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  1. That’s odd because I’ve found all those way easier than monkey wrench/sabotage. That’s the only song I can’t 5*
  2. You don’t need to re-host for warlord glitch. To get negative xp on your first game (you can’t be host) you must go over the xp limit. The xp limit is 1500. So get 1560, then let your friend win the match. Then level down all the way to level 1. Then, quit using XMB. This will trigger negative xp, the negative xp is the xp you earned over 1500 on the first game. So if you got 1560, you’ll have -60xp. If you are level 1 now you can still do the glitch. Get 1560 xp and you’ll get to level 4 I think, diamond reset down to rank 1 then xmb. Easy as that.
  3. I’ve just counted. I’ve rated 152 trials with a mixture of stars. 102 of those trials I have actually completed. Still no trophy. Surly the trophy has glitched EDIT: it just popped, 106 completed with ratings and 158 rated trials. Defiantly bugged to say the least.
  4. So I have counted over 120 trials I have rated. I have rated them different ratings from 1* to 5* and still no trophy. Anybody else experience this and managed to find a solution? The only solution I see is rate different ratings but I’ve done that.
  5. I don’t believe the game has a LAN option
  6. Could anybody confirm if the valley of death dlc is on the ps now version of this game?
  7. Managed to get a small window of opportunity yesterday. Incredibly unstable it it would kick only certain accounts.
  8. Yesterday was boosting this for hours and no issues. Today I can’t stay connected in a match for 1 round. And that’s 3 playstations and 3 accounts each getting disconnected. My partner doesn’t get disconnected at all, now I’ve checked my connection it’s fine. Other games don’t disconnected. I played 4 hours of PS4 and didn’t even lag once. Anybody else experience issues with this game?
  9. Set up a boosting session please. Don’t request help on fourms.
  10. Yes this game is really hard. I’m 11 years deep into this and I currently have 1 song left. Monkey wrench/sabotage now is it just me or is this song broken? I’m hitting the scratches perfectly but the game says I’m getting it wrong and I’m constantly loosing combo. This game has made me absolutely hate beastie boys.
  11. The 1000 online wins and 10’000 kills on chronicles of Riddick: assault on dark Athena can be turbo’d. Doing it legit can take weeks but leaving my consoles on turbo took 3 days while I played other games.
  12. It’s just a patch.
  13. The game isn’t too hard and isn’t too long. Play through the game normally first, get use to the game mechanics and how to do each section. Then go for the no rewinds
  14. It’s been a long time since I last played this but I believe it will count regardless if you quit to main menu. I might be wrong but it’s not worth risking. Practise the jump but don’t rewind. Just let the timer bleed you out and restart from the last checkpoint. Checkpoints are very generous in this game.
  15. Wrong game.