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  1. A good game and a good rpg, plat 198 outward.

  2. I meant without using a capture card can I use the ps4 streaming to stream it to twitch and so on but i got the answer and yeah
  3. oh I got one just need a better pc to use it as my one now is too weak to do a good enough stream on it, I mostly use the ps4 streaming as it lets me stream now and then do a better one later.
  4. well they do the same with other games such as dragon ball xenovers 2 when your near the end the stream will be blocked in both the fight and the cutscenes, same goes with playing the dlc music as it is copywrited or something even though it was made for the game and it makes no sense. but that is why I ask if I could stream this one of it as I just plan to get 1 and stream it
  5. You sure? as the bioshock collection has it where you can't stream it at all, go past the menus and it has copywrite blocked scene for all the games.
  6. Um no mostly looking if I can stream the game on twitch.
  7. Just wanting to ask if anyone picked up the new remastered can you stream it from the ps4 to say twitch.
  8. I agree heavily with what you said Ptirle, I thought of PT to be just another run of the mill type of horror not a silent hill kind of game, Kojima shouldn't touch the silent hill series as he wouldn't make a good silent hill game he would make a Kojima productions a game made by Kojima horror silent hill. that would be no where near or even able to be looked at as a silent hill game. more or less like a random horror game. I know I get flak for hating on kojima but at the end of it if he wants to make a horror game let him make one without putting a brand to it as sometimes a series being dead is better off dead and not forgotten then back again to only be dead again and then forgotten completely. And even if Kojima's name was not on the game I would still say the game is still shit. As at the end of it I will judge any new game to the past ones no matter what even if they want me to judge it on it's own. As at the end of it when I play any game in a series or anything with a type of name such as Silent hill I will want to have it be a silent hill game. it is like buying a devil may cry game and then you get a first person demon hunting game with new characters we don't know and it is a lot like cod. Sorry for the mini rant just yeah trying to get my point across.
  9. while you might be right with the remake part but people mostly look at remake's like resident evil 1 remake, where they stop it being hamy and put in extra real plot to the game and so on while making the game look even better and keeping the plot mostly the same. A remaster to most is basically what something like say dead island done and so on. Also to add onto it people also want a remake to be like shadow of the colossus remake as that is the best kind to most. Also to add onto this topic I think remaking it and renaming to something like say ff7 remade tale or something on them lines so people won't be so pissed at it. As I know where most are coming from or hell call it a reboot of ff7 or something so people can see it as another type of ff7 not a retelling.
  10. I think they basically copy and pasted ff13's style of let the game play itself and had a crapy story as well but that is me, I only played the demo and I saw videos of the game and it looks bad because the dev of kh thought it would be good to do nothing but fan service up the ass for sephiroth randomly popping up everywhere and so on.
  11. got that right
  12. you don't leave the sessions, you just stop it by giving up and once doing that it lets you go from there.
  13. same, I don't have the dosh to go getting another ps3 that has the power to play ps2 games and I barely knew how to put in a 100gb hardrive in the fatboy ps3
  14. ah, thanks, so basically a jailbroken ps3 is a custom firmware or an unupdated ps3? like say my own old ps3 that can play old ps2 games I have not updated it due to hearing that if you update it, it brakes the ps2 part of it