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  1. With Champions Weekend Leagues now over, 'Making a Name For Yourself' is unobtainable. What baffles me is that doesn't seem at all necessary. The requirements are to qualify (id est earn 2000 points) which is still possible. Congrats to those who got this before it ended in August.
  2. Yeah I completed the final race again and it popped
  3. "Cheers Slats!"
  4. Yep, this just worked for me. Not instantly, but when I gold the gold for 100% exploration these two popped too.
  5. If it's 'the journey' then I thought that was impossible too. I would always be 10+ seconds behind bronze. I gave it a go just steering left and right (ie not trying to control height over mountains) and I cleared it easily.
  6. A lot of these trophies haven't popped for me. 'No need to run' popped in the middle of a women's Ashes series, despite me scoring 50s from boundaries countless times before. I'm hoping I'll get them eventually but if I finally reverse a decision and don't get the trophy it'll be pretty annoying.
  7. I've played a few seasons in a career and I'm yet to be considered for any other leagues. What's the best way of progressing, is it based on your overall?
  8. There are two more downstairs if you go down the shaft then down the hall (at the end on your right). I know it's not loads but may mean the difference between 3/4 extra run throughs depending on how many you have left. After completing all missions, side missions and collectables I was short by around 200.
  9. Is there a way to track how many we've collected so far?
  10. Yeah, disconnect from the internet and it works fine
  11. I swear I've the fewest resources of any map ever generated.. I need On A Rail and the two End trophies? dat c00l?
  12. Yeah I saw they were similar to 2014 but didn't know if things like simming games affected them differently or anything. I found it in the forums on playstationtrophies, I was just googling and looking in the 'guides' page . Thanks guys!
  13. Anyone have any tips on how to get the Become a Legend and Master League trophies with as little playing time as possible? There are literally no guides online.