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  1. For getting 1st place it does not matter what is your position. but make sure get qualified. qualified will count for trophy. These trophies 100% bugged for me 1.Big Bully 2.Big Tease 3.Face First
  2. It does not matter. i played digital version. For anyone having trouble with any of the gold medals, refer to this video here! Career Hotlaps gold medal + setup
  3. I think best lap in each practice and qualifying is important. also all hotlap and hotstint session should be gold medal. clean driving not matter. when i playing long career i just drove so clean but in mid career i drove really dirty and blocking ai but it doesn't effect on overall.
  4. when i did long career i just drove clean with good performance... but when i started mid career i tested different stuff. yeah blocking ai doesn't effect on overall medal. i did all of endurance races by blocking ai and at the end of career i got overall gold. no need to drive clean. the only thing need is best lap in all practice and qualifying and gold medal in all races. i didn't test top 3 in race but getting 1st place on easy isn't hard.
  5. i earned trophy tour (mid career ) Some tips maybe help you guys. i know exactly how to beat career with overall gold. 1. Difficulty not matter. so play on easy. i did long career on normal and mid career on easy. 2.Realistic and assist doesn't effect on overall 3. Make sure play with porsche 991 GT3. its the best car by far 4. Gold medal requirements : play practice with best lap. Qualifying 1 2 3 with best lap. Do not skip anything and win race 5. Brands hatch wet weather. it need to do 7 laps in 11 minutes for getting gold medal. when you did 1 lap save it and try to do another lap. it don't need to doing 7 clean laps in a row without saving game. 6.Endurance glitch. you don't need doing 80 90 laps for each races. just try block ai to give them pitstop. new update added a glitch pitstop. it really really helps specially in spa 12hrs long career. 7. Endurance Hotstint event : silverstone wet weather. it's the hardest hotlap event. it need to do a clean lap in 2:4.500 in wet weather for getting gold medal 8.Endurance Spa francorchamp Hotlap. it need to do a clean lap in 2:23 for getting gold medal. 9.Short career is 20 25 hrs. mid 40 45 hrs and long 50 60 hrs 10. when you beat career with overall gold trophy should pop. my result on mid career on easy difficulty
  6. my meant without delete ur save on ur ps4 maybe ur save glitched. because after first endurance race it send you back to silver. i tested it many times
  7. Good news! Finally i got trophy marathon!!! they fixed career trophy but overall still bugged and it some times send you back to silver. i understand how it work. i has some back up save before releases update but its not work because ur save glitched. endurance races are unbeatable. my solution delete ur save on ur ps4. i started normal difficulty. the only thing you need to do, Do not skip practice and 3 qualify. points do not matter. make sure play all of them clean and do fastest lap in each session because overall depends on your performance in races. after each race get a back up save. also it need to beat career 3 times. i really hate it
  8. I already got gold medal at the brands hatch on normal but after a few race game kicked me back to silver. also i beat career on hard and pro difficulty but nothing has changed. and endurance events are bugged. no medal for result! it waste time for now My result on hard before endurance
  9. i'm sure i have already killed bosses. offering box is empty for me
  10. same here. i'm new game plus #6 and didn't find it
  11. I found these methods when I was going on mein leben difficulty. this methods was guaranteed for me . i hope help you