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  1. People simping for the cleavage but the true ones were and still is tifa's this is a pale try so on the moistboob meter I give 50% softness with 5% trying hard and a 1% side of Charlie.
  2. I hope they make ps1 and 2 games and 3 games on the store for people to buy then having to deal with buying a to me overly priced Ps plus
  3. the easiest dark souls is either normal dark souls 2 or dark souls 1 as if you have a friend who is willing to help for both you can do them without much problems
  4. Not sure what one you mean other than you can do co op and basically have it where you down your mate who is nearly dead and then bring them back to life and keep on going.
  5. You see the term cheesing is as old as time. As someone who cheats in a game such as say contra to get the 30 life code could be seen as cheesing. Another form of cheesing is using guides or knowing before hand info of something or getting help from others. For me I don't care I try to enjoy myself as much as I can with any game I trophy hunt. Take for example 7 days to die. there was once a glitch that let you dup any time in the game. the first thing I duped was the rarest item in the game at the time not sure now but that being the army vest and the hazmat suit I found the parts of. Also used said glitch on dupping vit pills to get the trophies a lot easier. the bug was removed afew patches later but still was a good glitch and helped and people can call that cheesing or the fact I had to basically get another player for the last part of dead space 3s final boss as I have a bug that basically kills me making getting the hardcore mode trophy impossible but due to having a friend they got me to bypass the bug and do the trophy. For me I say do what you want with any game only time I say it is a no go is if your planning to use trophy unlockers to get trophies to just get onto a higher up point on the leaderboards and or use aimbot/ turbo controllers for online pvp modes as it is in my eyes the only time any action is a kick in the head to people who went and done them things normally/ using in game ways and so on. but that is my view point on the matter. Edit: Forgot to put in that another way of cheeseing I have been bashed for is using the poor ai or path finding of a game to beat it for example. If you play White day you can use trigger points to make the janitor disappear like in school building 2 if you have the code to the office all the code types and so on you can just use it and bypass having to open a door that is meant to pop in the janitor in that part of the game so you can use that trigger point/ cutscene to basically make him disappear if you need a breather or fast getaway. Things like that can also be done in other games I mean I even done the same with kingdom come. basically ran around the starting part of the game and farmed the guy you need to beat up in his house for stealth and hand to hand skill and the cows in the field for weapon levels yes it is boring but it helped me in the long run but it took 100 plus hours to do this.
  6. Thing about this game is that it kind of fails to be a good contra game. I mean now it is dirt cheap on disc as in the uk it is only £3 I might give it a shot but not sure if I should as I got other games I need to get to. hell lately I got rid of afew games such as code vein's disc copy I had along with mothergunship due to the fact I needed extra money for evil dead the game. Both them games I can get later down the line but still money is tight for a lot of us trying to make it by with what they got. I never like coming off as a skin flint but sometimes you got to aim for what you feel is more worth getting and more worth your time. I will for sure give this game a try sometime and day but hell if am going to go out of my way to get it anytime soon. it is like me going after Wolfenstein youngblood. I dislike the game with a great hate and refuse to get it unless it was really really cheap and sadly a friend got it for me for xmas that pasted. I might give it a go some time but yeah. Not sure if am going crazy but judging a game made by devs who got rid of something seems to be a poor choice of picking what to do at least that is imo. I mean betheda killed off humanhead devs just to get the rights to Prey 2/ prey and guess what canned the game because humanhead never bent the knee and yet people still buy their shitty games same with EA killing off the devs of dead space and any other ex dev company they have killed. People still buy their games. To me I hate Kojima as my standing is he is too ego driven for his own good and the only mgs game I liked was 3 and rising but even then I would not go out of my way to pick a game up due to what a company does to a person in their company as at the end of it. It does not really matter to customers as if we really cared that much for it no one would buy any game from any dev at all due to the shady shit they pulled or the devs they got rid of.
  7. sadly the dlc is not on ps4
  8. Ash vs evil dead.
  9. So lately not been trophy hunting lately due to having a bit of a rouge time lately not sure if I can do splatterhouse or play ninja gaiden 2 I feel I might do duke nukem forever near the end of the month but yeah not fully sure.


    Really rouge time with my mindset and plus evil dead has sucked a lot of my game time a lot. love the game alot

    1. enaysoft


      Hey dude, not sure if you're genuinely having a rough time.


      Or perhaps you're having a rouge time, going around being a ninja and stuff. :)

    2. DaisyVilla102


      Sometimes it is rough being a rogue who refuses to wear rouge.
      But seriously, I hope you get more peace and happiness in your life, @Lonemankane!

    3. Lonemankane


      @enaysoft it has been rough just yeah I messed up the wording as I was tired as hell when I posted my status update.


