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  1. Yeah i would much prefer all trophies for all consoles be either the new ps5 size, or the original rectangle. Mixing the two together doesn’t look very tidy. Personally i would prefer the original rectangles.
  2. Have you considered getting a friend over to do the bass pedals for you? I know this can really help sometimes. One person does just bass and you do just pads.
  3. Or you can just go out of bounds of the map which is a permanent storm. I got all storm related challenges by doing that. Never had to wait for a storm or try force a storm
  4. I got this yesterday by using the crashes server method. Worked just fine. Was playing normal games before and it didn’t unlock. When the server crashes quickly load up gold rush ascension with your Alt in your squad. And win/loose the game extremely quickly before the server crashes. You literally need to win or loose within 3-4 mins
  5. Also just got all the trophies. Servers seem to be working
  6. Wiper is a friend of mine and I can assure you he got the trophies legitimate. The server is not down, it’s just incredibly unstable. You just need to keep trying and get that small golden window of opportunity that it’s stable enough to stay connected. I know for a fact this is true because I managed to search for a ugc map and play it. Only to be disconnected not long after.
  7. It’s about finding a time they’re working. Somebody got them last night so we know they’re not down. I managed to connect today and managed to search for a map. Started playing it then got disconnected. So it’s possible just got to find that golden time.
  8. I managed to connect for about 6 mins this morning. Managed to search for a map but then got disconnected
  9. Seems to be down again, tried to connect for 2 days and nothing.
  10. Game blue screened on me and corrupted my save. Can no game be released working anymore? You can never buy a game on release anymore because every game needs patches and updates to work. What happened to play testing? Once again another game I have to wait for to be fixed.
  11. That’s odd because I’ve found all those way easier than monkey wrench/sabotage. That’s the only song I can’t 5*
  12. You don’t need to re-host for warlord glitch. To get negative xp on your first game (you can’t be host) you must go over the xp limit. The xp limit is 1500. So get 1560, then let your friend win the match. Then level down all the way to level 1. Then, quit using XMB. This will trigger negative xp, the negative xp is the xp you earned over 1500 on the first game. So if you got 1560, you’ll have -60xp. If you are level 1 now you can still do the glitch. Get 1560 xp and you’ll get to level 4 I think, diamond reset down to rank 1 then xmb. Easy as that.
  13. I’ve just counted. I’ve rated 152 trials with a mixture of stars. 102 of those trials I have actually completed. Still no trophy. Surly the trophy has glitched EDIT: it just popped, 106 completed with ratings and 158 rated trials. Defiantly bugged to say the least.
  14. So I have counted over 120 trials I have rated. I have rated them different ratings from 1* to 5* and still no trophy. Anybody else experience this and managed to find a solution? The only solution I see is rate different ratings but I’ve done that.
  15. I don’t believe the game has a LAN option