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  1. ah looks bad, thanks for letting me see this, that is a no go for me, being unable to really look about and only go in one path is a killer to me, only rail shooters I let do that as well they are rail shooters and they fun as hell and mostly you never need to care for ammo unless it is time crisis
  2. I am somewhat shocked to see this, but Rage 2 is coming from what I can tell and am somewhat hyped as I loved 1 and even though most hate it I thought it was a good game, what you all think of the game, and this trailer
  3. Ah thanks, now I know it is a android game I think I will pass on this one as unlike dead effect this game might not be good also there is hardly any good info on the web about it other then a part 2 with some minecraft rip off characters and so on.
  4. Ah, from what I could tell by the trophies and the photo it looked like it might be a indie one of 7 days like free roam like each level has a place you need to go and so on
  5. As the title says, I want to know what is Deadlands, as it looks like a indie zombie game and if it has survival parts to it like say something like 7 days to die I would be on board of this but yeah I want to know what this game is.
  6. Damn, well I want to ask then do you at all know of a good place I could grind souls without bonfire what it was called forgot the name and also on good rings to use on the sir alone guy?
  7. oh? that sounds really good I hope that there is a glitch for it as this game is glitchly to hell so I hope at least that is there as I want to make the grind less painful as it were. Also am sure is there a glitch in demon souls that is to do with duping a soul in your box but you need to use the ring thing that teleports you back to the hub place with no souls but you need to stop it in time while in the menu or something like that been awhile but I am sure of it.
  8. Ah, I hope it can be as I just don't feel like doing the sunlight stuff or fighting the f ing sir alone guy as I did play that dlc and I hated him as there was something wrong with his thrust attack, it clips you into it even if you roll out of the way because dumass hitboxes, I keep getting killed by that guy and I am not wanting to fight him to get his soul or to get the soul again of the dragon. I mean I know it sounds like am trying to come out of it just don't feel like grinding the souls and so on as if I am just going for spells at least I can speedrun it in a way to get to ng ++ like I did in the ps3 one. By the way the demon souls trick was that not the one that let you dupe like 99 plus 99 in the item box? as I know of that glitch I duped the hell out of pure bladestone when someone just gave me their one mostly just to give to others if they need it that is unless they love the grind of phantoms.
  9. I want to know if anyone here knows if boss souls and medals can be dropped and given to others if so I want to know if anyone can drop me 3 of all boss souls and 30 sunlight medals as I like to get them all the souls out of the way to get my spells and one boss weapon needed I had on the ps3 one of this. I know it might sound like am begging but I just want to make getting the spells out of the way as I still need to grind the groups to get spells like the bell keepers and so on as I am still doing the heavy lifting.
  10. Damn, oh well I guess lets hope the dlc is easy at giving the spells and so on
  11. I played this along while ago and I will have to ask about this one of dark souls 2. I never played all the dlc as I never really cared for it as I kind of hated the fight I had in it with the swordsmen in the dream place as it was annoying and so on but yeah I just want to know if anyone here knows of if I have to play the dlc to get all spells trophies or just get all the spells in the base game as last I remember normal dark souls 2 did get a patch to add the fire monster thing from scholar of the first sin and yeah
  12. I have been looking at all the ps2 games I have and well been wondering why there has not been any real big horror games from ps2 coming to ps4. I then thought I make a small poll and ask everyone here if you think some horror game of old would return like fatal frame games or the old resident evil games that were on ps2 or even the suffering games as ps2 had a lot of good horror games and yeah. What do you think all? And while you say what you think say what your favourite horror ps2 game is too. For myself I would say yes as I want the suffering games and fatal frame games to come to ps4 as I never got to get everything done in the suffering games and for fatal frame I never got to play 2 only 1.
  13. I have a small list as most on here are games I wished I could do namely resistance 2 and fear 2. Resistance 2: online is down forever. Battlefield bad company: the 10001 kill is just insane and plus the problems I have with the whole needing a team to boost it is just insane as a lot of the time people might not come or would only be there to get what they want and go killing the boost. Killzone 2 and 3: online is down forever plus if it was up I would not like to spend most of my time watching if someone might boot me off the list to get to stay on the week board and so on. Max payne 3: too much grinding to get the plat. Bulletstorm ps3: online is dead forever. Watch dogs: I didn't like the game as the stuff you could do was boring to me and am glad 2 fixed my problems with giving me things I can do that are fun and more choice in what I do and so on. Mortal kombat: I played it for awhile and didn't like it as they made the game from what I saw and played abit annoying mostly on the fights with people like Baraka and so on as they fav doing the same attacks and yeah it annoyed me but this is coming from someone who liked and was ok at the old and also loved the ps2 one of the game that let you do a kind of open world explore and so on. Cod black ops 2: heard that one of the modes is now offline making a single trophy impossible to get so that is stopping me from doing the plat. Dead or alive 5: didn't like the game only played it because the ninja guy from ninja gaiden was in it and yeah didn't like it. Lord of the rings war in the north: online is dead forever and if it was on I would not care as the game to me sucked. Toy story 3: It was not mine and I let my friend use my ps3 at the time and yeah it went to my psn id sadly but oh well I might go for it if I could get a copy but yeah I never played it and don't really have a want to. FEAR 2: online is dead and I can't get it sadly but if it was up I would try to get it as I am a big fan of the fear games. Medal of honor warfighter: The game was hit and miss to me and to tell the truth I just can't stand the online as it is bad and if I had a real good group of people that I know would help me get them online trophies done I would do it but yeah. Unreal tournament 3: online is dead and I wish it was not as I love this game and wish it was up to get the plat I do have it but play it on another id. Silent hill 2 and 3 hd: glitchy and voice changed and sounds changed from the old nothing a remaster should be and another nail in the sh tomb. Shadow of the colossus: found it to be boring and nothing like I remember I would rather watch someone play it. Ninja gaiden 3 any type: I never liked the game I however have it and yeah only part I liked was the booklet as it came with how to make throwing stars the rest of the game just sucks to me as I wanted to like it but yeah. May add more later
  14. Headhunter 1 and 2 along with either condemned criminal origins and bloodshot and half life 1 and 2 on ps4 Also I like to see what he said as a remaster too also deus ex 1 remastered. Ps: Game_Knot nice to see you have good taste in the same profile photo as me