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  1. Not that I know of but if you want an easy time on the game do the glitch that lets you dup a lot of items mostly items that are very good to sell then buy a lot of health packs and buy any good weapon set up you like for either gun and knife or mace and shield and better armour and boom the game is beaten.
  2. ah, I thought I ask as just wanting to know as a lot of people say homefront is crap and I liked it along with wolfenstein 2010 and even to a degree Rambo the video game even though it is dum for needing to reload ammo and so on. I also didn't really care for the metal gear series of games I only liked rising because of the gameplay and the normal series just annoys me in terms of stealth and plot. rather splinter cell and well thought I ask about this as I liked rising a lot. I would say I would forfeit my soul for just buying a game. I mean at least you can put it down and give it away and I only payed £1 in a charity store for it Ah, was it at all good in co op at all? as if you played it does it play well and so on?
  3. I picked it up due a friend going on about how we need a good co op game and he was bugging me to get this and I did afew months back and didn't play it and was just now thinking of going into it with him but my question to everyone who has the plat and or not is. Is it worth buying and if so why and if not why. Also also want to know is it possible to say go into someone's game and just get most of the trophies such as the foodie one and so on kind of like how people have minecraft maps ready to use for people who need the on a rail trophy and so on. Only ask as if I end up playing it and enjoying it to get the plat is it possible to do that to cut time on the grind as I heard it is grindy but people say the same about 7 days to die and I found it fun and abit grindy but do able and better than people say.
  4. I never got this email. I never seem to get any of them and am from the uk. I don't get why I never seem to get any of these kinds of codes or things on theses lines
  5. Cex is the worse place to get games if you want the case/ cover to be ok, if you order it online you can't put limits on what it has and so on. the cover could be reprints and so on. if you go into the store they won't even let you trade the covers, they say you got to buy the game either though you got it in your hand and want to replace the cover or get a booklet with it and so on.
  6. with me playing with a friend I found it some what good, as I can see most of the game being easy if you have a good party. You can make it where the house rules are you get 9 lifes and the chaos levels come out slowly but I think it is only for easy mode not sure but easy mode is fun and if you can do everything on easy with what I can tell is true than beating the game on hard should be easy as pie.
  7. I see the game true fear part 2 out now and I want to know if the first is any good as if it is I might pick both up
  8. if you need a place to buy them kind of codes this site is the best https://www.cdkeys.com/playstation-network-psn/psn-cards just make sure you go to the bottom of the page on the site and change it to the type of money you use and then pick the card you want to buy then boom done it is how I got a us card from a giveaway someone did.
  9. well of course they will make re3 remake, all they need to do after is remake the outbreak games along with dead aim or just port over them games with the online in the outbreak games being there along with maybe some kind of extra like trophy support for a plat and boom money will flow in like gold mark my words people will love a port or remake of the outbreak games. The only thing I hope they fix is the button to get out of zombie grabs, just make it be press x or what ever button fast when grabbed to get out without taking dmg no bs knife breaks crap when used to get out of grabs and the need to find new ones and so on. If it has to be a knife make it where it gets put into the zombie and we have to get it back and that is it no bs breaking and so on as it would break knife only runs. Also be nice if they don't mess about with the plot like they did with re2 remake as it made playing either story line kind of pointless as leon and Claire barely spoke to each other unlike the older one same with the whole mr x being in both a and b leon's and claires runs
  10. Well am looking to old games to play and I want to ask is medal of honor frontline any good to play on ps3? as I liked airborne and rising sun a lot along with 2010 but never really gave the game a chance even though I think it is a good game from what I remember playing on a demo of it ages ago and it came with the 2010 one too.

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  11. I would like a go at it, my best xmas memory is mostly when I was about give or take 5 or 6 I had gotten a ps2 for the first time with the games of evil dead fistful of boomstick and crash twoc along with a few toys and movies I remember that being the best time for when i was younger.
  12. Ah, I think I might get it as if it is fun and not as buggy as most say it is I might give it a go as I like homefront 2 and that game is buggy but it is good oh I can tell but I like giving games like this a go.
  13. ah thanks for both of you for the feedback, but I want to ask if 3 is at all good on a normal ps4 and if it is at all fun.
  14. As the title askes. Is the sniper ghost games any good? I have picked up the first one and think I might get the others if the series is good but yeah. The games I want to really know the most of is either 1 and 3 if them two are any good and how is it in terms of comparing it to say the sniper elite series and so on.