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  1. I think psn is crashing or something as my time on Netflix is getting heavily effected by sign outs, making me have to relog in every 20mins or less
  2. You know what is funny, even if you did make the silent hill remaster/ remake it will be crushed by konami or the fans will crush it as people who played the later games hate them all and the silent hills/ pt would of been a bomb of crap too as no one can really put a candle to the older games namely 1 to 4.
  3. that sounds really bad gov, I am glad you got to fix it though
  4. what the hell is this? am I going crazy? https://www.game.co.uk/en/final-fantasy-xiv-heavensward-539537

    1. Wdjat Prinny Doods

      Wdjat Prinny Doods

      Yeah, I'm surprised the Preowned copy is so cheap too dood :awesome:

  5. really annoyed the ps4 I have is messing up now, keeps freezing, and slowing down making me have to wait up 10mins to do things like check my saves or messages on ps4 I mean what the hell. I even build datebase trick, same with the usb and format tricks nothing what the hell.



      I notice mine takes longer to boot up now...😢

    2. KANERKB


      Same, it is doing that too along with boot up games and so on.

  6. And the trophy is full of bugs and random sound clips and a guy who stands there screaming out as he dies to bugs and you stand there doing nothing. The drugs I took last night were for pain right not lsd or something made in china right that makes this kind of crazy crap happen right?
  7. hey everyone wanted to ask if anyone knows how to get the Women of action, Tales of history, Star gazing and Unparalleled tactician and also what is the best way to get them trophies.
  8. Better then nothing I guess but yeah, I hope if they pull of doing a remaster of the silent hill games that it is the old ones not the one on ps3 as f that one nothing but glitches and slap in the face bs just put them as ps2 classics. but yeah am going off topic am glad castlevania is coming back though as it has been along time from the last games, not looking at you lords of shadows as am more looking to the classic ones as am glad they are coming back again.
  9. I know, just think that is the wrong way to make a wolfenstein game as it is like turning Doom into a cod like game, it does not match at all, I mean if you play return to caslte wolfenstein on I am death/ uber you will die in seconds but it was more fair, and you had a lot of fun too.
  10. na I would much like the other ones as yeah.
  11. yeah and what makes it funny is that they make a somewhat too far unfair mode to kill all people who try to play it like a normal wolfenstein game and trophy hunt it and all because they are lazy and don't want to fix their own glitches.
  12. na, I rather go for that slower way as it is much, much more reliable for me.
  13. yeah let me know how as the court room is nothing to me now adays thanks to the best way I found in it. who knew hiding under where the 100hp pack is would make none of the enemies try to throw bombs and or flush you out with that and they mostly come from only one way. and once the sound goes off move slowly to the mini gun and let rip on the big guy in front of you and wait for the last one to come around and boom make a mad dash for the door that should be open and pick up all the armour and ammo you can and get to the top and stay on the left side and yeah jump on the table and kill the dog that cames and peek behind the small metal door frame you came into and take out anyone who comes..
  14. only places that need help in my time of it is only the parts where you ride the robo dog, the parts after hitler as stealth from what I see and do in this game is broken I mean the box I hide behind to see what is happening still gets me seen by the super solider and that is what f ed up my run a lot along with mostly the whole final part of that level once your done with him and the final fight as I can't seem to find a good place to take cover or hide to make a run for the ladder out of there. I will say and I know I go on rants about this thing of a wolfenstein game but dear god who ever thought it was a good idea for making this mode is just a dumass as you can't really do what wolfenstein is about, that being running about like an asshole and killing everything in your path not hiding and shooting cover based crap. I know it maybe unfair to compare the game to return to caslte wolfenstein but this is not how it works in the hardest mode. Sorry just yeah need to rant somethings and yeah, once am done with the plat of this game the rest of the wolfenstein games are not going to be touched by me as if this is the crap I have to do to beat a hardest setting in the game, yeah no, I think akuma mode in evil within 1 was more fair then mein leben to tell the truth.
  15. I would like to know how you got to do that book of yours as I am looking to publish my own work but can't find anyone who is willing to publish my work. Also congrats on the second book.