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  1. that is great news to hear thanks
  2. nope. it plays a lot different to other games more closer to Stalker Shadow of Chernobyl with elements from Crisis due to the fact you can change your weapons parts and so on, on the fly but it is a good game. it is slow and rewarding to those who search every nook and cranny for things and the story of the game is very thought provoking in some parts mostly in the past games and some in this. It does have controls like any normal fps though just abit more in depth
  3. I just got word that killzone 2's online is getting turned on again just how the demon souls og online is being turned on again. I hope it makes it able for us to earn the online to it again as I want to get killzone 2's plat done

    1. SnowxSakura


      It will be flaggable. The team that is working on it only uses closed source code, which isn't allowed on here

    2. DaivRules


      Neither games servers got "turned on again." The original servers won't ever be turned on again. Referring to them as turned on again can cause confusion for people who don't understand what's actually happening. Fan servers were created. 

      The requirements for third party servers is already documented here:



    3. Lonemankane


      ah, well from what I can see you got to use the whole dns thing no clue how to do it but yeah. I just got the info from a video by mystic

      PS3 Online Games Are Being Restored, Here’s How & Why - YouTube



  4. I can say it is abit buggy for me too where it unlocked early for me randomly in the second to last mission.
  5. the game is worth around 20 if it has all the dlc as the game is good but it is best with friends as it can be boring without friends.
  6. it can stress you out as you need a good team willing to deal with a lot of the bs and the fact you need to back your save up a lot because there is a glitch that can happen where your save breaks and then you lose all your dosh and masks and all the other stuff you earned. Also some of the dlc is not able to be gotten as in the Scarface dlc is not able to be gotten now
  7. I would say I like that Mortal Shell is going to be on here and if it is real and it is on there for the line up it would be good for me as I don't like how much they want for the game normally in stores and psn, as it looks like a meh souls like clone and would be fun to give a try at least. If it is fun I would be glad as the Surge 1 and 2 were alright, Immortal unchained was crap and lords of the fallen was meh and to add to that pile Chornus before the ashes was disappointing. The other two games I don't give two shits about as it feels disappointing to me. If you ask me they should give people something like Warhammer vermatime and or wasteland 2 or even Far Cry 5 or 4
  8. hey just wondering if passwords can work to earn some of the more annoying trophies. as the guide does not really help on letting you know if the passwords work or not or if turning off the monsters and jump scares can help for nearly a lot of the last parts of the game. Like if any of this works then it would cut a lot of the playthroughs needed by half and make it easier for you as if it still earns trophies then you could in theory. Turn off jump scares and monsters and then just 3 or 2 floors before the end turn it back on and then enter the last 2 doors and that is it.
  9. The supershag is going to be the main for a lot of people and the people will knee before the mighty shagg
  10. I believe it is better with just one extra person, as they can help and plus it can help split the S rank needed things and so on. I can help as I need help on it to s rank it myself
  11. I hope so I mean nothing happen so far for now thankfully but yeah Thanks for letting me know as yeah I made sure to set up everything
  12. I got it set up now but I am not sure if it will happen again as I just got it all set up now and no clue if they can sign into my id again as I changed everything but the email and SQ as yeah
  13. Been having problems lately where the ps4 is signing me out randomly when am doing things and got no clue why and yeah want to know if there is a way to fix it
  14. If you ask me the only time they should do this is by porting over their older games along with skyrim like morrowwind and oblivion and then skyrim all in one pack then maybe the older ones as well but that is too much effect put in and as I said before all companies now want to do the lazy way just do the one that sold the most. Game preservation is important but most companies don't give a shit.
  15. That maybe so but a lot of companies now do that, rockstar with gta 5, xbox with halo 1 to 3. RE4 for Capcom along with any of the street fighter games. And finally Bethesda with skyrim. whatever lighting they had gotten in the bottle has long died out by now