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  1. Platinum Trophy #45 Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag Prizes, Plunder, and Adventure! Win every trophy. Seems like I managed to finish this one up fairly quickly. Overall, this game was much more enjoyable to plat than AC3, even considering the grindier MP trophies. The SP experience was much more entertaining to me than that of AC3 and, while I still prefer a couple design choices of the old Ezio trilogy, so far this has been the first AC game that had me finish almost all of the optional content before finishing the story. The ship gameplay was surprisingly fun, considering that the naval missions weren't quite my favorite part of AC3 but I felt like the story was lacking compared to the previous titles of the franchise, especially the present day half of the story. I ended up liking Edward as a character much more than Connor, though. Surprisingly enough, the most tedious trophy requirement wasn't the grind to MP level 55 but rather playing all game modes once, since the handful of active players seems to dislike playing anything but Deathmatch and Manhunt. Thankfully, after about two hours of trying to start a Dominion match, I managed to assemble the four players required to start a game, only to have two of them leave during the starting screen but I still got the trophy. Seems like the game counts a game mode as played as soon as you select a character to play as. In the end many chickens were fed during my journey and now have a place to live as pirating poultry in the newly liberated Caribbean. I'll likely take yet another AC break before tackling Rogue, though, as these games tend to get boring when played directly one after the other.
  2. Requirement 1: AC4: Black Flag. There are chickens running about on some islands and after a huge mind numbing grind I'm almost done with the MP trophies. Requirement 2: I had quite a hard time deciding on a favorite after spending way too much time listening to all of the songs over and over again. Turns out that the ESC doesn't quite cover my taste in music. In the end I found Australia and Portugal to be the funniest entries. Mostly due to the Australian entry featuring someone in a dress that's likely taller than the house I live in as well as an impaled background dancer flailing about like he's in pain and I guess I don't have to explain Portugal, I've got no clue what's going on with that entry but me and a friend of mine were rolling on the floor. (Since when is Australia a part of Europe anyway?) My award for the most dramatic song is a tie between Georgia and Albania. Iceland was... interesting? Not quite something I'd like to listen to but it's unlike anything I've ever heard before. I can't get Norway's entry out of my head but I guess I'll end up casting my vote for Spain since I like the simplicity and the language.
  3. Sorry for taking this long to report back but I've been very busy over the last couple days. Sadly my experience during this event hasn't been all that great because of certain crash issues but overall I've had a great time and I've actually finished almost all of my Vita games by now. I'm especially glad I got around to PSABR when I did because I didn't even know the servers were shutting down before it happened. I'm also glad that I ended up cleaning up some of my older games that I abandoned years ago. Also, you need to step up your stalking game, @Crimson Idol, you totally missed my Jak 2 plat. 100% Games: Run Sackboy! Run! Fat Princess: Piece of Cake Plats: Tales of Hearts R Master of Hearts Proof of a perfect completion of Tales of Hearts R. Thanks for playing! Your love and dedication are hugely appreciated! Hotline Miami (40th plat) Trophy Addict Unlock All Trophies PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale All-Star Legend - You've Only Done Everything You have successfully earned all other trophies in the game. Congratulations! MotorStorm RC Lunatics Unite Obtain every other trophy in the game. Jak II Done Done Done For excellent and dedicated field work in the field of battle for completion.
  4. Well, I've had to abandon yet another game because of game crashes, which made the plat unobtainable for me. Since I can't fully beat the game, I can't get the trophies for One Life Mode and the epilogue, which happens right after the part where the game crashes. I've tried so many things, I even downloaded my save on the older version and started a new playthrough because otherwise the save won't work because of version differences but then I encountered yet another bug that wouldn't allow me to save the game after a certain point and I ended up losing nearly all of my progress towards the end of the game. I guess there goes another game on the pile of games that will be finished whenever I happen to get a PS4... I really wish I could recommend the game but the crashes made the plat unobtainable and the framerate makes the game playable at best on the Vita version. Besides that I really ended up loving the soundtrack and the gameplay and liking the story. Yeah, but since I want to experience Ayesha blind, I'd have to do a third unguided playthrough, which would likely raise the expected time to platinum of the guide well above a hundred hours. On the other hand I've already played about 15 hours of Oreshika for the last KYC event, so I'll take less time to finish up the game. Either way, I don't think I'll finish another game before the date and since I'm now able to count my Vita backlog on one hand, I'll probably go show the PS3 some love, now that you've saved me in that regard. I still have to take revenge on AC3 for breaking my PS3. By now I'd think it's impossible to do on Vita. I've tried it so many times and the game always crashed by chapter 3 or 4. It even crashed in the final sequence once on one of my non-Iron Rom playthroughs, so up until the very last moment the game can screw you over. And it's not even due to skipping text, since you're unable to skip the text of the final section. I don't know about how you handle those edge cases but I'd totally say that at least one playthrough on PS4 is required to plat the game, unless it's just some region specific thing where I end up getting screwed because I played the European version. In the end I'd just advise @Evil_Joker88 to play the game on PS4 outside of the event to avoid a lot of frustration. Apparently you can skip text much faster on PS4 as well, which is the biggest gripe I have about the Vita version because skipping the text is slow enough that I could basically still read everything that was said. Since the game is so text-heavy, you end up sitting through hours of already read text to get all of the endings and especially when it comes to the Iron Rom playthrough...
  5. I've had quite a rough month so far. I've mostly tried to make use of my PSPlus while it lasts, so I'm currently trying to plat Fallen Legion before the end of the month and I got quite frustrated as the game crashed four times after beating the final boss but before the game saved. In the end I had to reinstall the game in order to mysteriously make the NG+ button appear on its own. Overall I really like the game in terms of story and gameplay. It's just annoying that the performance is pretty bad on the Vita version but despite that it's still pretty playable. The only thing I can't stand are the crashes. You can remove Atelier Ayesha and Toukiden from my list as I won't have enough time to play them before the event ends. I still don't know about Jak 3, I might still go for that as it's another relatively quick plat, otherwise I'm just gonna spend the rest of my time on Oreshika. It's just as @Crimson Idol says, the Unbreakable Bond trophies are perfect to keep for last as you have to go to a specific place in order to unlock the special skill after raising your bond to the required level. Thus you can unlock the plat by the press of a button.
