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  1. Try full restart of PS5. (Power Off) Happened to me with demon souls. Someone mentioned it to me. I think it’s a console Operating System glitch. I’m sure someone will tell me I’m full of shit though.
  2. Oh okay cool, Thanks
  3. I was also kinda hoping to grind offline as since playing a few matches online this week I'm now getting bombarded with game invites constantly from random players. It's aggravating as xxxx.
  4. If people skip this game they wouldn’t be missing much at all. It’s a very lacklustre title. It’s not worth people’s time.
  5. It’ll most likely be on PlayStation at some point. Probably not straight away. The revenue lost that would normally be generated from Sony’s Business will be a huge factor.
  6. Borderlands 3 - Avoid it like Covid-19
  7. Yep. Both games are bundled together
  8. Okay my advice for anyone wanting friends and best friends trophy is as follows. Use a guest account to get them. Stay logged into guest account but delete the account you want the trophies on from your PS4. Then while still logged in as a guest sign back into your main psn account. Sync trophies and they (the guest trophies) will add to your PlayStation account. Easy....
  9. The only way is to wipe all your progress from the io servers via the website. Playing offline doesn’t work out well on this game. It deletes everything hitman 1 and 2. The hitman trilogy is great so no huge disappointment doing challenges again
  10. same for me the update didn't fix my hitman 2 sniper bug so ive just deleted my profile.
  11. psprices.com is a good site
  12. Hi I was just wondering if anyone else has experienced any strange frame drops on the game after more than half way through the game. Im playing on a PS4 Pro. Settings set to performance mode. I initially thought my console was overheating because it runs pretty loud but i have since cleaned every component removing the board, fan etc.. and its not that. Any info would be great. Thanks Edit: it seems a suit mod of combination of suit mods caused my issue. I should have checked properly. People beware
  13. Could be the fact it launched on so many platforms as for our issues. A fix must be on the way.
  14. Im having the same issues in the UK. Servers must be broken for now. Very frustrating.
  15. Shareplay is cheating in a sense. Because you could earn a trophy while someone is playing the game for you that you can’t do yourself and yet Sony bake the feature in to the systems operating software. Anyway bans like that do happen for sure and it’s wrong. Shame on us for signing our rights away so easily. I can’t wait to use the PlayStation 5s built in help tools and in game shortcuts, videos whatever. Lmao Thanks Sony...