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  1. Not sure if anyone here got a random friend request by someone called zo-hun as yeah just got it now and am confused who they are, would like to know if anyone got a friend request from them too and so on. 

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Crispy_Oglop


      Ah damn, didn't think of their settings

    3. Cleggworth


      I've had loads recently, including zo-hun which is why I added no blank friend requests to my profile. Not that it makes any difference of course

    4. Phil


      I used to get bombarded with friend requests doing MKX and SSF4.  I turned that shit off as soon as I heard of the feature.  I keep public messaging on though.  I love getting hate mail and talking shit myself.  Fighting games wouldn't be fighting games without a bit of sale every now and again.  I digress: I suggest you do the same.

  2. Nice one gov, am still looking for the normal one of demon souls and the god of war hd ones with no platinum hits on it or anything same with oblivion steel book of the 5th edition of it also the normal one of dead rising 2 off the record too as yeah. kind of odd but yeah.
  3. I find it funny that this pack that has this and the other one are called the best of the hitman games, if I remember right was absolution not as good as the past titles? like silent assassin or contracts and so on? I only bring it up as am kind of fed up they won't ever bring back the first one of it as that game is clunky true but very underrated if you ask me.
  4. ah, I didn't know thanks for telling me
  5. That is cool but um I just found out it is coming to the switch as well
  6. I find this strange, how is the trophy master zoologist be rarer then the plat of the game itself? I mean you need that trophy to plat it
  7. Does anyone remember the old ps2 games such as ghosthunter, headhunter, the suffering, shadowman 2 and or even sphinx and the cursed mummy if so what are your thoughts and well do any of you think any of theses should get a remaster for current gen or at least a port.
  8. Xmas was well bad this year but yeah, the game I got myself was just bad and the damned capture card I got needed to be replaced and yeah. but yeah at least the dinner was good and that is mostly for me the only thing that never is bad.

    1. ruffedgz


      Im sorry to hear, hopefully the new year will be better

    2. KANERKB


      I hope so too friend just hope the new year gives good luck or something as yeah 2018 was not a very good year


  9. Nice. Helped afew people on dead island get some guns and helped a friend get the plat to a game. Bad. Had made a friend rage quit due to me beating them a lot in soul calibur 6 kept doing the moves they didn't like on them. Had called a guy a fanboy and he then began to rage as I didn't have the same outlook as him on fallout 76 and got deleted due to this.
  10. Been looking to find a old video I remember watching back when I was younger and was starting my time with plat hunts and so on. If anyone can help me find it I would be thankful. just remember the video went on about killzone 2, cod world at war and classic and mw2.  he had like in the middle of all of them the death screen from cod mw1 or 2 can't remember what one just remember that. 


  11. I wanted to ask as there is no real proof of it as far as I looked up but does anyone know if I was to play ng+ and say in that last play session to get to ng+ I had all human powers and only afew alien powers can I go and get the trophy to do with beating the game with only alien powers trophy still but upgrading and getting only the alien powers? just asking as I have all human perks and yeah want to know if I can have all of them in one go.
  12. Is this all over the world or in the us? as if it is for all over the world I would like it
  13. You know am really bored of games why can't I just pay to get all this done I mean look at all this it takes about an hour to get a single trophy and it is really hurting me please lord god gabe n or sony or Microsoft or rockstar take my money and make me god within your fake world you made. Take the money I could of used to buy games with and put it to make me have a item that is too hard/ easy to get for it hurts me to even try to get them. All jokes aside this is what makes me sick, people paying for either trophies to be done for them or paying to be more powerful then the others in the game or get items that normally take too long to get but by buying it you get it all.
  14. Thanks for replying, I played it and thought it was a crap game and got the plat without even trying and yeah it was not worth the £10 I put down for it
  15. ah it just popped into my email today