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  1. for me going back can be hard but I still do. I mean I go back to ps2 games and 1 games all the time. ps3 can be annoying at times when trophy hunting but that is why I normally just relax and do my normal thing of picking the handful of games I want to get trophies done for then pick a few that I like to play just for the fun of it. I do it all the time. Hell even doing a ps4 party chat while playing on ps3 or ps2 and 1 games. Is what I do.
  2. I would join but sadly only got 1 and 2 reloaded. mostly due to it being easier for me to pick up and play and go to part 2 without much problem. and I got to play the demo of v3 and seen the whole anime so yeah I know a lot about dangronpa rise and downfall.
  3. sad they don't have other game classics like this but with say smash tv or something like they did on ps2 and 3
  4. By the way anyone know how to post things from demo discs. as I got a lot of stuff on this old demo disc from back in 2010. and yeah.

  5. Anyone remember the demo discs for ps2 and the music?


    1. DrHambone


      I remember PS1 demo discs that came with the PlayStatio magazine!

  6. I really wish resident evil 2 was cheaper as it is so much to buy it. not like the crash remaster or the SotC remasters

  7. I agree. To me kings field was like the older pc game rpgs. like ulitma underworld or the first elder scroll games. Mainly daggerfall and arena.
  8. Well from what From Soft are doing, they are only giving more dark souls like games before we get armoured core or kings field games yet. Even though armoured core is coming, it won't come till dlc to shadows die twice come first I bet. Only saying this as they need after all permission from From Soft to port it to ps4. (and yes am talking about the ps3 or 2 games of armoured core or kings field 4 or the older ones)
  9. I really hate how this turned out. I feel like I wasted my time with the Netflix show called the haunting of hill house. What kind of horror show is that? It was not scary and people calling it the most scary show on Netflix need to watch more horror that pissed me off. Do not watch it. it is a waste of time and is not worth watching even for just the plot it is bs. God damn it 

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    2. Avatar_Of_Battle


      I felt this way about the movie It Follows. I'm not a fan of the horror genre to begin with but I saw how "fresh" the movie was supposed to be and all this and that...I was bored out of my fucking mind. <_< 

    3. KANERKB


      Well the horror genre now is well not as good as it was gov. I keep hoping it can have something new I mean. Re7 came about when I thought re would never come back to being like it used to be before re4 and it did.


      I just have hope for something good.

    4. Cobby


      It Follows is shite aye. To be honest they're never gonna be original Japanese Ju-On Grudge 1+ 2 and begotten in terms of horror for me. But still some valiant efforts out there.

  10. With all this crying about dlc that helps some people get things somewhat easier trophy wise and or lets people just have extra fun. The people outside the bubble of the re fanbase or just anyone who just plays games and passes by would think gamers are just big cry babies thanks to the childish acts of some. Funny as it is, I can't wait for this form to be shut down.
  11. I bet they will turn off the online to warhammer 40k space marines as that games online is dead now adays
  12. should of said them when I got it but here goes. Plat.151 conan. Plat.152 diablo 3 reaper of souls 

  13. I already put the name down and the boss no matter how many times I press to make them pop up it does nothing the others pop up fine and dandy though
  14. most videos I se just use the controls to make them pop up and just kill them getting over and done, did the patch stop this or something