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  1. Does anyone have any of these world's where I could just log on and get the trophy? Ty
  2. Will I play this first or watch the show first?
  3. I bought Witcher 3 just because I could. I didn't listen to any of the hype or read anything about it before release. I just bought it the day before, pre-loaded it and ended up putting 300+ hours into it. One of, if not, the best games I've ever played.
  4. Anyone excited for this?
  5. They're really not. I never seen anyone play it here, not in Ireland anyways. http://www.eteeski.com/antsimulator/
  6. This was it, this was my question. If the game is £8 that's about €10, and Beyond is €30 = €40, the bundle is also €40. Getting the bundle or separately wouldn't matter in the EU market, Ireland anyways. I looked for topics in the Beyond forum. Didn't see that one show up I put the question on the PS4 Beyond game. I was talking about the remasters. I have no PS3 so that's not an option. Thanks, nonetheless.
  7. Thank you
  8. Should I get the bundle or separately? How much is HR on it's own? I don't own B:2S so it won't tell me
  9. Is it difficult to get or what's it like? I bought the game 2 days ago and want to start it up this Monday. Just wondering, what's the platinum like to get?
  10. Ah. I'll definitely need to keep an eye on this. Looks like something I'll get into
  11. Anyone have any idea what the release date is for this game? Looks quite interesting
  12. Thanks for the answers. Just found a save point near the first place you're in after the train ride
  13. I want to save and turn off the game but the save option is grayed out
  14. Anyone know any date for the PS4? I know it came out not too long ago for the XB1 but any word on the PS4 one? - Thanks in advance
  15. We got to see that for €20 aswell.