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  1. Yeah, some of the problems are starting to clear up now, mostly just some of the smaller ones though. Thanks, those games were really great. If you're into puzzles, sci-fi, and/or mystery it's definitely something to check out. The story is really great and features some very interesting principles reaching from quantum physics to spirit science and gets really tense at points, while the characters are well written and it broke my heart whenever I had to betray a character I liked to reach a few of the numerous endings. The soundtrack is also pretty great at times featuring gems like this song which was one of the main things that got me into the franchise: (Just don't look at the comments since they are probably packed with spoilers) It's just a lot of text to read since it's a relatively long VN and you need to see pretty much every ending to really understand the story of both games, so like most VNs it's not really a game for people who don't like reading.
  2. Hey there people, turns out that I'm checking back again sooner than anticipated. That's mainly because I got myself Zero Escape: The Nonary Games at the start of the month and managed to plat it today. It's basically the first two games of a series of 3 compiled, so it just so happens to fit this months theme. But man, what a great games those were. Especially Virtues Last Reward, which pretty much blew my mind towards end of the story. It's probably one of the longest VNs I've ever played through, considering that most of the different endings actually are part of the main story, and it's definitely another contender for my list of favorite Vita games. Now I'll only need to find a way to pick up Zero Time Dilemma for cheap, as I don't really want to pay a full 40€ for the digital version and I was only able to find the physical release for almost twice as much or with huge import fees. Anyways, continue having a great time everyone.
  3. Well, seems like there were no more questions and both @RizzleAbbey12 and @SyIaris are doing a great job hosting the event. Thanks to you I can now leave to tend to my other affairs without regrets, so thank you for that. I also want to thank anyone who was wishing me well. I guess you can add Type:Rider to my list for another gold rank since I managed to complete that game, but I'll be gone for a longer time now. Anyways, have fun and keep this thread a great place, you lot.
  4. Well, Wikipedia bot strikes again. Thanks for the info though, that's mighty useful to know. Alright then, I'll say one last goodbye to this thread as I'll close it now.
  5. Well, things have happened and I'm really running out of free time, so @RizzleAbbey12 and @SyIaris are now the official keepers of this thread. To make this move happen, we have to switch threads once, so here's where you can find the new thread. Just continue posting there as usual and pretend this thread never existed so you don't end up bumping it up all the time. I'd close it if I could but we don't have that ability anymore, so it will have to stay open. Anyone who I wasn't able to update yet will be updated in the new thread. If there's anymore questions directed towards me, I'll check back from time to time to answer these within the next few weeks. Just post them in the new thread and don't forget to mention me so I'm sure to see your post. I provided your new thread owners with a few instructions to help smooth out the transition a little, so I hope you're all gonna be alright. Anyways, continue having fun people. And to make it more visible: There's a new thread over here, go check it out.
  6. I dont have time to explain it right now, but theres a few ways to make that happen.
  7. With your weird way of updating your stats, I might end up thinking you're behind the Illuminati. Anyways, since there still isn't a successor it's still my job to update people, which I just did. Thanks to you and all the others for your wishes. Sadly, I just ran out of likes to give you. If I recall correctly @RizzleAbbey12, @JoaoQuique, and @Fitzquaid were all willing to offer help with the event. Maybe if you still wanted to help after hearing that I'll most likely be gone for a long time, you might be able to take the event over as a team. That way it would be less work for each of you, and you might be able to split the responsibilities up so everyone gets to do what suits them best.
