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  1. A few games a really Enjoyed that seem to ridiculed by most would be: - alien colonial marines - inversion - brink - bodycount - duke nukem forever i suppose it depends on what you look for in games
  2. They went down last year for a good month or so and everybody went into panic mode. They are incredibly unstable and it takes a while sometimes for them to be fixed. Longest I’ve known them to be down for is a month.
  3. Pato box. Amazing game, absolutely amazing. And really challenging too.
  4. Select king of the skull on the airport map. Both play as the character that has the pink car (the women) face each other and slowly damage the other car to 1 health. Both activate your special (jumps in the air) and do the last shot
  5. The 1000 online wins and 10’000 kills on chronicles of Riddick: assault on dark Athena can be turbo’d. Doing it legit can take weeks but leaving my consoles on turbo took 3 days while I played other games. 

    Please can u say boost method?
    I have 2 turbo 2 copy and 2 ps3.

    1. HarasserPL


      Um, from what I know, doing the grind fully turbo can take up to 75+ hours, while simply grinding it the normal way takes about 20 hours, so it's really up to you if you want to do it for way longer but not actively.

  6. Unobtainable. Online servers are closed.
  7. There is a particular training strategy to this that I use. I managed to beat round 25 prologue with only mp40 using this strat. With only 1 down. Ironically the down was on round 10 and due to me not paying attention. I’ll try record my strategy next time I play to help people struggling.
  8. The hardest challenge by far is decent. If you can do that, 100% is in the bag
  9. 50 is the minimum. The game won’t start unless at least 50. Lowest amount of players I’ve managed to play is 52. I’ve sat in a lobby with under 50 players for almost 10 mins and no timer would start. As soon as we hit 50 players the count down started. I’ve asked a few seasoned professional players and they all seem to say 50
  10. Yeah i would much prefer all trophies for all consoles be either the new ps5 size, or the original rectangle. Mixing the two together doesn’t look very tidy. Personally i would prefer the original rectangles.
  11. Have you considered getting a friend over to do the bass pedals for you? I know this can really help sometimes. One person does just bass and you do just pads.
  12. Or you can just go out of bounds of the map which is a permanent storm. I got all storm related challenges by doing that. Never had to wait for a storm or try force a storm
  13. I got this yesterday by using the crashes server method. Worked just fine. Was playing normal games before and it didn’t unlock. When the server crashes quickly load up gold rush ascension with your Alt in your squad. And win/loose the game extremely quickly before the server crashes. You literally need to win or loose within 3-4 mins
  14. Also just got all the trophies. Servers seem to be working
  15. Wiper is a friend of mine and I can assure you he got the trophies legitimate. The server is not down, it’s just incredibly unstable. You just need to keep trying and get that small golden window of opportunity that it’s stable enough to stay connected. I know for a fact this is true because I managed to search for a ugc map and play it. Only to be disconnected not long after.