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  1. yeah, I mean when I got fallout 3 and uncharted 1 I played them with no trophy support, first time I got trophies was on red dead and on fallout 3 but more fallout 3 due to owning both the normal one of it and the game of the year copy
  2. I find it abit odd as not sure what is the reason plus some of the trophies can be gotten out of order due to uncharted being one of the few ps3 games that had a update put in trophies, much like mgs 4, fallout 3 and few others
  3. All the weapons in the game can be gotten in a single playthrough of the game, you just need to keep a eye out for all the emotes you need for the trophy and plus do the chalices to get to the queen/ beast claws. also you do need to own them all on hand not just the badges and so on. but the uncanny and lost ones of the weapons in the chalices is not needed.
  4. I would of liked the first 1 and 2 done better mostly due to the fact that the first 2 were really good but this will have to do I guess.
  5. yes they do, plus there is a map in a graveyard full of them and players
  6. What is your fav game on each of the consoles you have played at least 1. what is your most liked/disliked movies? (at least 2 of like and dislike)
  7. This is pretty cool sign me up as yeah I never had anyone interview me for something like this before might be really fun.
  8. am hyped for elden ring gameplay trailer and it is a day before my birthday

  9. alright, I can understand and yeah I hope if you do find out what made it happen you can try and unhide it so you can earn the rest of it for that plat.
  10. no problem mate and if you need help on the game I am willing to do the glitch with ya on it to trade weapons if you need some of course
  11. that is true importing the save and so on like I did popped some of my trophies but not all only the 51 and 61 popped with the imported save from ps3 to 4 if he was past level 61 like myself but yeah. as for the modded weapons being flaggable that is odd as I am pretty sure a lot of people who played borderlands 1 on ps3 or on ps4 has used the modded weapons either it be for fun or trophy hunting or even glitches, like in 2 there was them black tier weapons that was modded around that time and it basically did the same as bl1 till they removed it somehow I am still surprised the ps4 one of bl1 still has hacked guns but yeah.
  12. ah hmm then am not sure, I can explain the 51 trophy, as I got it happen to me on the remaster, as I went from 20 and higher but past level 30 and didn't get the trophy due to not landing on level 30 itself but yeah. I know what you mean it is odd he done it in mare seconds but I feel he could of done it if there was just modded weapons in the game and so on as in if his partner had them and was farming the raid boss smaller enemies as if you just leave the weakpoint on his back and he is blind as in the raid boss himself all his smaller friends will basically come endlessly but yeah I know what you mean as yeah
  13. Well I beaten the game as far as I remember last time I played the ps4 one and I was either done with the pro mode or about to do it along with start the dlc and I just didn't own all the weapons yet just had about 2 weapons off as far as I remember. but I know for sure my fully upgrade trophy came when I did the weapons trade with a co op partner glitch as I remember it was the sniper rifle I needed along with the last handgun I needed and I be asked to farm money so I just did that glitch with a friend and got his fully upgraded ones of them guns and the trophy popped, it could be seen as cheating but I felt it fine due to the fact I did this years ago normally on ps3 and I thought using some glitches could be fun as I wanted to have unlimited rotten eggs and do the whole game with them alone
  14. Then the best thing to do at this point is get him to show how he did it with you as it is going to be hard for ya if you have no proof to back up your case at least in the eyes of the mods here and so on.
  15. the guy pepe man has spoken and makes a lot of points You could level up from 40 to 61 very fast but a friend needs to know how to do the raid boss right or have one of them hacked guns that has a one shot kills to farm the enemies in the raid boss as just killing one of them gives nearly 1 full bar of xp to one level that being the green enemies the purple ones give a full level up from 40 to 50 but yeah. borderlands 1 is kind of a grind to level up past 50 though without the raid boss