  8. I went ahead and added "Games with awesome soundtracks (HC: no AAA games)" as my own entry this time around. I probably won't be around anymore by that time but I liked the suggestion in the last Random month enough that I wanted to give that one another chance. Alright then, I ended up taking your first HC theme as that's a bit less confusing than the other choice. Swapped your theme for that one. I took the original HC theme which requires both knights and dragons in the same game as it seems fitting. Updated your stats. Man, I really like this idea. I changed the HC theme up a little to not allow free and/or PS+ games as that seemed to make it too easy. Yeah, no worries. Updated you. This is actually pretty close to one of the choices I had up in the poll for the naming theme. That's no issue though, as I've previously stated that you may choose any theme as long as it wasn't chosen within the same year already, even if they were in the polls already. Anyways, I think it's pretty funny that the theme about short names is the one that ended up with the longest name so far. I think a "Games based on something that has already been or could in the future be shown on TV" with a HC theme of games based on live action would work out pretty well. I went ahead and entered that as your choice, so feel free to correct me on that if you don't agree. Good luck with your Tomb Raider games. I've updated your stats. Well, that's bad luck. Nah, skips can't be used retroactively. Anyways, I've updated your stats. I have no trouble accepting a dirt racing game for the Earth theme, so have fun with your platinum rank. @BillyHorrible, @Crimson Idol, @Myu thanks to the three of you for these kind words. I'll try to make the best of my situation and I'll be missing the lot of you too.
  9. Hey, people. I just wanted you to know that I'm leaving this site for good or for the time being, so that you don't end up wondering where I'm off to. I've posted my exact reasoning in a really long post in my own event, but if you don't wanna read that I just want all of you to know that this is a completely personal problem of mine, and that you're still one of, if not the best community out there, and I'll be missing all of you.
  10. Hey, people. I just wanted you to know that I'm leaving this site for good or for the time being, so that you don't end up wondering where I'm off to. I've posted my exact reasoning in a really long post in my own event, but if you don't wanna read that I just want all of you to know that this is a completely personal problem of mine, and that you're still one of, if not the best community out there, and I'll be missing all of you.
  11. This has taken me quite a while to write but I finally got done with it now. What I wanted to discuss with you people earlier is that I'm looking for someone to permanently take this event over (or at least to keep it running the longest amount of time possible). That's also the main reason I chose to rename this event now, and to leave you with a permanent banner, as I'm not sure if there's an artist willing to continue my scheme of adding another layer to the banner fitted for each months theme every month. I would however be willing to provide you with my Gimp project files if anyone would like to take that responsibility up. I'll go over the details of why I've come to the conclusion that it's best for me to retire later on since I want to relay the key information first. Anyone who'd like to take up my role as the host of the event for the rest of the year, and maybe even for subsequent events in the following years but at least this one, may notify me either in a PM or in this thread, and I'll open a group PM with all you guys, so you can decide who wants to take the leadership of this event, or if you even wanted to do that as a group. I'll then give you all the information you need to continue this event with the plans I had in mind, along with instructions on how the move would work out. I really wouldn't want to see this event go because a lot of people seem to have taken a liking to it, but if nobody takes up my role I'll be forced to abandon this thread. Well, this is the hard part for me to write. Exactly what I'm doing and my reasoning behind that. What I'm doing is I'm basically gonna move on from PSN Profiles and I'm basically gonna cease all communication in these forums for a relatively long time. This is not at all related to the people on here as this is probably the most friendly community I've ever found on the internet and I pretty much like every single person I met on here. So to start with the reason for all this you have to know that I'm currently fighting my real life on four frontiers, which is to say that I've got 4 big problems and leaving this site behind would help me progress towards two of these. Without going into too much detail about my personal life, one of these problems I can't do anything about. You could say it's just a big dose of bad luck, but it's also what will probably be taking up most of my time in the coming months. Then there's an education related problem which could stop the first problem but it's something I need to spend my free time on, so that might take a while and I keep distracting myself from that. Another one of these problems is that we need to move soon and we still don't know where to, which severely complicates my second problem. My last problem is something of a different kind. While