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  1. Pokemon Ultra Moon
  2. Terror
  3. Hey yo Havoc how's it going buddy? 😀 Welcome to the forum! Jealous of your Metal Gear Rising plat by the way. 😮
  4. on angel wings
  5. I got one last year but not this year apparently, Sony playing favorites or something. lol
  6. Finally something other than bragging rights. 🙂
  7. Wow that style of gif takes me back to 2007. lol 10/10 Woomy would be proud. 😆
  8. Trying to dig his way to China. lol
  9. People are way more important. Hopefully you can reconcile things with her or meet someone else later on. If you don't want to game then find another hobby maybe. I think you have a lot of emotions held inside and it's a bit much so you can't concentrate on other things, give it time and stabilize your mind.^^
  10. I like the name Rose because it reminds me of the beautiful flower that it's based on.
  11. Ugly God
  12. Traitor
  13. Strife
  14. Did you remember to shoot first and ask questions later?
  15. I'm working on getting 100% in Splatoon 2 single player. It shouldn't be too hard, there's not too many collectibles in each stage.