  6. It wasn't all that bad, honestly. The last two weeks were really taxing, so I was glad to have something that didn't require much thought for those couple days. I don't think I've got any more mediocre games coming up, unless I get some bad surprises in the next Plus lineup. I'm still deciding wether I want to continue Oreshika or go for Atelier Ayesha. The main reason I've been putting Ayesha off is that it already requires two guided playthroughs, so if I wanted to do a blind playthrough that would add up to a total of three playthroughs. I'm not sure how I feel about three back to back playthroughs of the same game but I'd still like to give it a go. Papers, Please is quite an odd game, as it's more of the interesting experience than the fun content type of game. You can definitely see that the game was made with love and it's pretty immersive. The gameplay is unique and fits the Vita really well as it mainly uses the touchscreen while still making complementary use of the buttons. I think it's one of the few ports that play really well on this console. Since the game is pretty hard and quite stressful as it's easy to make mistakes when you aren't concentrating, I'm mostly playing it in shorter bursts at the moment. What has caught more of my attention right now is Subnautica, which is available for free on the Epic Games store right now. I was surprised to see that it actually runs fairly decently on my PC on low setting and a fairly low resolution. That's what I've been playing for the last couple days and I'm really enjoying it.
  7. Yay, I'm third. Congrats @chellesan! I managed to get the last trophy ready to pop yesterday. I'm glad you can save scum the lootboxes, otherwise it would have taken multiple eternities to grind out all of those bubbles needed to buy the costumes. Overall it's a fairly run of the mill mobile game with all of the pay to win facets, especially considering the trophies, you could literally buy the hardest trophies since they require you to buy stuff in the store. I'm glad to have this game off my list as the lootbox grind is pretty mind numbing and slow. Otherwise the game is actually pretty fun for a little while until you get into the trophies. Got this one done yesterday as well. I was surprised to see it still in my download list despite getting removed from the store maybe a year ago. It's actually quite hard to play now since the servers are down and all of the pay to win aspects, including the free samples that were meant to entice you to buy more, were relying on the servers. Now you can only get the lowest spin reward, which is always gems, making the game much harder than usual. Luckily, the only trophy I had left wasn't affected. In the end, I managed to complete both games much faster than I anticipated, so I'm pretty glad I'm done with them now.
  8. Took a while before updating since I thought I might be able to complete Papers Please in time but it doesn't look like I'll have the time since I was busy writing an exam today and there's another one coming up tomorrow as well as on Thursday. I've now given up on 2064 since I'm not even sure it is even possible to get Iron Rom on the Vita version. You can add Fat Princess: Piece of Cake and Run Sackboy! Run! to my list as they've been on my profile for ages and the time seems right to finish them. I'm currently at 62% of the 555 match 5's required for my last trophy in Fat Princess and I'm at about 150k/450k bubbles for Run Sackboy! Run!. Anyways, on to the main course: 100% games: Hatoful Boyfriend The Bridge Platinums: # 33 Burly Men At Sea Ye've Done It “This day, you reach the end of a story,” she continues, “and the last of its paths.” #34 Spy Chameleon All trophies earned Congratulations! #35 Freedom Wars Joy and Prosperity Earn all trophies. Happy Birthday PSVita! (And sorry for making you suffer with Spy Chameleon) May you live a long life despite your parents wanting to kill you.
  9. The ending you get when you are too indecisive and end up spending too little time with any particular bird to end up on one of their routes. It's usually the first ending I tend to get in these kinds of games. There's some back story to what happens in that ending in the routes of the doctor and Yuuta, I believe, (the doctor's assistant). On a different note, I'm currently about three fourths of the way through a playthrough of 2064:ROM without crashing, which is the furthest I got so far. If I didn't jinx it by writing this, I might have a good shot at getting the Iron Rom trophy today. It seems like the game tends to crash less often when played in short bursts rather than one big sitting. Edit: Guess who jinxed it... We're up to X=4.
  10. Thanks, I guess. Actually, when I accidentally left the volume up for a little too long (tragic mistake) I noticed that there are a few more tracks in the later stages but they're all trash. Each and every one of them. Good luck with the challenges, there were a few annoying ones but for the most part they are pretty doable. I'm surprised at the completion rate, though. 13% is quite a bit more than I would have thought since it isn't that easy but I guess the only people who are playing the game knew in advance that they were gonna get the plat no matter what. I actually didn't care about the number of games and was more concerned with the number of plats but now that I have Plus for a little while longer, and since I likely won't renew my PSPlus until I get a PS4 eventually because it just isn't worth it for me without the PS3 and PSVita IGC, my plan is to try out any game that at least remotely interests me and to try and get as many of those done as possible before I'm gonna be unable to play them again. Since my PSPlus will run out before the western anniversary and simply because I'm part of this event I figured, I might as well try out the Vita games first and finish them in time for the Japanese anniversary. I actually don't think that many of my games were mediocre but then again, I don't have the highest of standards and usually, when a game is made with love and not with greed, I tend to enjoy it. If I were to order my games it would go somewhat like this: I think it's just natural to have a few black sheep in there somewhere. After all, curiosity killed the cat and now I have to dispose of some bodies before my Plus ends. I think a quick way to pique your curiosity might be getting a quick neutral ending. Of course, if you have other games you'd rather play waiting for you it would be weird not to play them instead.
