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  1. You have a lot to do. Just put in the hours. Probably 600+ across both. It will come. Theres base game monsters in Icebourne so just play.
  2. Assassins Creed 3 Liberation. The game is pretty quick to 100% and fun. Ubisoft is a canadian company too i think.
  3. A little tip. If you have a team to play with. A couple of levels can be a bit awkward with a full team. We found that players backing out of the level and rejoining the level gives players there full health back. Great for boss fights. I don’t recommend everyone backing in and out though.
  4. can't you remap the controller layout to slightly improve things? I've never played it so i have no idea
  5. This is our dlc. Lol. For Sniper Ghost Warrior 3. Yes I’m still salty.
  6. S h i t I think id rather deal with the mess that is sniper ghost warrior 3. lol Great job Rockstar.... What a mess the online is. Campaign I'm sure will be great though.
  7. Ive put my two penny's worth in on there forum guys. I hope we see this fixed.
  8. Many thanks. I’ll give it a try tomorrow
  9. Error Code: (80710017)
  10. I’m not sure why but when I go to reinstall gta on my PS3 I’m greeted with an error code trying to download the updates. I have tried another PS3 and the same happens. My network is fine I can download updates for other games. Just a heads up as there maybe issues currently
  11. I've played much worse but I've also played a lot better. 20 is a fair price mate. (5.5/10) for me
  12. You need Rage coins to access the dlc. I don’t think you can buy the dlc on one playstation user then play it on another account because it’s a in-game unlock. I could be wrong though. You wouldn’t be missing a lot if you choose to pass on this game. It’s seriously lacking content, performance etc..
  13. Your dreaming....
  14. Yeah looks like they pretty much copied SGW3 trophies. That game underdelivered. I highly recommend people wait for a sale.