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  1. it has happen to me too when I tried to get the poison horse but you basically have to keep trying till it shows up again only time they don't reappear is if you kill one
  2. It might be due to how it does not always go down in sales per say like it normally stays around 10 to £15 on psn or on disc just 10 as the game before this one was the greasey aliens colonial marines and people don't really like to give a series another try after a bomb like that unless it is like a really big well known series that has a lot of games and is known for it. Also it might be due to people being too scared to play it. And for my course of not playing it for so long was because my save data broke on me and I have to play from the start again so I thought f that and come back to it another time.
  3. I am tried of it myself but am not sure what to say when it comes to feeling old or your old and so on as I have played a lot of the past games and I have been called a boomer before due to my outlook on games as when I was growing up I remember games being around 35 to 40 then it went up to 50 then 60 but it stayed around the 50 to 60 mark now 60 to 70 is too much if you ask me.
  4. I have played for a few runs the areas in the arms race and for some reason i can't seem to get either of the doors to the dark army/mad with power to open at all to get the pop up of finding the place. Anyone have any idea how to get it to open? Edit: nevermind i found a bit of a way by climbing and then an enemy shot me up to hit the other side and went from there
  5. Well I kind of do if the game is really short/ bad (as example of re3 remake I felt it would be short but it was too short and the price to me should of been much less then £50). Mostly only think that way lately due to the price rise of all new AAA games. like for an example let's take demons souls remake on ps5. it is £70 out the get go. It makes sense for it to maybe be around 35 to 40 or 45. but 50 or 60 is abit much for a remake from the ground up as the way I see it is a game remake of say like mafia 1 went for £35 new on the date of coming out and then we point to say Resident evil 2 remake they are both remakes from the ground up but the difference is price. RE2 remake is 50 while mafia 1 remake was 35. To me I feel the price of games like that should be cheaper as a price jump from 50 or 60 to 70 is too much in my view. I may come off as either a boomer or penny pincher but my view is back in the ps2 and early ps3 games were at max 40 or 45. when I see a higher price on it I normally view it to be complete or 100% working and hardly any bugs that mess with the game and so on also back then they had the small booklets that came with the game to give insight to the game and made it to me complete in a collector kind of way but the main thing was 100% free of bugs and glitches that will screw with you. The new prices feel to me just over the top and sometimes I feel some games should be abit cheaper only because most times nowadays it feels more like you need to wait for updates and or weeks to a full year for the game to be 100% rid of bugs/ playable without waiting more.
  6. I would agree to some degree with you on how devs need money and so on and how pricing works but I think of it like this or shall I say I view it like this. Games now are not always 100% working on the day it comes out I mean take Homefront 2 or even dark souls remastered and top off the list of other games Cyberpunk 2077. All games come out now half working some things will work and some won't or better yet it does not work at all or it works fine but if you do something it might block your progress into the game. I understand my outlook might be harsh but I feel I rather wait on sales and make devs do their jobs in fixing their games as the excuse of it is the publisher can only go so far. If we take another game like say 7 days to die into account that game always breaks on each update. It keeps messing up as they keep adding new things but never caring to fix what was there before and this is a indie dev team.
  7. Well the way things go when it comes to games they normally make a lot of things abit over priced just to either break even or because they are greedy. I liked the first game and the dlc and the second game didn't look to me the best but the price is what made me stay away I always wait on sales as that is how it is. But to me all I can say is if this series never gets another game then well... Edit: it is going to basically join deus ex with the other dead series that belong to square enix
  8. To me the game was alrightish it could of been much much worse. I mean I played far worse like dawn of fear and welcome to hanwell.
  9. no clue it normally shows my ps3 and ps4 stuff on there, you could try to use the time settings on it like the one that is on ps4 the transaction history
  10. The ps4 and ps5 from what I know have problems of loading past history games and other things you got before the only thing that shows everything is mostly the old ps3 one but the problem with that is it can kind of crash a lot if you have like 1000 plus items on it like myself
  11. this is annoying to no end the ps4 controller is starting to drift, this is the 4th controller and my 3rd this year this is a joke why is it the ps2 and ps3 controllers never had any problems but the ps4 ones seems to have a lot of problems with drifting

  12. I feel it is waste of time trying fight/ explain/ show the people who think this is true but yeah if they think it is a waste so be it. At the end of it there is people out there who enjoy basically gambling and wasting their life savings on pointless chance games and there is people who enjoy cutting down trees and or hunting it is enjoyment for someone out there as if you always have to be judged on what you like or enjoy then that is a waste of time.
  13. i finished it dude and got the plat and the game to me was a boring grind fest and if it was not that just not a fun game, the bugs made it more annoying and I felt it loved to make you go into group combat a lot as I had to bascally for hours level up all my combat skills and for more hours level up other skills as best I can and yeah. I felt like you never leave from being a shitty dumass who can't even lift a cup up without falling on the floor dead as the skills don't feel like they give you any real benefits, like you never attack faster with a sword or axe or club and or draw arrows faster when you max out your skills. but that is my time with the game as I found the only thing going for it was pretty much some of the side missions and plots around them the dlc was not fun and the combat to me is more annoying than fun. I really tried to enjoy the game but not only the bugs and the grind make things so annoying and or boring the plot felt very to me normal nothing ground breaking or anything and when the gameplay is painful and the plot is not fun I felt like what was the point. I mean I really tried to enjoy the game but yeah never could
  14. I played kingdom come my views on that game is well I hated it but for along of different views but one of them is tied to what you said with how buggy the game can be as I had the game basically be unbeatable when the dude in the church refused to go to the spot he is meant to so we can keep the mission going I had to go back about 5 to 6 hours to a much earlier save to do the mission again to get to that point.
  15. From your view it seems to be like playing on normal but I take it you didn't play dead space 2 or 3's hardcore mode or evil within 2's classic mode they all use limited saves and makes it hard as you need to come up with a plan for all you do and learn the game in a one run kind of game you have to do the same but the downside to it is there is a chance of luck and chance of the system crashing. I found a lot of games on ps4 seem to crash if you do most of the game in one run not as much on ps3 or 360 but it seems to happen more now days due to bugs being more than how it was before when they removed it before putting the game out there and so on. As think about it like this when it comes down to having to use bugs and glitches to do a trophy like beat the game on a mode that has no settings it seems more your doing a speedrun and not really doing the game right. Like as an example again Evil within 2 or dead space 3 there is a bug that lets you carry over from classic mode the handcannon to hardcore making it piss easy same with evil within 2 but in that one you can use a cheat menu that is free for everyone to use as long as they got a account to besthesda and so on. I found Dead Space 2s limit save hardcore mode to be a good fair challenge same with dead space 3 but with 3 it has it save all the time so you can come back to it when you want to but if you die your going to the start of the game. The whole examples and point am trying to make here is that the idea of saves helps I mean resident evil made limited item saves as thing from the start and it was like a plan out when and how to save and when to use things and so on unless it is 0 as that one makes you drop items all over the place and makes it even more harder. I stand by my views that having it where it saves is best as if you do happen to have a crash you go back to where you were and keep going sure it has its own problems where you could back up the save and so on but you could always not use it like I did on dead space 3 however I had to basically do co op on the final boss due to a death glitch that happen to me on that game and yeah. Edit: Forgot to put on here as another example Doom Eternal has a save system in that as well a hardcore kind of deal like dead space 3 it saves with all the things you do so if you turn off the game or it crashes it will load back to the point you was at before but if you die the game removes the saves just like dead space 3. It does not make the game any less harder or easier it makes it much better if anything were to mess up such as the game crashes or a bug happens due to the door not opening and so on.