  11. Spy Chameleon Glad I'm done with this. When I started this game I thought I was going to like it but somehow I've grown to like it less and less the more I played it. The gameplay is fine but something just feels off about the game and the audio is just horrendous. Until now I've never played a game that made me mute it on purpose but the OST sounds so weird and the damn noises the chameleon makes every time you change color are incredibly unfitting and annoying. Since this is the main gimmick of the game, you are constantly hearing these noises. Yesterday on my way back home from school I pulled my Vita and my headphones out of my bag by habit and just ended up putting my headphones away again the moment I realized what I would be playing because I'd rather hear nothing than the audio of this game. Definitely can't recommend it but I'm popping the plat on the Japanese anniversary anyways in order to prove once again that most western games on the Vita just aren't that great. 2064: Read Only Memories Now that this is done, I guess I'm gonna try and go for the 2064:ROM plat once again. I've continued my last failed playthrough to the point that I'm only missing the final chapter and if everything ends up working out, I'll be able to just mindlessly choose any dialogue choices I want in my Iron Rom runs. Since I'll still need to pay some attention to the game, I will probably go ahead and start up Steins;Gate from this month's PSPlus lineup. I'm still a bit annoyed that it isn't cross buy with the Vita version, but I guess beggars can't be choosers, right? I did watch the anime a couple years ago but I'd probably enjoy checking out some of the paths that weren't adapted and like I said, it's probably the perfect game to play alongside "Press Simulator 2019". I've also started up Papers Please on Sunday when I didn't manage to force myself through some more Spy Chameleon but while the gameplay is perfect for the Vita, the game is way too stressful for my already stress-filled week. If my prayers to RNGesus work in my favor and I actually manage to complete a full run of 2064 without the game crashing halfway through, I'll probably try to squeeze this game in as well. I still stand by my opinion that both the story and the choice of trophies are great, but yeah, random crashes in a game without auto saves is annoying enough, even when there isn't a trophy that requires you to finish a playthrough in one go. The story really gets going towards the end of chapter two but I was severely disappointed by how little the choices actually influence how the characters act. Most scenarios were only altered by a single line of text in my jerk playthrough but at least that explains why Jess treated me like trash even though I was always nice to her, it's just exactly the same attitude she shows when you're bombarding her with cat jokes. I guess if you realized you weren't going to like the game, it's a good thing you realized it as fast as you did. Sad to hear you didn't enjoy the game as I really loved it but yeah, it's quite rough around the edges. What routes did you finish? I found the routes of the bird in the library, the doctor and Anghel's route to be the most interesting ones. The final route is also very interesting as it's a lot longer than the others and does some quite unexpected things.
  12. Well, 2 crashes and a wasted Saturday later, I've managed to bump my X up to 3. I guess I'll call it quits for this weekend as I'm not gonna have the time for a full playthrough tomorrow and the game won't let me switch to my alarm clock while it's running. I'm currently weighing off wether or not I should just finish one more normal playthrough so I don't have to worry about picking the right dialogue choices anymore and can just ignore the game except for the sparse gameplay sections. I'm pretty sure I've never felt this discouraged about a platinum trophy, just because I know that getting to the end in one setting is nowhere near hard to accomplish but it's completely reliant on RNG as the game crashes so frequently and it's all the more disheartening if it happens two thirds into the game. I'll have another go at it next weekend but if I don't get it done before the anniversary, I'm probably just gonna wait until I have a PS4 one day because the game doesn't seem to crash on there. I guess I'll force myself through a few more Spy Chameleon levels in the mean time, at least that plat is skill reliant.
  13. Things are looking good for 2064:ROM, I managed to get the hardest trophies today so now the only thing left for me to do is complete X more playthroughs (X = [amount of crashes] + 1) and a couple endings that branch off at the end of said playthrough(s). Since the game so far only crashed twice for me, I'm hoping X will be less than 3 or ideally 1. It's pretty annoying that a single crash can set you back 6 or more hours if it happens towards the end of the game and it certainly doesn't help that skipping text in this game is a crawl.
  14. Huge post-KYC update Got another bunch of games ready for the Japanese anniversary, even though some of them don't really fit all that well but they're all PSPlus games and my Plus won't last until the western anniversary, so I'm just gonna pop them all on the 17th. A fun physics based puzzle game that has you manipulate gravity in order to progress through the game. I really love the surreal art style as well as the constant addition of new mechanics throughout the game that sometimes completely change up the way you have to approach a certain situation or simply add another layer of obstacles to toy around with. I did play the game on PS3 for about 10 minutes in order to compare the differences in how the game handles on both consoles and because it made me have a bit of an easier time getting one of my final trophies. The only thing left for me to do is complete one last level with a certain restriction that shouldn't cause too much trouble and I'll get my 100%. I'm guessing most people in this thread will know about this already but it's definitely much deeper than the looks might make it seem. The only thing left for me to do is skip through the last few lines of the final route (I ended up watching the end on YouTube) then I'll have yet another 100% title. Very quick plat but it definitely gets tiresome repeating most of the story numerous times in order to see all endings, which aren't really all that special either. I found this one to be fun during the first couple playthroughs, though. Overall it's a nice little artistic game but I wish they would have gone for a longer linear game instead of an incredibly short branching storyline. Missing one more ending for the plat, ETA: 15 minutes. I'm currently working on finishing both 2064: Read Only Memories and Spy Chameleon for the Japanese anniversary, although I'm not quite sure if I'll be able to finish 2064 in time since the Vita version seems to be a little troublesome when it comes to obtaining certain trophies in this game. If I do manage to complete the game, I'll likely make this my main Japanese plat and move Freedom Wars back to the western anniversary but we'll see how that turns out.
