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  1. Yes Have you ever went swimming but forgot your phone was in your pocket?
  2. Just reached 7,000 trophies! 😀

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    2. ihadalifeb4this
    3. Tesla_Rules


      Wow!  Congrats on the progress!

    4. WinterHitman


      Thank you everyone! Happy trophy hunting!

  3. Achieved LVL 420 thanks to Sony's trophy update. 😛 

  4. I got spam before too but it was mostly concerning visiting sex sites. lol Like "Go watch me on cam and rate my boobs. Go visit [website]." I'm like nah fam and block them. I changed my privacy settings to friends only messaging since then and have been doing fine.
  5. I have never been asked to complete games for people (thankfully) but I am aware of trophy services. I think it's strange to pay someone else to obtain them for you when it should be a measure of what YOU complete within a game but I digress. I hunt trophies because it gives me extra incentive to do things that I might not have done on my own, they can be a fun although addicting past-time.
  6. I adore Germany so I think it's awesome that you are located there.
  7. Of course! I check out many people's PSNP for many of the same reasons as you listed. Usually I begin by scrolling down to check their first trophy and then notice the milestones that they obtained and work my way up. It's fun to observe their gaming trends as well when I see their game list.
  8. Hi there. Welcome and enjoy your new account. I have stacks of some Rata games on my profile but I don't mind them too much. The Rata games I really enjoyed my time with are Foxyland and My Big Sister. Have fun with TLOU and Tomb Raider!
  9. 8/10 It sounds like something from The Legend of Zelda Wind Waker.
  10. Resident Evil 4 is such an easy game to 100% too...
  11. Oh! Yes this is a good question to bring up, I'm glad you did. I was also wondering about the same thing. Interesting to know why it's different. I also generally lean over to PSNP statistics rather than the PSN one when it comes to rarity and that sort of thing.
  12. Alien Shooter 2 Infamous 1 or Infamous First Light?
  13. No, that only happened in middle school. Do you enjoy drinking hot tea on a cold day?