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  1. I’ve been in contact with Activision support for 4 days now trying to resolve dominion. I have a case with a reference number and everything. The support team are having to escalate the issue to higher up. They also mentioned the server team will be involved. They will contact me directly with a response. You never know, this might get the ball rolling to fix this.
  2. Tried playing under Japan proxy for over an hour and nothing.
  3. I used 3 tank characters. Call girl, tubawear and captain diabeties. And used artifacts that greatly raised my ultimate. Every time I got to use the new kid I had full ultimate. Used the assassin special which took massive damaged and caused bleeding. I also unlocked the time fart that allowed me to clone myself. Beat him very easily first time on mastermind using this method. Hope that helps anybody else struggling.
  4. I had this on the exact same fight, I beat him and game just did nothing. Had to replay check point. Game did the same for a few more fights later on
  5. If you get a message from MsLori6 don't open it.

    1. boromir120


      Won't do, cheers

  6. There is a slight difference in the trophy lists, the digital ACC India trophy 'the end?' Requires you to complete ACC India, the trilogy pack for the same trophy requires you to complete India with high scores and fastest times for anybody out there interested, I suppose the pain of that makes it worth the platinum
  7. Probably Blur platinum trophy, was very hard and a big grind online and offline
  8. 1. GTA IV 2. Assassin's Creed: Rogue 3. X-Blades 4. Brutal Legend 5. Dead Island: Riptide 6. Saints Row: The Third 7. Ridge Racer: Unbounded 8. Alice Madness Returns 9. Bodycount 10. Borderlands 11. IL-2 Sturmovik: Birds Of Prey 12. The Order: 1886 13. Far Cry 3 14. Darksiders 15. Wolfenstein: The New Order 16. The Saboteur 17. Beyond Two Souls 18. History: Legends Of War 19. Blur 20. Assassin's Creed III 21. Assassin's Creed: Liberation HD 22. Ride To Hell: Retribution And hopefully Far Cry 4 and Doom 3 BFG edition plats before the new year
  9. Hello, I'm not sure whether or not people regard this as cheating but I don't as You'll only use it to undo the glitch. But there is a program called willowtree which you can upload your borderlands save and mark the "steal loot" option as not done, this will then allow you to complete the mission as normal. The glitch occurs because the secnd step gets ticked off shutting out that area of the game. Hope that helps
  10. Even better I'm from Essex
  11. I'm guessing you mean the eggstra xp challenges, well here is a tip I've not seen posted anywhere, and it's what I did this week so it does work. Go into safeguard mode, and play solo (this still counts as public as friends can hop in and out) and shoot the eggs like normal. You can't choose what map, it picks one for you. So just quickly jump in and out of single player lobby's untill you get a map you need. I hope I explained this well enough You need nemesis maps, there is a "nemesis only" lobby so you can them super quick.
  12. Ridge Racer Unbounded, most likely why their closing the server this month, won't be missed
  13. WTF

    Use the drift button (circle) it gets you round corners at speed and gives you quite a bit of boost so you can frequently drag the leaders, takes practise to get use to tracks and drift button