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  1. It worked guys! for some reason I was confident that it might work and it did Thank you all for help
  2. @evilartifact, I'm desperate because there's only 1 trophy holding me off of platinum. I have removed my account and haven't signed in to playstation yet. It says I dont have any trophy on my trophy list. Maybe once I get all trophies related to episode 5 and then I sign up to my account and then sync, this might work. @SNACH2497, thank you man. just wish me good luck. @captainskyhawk, I have tried what you said already bro
  3. Guys, I have a tragic situation where I can't get platinum because of one final trophy "Selfie Awareness" which requires to take all optional photos in episode 5. What actually happened was, my PS4 power got cut the exact moment i took last picture in Ep5. Now for some reason I have all the optional pictures but can't get the trophy. Here are the things I have already tried: - Tried Ep5 replay and took all photo once again. - Tried to delete save data and took all photos in Ep5 once again. - Reinstalled the game + deleted save data and took all photos in Ep5 once again. No luck. can anyone suggest me what to do next? I feel like its glitched forever.
  4. I chose survivor difficulty when i first started the game and this is the maximum difficulty you can and SHOULD chose when playing for first time. I was so close to become frustrated on survivor so i know the higher difficulties would be frustrating easilty. Now that I am in the end of survivor difficulty, i feel like i can handle higher difficulties. That being said, I would not go for higher difficulties because I dont like the idea of resource management and less checkpoints to make game difficult. Answering your question "is it hard", Yes! it is hard w.r.t other games i played