      @DaisyVilla102 Thanks I hope so too and yeah

  10. I feel your alright to voice how you feel but I will say it is not ruining my gaming so far sure it becomes annoying but I plan to stop doing it after awhile as yeah. love trophy hunting but as you pointed out there is a lot of buggy and annoying trophies out there like say for example Doom 1 and 2. You need to beat all of nightmare mode with a co op not just any co op online it has to be someone next to you or share play it is not fun at all and plus it is to me bs. As for buggy trophies I feel games like merc 2 world in flames damnge.ink and dead space 3s hardcore mode for me was a nightmare due to the fact of bugs and glitches ruining it. could say also MVC 3 as the mission mode didn't pop for some reason not sure why but yeah plus could also say Ninja gaiden 2 as the whole loopped load screen thing is bs for me but yeah. Hard to earn trophies that you spoke of such as mein laben in wolf 2 and so on is annoying ones to have to earn as if you ask me Wolf 2 is a shitty wolf game and unfair with how much dmg you take and plus enemies are dmg sponges it is bs but same could be said of dead rising 1's 7 day survivor. however to defend that trophy it can be done easily if you get the real mega man blaster as that will make short work of anything in your way.
  11. It might cost more than 500 to make said console but I feel it shouldn't matter. Sony has the power to buy out devs like the drop of a hat I feel they could bite the bullet and sell it cheaper like how they did with the ps3 and make a longer term profit now granted it was due to the backlash but still. How I view it is they put it out too early when covid was high and didn't give a shit about changing the price. How if I ran it would be to make more of the consoles make sure it works well and so on and then put it out there with a number of fresh new games after that make it cheaper than xbox to make it where ps5 would be worth the price. As for me a long term profit is a way better model than getting the money here and now as you please the customers and a happy customer would be willing to buy more for said console. Just look at ps2 when it came out, when it came out it was at least in the uk around £180 to 200 if you got games or not with it. once you had gotten the console and so on you would want to buy more games but due to the only memory card you get is 8mb you have to buy another if the game sucks up a lot on there (Looking at you The Thing) and a memory card cost about 20 on its own pricy yes but still. you can kind of get what I mean. Ps3 done the same thing but it was due to the backlash and so on but they made back their profit in the long run with ps plus when it was made for just new games. Ps home clothes and other things gotten in there and game sales and move and so on and so on. For me it feels like sony just wants money here and now and gives zero fucks how to milk the customers dry. I never like to come off like a penny pincher but you kind of have to nowadays if you want to play a game that is not buggy or has problems or just flat out might not be your thing. But on the topic of Dead Space remake. am glad it is coming back I just hate it is coming to only ps5 only just like how alan wake 2 is only going to be on ps5 as for me looks and so on I give no shits about unless it hurts my eyes I don't care for the looks of the game but game play I care the most about it is why I like games like Rage 1 a lot, looks kind of shitty but I feel the game is fun same goes for some crappy made horror games such as Daymare 1987.
  12. Ah, I hope I didn't mess up any of the trophies though as I got most of the missions done and yeah if it pops a lot of trophies out the blue I will be pissed
  13. for some reason when I play evil dead on ps4 there is no trophy list popping up and it only says coming soon in the part where trophies would be. tried looking at my trophies to see if the set popped up at all and still nothing. Anyone got any clue what is happening?
  14. Well that is the problem I feel. People shouldn't have to wait for games to be out then wait on a sale/ till it is patched or resold as a fixed complete one as to me it is just greedy nowadays. I have gotten elden ring and evil dead lately due to the fact I felt like it would be good prices and both games were priced at 50 then over the top but it still sickens me how games have gotten like this now. I mean people are willing to pay for dlc to Cyberpunk 2077 for god sake I would demand for all dlc to be free like how no man's sky basically has done it but that is me.
  15. The thing that annoys me is that games are nowadays always broke it is rare to find one that is not as bugy or lacking in something or another nowdays. I feel the pricing and the price of ps plus and new ps5 games is what kills it. Why pay 70 for a new game that is just base game? I mean I feel old and abit of a penny pincher due to the fact that back when I younger and was getting into games. the most a game was, was at best 35 to £40. Then ps3 had it go up to around 45 to 50 then ps4 had it go to 55 or 60 and now just flat 70 it sickens me when ps3 and 2 they gave more for the price back then. Then the games now. This is not putting dlc into account either as you can easily pop into this another 50 or 40 or so into it and boom a single game is just basically 100+ and has bugs and glitches and so on. I might come off rude to devs and so on but if this was pulled back in early 2005 or 2009 you would of been laughed at. Take spyro enter the dragonfly as an example or the thing or even more of a shit show of a game that being drake 99 dragons. nowadays games are just bugy and you have to wait for them not just for sales but for patches as well. I feel it is inexcusable for the price they want and how they treat their customers.