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  1. if you had read what the og poster said, they said that going online is a no go due to it being banned. some people are out there are willing to pay just for a jail broken ps3 or just a ps3 in general to mess about with or just for parts. the console I take from what they said works fine just can't go online and if that is the case then them parts are open just say up front the problems and so on. if you still think of me as "insane" then I would like to show you a ebay and amazon lists for parts for both ps3 and jail broken ps3s
  2. not really the parts of the console are not worthless as people who work in stores can buy that off of you, as the ps3 tech is very good and people who want to have the fat boy ps3 can use parts of the slim for their fatboy one. and the one am talking about is the one that can play ps1 2 and 3 games on it. and anyways he can sell and say it is jailbroken or something on them lines as people are out there who don't care about the ps3's online
  3. Only was going to get the pissstation 5 if it had backwords come pact with ps1 to 4 on it but I rather wait for it to drop down in both price and see how it all pans out. xbox series xxl is looking ok but still couldn't really careless as I wanted ps5 to do it from ps1 to 4 due to all the games I loved back in the day being on ps2 and 3. sure I can plug in my console and so on for the older consoles but they are older systems and buying new parts for them is a bitch same goes for things that are older in general. I mean, I want to really play the suffering 1 and 2 on ps4 and or 5 just so I can stream it and not deal with so much bs but yeah. in sony's eyes it is too much hard work even though xbox and Nintendo have been doing this for the last few years now more on the big N's side as wii and ds and gamecube was able to play past consoles/ handhelds on there like ds with Gameboy advance games and the wii with gamecube games and gamecube with Gameboy advance and colour if I remember right.
  4. then all I can say dude is try and find a way to sell it and get another console, worse case you could use this ps3 as extra parts for your newer one, like if it needs a new shell/ cover and so on.
  5. did you buy it from a store or a random dude? as if you can try and make a blank id and if it is banned on that system too try and bring it back to the store with the proof of you buying it to get your money back or at the very least get another ps3 to replace it as it might be the console dude
  6. For me it every now and then, I do look if I need a boosting partner as most of the time you can tell if someone is willing to go the mile by looking at their complete rate and what games they done and so on. But other than that I don't unless I am trying to see what games they played.
  7. sorry mate but you can't drop spells you will have to go and find it yourself, I would help with the weapons but I lost a lot of the boss soul weapons and the tail ones
  8. ah I hope your right as yeah, I don't want to use my name change yet till I got all the online games I need to do done
  9. I never got the days gone, or spiderman and the bloodborne free stuff they gave sadly. there was for RE5 if you got all the hidden golden items and so on you get small ones to place in your home along with if you beaten the game on hard you get statues of jill, chris shiva and wesker. you also get for going to the second part of the map of red dead a hat and if you loged into the club they had on ps3 you get a old school tux for you avatar to wear in ps home. I loved ps home as I spent a lot of time just messing about and yeah I miss it a lot.
  10. ah alright, thanks for the help though mate
  11. oh good, as I planed to do both far cry 2 and 3 and then the last cod games I am missing along with darkness 2 and maybe but I think I might leave it and that is warhammer 50k space marine
  12. damn, ok is there any problems with far cry 3's online?
  13. damn, I mean does it mess with time played or does it do what black ops 2 does, that being it crashes the game. also do you lose your dlcs or stuff you gotten over the years?
  14. yeah as I was going to be pissed off as I done a lot of work in a lot of games mostly soulcalibur 5 and 4 and borderlands 1 and 2 and well yeah, if I do end up losing my saves for borderlands am fine as I got them already on ps4 just with other games like cod ghost and mw2 and 3 and soul calibur 5 and 4 I will be pissed as I don't want to lose all my hard work I put into the online or with any of the games normal base single player parts.
  15. what you mean by erase some of my saves on my hard drive?