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  1. A final cut to a somewhat layer of boredom. Plat 156. layers of fear 2. not very good I think the first with it's dlc is far better as at least I knew what was happening and who I was.

  2. ah hmm thanks gov, I think I might hold off on that game then as if it is not as good in terms of plot like the older ones at least one that drives you then I will wait for it to be cheaper. thanks.
  3. I hope the same as it looks somewhat good from trailers and gameplay but not sure.
  4. ah ok, I will keep that in mind, I am not sure though on getting still. thanks for replying
  5. I might not like tank controls but Re remaster has it and I played it completely from start to finish on my knife only run with it and didn't have much problems. but that is mostly due to playing sh games and re games. if that is the only problem well want to know what is the plot like and what there is and so on.
  6. I tried to look into it and well found nothing but people saying it is good for trophies and well I don't care for the trophies of the game I only looked to this because it looks like silent hill 1 and well I want to know if this is any good. As in any good for a player who loves the old silent hill games and siren as this looks ok and the kind I would enjoy but yeah I want to know if it is before I put down £15 on this as yeah. if it is crap and only good for trophies I rather not care for it unless I found it for like £1 or at most £1.99
  7. While I would agree as it is dum to add dlc later in the life of a game when it is over 8 years old now. I can see where the people who still want to give it ago again comes from. It gives people a kind of refresh on the game if they have not played it in so long and have forgotten how 2 was and so on. I mean if they put out a dlc to demons souls when the online was still up and it was for say the broken stone would you complain? It gives a reason for some and for others it annoys but it is what it is. But to be up front, they should keep it free forever as the handsome pack is meant to be the full edition. any dlc after should be free or at the very least give us free upgrades to the new pack that has it all.
  8. My friend keeps saying it is not letting him play it, he has downloaded the game by disc and downloaded the dlc too and he can't use it, says he does not own it, anyone know a way to fix it
  9. I love that is it coming but wish I knew the price as I won't pay £20 for it. maybe bad but yeah sounds abit way off for old classics like them as metal slug was only £15 and if you ask me for all the old ones is worth that much. Only say the price range as the castlevaina one that has SotN and the other one can't name off the top of my head was 25 for only 2 of them, one being a timeless classic and the other not sure but yeah. Trophy wise it is good as I won't do some crazy run of it where you must beat the game without dying as yeah that is too much for me now adays to do as am not as fast as I used to be. But game wise I love it as I never played most of the contra games only 3 and the first one I played.
  10. And there we go again, plat 155 bioshock remaster. Love the game still think the final part when your a big daddy is bs due to the point of view you get. also got to download deltarune chapter 1

    1. DamagingRob


      Nice work!

    2. ihadalifeb4this



  11. it is up in the uk I have it nearly done downloading plus handsome collection needed a update too, also my one is a disc
  12. looks like borderlands 2's dlc is out now to download now

    1. hugglebunn-e


      And free for the time being.

    2. KANERKB


      yep, makes it even better


  13. another update to ps4 but um what does this one do? as it updated only 2 days ago

    1. KANERKB


      I take it back, it was on Thursday last week the update.

    2. Sifferino


      As usual, nothing 😉

  14. hmmm Outlast had a lot of f ed up stuff and the dlc is mostly the one you want to look for as that kind of messed with my head when I first played it
  15. I hit 10.000 trophies and damn, it has been a long ride to get here. also ghostbusters remaster. I need this am so happy it is coming

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    2. ee28max


      Nice milestone 🏆

    3. DamagingRob


      A big fish for a big milestone. :awesome: Congrats!

    4. KANERKB


      yeah I thought that would be a funny trophy to earn for the 10.000th trophy, also thanks for all the congrats everyone.