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  1. Everyone seems to talk about about the bloodborne dlc and the dlc to red dead, sure they are fun but to me I think LA Noire's dlc cases are great as they blend well with the main game and yeah just so much fun. The dlc to Fallout New Vegas was great mostly lonesome road and old world blues and honest hearts as they feel like great added bits to the game and give so much more to your game then most other dlc I played. Other dlc I love is the Oblivion dlc. mostly Shivering Isles and the Knights of the nine. I wish that all dlc like the fighters stronghold was with the ps3 copy of oblivion but yeah. Last 3 I can think off the top of my head is Resident Evil 7's End of zoe where you beat the crap out of all the mold monsters with your barehands and then use the super power fist I mean that is just so crazy but so much fun. and then there is the last dlc to Mass Effect 3 Citadel, getting to see the crew for the last big break they will get before going to fight the reapers and it is crazy but damn is it fun. Lastly is the dlc to Borderlands 2, the Tiny Tina one as that is so much fun that one being able to get some really fun loot and missions plus the raid boss there is the best in the game it felt like the best dlc to the Borderlands games and sadly I think can't really be topped as borderlands 3's dlc felt missing any good charm sadly. but yeah. Edit. I remembered other Dlc I love and completely forgot about, The add on to ultima black gate. the forge of virtue gives you an added bit of the past games mostly 3 and you get the kick ass Obsidian sword that one shot kills everything but the final boss and your strong stat raised to max at the end of it. just a great over all add on. Another was Dead space 2's dlc where you play as the guy from the rail gun dead space game and rego to some of the old places as him and some new ones too. it is fun and great to play too. the last 2 that came to mind was Vergil in dmc5 because why else Vergil is kick ass in all the games he is in to play a (nearly just want to forget dmc reboot vergil's downfall) but yeah. Last is Dark arisen for dragon's dogma. it made the game a hell of a lot more fun then it was before
  2. Hey everyone been having problems with Siren on ps4 as all the controls to do with moving forward has a stop and start kind of problem. I looked all over to find out how to fix it as it is nothing to do with my controllers as I tried both I own and both have the same problems it is annoying and I got no clue how to fix it. Anyone know how to fix it?
  3. Just as Fresh said but know the leech hunter mode mode is as hard as you first beat the game on, so if you play on normal it will be set to normal mode leech hunter and if you played on hard it will be the same but on easy it will be easy but you won't get any of the unlockables
  4. true but it can be taxing on the player as if your using magic you basically got to wait awhile to regan the magic and yeah
  5. the place I am talking about is tower of latria start there and farm the souls there till you get to the maneaters part of that world then return it is what I did without farming, bare in mind am talking about og demon souls but the same rules should be the same for this too and the shrine of storms the sting ray enemies give a lot of souls too in the boss arena but it is a lot of quiting and re entering
  6. You can still use the sword and it is good still just won't have the most magic effect on it but I will say. the place to farm is the storm tower for souls or if you like you could try and grind the level before the man eaters and go from there to the maneaters place and return just farming that way you can get a lot of souls
  7. well friend I have not gotten round to playing it yet but I plan to as it was free some time back so yeah, also be ready for the incoming people saying either "that never happen to me" or "your just unlucky" or my favourite "your copy might be broken or your doing something wrong to make this happen" it seems to me a lot of people do this nowadays and while your thoughts is that the game is broken and glitched trophies and so on it might not be for someone else but yeah. I will say though that you can't get sony to give you a refund on nearly anything your better off getting discs copies as at least you can get some money back if you sell it to another store or take it back but still, cyberpunk being refunded was rare to see of sony. I mean I am surprised they heard the out cry as they seemed to not give two shits when fallout todd lie 76 dropped and was a buggy and broken pile of shit.
  8. well my friend when it comes down to asking on trophy forums your going to be hit with a lot of people saying they didn't have a lot of the problems and I feel ya, as I have had nothing but problems for the normal marvel vs Capcom 3 and dead space 3 and even with ninja gaiden sigma 2 no one seems to have a good answer and if they do they normally reply with you did something wrong or your lying and yeah. I had the same kind of problems in life is strange 1, I had to play the second to last episode afew times to get a single trophy to pop it is really dum as hell but yeah. I thought I reply with mostly saying I know your pain my friend
  9. there is a cheat in game to do that lets you get it early but not sure what to do to make it happen but yeah there is another forum on it
  10. heavy fire shatter spear is from what I remember easy to plat
  11. well there is LA noire, danganronpa series could be under the stat of detective games and also there is puzzle agent and lastly ace attorney trilogy
  12. i have not played the new game but from what I saw of all the streams and videos it looks and must feel abit easy due to it being abit easier to do things as og demon souls was clunky with some things such as how the blight town level was annoying and now they made it somewhat easy now, like they removed the baby bones that attack you when your fighting a main boss there in the remake but yeah. However they made some things abit more annoying like how much hp items you can carry and made extra enemies that were never there in the storm temple level and so on. Going back to the item limit. It is abit annoying as if you think about it having 99 of any kind of healing item was good and all but it wouldn't save you in combat with bosses if you just suck. I mean I ended up eating about two stacks of 99 full moon grass due to grinding for the pure blade stone and it helped me and even if you could out do enemies with the herbs it does not really matter as they are healing items and most cases then not you would grind to have more. I grinded like crap for them in demon souls mostly the full moon grass and the dark moon grass as it was really useful in fights with enemies like the sloth demon thing forgot the name of it but yeah. But yeah overall the game looks great and is being somewhat a lot like the og game but it is slightly easier then the og one and plus with the small changes it is kind of bs but yeah you got to give and take with what you get. but I don't get what anyone says demon souls remake is not worth £70 or even a whole new console for it as they are still somewhat the same game just better looking having afew extras bits and bobs and so on but yeah am going on a ramble again.
  13. it makes me laugh at how people think putting so much random ass tech into a controller is needed, I mean the ps4 normal controllers battery dies out so bloodly fast only get about 3ish hours of gameplay out of it till they made the ps4 pro controllers it made it last longer and it was good but still to me I think controllers now need to be like they were back on ps2, if they fall down on the floor nothing breaks they keep going, it was hard to break them controllers I only ever got to break one thing on my older ones the x button due to playing a lot of games like evil dead, bloodryane and few others that you kind of had to spam x to do things
  14. anyone mind helping me out here I need help on getting the trophy passed the field test in mvc3 as it is still not unlocking and yeah got no clue what to do

  15. if I were you mate I would back up the save and try and speedrun it and do the steps needed to finish and get the key to get the silent hill door open