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  1. Check your stats to see if they are actually registering as challenge won. I found that most challenges I won where not registering as a win. I believe it’s something to do with the drive club server. Just keep going it will eventually pop. I think I did about 9 or 10 challenges total and it popped.
  2. Guitar hero Metallica trophy “creeping death”. 10 years I’ve been trying, it’s just too hard.
  3. Are you activated the defcon switches in the correct order? The correct order is on the top floor on the wall with the spitfire, server room, ground floor and then the one directly above. It’s worth pointing out that I can never get the tv to work in a co-op game. Only works solo for me for some reason.
  4. I’ll be doing it legit as these where childhood games
  5. Just a quick note to say that anybody struggling for their 10 wins in blackout, play the new pandemic mode. It’s almost impossible to loose. You won’t be able to get characters like woods though.
  6. I only owned Aladdin and The Jungle Book on sega mega drive. Could beat those no problem as a kid. Lion king I don’t know much about it. Kinda wish they would add the jungle book too
  7. I live in uk and it isn’t available on PS3 in uk. I believe it is on xbox360. I had to import mine. It’s region 1 only which is USA/Canada
  8. Personally I think it’s too easy and quite disappointing. Trophy list had some potential to be another challenging platinum but nope. I enjoy challenging games that you can be proud to say you achieved. I’ll get this, but it won’t have any bragging rights unlike say black ops 3/4
  9. Thank you I’ll give that a go
  10. Has anybody found Bruno/mason/Menendez/reznov items within ground war?
  11. So after 5 mins of playing if I need to call in a supply drop for ammo or helicopter it just won’t arrive. So I press it again and I can’t call in any supply drops anymore? So I reset game, works for 5 mins then I can no longer call in supply drops as nothing happens. Anybody else experiencing this glitch?
  12. Servers are p2p. Which means they will always be up unless psn support is stopped on ps3. Online grind requires 2 people.
  13. Don’t give up brother, practise those 3 and I think there is like 4 opportunities in the last area, you have a high chance of one of those being available to you. The first time I got lucky and had 2 line up immediately after the room. Second time I got the two guys who come down the stairs
  14. You want to aim to have 3 of the 4 done as you clear out the room. First one is given to you, then align the two out of the building. Move down the stairs into building and get another two lined up. The first 3 I just mentioned almost always line up. You’ll need to practise pulling the shots off. I was getting 3/4 almost every time. And then finally got the last double kill in final area. Keep practising and you’ll get good at hitting the 3/4 I mentioned. Honestly only took me a few hours practising. EDIT: i ended up having to do this twice, if and when you do pull off all 4, don’t celebrate too early like me. A car exploded and killed the guy I was protecting. Talk about bad RNG.
  15. The blackout characters are what are putting me off this game but like you I kinda want to play it.