  15. Time for yet another wrap-up. I think this time around I'll start off with my old KYC lists, mostly because I'm interested in how many of those games I've completed by now and how likely I am to actually finish them now that quite some time has passed. It should also offer an interesting look at the impact of this event on my completion since the first time I took part. KYC 3: Completion: 66.30% -> 64.36% | -1.94% Completed games: 5/10 Games ranked by enjoyment: From Dust (PS3) Completed during the event. I actually feel like replaying this game from time to time and I really wish there was more content for me to enjoy. Severed (PSVita) Completed during the event. Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath (PSVita) Completed during the event. I remember taking way too much time out of my schedule because I wanted to see the end of the story during the time slot it was in. Batman: Arkham Asylum (PS3) Unfinished. I don't know why I didn't get back to this after the event but I guess I just got distracted by something else that came up. It's a shame because I loved the game and I was pretty far in so now that I haven't played it in quite a while it's hard to pick it back up and relearn the controls again. I do plan on finishing this game eventually, though. Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands (PS3) Completed during the event. Dragon Ball Xenoverse (PS3) Unfinished. I only managed to scratch the surface in the time slot, there's a whole lot of content and the plat is gonna take ages to get but I'll definitely get back to this eventually. Since it requires so much effort and I'm not particularly into fighting games this might take a while, though. Dirt 3 (PS3) Unfinished. I should probably get back to this before my PSPlus runs out but I'm not really in the mood for racing games at the moment. TorqueL (PSVita) Completed during the event. Lumo (PSVita) Unfinished. This will have to wait until I get a PS4 because that version is apparently playable. The Lord of the Rings: War in the North (PS3) Unfinished. I think this is more trouble than it's worth so it's at the bottom of my list right now. Well, maybe a spot above Lumo if anything. KYC 777: Completion: 61.94% -> 60.27% | -1.67% Completed games: 4/6 Games ranked by enjoyment: Jak 3 (PS3) Completed during the event. Tales of Hearts R (PSVita) Completed after the event. Catherine (PS3) Unfinished. Pretty high up my priority list in terms games to continue. MotorStorm RC (PS3) Completed after the event. Jak 2 (PSVita) Completed after the event. Imagine someone soaked your cat in gasoline and lit it on fire. It survived with severe burn marks, and it's barely even recognizable anymore but it's still your cat so you love it but every time you look at it you get sad at what happened. That's how I feel about this game. Lost Planet 3 (PS3) Unfinished. I really didn't enjoy this game even though it has a pretty high production value. I will try to force myself through a story playthrough eventually but I don't think I care enough to boost the dead MP. KYC ∞: Completion: 65.01% -> 63.63% | -1.38% Completed games: 4/8 Games ranked by enjoyment: Port Royale 3 (PS3) Unfinished. By far my favorite game of KYC infinity. It's a economy/strategy game set in the Caribbean in the age of pirates and you can choose between becoming a trader, invader or pirate, or you can do all three at the same time. It's very easy to lose track of time when playing this game and it'll probably be the first game I get back to after the Japanese PSVita anniversary. Definitely worth checking out if you're into this sort of stuff. 2064: Read Only Memories (PSVita) Unfinished. Cyberpunk blend between VN and adventure game with interesting story and likable characters. As @Agent 47 hinted at, you'll probably be disappointed if you're picking this up when looking for a point and click adventure because the game is very text heavy and puzzles are much easier than those of classic titles. The point and click aspects are mainly used to flesh out the world through character and object interactions. Now that the event is over, it's the first game I got back to and I'm planning to finish it for the anniversary. If you don't mind lots of dialogue the story is well worth trying. Hatoful Boyfriend (PSVita) Completed during the event. I was completely caught off guard by this game. It's got great comedy but don't you dare think this game is just about the humor. If you're into VNs you probably heard about this before and you should really give it a go if you can get it for a good price. Oreshika: Tainted Bloodlines (PSVita) Unfinished. Pretty grindy JRPG set in old Japan that has an interesting mechanic heritage mechanic that reminds me of Rogue Legacy. Nothing extraordinary but it sure is fun if you don't mind spending a lot of your playtime grinding. I'm planning on returning to this game a bit later on but I'm definitely going for the plat. The Bridge (PSVita/PS3) Completed during the event. Enjoyable artsy puzzle game that has you manipulate gravity in order to get through each level. I really love the way this game keeps things fresh by introducing very creative mechanics regularly, which spice things up. If you're into puzzles this is definitely worth picking up. Child of Light (PS3) Completed during the event. Very pretty game with one hell of a great soundtrack. I'd recommend it for the OST alone but the story is also pretty nice and as it's told as a poem, it definitely is a bit of a curiosity. Burly Men At Sea (PSVita) Completed during the event. Artistic game focusing on telling a branching story that feels a bit like a CYOA. Sadly, since getting all endings requires you to play through many scenes of the game way too often, it ends up feeling very repetitive after a while. It's also really short so you're definitely not getting your money's worth unless you received it through Plus. Spy Chameleon (PSVita) Unfinished. The gameplay is fun but something just feels off about the game and it doesn't help that the art is fine at best and the soundtrack is a disappointment. I'll still finish this game as the plat doesn't seem too difficult and the game is still moderately fun. Thanks for hosting the event @voodoo_eyes as I've once again managed to find some unexpected gems in my library. Doing these statistics, I've found that I tend complete way more games during the events than I should but I've got the tendency to neglect things I should rather be doing when playing good games. This has been one hell of a month for me, filled to the brim with exams of all kinds and I probably should have studied more than I actually did but everything was going well in the end. I'll just hope K-9 will take place at a better time for me because this ended up being pretty stressful. Speaking of K-9, I've got some interesting things planned but I'll need a friend of mine to agree on helping me out, so we'll see how that turns out. By the way, if anyone is reading this far: Were there anymore news on the thing with PSPlus dropping PS3 and Vita games by March 2019? I'm currently debating if I should save up for renewing my PSPlus membership but if this actually ends up happening, I don't think it's worth it for me. After all I don't even own a PS4 yet so I'd only be benefiting from the ability to play old Plus games, of which I already played the most interesting titles...
  16. Game #6.5: Spy Chameleon (PSVita) Final Review Total playtime: about 3 hours and 30 minutes Trophies: 16/31 for an A rank Completion: Overall - 65.01% -> 63.63% | -1.38% Current - 63.93% -> 63.63% | -0.30% The good: Gameplay: The gameplay is pretty fun. In the later levels it actually gets pretty fast paced and requires quick thinking. In the later levels the game started seeming more and more like a puzzle game with levels requiring complex use of new gameplay elements. Length: With 75 short levels the game has got enough content and since you end up having to replay levels at least a second and likely a third time due to the challenges, it takes a little while to get through them all. Difficulty: Just beating the levels is pretty easy but the challenges force you to play levels in usually more difficult ways. Usually this doesn't get much more difficult but there were a couple levels that took me a while to finish. Overall the difficulty feels just right on hard difficulty. The bad: Visuals: The levels and interface look fine but something seems off about the design of the living creatures. It's hard to say but it feels like they lack character. Overall pretty underwhelming. The ugly: Audio: The OST of this game feels like it's a single song and it sounds like the one who was supposed to play it got bored halfway in and started doing weird improvisation to patch things up. This is the only game on my list where I didn't bother with headphones on the train and just ended up muting the game instead. I don't know what it is about this game but it just doesn't feel right. The gameplay is actually fairly decent and right up my alley but I still just kinda felt indifferent when playing the game. I guess, I just had too many great games on my list so this doesn't woo me at all. I'll probably finish the game since the plat doesn't seem too hard but I won't be looking forward to it. Since I've got another exam coming up tomorrow, I'll post my recap after I'm done with that. Rating: Next game: None, this was the last one.
