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Hello, I am kane, I trophy hunter and enjoy shooting or hitting zombies to death for I hunt the undead in all my zombie games, I am good to trophy hunt anytime I got free time but I don't take any crap so if you want me to help you on getting a trophy and you don't help me or the others am in the boost with I will not boost with you again so watch out.
I go after very hard plats most people think are too hard to do but I find them to be enjoyable my quote to those who think am mad for doing this is 'I live for the challenge to beat what many think is too hard' (must like the hard game to go for that plat, I don't go out of my way to plat a game I don't like)
my bigist plats I really am happy to have gotten are cod classic and cod world at war, soulcaliber 5, doom bfg and lastly all the main dead space games (doing the other one soon)
right now am doing all of my back log to get the online to all my ps3 games most of them are on the list but the others are not, it will be big but I live for the challenge and by joe I won't let her leave me without a good fight, and that is all I guess. tumblr_n5onw9IbuS1t3a3klo1_500.gif508.gifspock-button.gifhellraiser_deal_with_it.giftumblr_nalzk6LEBI1qenj0wo1_250.gif