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  1. Well in the words of a famous character in a game I like. Nope ~ red/blue Engineer Team fortress 2 Reason for this is simple, they never seemed to care for the past handheld game consoles. If anything they crapped on them
  2. oh I was under the impression he died and was unable to keep going because he couldn't kill the enemies. my mistake
  3. Everything I put down in the guide of the game helps, I don't know about any survive bug as it never happen to me I thought he was stuck in there unable to keep going because of lack of being unable to kill them and so on. there is a lack of details here to help understand if it is a bug or if they were stuck due to being unable to survive.
  4. The game looks ok but not sure if it is good or not but it looks ok, abit of castlevaina and real hack and slash reminds me of nier but with very bad voice acting like house of the dead kind. What you all think? Do you think it is a cool looking game?
  5. yeah, the thing is the only game that did something like that was freedom fighter, sure it has problems all games do, it is why I think all games are not 10/10 as if they were, it would be boring
  6. All you said is true but the problem I will say the thing suffered was three things. First was the fact that either easy, hard and normal just changed what dmg you take and how good you are with aiming at the enemy without standing still and aiming and firing. The second problem was that many of the people you have as team mates never lasted long. I mean the part where you got to escape the underground labs for example, the engineer you heal up and helps you get weapons never gets to live that long, sure he lives for 3 to 4 full levels but he sadly goes after you finally escape. I wish there was a way to keep them all with you, while it might break the game it would reward you for getting them to come with you so far. Lastly the final nail for the game was the review that killed the game. because of the reviewer Spoonyone anyone who looks to the game just pass it off as crap and that is the problem as this game is now a relic, forgotten by a lot of people but remembered by few who played it as a good game with good ideas. I hope they bring back this game as I loved The thing game and it annoys me that no one gave it a fair chance. it was ahead of its time like outbreak file 1 and 2 was. But, due to Spoon's review the game is forgotten to many. Sure I might come off as if am hating a guy but that is well the problem with reviewers, they can kill a game by spreading crap about it if they so choose.
  7. well you have to take your pick from the many people picking the sh games, fatal frame games, clock tower 3 or the spin off and or resident evil or even something underrated such as the suffering or the thing, the forbidden siren games or something like killer 7. If am to pick any I would go for either sh4, the suffering 1 or maybe alone in the dark new nightmare
  8. yep I hated the game doing that crap till I found out you can find hidden armour statues to get a abit of def from dmg but does not make up for it
  9. looks good, it makes me think of the time of the Olympics in 2008
  10. they should give away doom 64 so people can enjoy a doom game while waiting
  11. Well is it THQ maning it? if so then yes it will come as THQ lately have been getting so many old classics lately. I wouldn't be so shocked to see them start with something like this then shoot out stuff like timesplitters and second sight. I mean they got destroy all humans on the way
  12. I will give it a go, I voted I hope who ever gets days gone they enjoy it as it is a lot of fun.
  13. I wanted to ask if the don't stop running trophy could be gotten while waiting for say pasted a point, like will it do what kingdom hearts does, when once it hits 100 hours it goes to 00:00:00 time spent in it? only ask as I seen a lot of people who beaten the game in that time and wonder if it is by doing that trick or just some hackers being well hackers
  14. well I think for main stuff without rewatching them is maybe ed edd eddy with sometimes watching courage the cowardly dog if it came on, but if movies are to do with it I would say the last ed edd eddy movie, the big picture show as I never watched it till like last year, I think it was a good end to the series but yeah.
  15. by the way now this game is out we can just start bustin right?