  17. Game #6: Burly Men at Sea (PSVita) Final Review Total playtime: about 2 hours and 30 minutes (yet another saved trophy for Vita's anniversary) Trophies: 23/25 for a B rank Completion: Overall - 65.01% -> 63.93% | -1.08% Current - 63.51% -> 63.93% | +0.42% The good: Audio: The OST is immersive and sounds pretty good. It also seems to follow the same motive throughout the game, which is pretty neat. Many sound effects sound a bit weird to me, though. Length: The game is fairly short with a single path taking anywhere between 5 and 15 minutes from start to finish. This allows for multiple playthroughs without feeling exhausting. Difficulty: Some choices are harder to see than others, which makes finding new branches rewarding. Story: The three main branches are entertaining to experience. Details: Pretty much every screen has a second set of text for when you visit it a second time, you can interact with many irrelevant people and animals and there is usually some sort of reaction to your interactions. Visuals: Very modern abstract art style that is kept in pastel colors. Kind of reminds me of Kurzgesagt videos. The bad: Controls: They don't feel intuitive and are hard to get used to. Sometimes they also make it hard to guess what the game wants you to do in order to select one branch of the story or another. The ugly: Repitition: The game is split into 12 paths, which really are only 6 paths that have to be played twice for different endings. I would have preferred a longer game with less endings as replaying some parts of the game between 4 and 12 times only to get to a tiny piece of new content at the end can get annoying quickly. I've got some mixed feelings about this game. The first couple playthroughs are fun but towards the end it starts to get really boring as you are forced to repeat more and more content, which is a shame because as I mentioned above, I think having a single longer story including all different scenes as well as a couple new ones would probably be pretty great. Another thing I don't really get is the fact that this game has a platinum trophy. Pretty much any other title on my list would probably be more suitable for that than this game. All in all, I can't recommend buying the game but I'd say if you got it through Plus it's definitely worth a try, even if it's just for a quick free plat. The story feels neat the first couple times through and later on just distract yourself with some Netflix when you get bored. Rating: Next game: Spy Chameleon (PSVita) Game #6.5: Spy Chameleon (PSVita) 1st day Total playtime: about 1 hour and 10 minutes Spy Chameleon is a top down stealth game where you have to stay out of the light cones of guard robots to get to the end of each level. To do that you gotta change the color of your chameleon by pressing the face buttons in order to match your background. There's also challenges that require you to pick up collectibles in every level and finish each level under a set time. There are 75 levels in total and I managed to complete the first 20 of those levels, completing all related challenges on hard difficulty, within the time I spent with the game so far. So far I feel like the game is nothing special but it's enjoyable enough to pass some time.
  18. Game #5: Port Royale 3 (PS3) Final Review Total playtime: about 18 hours (12 hours according to save file) Trophies: 24/62 for an A rank Completion: Overall - 65.01% -> 63.51% | -1.50% Current - 64.12% -> 63.51% | -0.61% The good: Audio: Pretty good for a strategy game. OST mostly consists of fitting songs that take you right into the Caribbean. Setting: 16th century Caribbean, filled with pirates. Actually really makes me want to get back to Black Flag and experience the island towns from a closer perspective. Pacing: One playthrough takes a lot of time and is mostly sandbox as there aren't any campaign specific goals that go further than maybe the late start of the game. Progressing through the game happens at a fun pace and things generally get faster the further you get into the game. The focus shifts from one type of gameplay to another fairly frequently as well, so overall you're always doing something new. There are little to no wait times in the game since you can speed up the game by ten times the speed, so it never really feels like you are just waiting for a long time. Difficulty: Pretty trial and error but stays challenging enough not to feel like a face roll and generally keeps you mentally occupied because there are always things to optimize. It's pretty easy to have unexpected changes completely mess up your cash flow but it's also just as easy to get a great passive income to focus on other parts of the game. The bad: Visuals: Some things look really good, others look terrible. The good old Warcraft RTS games managed to have better talking NPC models but then again, the map looks pretty good... Tutorials: Some are pretty good, others are way too hand holding, others tell you barely anything you need to know. You'll likely have to use a lot of trial and error combined with a hearty dose of Google in order to figure things out but once you do it's actually fairly simple. Interface: Another thing that commonly happens with strategy games. On some screens there is less information than you actually need and I felt obligated to calculate a few things in Excel. Other screens are way more cluttered than they need to be and overall it's very hard to find the things you are looking for if you don't already know where to expect them. The ugly: none Finally another game I really wish I didn't have to stop playing. So far I've taken over ~10 towns by peaceful means and I'm contemplating getting into the battle system in order to get rid of some of those annoying pirates and later on conquer some more towns by force. I'm definitely gonna get back to this and I'm gonna enjoy every moment of it, by the looks of it. All in all, I'd say this might not be the best game in the strategic/economy/pirate genres but it sure is a whole lot of fun if you can manage to get into it. I can absolutely recommend it if you got it through PSPlus as it even includes the DLC which add another layer to the game, which should have probably been in the game already and makes it an overall better experience. If you didn't get it through Plus, I don't think the DLCs are worth their price by what I've seen of them. They enhance the gameplay but not by enough to warrant the price tag. Rating: Next game: Burly Men at Sea (PSVita) Game #6: Burly Men at Sea (PSVita) 1st day Total playtime: about 1 hour and 30 minutes Burly Men at Sea is yet another game that aims to tell a story. In this case it's multiple short CYOA stories. It controls in a very weird way as it's a mixture between point and click in order to interact with objects and pressing and in order to move around. At first I didn't even know what the game wanted me to do because it's so unusual and the game just wants you to figure it out on your own. The game feels a bit like a visual novel with a capital V and a lower case n as its focus lies on the visuals and there is little to no text. Instead of text choices, the path taken by the story is influenced by the objects you interact with, so it can be pretty challenging to figure out how to take a new path when you don't know where you might find another branch to explore. Overall the game feels like a lot of love was put into it and playing the game generally feels good. It's just weird that they put codes into the game by which you can order hard cover book versions of the choices you've made during a playthrough. It feels more like a weird ploy to make some more cash than a good idea but it sure is creative, I guess. I'll see how far I can get without consulting the internet for guidance but either way I don't think I'll take that long to finish the game, so I'll likely get to start another bonus game. I really love that they chose to give out the DLCs as they are great to have and it's generally unusual to see DLCs included in a free Plus pickup. It sure is easy to break things. I actually barely use trade routes at all since I have so many businesses running in my towns. One time I noticed that I had huge storage costs because I had multiple 100.000s of barrels of resources lying around unused in all towns, so I set my warehouses to just sell everything at 80% value. I used to make 700k per 30 days and I just noticed it go down to -10 million per 30 days because I didn't check the option to keep resources, so next to none of my businesses were running. I'll definitely make use of your combat guide when I get back into the game after the event, although I don't even have a clue on how to make my ships more likely to win a fight in general. The couple times I've tried I had no chance of winning. I actually must admit that I've never played Civilization or Tropico before but I really enjoyed Port Royale 3. It's definitely true that the tutorials do a bad job of getting you set up but I didn't find it two hard either. I took a while to figure out how to create automatic trade routes and had to google how I even selected ships as combat vessels in order to defend convoys (and I still haven't won a single battle ) but that's basically it. I also made an Excel sheet in order to calculate the amount of businesses I need to build in order to take over a town peacefully to make things much faster and easier for me but besides that I didn't really have that much trouble. I'll definitely have a look at Grand Ages: Medieval, never heard of that before. I guess I might also try Tropico 5 as that was free on Humble Bundle ages ago but I'm not sure my PC can handle it... I'm pretty split on the game. I probably would have liked it more if The Jak games stayed like The Precursor Legacy as that was without a doubt my favorite part and I enjoyed the platforming collect-a-thon gameplay a lot more than what is basically GTA: Haven City. Also the Vita port is a complete disgrace and is the exact opposite of fun. The PS3 version of the games seems to be alright, though.
