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  1. Took me 4 playthroughs, 3 normal and 1 hardcore. Never used never dismember. It’s totally bugged and luck based.
  2. Also worth considering when this game came out it was massively hyped. I was in college and there must of been a good 30 of us getting it on release and playing it a lot. Most people are not trophy hunters, and wanted to play the masterpiece
  3. You my friend have just prevented me from a break down. I was not aware this was a stat, and according to the stats I’m on 460ish. I will continue. Thank you!
  4. So I just added up all my accolades and I’m on 722 accolades. Trophy requires 500 and I still haven’t got the trophy. I can’t find any information about anybody else ever experiencing this bug. Any suggestions because I don’t have long to get this sorted.
  5. To work out how many games you’ve done just follow this formula. 1 / winlose ratio X wins + Wins. So my stats are as followed: win/lose ratio = 0.41 wins = 29 1/0.41 X 29 + 29 = 99.7 which rounded up is 100 matches and the trophy popped on that match.
  6. Yeah the Twitter seems very generic and run by people who are just crowd pleasers. Try the ubisoft live chat. You’ll get a lot further there
  7. What are you contacting them via? Because I know a few people who have used the chat feature and it’s a different response entirely. If you’re using the generic email ticket response then you’re gonna get responses like this because they are just disregarded. You need to actually talk to them.
  8. I spoke to somebody from Ubisoft yesterday who told me (and I took screenshots as proof) that it would be completely unacceptable for the server to not be fixed before closure and that she assures me it will absolutely be fixed. Will just have to keep sending tickets every day. There’s no eta but she estimated about 5 working days. Ubisoft officially recognised it as a separate issue to the degradation on Thursday.
  9. Hello all of a sudden all my trophies except ps5 are suddenly hidden but on my PlayStation they’re not hidden. Any ideas?
  10. Can the trophy’s be got in player matches or does it have to be ranked?
  11. Worth noting only ps3 codes available, no PS4 codes, for those wanting both.
  12. Activate uplay free trial.
  13. They’ve closed up for Christmas so don’t expect a fix until the new year. to me the best thing to do is make warzone it’s own standalone game and leave mw alone. There have been multiple issues the last few months.
  14. Hello, so I actually had this exact issue. However it randomly happened half way through boosting. My friends could all still connect but I had the issue with the server. My alts could also connect. So I found some old pc forums with this issue. There is actually a weird glitch where the game thinks you’re banned from the ea servers. Locking you out completely. I know, sounds crazy. Unfortunately I couldn’t find a fix, but I did discover a fix. to fix this, this is what I did. installed battlefield 3 downloaded the bf3 online pass played a game of conquest (game mode won’t matter) I then went onto syndicate and it worked just fine again. hope this helps.
  15. They’re free, no download required. They’re part of the latest patch