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  1. I got something similar. For the whole day, the PSN Store (austria) Webpage redirects me directly to PAGE NOT FOUND, playstation style, as if i looked at an offer that has been taken down. Might be connected.
  2. Ordered.
  3. Enjoy that boost mode! If i had a Pro, i'd be all over that, Does the chaotic way they're just smacked about in the middle of the screen with no way to delete them and the uploads and downloads section hidden away in the options not bother you, Hackerman? Maybe you hacked yourself back in time and got yourself the old options?! Bad jokes aside, Game on!
  4. Basically, yeah. if they're gonna put them in a huge pile like this they should've atleast enabled deleting them.
  5. True. Should've posted on their forums instead.
  6. Did you betatest it?
  7. Where do i find and sort my downloads and uploads then? And what about this makes it mob mentality?
  8. Yea. a general hub to check for alerts, aswell as downloads/uploads.
  9. Glad you're not bothered by it but honestly, it was way more clear before. Nothing got added by changing it.
  10. Clear everything? Haha. Good luck with that.
  11. I honestly don't want that. I wanna keep my Profile pictures on playstation more game-releated. Though it does make sense why that would help finding certain people for example. since it sucks when you have several similar profile pics...
  12. Good for you. Game on.
  13. Bruh you know how much effort that takes?
  14. I wouldn't call it cheap, afterall 2 bucks is alot but i can kinda see why they charged that, as it's a fully animated background. not just a still image. Yea it's just dumb to take out features the old console could do. but i guess in the end it just makes people cheer when it gets added.
  15. That's a nice feature, though i don't use it. I paid 2 bucks for that World of Final Fantasy Background, i won't switch it for a while. Especially since it has the Plaza 99 Theme. I love that theme. Oh though i enjoy being able to change up the profile background. (Unless that was already part of a previous update. that would be emberassing if i brought that up now)