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  1. for me it is ghost of tsushima for nearly all but the last one being my fav plat done overall, 3d dot game heroes plat is a big pin on my id as I am happy I got it done and the game is a joy to play
  2. for all the games you give the same answer and no real detail so we all know where this is going
  3. I just got done with Daymare 1998 and my bloodly god I was disappointed with the game. it was janky and the zombies were like bullet sponges and you barely got enough ammo to even kill a single zombie and also take note I was playing on hard mode it was bs.


    Plus the fact that the final boss has unlimited ammo boxes all over the place to kill it, it just makes you laugh at how dum this game became. what you all think of it?

  4. I hope so as if it is tomorrow I will be abit pissed as if it is not £30/25 then am kind of screwed
  5. damn also why is it so much? it is meant to be $30/£30 or 25 odd
  6. I don't see it in the uk store yet got a link to it?
  7. damn, I was really looking forward to seeing it in the store and getting it been waiting for this series to come to sony consoles forever
  8. just looking to ask if Serious sam collection is in anyone's psn store as it is coming up to 20mins past 11am and the psn store normally updates around 9am to 10 for the new games and yeah. the date of it coming out was meant for today and I don't see it anyone got any idea?
  9. for me I know I might come off odd but I think nearly any of the kitty0706 videos as they are to me a fav and I always if I can watch it every year to laugh at the madness. my first intro to them videos was this and never gets old for me
  10. Well I done two for the price of one and yeah, plat 206 dawn of fear, a bad re rip off game and a lot of problems but yeah what can you say just pick it up when it is cheap like I did as £15 is a rip off. plat 207 intruders hide and seek, an okish game not the best but it was put together well just it is basically a 1 and done kind of game. not much else to say.


  11. Yes fucking finally, we are getting the og games on the sony consoles yes. I have been waiting for this. I love the SS games they are great fun to me, I mostly love first and second encounter and next encounter the 3rd game I am meh on and 4 looks fun but not going to get it till it is fixed and cheaper but still the big question I got now is when is it coming out so I can buy it
  12. to bad the trophy for using only 4 first aid kits is glitched
  13. well if you think about it they think we are all rich as they came out with the ps5 and xbox series what ever it is called and so on if it was me I would let it be out next year and give the ps collection for all ps4 and 5 users and so on just as a you can have this forever and it is for ps5 too
  14. if your having a hard time it might be best to lower it to normal or just try and man up enough will to go through it. I personally hate this game and think it is crap but I your stuck in it then I would say just lower the mode your on or just try and keep trying till you do it.
  15. for me I would say who cares just trophy hunt the way you want and enjoy yourself, sure tom dick and harry are making piss easy trophy games but who cares it is not like they are putting a gun to your head telling you to play their games or stack and so on. for me I only stack games for two reasons, one because I love the game a lot and or the other reason it is because I want to stream the game on the ps4/ someone got me to stream and so on. sure I might come off looking like a trophy stacker or them people who wants to stack all easy games and or games that crap but I don't care as I enjoy my time with all the games I play well I try to. I mean I just got done playing visage and I thought it would be an ok game but it sucked badly and yeah I did play peasent knight before plating visage but I thought I try that game out on stream and yeah it was crap but it was fun to stream it as I get to show people how crap it is and or laugh at it and so on but yeah I might be crazy to some but to others am not all I can say is enjoy your time being a trophy hunter in whatever way you do it in.