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  1. Thanks a lot, I got the bottle in few tries.
  2. #368:The Division 2 Also hit PSN level 62 |Fun:10/10:|Difficulty 3.5/10| |Time:112hrs|
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  5. #350: Red Dead Redemption 2 -Story mode:188 hours-Online mode:73 hours-Difficulty:5/10-Fun:10/10(Single player mode) -Red dead online: 5/10 Arthur Morgan. One of the best written protagonist in video. I'm so glad to make this as my milestone thank you RockStar for making such a great game i enjoyed every second of it. I'm so burnt I really need a vacation in Tahiti
  6. Red Dead Online: Form a Persistent Posse.
  7. #346: Awesome Pea |Fun:5/10 || Difficulty 3/10(Skill dependent) ||Time: 1-3 hours| This game just like Super Meat Boy i'd say mini version of it it's not that hard some levels a bit tricky need little bit practice to pull it off,trophy wise it's straight forward just get all coins beat the level without dying. according to Psnprofiles I'm 2nd in the world to achieve the platinum
  8. Platinum #340: Spyro the Dragon | Fun: 6/10 | | Difficulty:2/10 | Time to plat: 7hrs+ |Happy hunting!
  9. 1,087 so many dlcs and i been kinda lazy to clean up some of backlog
  10. #307 - Persona 5+ 12k trophies :DD One of the best Jrpg i played definitely recommenced if you like Jrpgs
  11. #304: Dead Nation (Japanese ver) Finally able to plat all vers US,EU, JP Getting Jap ver was hard
  12. #303: The Evil Within Also PSN:Level 54 I think we need more games have difficulty like AkumuThis is what hard meant to be i had fun with that i hope TEW 3 have Akumu difficulty
  13. #300: The Evil Within 2 I had such a blast playing this game pretty good But classic mode was very annoying 😂 very glad to make this my as milestone As the platinum says I did learned to survive
  14. #288 The Surge Fun: 7.5/10|Difficulty:4/10|Oh wow i didn't expected i'd actually enjoy thisIf you like Soul games you should definitely give a shotThis game deserve some love
  15. #286 Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom Fun: 10/10|Difficulty 3/10|Time to Plat:92hrs|