  19. Game #4.5: Hatoful Boyfriend (PSVita) Final Review Total playtime: about 14 hours Trophies: 15/17 for an A rank (leaving the last two stacking trophies for Vita's anniversary event) Completion: Can't say since I already got a trophy in Port Royale 3. The good: Story: Oh, there sure are some twists. Comedy: Do I even need to elaborate? I think the banner speaks more than a thousand words for this games' comedic potential. Setting: A world in which birds and humans coexist as intelligent species. Pretty creative. Length: There's one or more route for most characters you meet that are rather short but there's so many choices that you'll have some new text to read fairly frequently and since there's so many endings, it would probably end up feeling annoying if the routes were much longer. There's also an incredibly long (at least when compared to the others) final route that can be unlocked after completing most of the endings. The bad: Audio glitches: Very frequent weird sounds that tend to get fairly annoying. Slow text skipping: When there are so many endings and each of them requires you to skip text you have already read for half an hour, that's not really fun. I've seen some games that let you skip over already read text to each choice instantly and some even mark choices you've already picked, this game could really use the former. The ugly: Crashes: This game does not automatically save your progress and tends to crash really often. This is especially frustrating when you're in the long route, your last save was 20 minutes of text skipping ago and the game manages to crash three times at the same spot like it did for me. Fun times. At least, thanks to all the downtime, I'm almost caught up with all the reviews to read. This game really surprised me and I think you should really try it, especially if you picked it up for free on PSPlus. You'll get some laughs out of it, witness a certainly interesting story and have a guilt trip the next time you eat chicken. Starting this game was a really bad choice of mine since I ended up studying way less for my exams this week than I planned for but everything still ended up going pretty well for me, so I certainly don't regret doing so. Rating: Next game: Port Royale 3 (PS3) Game #5: Port Royale 3 (PS3) 1st day Total playtime: about 30 minutes I forced myself to squeeze in 30 minutes of gameplay yesterday since I was technically already a day late. When this game was on Plus, I was pretty excited because I remember playing Port Royale 2 on my PC ages ago. While it's so far back that I only have very vague memories of the time, I do remember having fun playing the game. My experience with the game so far has been pretty mixed. At first I didn't feel the game at all. It doesn't help that the visuals are a weird mix between low res UI backgrounds, a fairly pretty map and city view and incredibly ugly NPC models that pop up in a little window to the top right and talk Warcraft-Style with unsynched continuous mouth movements. I think they must have used one of the tiny villager models that walk around in the city view as the model looks indescribably bad up close. The models in Warcraft, which are a lot older than this game is, are incredible lengths better than the ones used in this game. So far I've started the merchant tutorial which explains the trading systems and I guess other peaceful stuff. Basically you sail your convoy to a town that manufactures a product and buy cheap, then sail to a town that is in need of that product and sell high. There seem to be other interesting aspects like ship battles and city building (which was definitely not a feature of Port Royale 2) but I didn't get that far yet. There is technically a story, I guess, but it isn't very important since this is mostly a sandbox strategy game. I think it involves you getting stranded and being picked up by some of your Spanish countrymen, taking you back to their city of Port Royale, where you are now a small trader that has to work his way up the ranks in order to gain some influence. While I did feel like this game is a bit clunky to play on a controller and could use some of those sweet PC mouse controls, as most strategy games tend to do, I still ended up warming up to the game and towards the 30 minute mark I had to force myself to stop because by then I really wanted to continue the tutorial. Edit: I forgot to mention that it seems like the DLC content was free with Plus (or in general), at least the game let me toggle all three DLC packs on without ever buying or even downloading any of it.
  20. Game #4.5: Hatoful Boyfriend (PSVita) 1st day Total playtime: about 1 hour Hatoful Boyfriend is a parody of the Otome genre, which usually has a female protagonist follow various male love interests in visual novel style gameplay and there's usually a different ending for each candidate. Now imagine this protagonist is the only human in a world filled with birds. Storywise, you are a female student that visits an all bird high-school and you socialize with your for some reason almost entirely male school mates as the year goes by. I don't really have much to say so far. I've gotten a sort-of ending by now or at least the game calls it an ending but I can still continue playing. Overall it's pretty funny and my favorite character so far is Okosan who is a bit like Hodor in a way because he only makes "Coooo!" noises but somehow everyone understands what he is saying and he's totally in love with pudding. I'm looking forward to the twists that were mentioned by @eigen-space in KYC 777. Never even heard of this game but it sure sounds like something I would enjoy. I gotta make sure to remember this in case I ever have some money to spend.
