Speaking of which, the guns in this game are interesting. You have four base guns with two additional modifications each that can reach from slight difference to basically a new weapon. The base weapons resemble a close range wide spray shotgun, a single shot rifle, a machine pistol and a homing plasma orb gun. Especially the first modification of the rifle is fun to use as it makes the shots bounce off walls and targets, letting you transform the battlefield into a laser show. The races take place in many different ways using four different types of vehicles: There are bird-like creatures that can be ridden and control similar to a regular player but faster, there's the hover board, which is also fast and can perform some tricks like high jumps and grinding. Then there are desert cars that look like they were taken straight out of Mad Max and are prone to roll over, and finally there are hover cars which are fast but fragile but they are much easier to drive than in the second game. There's normal races in the desert, ring races which require you to hit certain rings in very short time spans and races where you have to follow something around the map. The variety of minigames just serve to spice up the already varied gameplay even further and all in all, the game never gets boring as you keep doing different things all the time. To catch a break from that there are also side missions which include repeating each of the minigames and getting better scores, all kinds of races, finding a hidden precursor orb in a short time frame, or doing other things in order to gain more out of the 600 collectible precursor orbs. With these you can unlock weapon upgrades, new cars, little visual gimmicks like large head mode and even cheats like infinite ammo. I also tried the recently found debug mode to do a couple shenanigans like fly around Haven City once I got my platinum trophy. Visuals: So this section made me question my new review format as it's very hard to rate a game like this in terms of visuals. It was a beautiful game on the PS2 and the artstyle has helped it to survive the tides of time. It still looks like a PS2 game and compared to the PS3's capabilities, it's a joke. In the end I went with a gold rating, as the game would easily been a platinum rating back in the PS2 days, as the graphics were great for the time, the environment provides enough variety to keep the visuals from getting boring while still keeping up the main themes. The game features two main locations. The first of which is the desert, a large free roam area to drive around in containing Spargus City, the second is Haven city which has changed a lot from how it was int he second game, with many quarters now being in ruins. My only gripe would be the sandstorms in the desert which make it nearly impossible to see at certain times, especially when it's night in the game and everything is dark as well. Audio: Solid sound design. The music is actually very good but there's nothing that's truly memorable. I think this is pretty much the standard for most games as I'm giving out yet another gold rating for audio. This track is from one of the missions in the first third of the game where you venture into the nest of alien-like creatures called metalheads and it shows the more dramatic tone of the third game really well. Of course there's also a lot of calm tracks but I just really like this track, that's why I picked it. Difficulty: The difficulty is pretty much what you expect from the PS2 era, where we've gone away from games based on arcade games, designed to pull your change out of your pockets mainly with difficulty and where the game wouldn't just beat the level for you if you failed a couple of times like modern Mario games. The difficulty of the story is at times not that high, at others you'll frustratingly be stuck at a single mission, retrying for the 8th time in a row. It is a lot better than the random difficulty spikes of the second game, though, and nothing is too frustrating. When it comes to the platinum trophy, there are basically three ways to obtain it with varying difficulty. The easiest method is the recently found debug mode which lets you level select the final boss, which isn't very hard at all, autopopping all other story trophies in the progress. Then just press + on your second controller and you're done. Ding. Plat. That version comes with the unending mental torment of having basically cheated trophies, though, so beware. Then there's the method of beating the game and using the orb glitch to get a couple orbs that you don't want to unlock the regular way. Doing things the regular way will probably have you failing at Pacman so many times that it stopped being fun hours ago, so I'd say doing as many side missions as you feel comfortable with and then glitching the couple remaining orbs is the most fun way of getting the plat. Grind: The only grind in this game would come from doing the orb glitch but that's completely your choice. Value/€: As part of the cheap Jak and Daxter HD Trilogy, the price is phenomenal. Being a trilogy, the prices are often discounted and all three included games are great classics. In all three games you get around 40-60 hours of gameplay and an interesting storyline to carry you through. Overall: I had lots of fun with this game. While I had pretty high expectations, the game managed to surpass the standard of my childhood memories. Now that I've one and a half days left before my next game is due, Tales of Hearts R, I think I'll give Jak 2 another go on my PSVita. I've always been avoiding it due to the difficulty plaguing my childhood but now that the third game has gotten me into it again, I think I'm ready for the challenge. Seems like my completion is still wrecked from Lost Planet 3, even though I went ahead and autopopped my MotorStorm RC trophies on the Vita in order to keep it from replacing my fastest platinum, Jak 1, when I get it ready for the PSVita anniversary...