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  1. I'm obsessed with the ransom song by lil tecca right now so when I saw the thumbnail to this video I knew I had to check it out. I was not disappointed.
  2. Infamous First Light. I really enjoyed that title and the plat is simple to get.
  3. less overall games, higher completion rate, a lot of fighting games done already... hmm I would be fine with this switch. lol
  4. Vanquish, tough game.
  5. Resident Evil 3 Remake as well as Hitman 3.
  6. Congrats on your platinums but I think it would be better if you posted this as a status update on your profile instead of a topic on the forums.
  7. Did you ever wonder what your sister was doing yesterday night?
  8. I will be getting Ace Attorney Trilogy on PS4 soon so this news is pretty cool. I will keep tabs on this from now on, thank for the information!
  9. Has obtained over 10k trophies! Nice job!
  10. Such a neat find! I am a Diamond Club for sure. I love rising in levels and flexing on others. Call me a showboat if you want.
  11. judge decided to
  12. I'm glad they are finally arriving to PC in some form but Epic store? Really? 😑 Well, seems like at least another year or two before they get a "proper" release on a decent storefront like Steam.