  21. Game #4: Child of Light (PS3) Final Review Total playtime: about 11 hours Trophies: 20/20 for an S rank Completion: Overall - 65.01% -> 64.12% | -0.89% Current - 63.98% -> 64.12% | +0.14% The good: Story: Despite having some pacing issues caused by the combat in my opinion, the story is an experience and the main focus of the game. I don't know how I feel about it being told as a poem. On the one hand it is a creative idea and has a certain charm, on the other hand it breaks the immersion and lets it seem more like a story being told than an experience being lived. Visuals: Water color art style with much character. A joy to look at. Audio: Emotional overworld music with epic boss battle themes. The OST is just as beautiful as the art, if not even more so. Also kind of makes me want to make more time for piano practice again, I'll make sure to learn a couple of these songs as I get better. I really had trouble deciding on which songs to showcase since they are all brilliant. Setting: I like the light and darkness themes going on, other than that it's a medieval fantasy setting that doesn't just use your standard fantasy creatures but adds some unique species into the mix. Difficulty: There are two difficulty settings. I started out on the higher one and it was definitely challenging. Later on, as I started to avoid combat I was forced to switch to the lower setting which still ended up being pretty hard towards the end with my playstyle. The bad: Gameplay: Traveling across the overworld feels fun and the game nails all of the RPG systems it has to offer. With the focus on combat relying heavily on interrupting your enemies and trying not to get interrupted yourself it feels a lot more tactical than traditional turn based systems. It's fun, so why is this in the bad section? Well, being an RPG, you've gotta grind from time to time in this game and since the combat forces you to pay attention at all times when fighting, a usually mindless activity like grinding a little between boss fights becomes a chore and I found myself skipping most enemies towards the end of the game. I think it would have been a better idea to make more use of the fun overworld gameplay and turn this game into an action RPG instead. Pacing: I felt there was just too much fluff in between exposition for this kind of game, partially caused due to long RPG fights. The ugly: none The first game on my list that wasn't a completely positive surprise. Beautiful art, beautiful music, beautiful story to go with it but in the end I guess my expectations were just too high. Still, I've had to add quite a lot of music to my playlist today. It's been a while since I've played a game with a comparable soundtrack. I'd still recommend the game if you got it on PS+ or at a cheap price, like Journey, this is more a piece of art than it is a game so if you're into these kinds of games it's definitely worth checking out. Since I got done two days early and I've got another PS3 game coming up I'll start up Hatoful Boyfriend as a bonus game tomorrow and play it alongside Port Royal until Friday. That's sure to get me some funny looks on the train tomorrow. Rating: Next game: Hatoful Boyfriend (PSVita) (Bonus 19th to 23rd) and Port Royal 3 (PS3) (21st to 25th) I love the art and the music. I started out liking the combat and even later on I still liked it for boss fights but it got annoying fairly quickly. I kinda like the system but I guess it's complex enough that it stops feeling relaxing like a turn based combat system should be but at the same time fights take way longer than in a non-instanced action combat system. So in the end it feels more like the worse of both worlds instead of the best of both worlds.
  22. Game #4: Child of Light (PS3) 1st day Total playtime: about 1 hour Child of Light is an artistic western JRPG about a little princess that one day wakes up in a world inhabited by creatures of darkness and is now trying to find a way to get back to her parents. Since this game is probably rather short and mostly about watching the story unfold, I won't go into more detail than that. An interesting thing to mention is that the story is told as a giant poem and so far all conversations between the protagonist and other creatures of the world have also taken place in the form of rhymes. The gameplay is fairly simple. You control both your character and her glowing firefly companion to solve simple puzzles in a metroidvania-like 2D puzzle platformer world. These puzzles usually just involve pushing around crates to reach certain places, shining light or casting shadows on certain things using your companion and are generally very easy. There are also enemies that can be stunned using your companion and approached in order to initiate the turn-based battle system. It's pretty standard but the time until your and your enemies' turns is displayed as a timeline at the bottom. If you hit them while they are attacking, they are interrupted and the same goes for you. Because of this, one of the main combat mechanics is controlling your companion to slow down an enemy at a time in order to time their attack windows so that you attack them while they are in the middle of an attack and to try and stop them from interrupting you. This can get quite hectic since this is a real time mechanic and you can only slow down one out of up to three enemies for a certain time since the ability has to be recharged over time. Even on the higher difficulty normal enemies were no real problem but the first boss was pretty challenging. Of course, being a JRPG, this game has a level system as well as a skill tree to invest points into but they are pretty simple. The art is beautiful and resembles a world drawn in water colors and the soundtrack also seems pretty good so far. By now I've just beaten the first boss and I definitely like the gameplay and the story so far.
