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  1. I know but the way I view it is like this, they should take a page out of steams book and let people at most play 2 hours of the game and if they don't like it get a refund back for it that is how I view it. But I do understand where your coming from just saying as sometimes like for me a good example is Sniper Elite 4. People reviewed it and said it was ok and not much new that makes it as good as 3 or 2 and there was no demo for it per say so I ended up giving it a shot and I still liked it, infact I loved it and feel it has the best controls for all of the sniper elite series so far not played 5 so can't compare yet. Sometimes you need to play the game to give a better judgement call on it.
  2. I feel that is a kick in the head and plus I feel that is what happens a lot with sony they like to refuse you on things you got. I mean they have it to the point where you can't even try out a game abit then refund it you need to make sure you never downloaded it. It is bs but yeah what can you do. I would keep calling and piss them off to the point they refund you it as that is how I would do it. Also to people who are just saying he is a idiot for doing this and that. I mean he spent his money on something sure you might not like what he spent it on but it is his money grow the hell up. I mean I remember when someone got pissed off at me for not getting gta5 back when it was new on ps3 because to me it was another gta game that is a lot like the past games not much big changes other than 3 new playable characters. That year was the year I got dead space 3 and few others I can't name but yeah. I will however say if this was on something completely dum and it hurts others then yes I would complain.
  3. Am really annoyed to find out that the sly games are only on ps plus extra and higher as I thought it would be on ps4 as well as I would of loved to downloaded that series and go through it again mostly 1 to 3 not much on 4 but damn it. I need to find a good capture card soon to have the power to stream sly 1 to 3 as I just want a good reason to return to the series and show others how good it was and have it as part of the other games I have on my streamed on twitch list.

  4. Well been trying that but games like far cry 6 been really big grinds for me and been going up and down a lot with that game much like how kingdom come was like but well less annoying than that game.
  5. so I have been going back and forth with trophies and jumping on so many games and finishing and doing many things and over the course of this whole year so far I only platted 13 games so far and I had planned this year I would at most do over 20 max 30 or 35 at most or even abit more but yeah not sure if am going crazy but I really feel the grind is getting abit slow anyone know how this feels or know any idea how to fix this as I have been not doing trophy hunting abit to kind of get back into it again just yeah I feel annoyed with myself over this.
  6. hmm you might be right I mean I tried my old saves might have to do a fresh one and try and do my normal cheat ways but more at the start of the game like use the chopping wood to get enough Gold to then buy the needed things from the blacksmith and then use the free bed to skip time and so on to get more stuff and craft a crap ton of daggers to max out my level as soon as I can just so I can pretty much be able to do things fast but yeah it will be another big grind for me like it was when grinding oblivions skills before leaving to enter the world normally from the start
  7. I feel this is one of the reasons am slowing down with trophies but more it is due to how grindy games have become and the ones I really enjoy just become boring slogs due to grindy trophies or server shut downs and so on. Like I have to try and track down a ps3 controller that has the six axes to do some games I have in my backlog as my old ps3 controller is just not doing it anymore feel the six axe in that is broken or something not sure. As for the cheating side of it, it happens a lot and it has dummed down some of my drive to go for some games in terms of trophy hunting such as say the ones tied to some racing games I saw and one person I can't remember the name of who is giving away hacked gear in dablo 3 and 2. Well it is good the bots don't do that as sometimes like myself you might find a bug or glitch that can help you earn the trophies faster such as a dup glitch and so on like the ones I used a lot in 7 days to die when it came to dupping motorbike parts and vit pills However call me playing devil's advent here but I feel earning trophies with that server trick thing on dead servers in my book should be made fine. As games like bulletstorm ps3 and little big planet karting and 1 and 2 is not going to have them servers back ever again and yeah I rather people earn them trophies in that manner than just popping it like it is nothing
  8. So lately been gaming on ps3 and I swear to god I feel like am ripping my hair out due to 2 games been going up and down to try and do. Skyrim is one of them and the other is wolfesntein 2009. For wolf 2009 I had left the game on in a hidden back alley way in the first power that puts you in that other world place and I left it like that in that plane for 6 to 7ish hours without much problems but still no trophy tried going in and out of it still no trophy and yes even checked my trophies to see if it popped and nope nothing. As for skyrim I got all plots of lands but for some reason I can't build anything on the lands I own worse is it keeps happening to the riverbank house you can get as that one for some reason to get the misson to pop up it never did so I had to do a lot of reloading my save to try and get the one free one you get be that one so I won't have to deal with getting it with doing small side missions. anyone got any ideas how to fix theres problems.
  9. my console just logged me out and I saw it log me out and when I logged back it, it let me but it won't let me use the store or other things tied to it. thankfully my netflex is working still but am confused and wondering if it is down for others here too and if there is a way to find out what is happening
  10. well you could count them and All mighty lord gaben as well as he can't count to 3 at all and square enix is able but they have to go through 1.5 2.5 and 2.8 and 2.9 to get to 3 and other half numbers to get to 3
  11. I would say no it is not worth it at all, to sum it up this will be you after watching it.
  12. have the same problem
  13. So I got all the backpacks and resolver weapons and the trophies have not unlocked anyone know if there is something I could do to fix this? as the last items I needed was from the hidden relic mission and I got that backpack and the resolver weapon from it but nothing popped. Nevermind it popped already but it didn't show up for me
  14. So it is finally done no more returning to Elex 1 thank god Plat 241: Elex. To be frank I didn't like the last of the trophies I had mostly that 80 hour trophy what a pain not the best and not the worse but still a pain. the game is only worth a single playthrough if you ask me. 

  15. It is easy. Sony just wants people to get a Piss station 5 and sign up for the ps plus bs pre take my wallet and soul deal because in their eyes. Why would you want to play something as old as God of war ascension or Killzone 2 or even little big planet 1 or 2 when you can play the new shitty games and a crappy emulated ones of classic ps1 games or ps2 games. To me Sony has dropped the ball and it started just after they had gotten the big dick ego bs that happen during the first 2 or so years of ps4s life