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  1. Shadow fall shouldn't have closed plain and simple. Its a PS4 game first party. Playable on PS5. Was still played by thousands. Shocks me how this is so acceptable by the majority audience. How much shit do we have to take from these big companies. Hope everyone made it in time. Happy gaming!
  2. No its been sunset. Ages ago
  3. Buy God Eater Off Shot [Twin Pack Vol.3] for PlayStation Vita, PlayStation 4 (play-asia.com)
  4. I’ve been told the game is planned for republish/resubmitting to the stores end of July early August 2022. I hope this happens because I really wanna play this game and dlc
  5. Look the server being shut is actually saving your sanity. Trust me the grind was painful. You should all be glad and move on. I’d love to see a remake without the MP though. Come on Ubisoft. 😀
  6. EU. Purchased mine from UK store.
  7. Two player the dlc is a 1/10 so easy. The whole game sucks arse. Don’t play it people. 😀 Far Cry 5 is a much better game.
  8. Hi I’ve self boosted this myself. It’s not very easy to do. If people haven’t started it. Don’t lol. I wouldn’t recommend the self boosting this. I had a lot of fun with random though haha.. so many haters lol
  9. Hi Yes. Thankfully the module I was missing was in mission three. Just be very watchful when grabbing upgrades in the broken helicopters is my advice.
  10. Welcome to the club Damn Vita & PSTV
  11. I had trouble too. The one in the crashed helicopter on mission 3 i think was my issue. I wish id just replayed 1 and 2 because crisis 3 really wasn't worth doing. Good Luck.
  12. AC1 Hell Yeah I hope so. Shouldn’t be too hard as the x360 has achievements. Wanna complete my AC list this year.
  13. Hi Community Basically after collecting all the suit module upgrades I'm missing 1 point needed to unlock the last upgrade. My in game stats page says I have them all collected. If anyone knows what could have gone wrong please let me know. I know ill probably have to do another playthrough if needs be. Any Info would be great. Thanks
  14. damn i was planning to do more tonight at work
  15. Unit 13 is an amazing game definitely a hidden gem.