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  1. Get a NetDuma R2. Come on trophy hunters. Wake up
  2. Hi, thanks for the info. I took the plunge and got all the dlc balls and clubs. They do help for sure I've been stuck to a while on the last course but now feels like I'm making good progress. I just need a bit more luck.
  3. Hi, it seems like the game is unnecessarily hard. Not even hard just poorly/badly built or optimised for vita. I'm fairly familiar with golf games and this has me scratching my head. As the title says please. does the dlc make this any easier? distances are a pain. Many thanks
  4. Just scrap the leaderboard altogether its pointless these days with the all baby games.
  5. I don't know why but I was under the impression the faction's standalone multiplayer would be free to those who purchased the last of us part 2. It's been so long I forget. This damn dev can go to hell. I'm past caring after what they did in part 2. They have cocked this brand up right up. I hope this re-re-release... also tanks.
  6. Done all my matches with dummy accounts and a NetDuma. Fast and trouble free from any randoms. Zero issues. Highly recommend one guys. ISP connection conflicts are mostly everyones issues just restart your modems and network routers/hubs.
  7. It’s definitely a super quick multiplayer experience so a few hours is all that’s needed. I think it was like 4 hours for coop. Rushing probably do it much faster
  8. Shadow fall shouldn't have closed plain and simple. Its a PS4 game first party. Playable on PS5. Was still played by thousands. Shocks me how this is so acceptable by the majority audience. How much shit do we have to take from these big companies. Hope everyone made it in time. Happy gaming!
  9. No its been sunset. Ages ago
  10. Buy God Eater Off Shot [Twin Pack Vol.3] for PlayStation Vita, PlayStation 4 (play-asia.com)
  11. I’ve been told the game is planned for republish/resubmitting to the stores end of July early August 2022. I hope this happens because I really wanna play this game and dlc
  12. Look the server being shut is actually saving your sanity. Trust me the grind was painful. You should all be glad and move on. I’d love to see a remake without the MP though. Come on Ubisoft. 😀
  13. EU. Purchased mine from UK store.
  14. Two player the dlc is a 1/10 so easy. The whole game sucks arse. Don’t play it people. 😀 Far Cry 5 is a much better game.
  15. Hi I’ve self boosted this myself. It’s not very easy to do. If people haven’t started it. Don’t lol. I wouldn’t recommend the self boosting this. I had a lot of fun with random though haha.. so many haters lol