browsing through Extra Credits' videos to feed my curiosity, I came across this one and realized something that I've always tried to keep myself from noticing. I really liked the way he talked about the problem being less of an addictive nature in games but rather that the ones suffering from game compulsion often are dissatisfied with their life and try to fill that void with games, as they offer a feeling of control in contrast to the often harsh and random feeling reality. You see, I actually saw this video close to its release around 5 years ago. Back then 15 year old me was still busy playing Skyrim until 8AM on weekends and 4AM on workdays, when I had to wake up for school 2 hours later. I wrote it off as bullshit and just kept going as always. Now that I've stumbled upon this video by accident again, I can look back on my life and notice the similarities. While I came to the conclusion that despite the actions of 15 year old me, I wasn't suffering from game compulsion, I did notice that there actually was a void in my life and I've been using all manners of things to try and fill that void, to cure my dissatisfaction with the world. At first it were games, then it went on to the internet in general. I've looked at what I do in the day and I've come to see that I spend way too much time on this site, a lot more than on gaming. Hell, I spent 6 hours on here a few days ago when I actually wanted to put some work towards my second problem. I always end up avoiding important things in these kinds of ways no matter if it's through this website, other websites, YouTube, Anime, TV shows, movies, or games. I really don't have the time for these kinds of distractions at the time, so I'll be leaving for a while or forever. Please understand that I like all of you, and you're a great community but this is to get my priorities straight and to get my life back in check. While I'm still looking for someone to take over the event I'll still be updating you, and I may drop in to give a few more instructions or answer questions for a certain time, but sooner or later I'll leave to have more room to tackle the challenges life throws at me currently. I'll update anyone who posted between my last post and this one soon, so just keep on going as usual.
  12. Yeah, no worries. For one I found the old Falion's Year-long Themed Backlog Event to be too long and confusing and I only went with that because the year was starting and I wasn't able to find a snappy name in time. There's another reason for that though, which I'll address as soon as possible since it's a big thing that all participants should know about. I'm finding myself running out of time all the time though, so it may still take me a while longer.
  13. To supply you with all the stuff I skipped out on yesterday: Current theme: Earth Hardcore requirement: at least partial underground/cave setting Allowed are all games that have a strong relation to the element earth. This could be the name of the game, the setting, a gameplay feature, or something else entirely. While this is only partially subject to interpretation, participants should provide information about what part of the game relates to the element. Very small relations like "The game is set on a planet made out of earth" will not count towards this theme as the element has to be strongly reflected by the game. Example: Minecraft Next months theme: Random Explanation Each participant may suggest a single theme for the next month. On the 15th of May all theme suggestions will be put into a list and four themes will be randomly selected using a tool like Random.org. Participants can increase the chances of a theme getting picked by suggesting the same theme as someone else. These four themes will then be put into a poll until the end of the month to decide a final theme for June. Rules All of these rules are defined loosely and are to be treated as principles to follow when suggesting a topic. Should your theme deviate from these principles in a large degree, I may request you to vary your theme or suggest a new one entirely, so try to follow them. Themes should... Have a large selection of games. Example: If you wanted to suggest "Zelda games" as a theme, you would have to change that to "Nintendo games" instead because a single franchise doesn't have enough games to be a full blown theme. Be accessible to anyone who has at least one Sony console. If your theme does not include any games on the PS3, PS4 and/or PSVita, there is a high chance that some people who only have these systems will be left out. Anyone who owns at least one of these three systems should be able to play at least some of the games in your theme. Not be too hard to accomplish. Having a theme like "Ultra Rare platinum trophies" would take away the fun of this easy-going event. Include a HC theme that is harder to achieve than the usual theme but not near impossible. I might end up altering your HC theme to achieve a good balance. As long as you follow these principles, your suggestion should be fine. Current suggestions Games that are part of a series (HC: 6 or more games in the series) (1 user) Games that offer the use of companions (HC: animal companion(s)) (1 user) Basically, the only thing different from the last Random theme is that this time I'll be taking suggestions until the end of the 14th of May (GMT+1), and then you'll be able to vote for you favorite of 4 random picks for the rest of the time. I think