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  1. Oh boy, they added pain elementals that don't shoot out lots and lots of lost souls to come after you, we have a somewhat dum looking look to doom guy, I mean why do we need a shoulder cannon? If it acts like the predator's shoulder cannon I guess but I see that being useless. The chainsaw on the arm/ blade thing, I see that being waste of time as you could of just embraced the evil dead roots they took from and make that thing into a chainsaw arm part that can be used as much as you want in a melee mode and not always be there for the glory kills and the whole let's add some asshole invaders yeah I see a lot of that in games, thanks dark souls for making that a thing now we can't have a normal single player game without having asshole one and two popping in to try to kill us and saying it is a fun part to add to doom is just a dumass thing to say, the music is still the crap techno rock shit and to tell the truth I think that is just annoying as this is not doom's music it is classic rock not techno rock, god damn it. Other then that the combat has not changed at all and that is a good thing but also bad as I think they need to really stop with the first and second encounter layout as that is how serious sam does it's combat not doom, it should be a kind of here you are at the start and there is the end point go there now while 100 plus demons block you, you could just run past everything if you liked but you didn't and so on, as I said the blocking part of it is annoying as it might be fun to do it in say 2 or 5 times but doing it over and over again is boring sure serious sam did it, but at least that fits with the game as that was how and always has been SS gameplay along with tons of hidden places to find loot or guns and so on. Overall from the gameplay it is still looking good just hope it does not keep doing the same thing again and again as it is annoying seeing all this again, the removal of old rock music, the stop right here and kill x lot of enemies because game, adding in overly long glory kills that take too long till you get the rune, (and I hope they make it faster like the rune did) making you take dmg while doing glory kills and or dying because your slow ass can't do it faster that is if they make it be done faster.
  2. ah ok but how do you unlock greed mode
  3. oh I meant for the trophies to do with getting all items as I got the normal one of the game not the afterbirth
  4. I got a question, how do you get the plat to this without having a lot of luck on your side if you got the normal one of it?
  5. cool cool but do I need a plat for them as the games I have in mind are not on ps3 or 4 it is on ps2, as I got one ps2 game and gamecube, both are time related
  6. sadly I can't do this event as I lack the games with robots being the main bad guy I got a horror game of all of the types but the robots and maybe the spider one unless the first resident evil is ok to put under the spider one that is also if horizon zero dawn is still ok to play for the robot one.
  7. cool now I can get some help with ss 3 bfe
  8. To me skyrim was too dumbed down to a kind of bare bones level of rpg as to me I saw hardly any choice in the game nothing I did really mattered nor did I really care, I think oblivion done it better but that is just me, when I think of the best rpg I think of games like the ultima games, the very games they took the ideas from to make the elder scrolls we know now. I much prefer a rpg that gave choice and gave me a feeling of being a hero or bad guy and so on, as I could list a lot of problems with this game but I will say it is an ok game just in my eyes a good rpg it is very lacking same kind of thing happen with fallout 4, too much thought was put into combat and just making it play abit better then making better rpg choices and so on. I said it once and I will say again, RPGs are about choice and making your choices matter same with what type of style of combat you go for as in skyrim at the end of it you become jack of all master of everything and hardly any choice mattered, did you pick the imperials or nords in the war? None of them choices does not give much of a change nor impacted on the world itself. I know this is my own outlook of this game but I refuse to back down from voicing my outlook on how this game is in my head. Also it gets remastered like hell while the past titles never get touched or even ported to the consoles out now.
  9. I know just really annoyed me as am wanting to boot up my stream and keep on doing either far cry 5 or skyrim.
  10. it is still down for me.
  11. i think it is down sadly due to sony failing again to keep things working.
  12. it is just ninja gaiden 2 that is doing that all the other games do this, as for all of that I did all that and still nothing, and as for the redownload and all that I did that all when my save got broken, it keeps happing in the same spot.
  13. I have been having a lot of problems in this game, after I booted it up, it said my save is corrupted and when I played for about the last 5 hours to get to where I was, I end up having a new glitch where if I try to open my menu or taking a item off a dead body I get stuck in a now loading screen and it is getting annoying as am not wanting to redo it all over again because of a bug again and this keeps happening even if I restart the chapter, and the one am on right now is 7 after the bone monster thing boss I try to get the item off the body and I get stuck in the now loading screen if I open the menu to look at my weapons same thing, same thing with trying to open the other menu. Does any of you know of some way to fix this as this is pissing me off to no end now and I have had it with this crap.
  14. Oh I know just putting it out there as people like to call me an asshole for bashing their game and calling them nothing more then cash grabs or saying am wrong about something and have said all the proof about it and backed my clam to the end and yeah, just saying. As for the music dude that bit of music in the new doom is techno rock/metal and it may come off nice for you and others but I think and know for a fact that doom is pure metal and rock no techno rock or metal and so on, I mean looking at the old cover art of doom 1 and 2 it looks like a motorhead or iron maiden cover or manowar cover, there is even a nine inch nails easter egg in the first doom.
  15. All of the music nearly all of it was tech rock, it does not fit in Doom, Compare this to this and all of this stems from this old track that is trying to be the second link, not techno rock crap. I may come off as an asshole when I complain and so on but I care about games like doom and wolfenstein so if a dev fucks up something in them I will rain down my hate on it as anyone who loves something would, like looking to the Silent hill games or the Prince of Persia games, people complained about them being too different from the past ones. Sure change can help things and I am fine with that but changing too much will make it be some other game and not what the title says, you don't buy a crash game and then you get a semi open world beat em up when you pick up a crash game. But will we be here forever if I go on as I do tend to go on a lot so I like to stop my ranting here.