  23. Game #3: Oreshika: Tainted Bloodlines (PSVita) Final Review Total playtime: about 10 hours Trophies: 6/48 for a C rank Completion: Overall - 65.01% -> 63.98% | -1.03% Current - 64.71% -> 63.98% | -0.73% The good: Visuals: Very pretty blend of the usual 3D anime art style, an Okami-like brush-drawn aesthetic for the dungeons and traditional Japanese drawings for interface and enemy sprites. There are also anime-style cutscenes that look pretty neat. Audio: Very traditional Japanese sounding OST that fits in brilliantly with the setting. I generally really love the soundtrack of this game. Setting: Japan in the year 1119 with lots of folklore. Gameplay: While making use of your standard JRPG turn-based battle system, the game spices things up by adding many interesting systems outside of the combat that keep things interesting. Settings: The game lets you choose how much time you intend to spend with the game and provides possible settings to speed up the passage of time while increasing experience gains, which causes them to balance each other out keeps you from getting much stronger than you should be at the time. Multitasking: Since this is the first Vita game in this list that doesn't use up all of your consoles' resources I'll add it as a good point. Finally a game I didn't have to quit each time I wanted to check on my trophies... Kouchin: Our adorable weasel manager and sidekick deserves yet another mention. The bad: Performance: The pretty graphics take their toll and the game feels a bit choppy at times, although with the type of game it is, it doesn't really need extremely smooth fps and it didn't bother me at all when I was playing the game. Nitpicking. Grind: Some people like it, others do not but this game is pretty grindy and some of the trophies look even grindier. I don't mind grinding in most cases but if you do, you're better off playing other games. The ugly: Difficulty: I don't know if the theoretical balancing of the settings above just doesn't cut it but the second boss battle was so easy, the boss didn't even get to attack more than twice. The game is pretty grindy and I feel the faster settings are much more fun in terms of pacing, so I probably wouldn't even play on a different setting if the game was more challenging that way. I wish they had a separate difficulty setting because there is just no challenge here. Pretty much exactly what I expected from the KYC review that I based my purchasing decision on. I must admit that I played this a little longer than I should have because I was very close to beating the second boss and I still had another hour or so of gaming time in train this morning, so since my next game is on PS3 I just played some more Oreshika in train. I did manage to beat the second boss in that timeframe, earning me a final sixth trophy in the process. The fight was a joke, I could have and actually did beat the second boss like eight times in a row when the game forced me to flee from the battle and twelve months of training later the boss didn't stand a chance against me. When you can only challenge a boss once every twelve months, it's very annoying when a game forces you to abandon the fight. Overall, I'd say I'm fairly happy with the game. If it wasn't for the difficulty this would probably be the best game so far but for now I'll leave it at a gold rating which may or may not change in my summary at the end of the month. I'm really looking forward to Child of Light. Rating: Next game: Child of Light (PS3)
  24. Game #3: Oreshika: Tainted Bloodlines (PSVita) 3rd day Total playtime: about 8 hours By now, I'm really glad I decided to play on one of the shorter settings since the game already feels pretty grindy as there's less of a focus on story progression and a larger focus on time management and improving your clan with each new generation of members. You are forced to either lose or retreat from the second boss battle so, since you can only challenge the boss of a dungeon on the date of an annual festival, I'm currently waiting for the year to pass after getting what I needed to try again a month later. Thanks to that I'm pretty sure that I'm overleveled enough by now to completely obliterate the boss as the only meaningful way to pass time is to grind in the dungeons. Don't get me wrong, though. I really like the game so far but I wish it was a bit harder. Besides that I'm happy with the way the game keeps you busy using many mechanical systems that are unusual for your default JRPG but still not complex enough to be confusing. If you really don't know what you're doing you can always ask your weasel sidekick Kouchin. She's got a handy guide for pretty much every mechanic in the game to be accessed whenever you may need them. The only thing that seemed strange so far was that, despite the game saying the people of my clan live for 2 years, everyone who passed away so far did so at the age of 18 months. It might be because they start getting weaker with age and the game mentioned that even healthy clan members can die at low constitution values and I've been taking them out to fight at that age, making it harder to manage their constitution so I guess my poor management might have killed them.
  25. Game #3: Oreshika: Tainted Bloodlines (PSVita) 1st day Total playtime: about 2 hours and 30 minutes The story of Oreshika: Tainted Bloodlines begins as one day in 1119 in Kyouto, former capital of Japan, the four instruments of the gods suddenly vanish. As a result disasters plague the capital and divine festivals can no longer be held without the instruments. To appease the gods, the emperor has the clan that was supposed to protect them sacrificed. That just happens to be your clan. After the sacrifice one of the god descends from heaven in order to give you the gift of life again because he didn‘t agree with the choice of the emperor, or maybe he was just bored, you know how gods are... anyways, turns out that you’ve not only been killed but also cursed so that everyone in your bloodline can only live for two years and the only way for you to procreate is with other cursed clan members or gods. Turns out that the latter is actually pretty easy because you can get devotion by killing demons and then there are some gods that are cheaper than others. Gameplay wise, it’s a standard turn based JRPG. The dungeons so far seem pretty similar to those of Persona 4. There’s many dungeons comprised of multiple floors with varying enemies. Enemies are shown walking around in the dungeon and you have to walk into them to engage them. If you walk into their back, you get to attack first, if they walk into your back they get to attack first. You fight with three of your clan members that can have many different classes that use different equipment and attack in a different way. There are classes that can hit every enemy in the front row, some that can hit an enemy and the one behind it, some that can only target a single enemy and some that can hit them all but don’t deal that much damage. Since your clan members only live for two years there are some heavy time based mechanics, time passes in dungeons and while in battle, as well as for certain actions in your town. There are different events based on time, including the only way to fight story bosses: a demon festival that spawns a portal in a dungeon which you have to find and enter within that month in order to fight the boss. So far I’ve fought the first boss and it turned out to be surprisingly easy, especially because a normal demon almost killed me in one hit before I got there. Besides that there’s also some management aspects like upgrading weapon shops, holding the ceremony required to make some new clan members as well as travelling to the territory of other clans to buy equipment, adopt some of their member into your clan, or make love with their gods. Apparently you can also attack them and try to take over their clan but I didn’t try that yet. With all these activities getting between you and the dungeons, it’s good that you have a little weasel assistant called Kouchin (that turns into a little weasel girl when you’re in the town, for some reason) to plan these for you, should you choose to task her with that. She can also help out in battle from time to time by casting support spells. So far I’m really liking the soundtrack as well as the art style which take some heavy influence of traditional Japanese music and artwork. Interestingly enough, the art style manages to combine the default 3D anime character models as you tend to see in most of these kinds of games with an Okami-like 3D brush drawn style for the dungeons as well as a cutout Japanese traditional artworks for the enemies in battles which are animated and remind me a bit of Paper Mario. Sounds like a weird combination but works really well together. Another thing I really like about this game is that they don't just let you pick a difficulty, they let you pick the pace of the game entirely. For example there's an option that grants you a lot more rewards for battles but in return, months will also be much shorter, leading to less grinding. The game lets you change this at any time and even specifies an estimated completion time. I've never seen a game do this before but I really love the idea because it lets you tailor the game to the way you like to play it and, while other RPGs might tell you to go grind 10 hours, this game gives you the option to do less than that, if you don't feel like it. By shortening the months, it also provides an entirely different challenge than stronger enemies would pose, as your characters only have very limited time to live. There's a whole lot more for me to talk about but I'm dragging this out too much again. Obviously, since I bought this game based on a KYC review, I knew what I was getting into but I'm enjoying this at least as much as I was thinking I'd be, if not more. Also, since I've spent my entire train commute writing this out I'm wondering, do you guys prefer long and detailed reviews, or should I rather write ones that are short and on point? I totally went and spent more time than I was planning to on this review, so I'm just curious.