this may decrease the factor of disappointment in the randomness of the theme selection. Yet another reminder for the people who still have yet to upgrade their rank from bronze (even if they already responded): @blxckenigma @DrumKing294 @Kent10201 @ShogunCroCop There isn't much time left, so make sure you submit anything you have left quickly. A skip won't do you any good without a non-themed game to take that place. You could however look if you've completed the story of a themed game (or using a skip of a non-themed game) to gain a silver rank. Congrats on these. Actually, since the 's in Everybody's gone to the rapture is a short form of a word, you have 2 games that count towards the HC theme in your list. Also, I can't count Deponia and AdVenture Capitalist since these aren't 3-word games. Congrats on your gold rank, HC challenge completion and another challenge star. Yeah, but going by her personal reasons I doubt she'd want to rejoin at a later time. Both you and @Lucas were struggling with time constrictions which may be subject to change within the event. That's why I mentioned the both of you. Updated you. Updated you as well. I'd count that as a 3-word game, so congrats on your new golden star. That's actually a theme that I had in mind beforehand, I don't like your HC requirement though. Not only do a lot of games that are part of a series feature DLCs, they're also required for another challenge which would diminish the purpose of having them be seperate. I'd personally change it to games that are part of a long series (like 6+ games including spin-offs). That way we'd have a place for long running series like Final Fantasy, Atelier, or maybe even sports games like Fifa and whatever. Congrats on yet another platinum star. I really like this one, I'll be going with the animal companion HC theme though. Congrats on your progress. Updated your stats. There's some nice ideas in there but you'll have to pick the one you stand for before I can add your suggestions to the op. Congrats on your platinum rank and star, though I won't be able to count Run Sackboy! Run as you've only earned a single trophy of that game in April.
  14. Hey people, I'm really tired right now so I'll go to bed early and update you guys later. I'll also be starting May a bit early as a result of this. So as of now you may start submitting entries for the Earth theme. As always, you'll have 24 hours from the time of this post to finish and/or submit any left over entries for April. I'll provide you with further information tomorrow but for now know that Junes theme will be a slightly different variation of the Random theme. Go ahead and post any suggestions as of now, or wait until I explain the differences.
  15. I went ahead and implemented some changes for the event. There's a reason for that but I'll get into that later today or tomorrow, as it will take me a while to explain and I have some things to take care of today. I finally found a fitting name for the event, we're now known as the Monthly Madness. I made a new banner that can be used all year, since I won't be able to keep making new banners each month. The image is from Stardew Valley, and I think it turned out pretty well. I implemented @BillyHorrible's active and inactive participants idea. I liked the idea in the first place and it would be fitting for a long running event like this. From now on, if you tell me to put you into the inactive section or you don't respond when I post the reminder for people who haven't earned a monthly rank yet, I'll move you to that list. I'm sorry for both @Lucas and @Crimson Idol whose lists have been deleted before this feature was implemented. I put myself on that list because I don't really have the time to participate anymore. And while we're at the topic of reminders, those are the people who still have a bronze rank for April: @blxckenigma @cerafinn @DrumKing294 @Kent10201 @NekoSama87 @Pixel-DRAGON- @Psy-Tychist @ShogunCroCop Also, next months theme is now officially Earth. Congrats on your new platinum star, your challenge completion, and your challenge star. Have fun with Yooka-Laylee. I wish I could play this game as I've grown up with Banjo Kazooie and Tooie. Alright, fixed that then. Good luck with Pixeljunk Shooter. It's a nice and fairly challenging game, and I had lots of fun with it. Actually, now that I've thought about it please leave me on there. I came to the conclusion that all of these events make me spend more time on gaming than I can afford to spend these kinds of things, so that should serve as a help to fix that. Updated your stats, then. Alright, that's a gold rank for you as well as one less skip. Congrats on getting your completion back in check, I've updated you. The only new thing I see in there is the plat, so congrats on your new platinum rank as well as another challenge star. Good luck with that, sounds like you don't really like the game. Thanks for the offer and the wishes. Like I said above, I'll be going into some upcoming things later today or tomorrow. Congrats on your new platinum rank, completion of the two challenges, and another challenge star. Good luck with that. I don't know about Original Sin but one of the earlier games in the franchise (Divine Divinity) used to be one of my favorite games to play growing up. Probably another big influence in my appreciation for RPGs. Even nowadays I sometimes pick it back up and start another playthrough every now and then.